Ultimate 3 Weeks Mauritius Itinerary

3 weeks in Mauritius: what to do and see?

Have you decided to treat yourself to a 3-week stay in Mauritius?

You are in the right place!

Spending 20-21 days in Mauritius is the ideal time to go around it completely and explore its most beautiful corners.

In this article, I give you the best itinerary so you don’t miss any of the must-see places and activities.

On the program for this 3-week vacation in Mauritius: heavenly beachescultural visitswater activitiesnature hikes and much more!

From Mahébourg to Flic-en-Flac via Bellemare, the capital Port-LouisGrand Bay, the mountain of Morne Brabant and many others, the route that I propose takes you to discover emblematic places but also lesser known places!

It is up to you to follow it to the letter, or to draw inspiration from it according to what you have already planned.

So what to do in Mauritius in 3 weeks?

Let yourself be guided!

Step 1: The South-East (3 days)

I suggest you start this 3-week itinerary in Mauritius in the southeastern part of the island, in Mahébourg.

For what? Quite simply because that’s where the airport is, which will allow you to start straight away without having to travel too far after that big plane trip.

First of all, I strongly recommend that you rent a car for your vacation. It’s much more practical and comfortable to get around, and above all it will save you precious time on your days.

Even if the island is rather well served by public transport, journeys take a long time and it would be a shame to spend half of your stay sitting in a bus.

Once you have collected your car, head for Mahébourg (10 minutes from the airport ), for the first of your 21 days in Mauritius!

Day 1: Mahebourg and Blue Bay

This picturesque little town is really perfect for immersing yourself in the local culture, from your first moments on the island.

With its cobbled streets, its typical Creole houses and its superb seafront, there reigns a very special atmosphere, different from the rest of the island.

I like to go for a walk in this area when I need a change of scenery and recharge my batteries, without having to leave Mauritius.

Things to see and do in Mahebourg :

  • Land on the seafront while tasting a local specialty purchased from street vendors
  • Stroll through its streets to appreciate the atmosphere,
  • Visit the Rault biscuit factory (where the traditional Mauritian cassava biscuits are made!)
  • Take a trip to the covered market, full of colorful fruits and vegetables
The Mahebourg pier - 3 weeks Mauritius itinerary
The Mahebourg pier, on the seafront – Credits: Saleem A Sam

The visit of Mahébourg will not take you very long (2 or 3 hours max). For the rest of the day, I suggest you go and relax on one or the 2 magnificent beaches around Mahébourg :

  • Blue Bay beach which is only 6km away
  • Pointe d’Esny beach (for me one of the most beautiful on the island!), 4km from the center of Mahébourg.
Blue Bay Beach - 3 weeks in Mauritius itinerary
Blue Bay Beach – Mahébourg – Mauritius

Day 2: the Ferney valley

For this 2nd day of your 3-week trip to Mauritius, head for the Ferney Valley which is less than 10min drive north of Mahébourg.

This 200-hectare nature reserve made up of rolling grasslands and tropical forests can be explored in several ways:

  • on foot, by hiking (with or without a guide),
  • by bike, along the equipped trails
  • in 4×4, via organized excursions.

On the site, you will also find a restaurant that focuses on natural and local products, where you can have lunch.

More info on things to see and do in Ferney on their official website.

The Ferney Valley - Mauritius itinerary
The Ferney Valley

Day 3: quad excursion

I now offer you this excellent quad ride in the wild south-east of the island.

Accompanied by a passionate guide who knows the place like no one else, you can learn more about the region and discover exceptional sites inaccessible by car such as the Pont Naturel, the Bouchon or the Cambuse beach.

The ride lasts 3 hours and even includes a swimming break in a river!

A unique excursion to book now by clicking here.

3 weeks Mauritius itinerary
The wild south-east of the island, to discover during your 3 weeks in Mauritius

Step 2: East (Bellemare, Ile aux Cerfs, Bras d’Eau Park) – 2 days

We move on to the 2nd step of your 3-week trip to Mauritius, which now takes you to discover the East Coast.

Day 4: Eastern beaches and Ile aux Cerfs

The beaches of the eastern coast of Mauritius are very famous. And the most emblematic is Bellemare beach!

Vast and peaceful, bordered by filaos, with white sand and translucent waters, it is the very representation of the dream beach.

Still well preserved, this beach has kept a wild side  that distinguishes it from the tourist beaches of the North and West.

The essential things to do in Bellemare:

  • Bask in the shade of the casuarina trees
  • Bathe in warm, turquoise water
  • Snorkeling

For those who can’t keep still, the hotels along the beach also offer water activities ( divingtowed buoys, water skiing, etc.).

Bellemare beach – Mauritius things to do
Bellemare beach – Mauritius

For the second part of the day, head 10min drive south of Bellemare to find Trou d’Eau Douce beach, another lovely beach to see in the East of Mauritius.

It is from there that you can take the boat to Ile aux Cerfs, a paradise island off the coast!

From the beach or the landing stage of Trou d’Eau Douceshuttles go back and forth several times a day to take you there.

Île aux Cerfs is not inhabited but has been developed for tourism and leisure.

There are several restaurantssouvenir shopsdeckchairs and parasols for rent and water sports agencies in its southern part.

Expect to meet a lot of people, especially on weekends! It is a beautiful place very popular with tourists and locals. The northern part is wilder.

On Ile aux Cerfs you can sit on the beach, or take a walk. The complete tour of the island is done in 2 to 3 hours of walking.

Another option to go there: the catamaran cruise!

Departing from Trou d’Eau Douce, it lasts about 6 hours and includes:

  • lunch served on board
  • several swimming and snorkeling breaks
  • stopover on Ile aux Cerfs
  • a passage through the Grande Rivière Sud-Est waterfall.

If this cruise appeals to you, then you can book it now by clicking here.

ile-aux-cerfs – Mauritius 3 weeks itinerary
Ile aux Cerfs

Day 5: Hike to Bras d’Eau National Park

Your 3-week road trip in Mauritius continues in the East with a short 2-hour hike in Bras d’Eau National Park.

Little known to tourists, this forest nature reserve extends over no less than 500 hectares and is about 15 minutes by car from Bellemare.

You will find a car park right at the entrance near the “Visitor’s Center” for easy parking.

Enter the forest and follow the path. Pass the “Puits des Français” on the right and follow the arrows “Coq des Bois Trail” and “Nature Trail”.

After the lava block path, turn right and go past the well. You will then enter a eucalyptus forest. Continue straight ahead at the picnic table.

By following the red markings, you will reach the Mare Mahogany then, a little further, the Mare Chevrettes.

There, you can retrace your steps or do the complete loop following the “Visitor’s Center” signs.


In this lush forest you can observe beautiful trees and endemic plants. But not only! Perhaps you will have the chance to come across bats ( the famous fruit bats endemic to Mauritius) and even monkeys!

The reserve is also home to several endemic bird species, such as the rooster of the woods, the kestrel or the gray white eye, so don’t forget to look up during the walk!

Bras d'Eau National Park – Mauritius itinerary 3 weeks
Bras d’Eau National Park

Step 3: Port-Louis and the Botanical Garden of Pamplemousses (1 day)

How to spend 3 weeks in Mauritius without visiting its capital, Port-Louis?

Even if the city itself does not have a huge interest in tourism, I still advise you to reserve half a day to immerse yourself in real Mauritian local life, which has nothing to do with the facet island tourist.

Port-Louis will surely not surprise you with its eclectic architecture, between period stone buildingscreole houses in ruins and modern buildings.

A quick stroll through the city will allow you to see some emblematic monuments of the colonial history of Mauritius:

  • the Place d’Armes and its statue erected, just at the entrance to the city
  • the Hôtel du Gouvernement, a few steps away
  • the Port-Louis theater (the oldest theater in the Indian Ocean!)
  • the company’s garden

History buffs can also visit the Aapravasi Ghat museum, listed by UNESCO and dedicated to the history of Indian immigrant workers in the 19th century. It is located just opposite the bus station.

Also take the time to stroll through the Queen Street covered market. Let yourself be hypnotized by this hodgepodge of colors, smells, and stock up on local fruits, vegetables and spices!

Last thing to see in Port-Louis: the Caudan Waterfront, the oldest shopping center in the country, with its shops, snacks and its very recognizable Umbrella Alley.

The alley of the Caudan umbrellas
The alley of the Caudan umbrellas

For the second part of the day, take the road again, for only 20min, to the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden (also called Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Garden ).

A flagship location in Mauritius, this 37-hectare botanical garden was designed more than 3 centuries ago by the French botanist Pierre Poivre.

It is also the oldest botanical garden of its kind in the entire southern hemisphere!

It is home to several hundred plant species from all over the world.

You will also be able to come across wild animals such as geckoschameleonsfruit bats and multicolored birds with magnificent plumage!

Mauritius what to do
The pond of giant water lilies, in the Pamplemousses garden

Step 4: The tea route (1 day)

The rest of this 3-week tour in Mauritius immerses you in one of the greatest Mauritian traditions: tea making!

The Tea Route is a 3-step journey to discover this great local know-how.

You can do it all in one day or split the visits over several days if you wish.

The tour starts at Domaine des Aubineaux, in the center of the island, near the town of Curepipe.

In this former colonial residence dating from 1872, you can visit the tea roomthe distillery, but also the gardens and former stables.

Then go to Bois Chéri, about 25min drive, where the tea is grown.

On the program: discovery of the tea plantations,  visit of the factory, tea museum and tasting session  facing a superb panorama of the south of the island.

The Tea Route ends 20 minutes by car further, in Saint-Aubin, in another former colonial residence converted into a restaurant.

There are the sugar factorythe rum distillery, and above all the “Maison de la Vanille”, where the vanilla is produced, which makes up the flagship recipe for Mauritian tea.

Mauritius itinerary what to do
The Tea Route – Bois Chéri

Step 5: West of Mauritius (beach and hiking) – 3 days

Now that you’ve had your fill of culture over the past 2 days, I suggest you rediscover the balmy air of the beach and the turquoise waters.

And it is this time on the West Coast that I am taking you to discover one of the most unmissable beaches in the country: Flic-en-Flac.

Day 8: Flic-en-Flac beach and water activities

Start the 8th day of your 3 weeks in Mauritius in Flic-en-Flac, a small emblematic seaside town on the West Coast.

Its beach extends over ten kilometers and is very popular with Mauritians who meet there on weekends with family or friends.

The huge stretch of white sand is lined with casuarina trees, which keep your head in the shade as you lounge.

On the road side, caravans offer tasty snacks or fresh fruit to enjoy facing the ocean.

Flic-en-Flac beach is also an ideal spot for snorkeling with its transparent water and rich seabed (but watch out for sea urchins!) .

Scuba diving enthusiasts will also find their happiness there with the many diving centers in the area.

I particularly recommend the Oceanpro Diving club which offers diving sessions in the bay of Tamarin, very close to Flic-en-Flac.

Beginners can also do their first dive there !

3 weeks in mauritius
Flic en Flac beach

Day 9: Black River Gorges National Park

About twenty minutes by car from Flic-en-Flac, there is an impressive nature reserve of 6700 hectares (yes you read that right!) of protected tropical forest: the Black River Gorges Park!

There are many hiking trails in the middle of exotic and luxuriant vegetation, with waterfalls , rivers to cross and panoramas galore.

There too you can observe many endemic animal species: fruit bats, green cateaux (or Mauritius parakeets ), pink pigeons, Mauritius kestrels, and so on.

Not to mention the monkeys, who are never far away!

If you want to explore this hiking mecca (which attracts walkers from all over the world!), you have the choice between easy or steeper routes:

  • the Mare aux Joncs waterfall – for good walkers – 7 km / 3h
  • the Gorges View Points trail – the easiest – 7.6km / 2h30
  • le Macchabée – Rosins Trail – quite technical – 10.5km / 4h30
  • the Parakeet Trail – the longest and most difficult! – 17km / 7h30
  • the Macchabée Forest Loop – intermediate level – 8.4km / 3h
  • the Boucle de Mare Longue – intermediate level – 12 km / 4h

A word of advice: plan your time well because the park opens at 6 a.m. and closes at 6 p.m. Have tourists ever missed the schedule and ended up stuck indoors for the night?

For details, I invite you to read my article dedicated to the best hikes in Mauritius (coming soon).

In any case, know that it still climbs well so bring good shoes and water reserves!


The trails are sometimes not very obvious to follow. The best plan, in my opinion, is to hire a guide to:

  • maximize your security
  • learn more about the local flora and fauna as you go!

If you don’t feel like hiking that day, no problem!

You can do a little bit of the way by following the main trail which climbs up to a first viewpoint, then turn around and go back down.

At the entrance to the park, a few meters after the car park, you will also find a river where you can swim if you prefer a quiet activity.

20 days Mauritius itinerary
The Black River Gorges National Park

Day 10: 7 Cascades hike

As you are on a roll and you have to work your muscles while they are still warm, I suggest you continue the next day with another essential hike during a 3-week stay in Mauritius!

The 7 waterfalls (or Tamarin Falls ) hike is one of the most beautiful hikes to do in Mauritius. It follows the bed of the Tamarin River, in a succession of waterfalls and basins.

The starting point is near the villages of Vacoas and Henrietta, in the West.

Rather sporty, it is reserved for good walkers who are not afraid of climbing. Two routes are possible:

  • the small loop that passes by 4 waterfalls and takes half a day
  • the big loop, the complete route which takes all day and makes you see the 7 waterfalls.

The trails are not well marked so if you are unfamiliar with the site, it is best to hire a guide.

The guided hike makes the experience that much better and includes swimming breaks as well as a picnic lunch .


A hike not to be done in rainy weather because it slips a lot!

21 days Mauritius itinerary
The 7 Cascades hike, in the West of Mauritius – Credits: Kurt François

Step 6: Ascent of the Thumb and visit of the Eureka house (1 day)

You thought you were done with walking? I promise, tomorrow I’ll stop and I’ll send you back to the beach to rest 😀

But before that, set off to conquer Le Pouce mountain, the 3rd highest in Mauritius!

It rises to 812 meters and is accessed from the town of Moka. A little extra: you can park easily just at the foot of the mountain.

This time, nothing really difficult in the ascent, except for the slightly steeper last quarter of an hour which allows you to climb to the peak (you don’t have to do this part and can be satisfied with the superb point of view from the landing below).

At the top, you will be rewarded with a splendid 360° view that will leave you speechless!

In all, allow 3 hours round trip for this walk.


To give an extra dimension to this hike, you can do it at sunrise with a guide!

More info and booking by clicking here.


22 days Mauritius itinerary
The Thumb Mountain, Mauritius

For the rest of the day’s program, head to Maison Eurêka, just 10 minutes’ drive from the Pouce car park.

It is an old colonial residence from 1830 transformed into a museum, where you can stroll through the various living rooms fitted out with period furniture.

The visit also includes the gardens, which are very beautiful, as well as a  small history museum displaying old objects.

At the bottom of the garden you will also find a path that allows you to descend to the lower waterfalls.

A nice little walk before returning to your hotel for a well-deserved evening of rest!

The Eureka Creole house, in Moka - 20 days Mauritius itinerary
The Eureka Creole house, in Moka

Step 7: The North Coast (Grand Baie, beaches and islets) – 3 days

Day 12: Tour of the Northern Beaches

As promised, it is now time to breathe a little: for the rest of your 3 weeks in Mauritius, I suggest you a day tour of the beaches!

This time, it is on the sublime beaches of the North that you will be able to bask.

The North coast is the most touristic and lively part of Mauritius, articulated around the main city: Grand Baie.

There are countless hotelsrestaurantsshops but also diving centers and nautical/sports activities of all kinds. And of course beaches with white sand and turquoise water!

Among the most beautiful to see in the north of Mauritius, do not miss:

  • the beach of Grand Baie, lively and lively, which runs along the main avenue of the city
  • Peyrebère beach, a small family beach in the shape of an arc
  • Cap Malheureux beach, and its iconic red church
  • the beach of Mont Choisy, spacious and peaceful
  • Trou aux Biches beach, for lovers of nautical activities.

They are close to each other and you can chain them easily.

Nothing prevents you from choosing just one to spend a lazy day there (in this case I recommend PeyrébèreMont Choisy or Trou aux Biches ).

Grand Bay Beach - what to do in Mauritius
Grand Bay Beach

Day 13: Cruise to the Northern Islets

Fancy a boat trip in Mauritius?

Well it’s the big day!

For this 13th day of your 3 weeks in Mauritius, I suggest you cast off at Grand Baie beach to approach the 3 northern islets : Coin de MireÎle Plate and Îlot Gabriel.

The must in my opinion is to opt for the one-day catamaran cruise. It includes breakfast and lunch served on board, breaks on the different islets as well as snorkeling equipment!

Meet at 8 a.m. on the beach for the departure, for a return around 4 p.m.

This day at sea is likely to be one of the most memorable memories of your holidays in Mauritius!

To book your catamaran cruise to the islets of the North, just click here.


When I did this cruise, it was in June and we had the privilege of seeing 2 whales and doing part of the journey escorted by a school of dolphins! ?

I hope you too will have this chance!

Day 14: Scuba Diving or Other Activities

Seabed lovers will be in heaven in the north of Mauritius! The coast is full of diving clubs to discover the richness of the coral reefs of the lagoon.

I have tested several of them and I particularly recommend:

  • Bubble Diving Center in (Trou aux Biches)
  • Dive Spirit Mauritius (Trou aux Biches also)
  • Sunset Diving in Grand Bay.

Special mention for Sunset Diving and its super friendly and very professional team. They take you to the most beautiful spots in the lagoon to choose from:

  • your first dive.
  • or an exploration dive session.

If diving isn’t your thing and you’d rather spend a day on the surface, no problem! I have 2 alternative activities to offer you in the area:

The first is a gastronomic guided tour of Grand Baie.

A guided walking tour of about 4 hours to discover Mauritian gastronomy (you can enjoy Creole curries, rougails, exotic fruits and other delicacies!) at the same time as the historical and cultural heritage of this unmissable coastal city.

Guaranteed escape and true happiness for the taste buds!

There are two service providers in Grand Bay: E-Lab Mauritius and Fun Bike, which offer to rent bikes for a free or guided ride. Some even include a picnic. (More info by clicking on the links in orange above).


You will find other ideas of things to do in and around Grand Bay in my dedicated article: What to do in Grand Bay?

Diving in Mauritius - what to do in Mauritius
Diving in Mauritius

Step 8: The South-West (3 days)

Penultimate stage of your 3-week stay in Mauritius: the South West region of the island!

Day 15: Chamarel, Ebony Forest and Rhumerie

Let’s go for a day in Chamarel, a small village in the south, where to see the famous Earth of 7 colors (major tourist attraction in Mauritius!).

This is the most famous natural curiosity of the island: dunes of multicolored volcanic earth, in shades of red, ocher, blue and purple.

Right next to it, you can also admire the superb  Chamarel waterfall,  the  highest waterfall  in Mauritius!

The site is on a private domain and the entrance is paying. To save time, you can already buy your entry ticket by clicking here.


Chamarel is also famous for its coffee plantations! You can taste this unique coffee, the only one to be grown and roasted in Mauritius, in the small snack bar on site (and buy some from the souvenir shop).

The Earth of 7 colors - what to see in Mauritius
The Earth of 7 colors – Chamarel

Within the estate that houses the Earth of the 7 Colors, there is also  the Ebony Forest nature reserve. A wonderful visit to do during your 20-21 days in Mauritius.

Open to the public for only a few years, the reserve is based on a project to restore the native ebony forest.

After visiting the small museum, you can enter the forest, benefit from a guided tour to observe the protected plants and animals, then climb to the Sublime Point to contemplate a marvelous panorama of the entire south coast.

More info on the official Ebony Forest website.

If you have time and energy left, I suggest you end this day by visiting the Rhumerie de Chamarel to become an expert on Mauritian rum!

A guide will show you the entire process of making the beverage, before giving you a taste of the best wines made in Chamarel!

No need to be a rum lover to enjoy the visit! I don’t like rum at all and yet I loved seeing the impressive machines and discovering the whole manufacturing process (the guide I came across was also super funny :-D)

Day 16: Ascent of Le Morne + beach

For this 2nd day in the South-West of Mauritius, I invite you to conquer another mountain, this time the best known of the whole island: Morne Brabant, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The ascent takes about 3 hours round trip, with a breathtaking view at the top.

The higher you go, the steeper the paths so I advise you once again to take a guide. It will also give you plenty of information on the natural and historical heritage of this particularly rich site.

After this sporty hike, what could be better than landing on Le Morne beach to recharge the batteries? Located just at the foot of the mountain, it is a perfect corner of paradise to reward yourself after the effort.

View from the top of Le Morne Brabant
View from the top of Le Morne Brabant

Day 17: Cruise to Benitiers Island

Let’s go for a new boat trip, this time departing from Black River, heading to Ile aux Bénitiers!

Off Le Morne Brabant, this uninhabited islet, 2km long and 500m wide, is a real little paradise with its white sand, coconut palms, casuarina trees and the azure blue water that surrounds it.

This sea trip is the perfect activity to spend a quiet day as you approach the end of your stay.

It includes a few swimming and snorkeling breaks , with of course a stopover on the islet, and a passage near “Crystal Rock”, the region’s mythical rock, located in the middle of the water.

To book this unforgettable cruise to Ile aux Bénitiers, just click here.

crystal-rock-Mauritius itinerary
Crystal Rock, near Le Morne

Step 9: Rodrigues (4 days)

Here we are already at the final stage of your dream vacation in the Indian Ocean!

And I have prepared a real final bouquet for you to end your tour of Mauritius in 3 weeks.

For this last stage of your trip, go to the airport to leave Mauritius, but not really: you are leaving for Rodrigues, a small Mauritian island 600km offshore ( 1h30 flight ).

Rodrigues is a place out of time, peaceful and far from the sometimes tumultuous atmosphere of the beaches and towns of the main island.

Day 18: Eastern beaches and Mont Limon

Go straight into the bath, starting with the east coast, made up of a multitude of small isolated coves and beaches lined with casuarina trees.

Don’t miss  Trou d’Argent beach, wild and so magnificent!

End this day by climbing to the top of Mont Limon, the highest point in Rodrigues.

Only a few minutes of climbing await you to contemplate the sunset.


Trou d’Argent beach is only accessible on foot. To get there, you can leave from the village of Saint-François and follow the coast for 45 minutes.

All along, you can contemplate the beauty of the lagoon and the sumptuous surrounding landscapes, until you reach the sublime cove of Trou d’Argent, nestled between 2 cliffs and a coral reef.

Day 19: Port Mathurin and Cocos Island

The capital of Rodrigues, Port Mathurin, is ideal for strolling.

To be able to discover:

  • its small colonial houses
  • its colorful shops
  • its bustling port
  • its colorful markets

This is also where you can taste the local gourmet specialties, such as the Rodriguan sweet pie with papaya and coconut!

I then suggest that you head to the village of Pointe Diable ( 20min drive ), from where it is possible to travel by canoe to Île aux Cocos.

A unique place in the entire Indian Ocean, this tiny paradise island is home to many rare and protected birds!

The crossing by canoe lasts approximately 1h30. Once disembarked you can:

  • enjoy the beautiful white sand beaches
  • take a walk observing  the lush nature
  • swim in the crystal clear waters
  • snorkeling to admire the abundant life of the lagoon.

Day 20: Excursion by canoe in the South of Rodrigues

For this penultimate day of your 3 weeks in Mauritius, treat yourself to a new crossing by canoe, this time to Île aux Chats and Île Hermitage!

The departure is from Anse Mourouk, in the south of Rodrigues.

On these 2 splendid islands, you will be immersed in extraordinary nature and a lagoon with translucent waters rich in colorful fish.

Day 21: Visit of the Grande Montagne nature reserve

Another unmissable visit during a stay in Rodrigues: the Grande Montagne nature reserve, which extends over some twenty hectares.

It is one of the last preserved endemic forests of the island.

I advise you to opt for the guided tour, which will allow you to learn more about the wonderful Rodriguan fauna and flora that the passionate team of the reserve strives to protect.

You can come across turtlescardinalswarblers and many other animals in their natural habitats.

It will then be time to reach the airport for your return flight in the evening or the next day.

Rodrigues, a small Mauritian island to visit during your stay
Rodrigues, a small Mauritian island to visit during your stay

Accommodation in Mauritius

Mauritius is not very big and the journeys between each site are relatively short (maximum 1h30 drive).

During your 3-week road trip in Mauritius, you can therefore choose:

  • to sleep in the same place all along and to travel each day for your visits
  • to change hotels several times to limit travel times.

Whatever your choice, I have selected the best accommodation in Mauritius below , suitable for all budgets and classified by region.

Do not hesitate to click on the links for more information and to book.

Accommodation in the South-East of Mauritius

  • Le Jardin de Beauvallon :  hotel located in Mahébourg, 10 minutes from the airport. Stay in a small individual bungalow for 2 from €61/ night. The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool, a tropical garden and a restaurant. The ideal accommodation for the first days of your 3 weeks in Mauritius!
  • La Peninsula Bay Beach Resort & Spa  : welcoming and comfortable hotel in a heavenly setting, 200m from Blue Bay beach and 1km from Pointe d’Esny beach. Family room (1 double bed and 2 single beds) from €160  per night. Access to the private beach and nautical activities.
  • Ferney Nature Lodge : luxury eco-lodges 10km from the airport, in the heart of the Ferney valley. Sleep in a superb suite with double bed, private bathroom and terrace from €295 per night. My favorite!

Which hotel to choose in the East of Mauritius?

  • EvaZion  :  warm accommodation in Grande Rivière Sud-Est in a very quiet environment, 20 minutes from Bellemare beach. Comfortable double room from 80€/night. Access to the outdoor pool, restaurant and kayaks. Shuttles to Ile aux Cerfs are also available.
  • Otentic Eco Tent Experience  :  Live a unique experience sleeping in a luxury tent surrounded by nature. Tent planned for 2 to 5 people, from 130€ per night. Various activities offered on site (kayak, swimming pool, volleyball, boat ride, etc.). The cuisine is particularly delicious, based on local products. My favorite accommodation in the East of Mauritius!
  • Veranda Palmar Beach Hotel  :  magnificent hotel with beach, swimming pool and spa, located opposite the Bellemare lagoon. Spacious and comfortable double room with balcony from € 175 per night, with meals included.
  • Le Touessrok : luxury hotel in Trou d’Eau Douce, in a heavenly setting. It has several swimming pools, restaurants, a wellness center and even a small private island! Magnificent double room with balcony and sea view for around 450€ per night, breakfast included. A very good choice if you want a luxury stay in Mauritius!

Accommodation in the West of Mauritius

  • Lariad BnB : comfortable residence located 5min walk from the beach of Flic-en-Flac, with a pretty tropical garden, 2 swimming pools and a beautiful shared terrace. Comfortable double room from €50 per night, with breakfast.  My recommendation for an affordable stay in the West of Mauritius!
  • Shanti Ghar Guest House : superb guest house tastefully decorated and located less than 2km from the beach of Black River Tamarin. It features an outdoor swimming pool, shared lounge, garden and bar. Count around €95/night for a comfortable double room with balcony.
  • La Mariposa Mauritius : quietly located on the coast 10km from Chamarel, this hotel with swimming pool and private beach offers a superb view of Le Morne mountain. Double room from €120/night, breakfast included.
  • Veranda Tamarin Hôte & Spa : superb small hotel with swimming pool and spa, located in the bay of Tamarin. Double room with balcony sea or mountain view from 150€/nightThe best choice for a high-end stay in Mauritius!
  • Sugar Beach A Sun Resort : ultra-luxurious hotel on the beach of Flic-en-Flac. The night in a small independent villa with ocean view is from 390€.

The best hotels in the North of Mauritius

  • Residence Peramal : warm apart-hotel with sea view, very close to the beach of Grand Bay. Comfortable and fully equipped accommodation, from €50 per night for 2 people. Breakfast is served on the terrace facing the sea.
  • Cosi Dolce : villa with fitted kitchen, terrace and swimming pool located in Peyrébère, 700m from the beach. Capacity for a maximum of 5 people (2 bedrooms with 2 double beds and an extra bed), from €80 /night.
  • Océan V Hôtel : 4-star hotel 50m from Peyrébère beach. You will stay in a comfortable double room for a minimum of 150€  per night, breakfast included. You will have access to the infinity pool, gym, jacuzzi and restaurant.
  • Sakoa Boutik Hotel : charming little hotel in Trou-aux-Biches, located on the white sand beach. It has a small swimming pool, a restaurant and a spa and offers water activities. Room with double bed from €230  per night. The staff is very welcoming. I recommend it for a high-end stay in the North of Mauritius!
  • LUX* Grand Baie Resort & Residences : one of the largest and most luxurious hotels on the island, located in Grand Baie. Sumptuous double room from €450  per night (+ breakfast at €25).

Accommodation in the South West of Mauritius

  • La Vieille Cheminée : charming establishment made up of several independent and comfortable chalets, located in Chamarel on the edge of an endemic forest with mountain views. Each chalet has a double bed, a bathroom and an equipped kitchen, all from €125/night, breakfast included. My favorite to stay in the  South West of Mauritius!
  • LUX Le Morne Resort : if you are looking for luxury, this magnificent hotel located at the foot of Le Morne mountain, with swimming pools, restaurant and spa, will not disappoint you. You will stay in a sublime double room from 295€ per night.
  • Hotel Chalets Chamarel : establishment made up of small independent pavilions, located in the heights of the village of Chamarel, with an incredible view of the mountain and the coast of Le Morne. Count a minimum of 340€ per night minimum, breakfast and dinner included (the cuisine is exquisite!).  I recommend it for a luxury-nature stay in the south of Mauritius!

Accommodation in Rodrigues

  • Le Refuge : pretty guest house located 20 minutes from Port Mathurin, in a relaxing environment with a view of the sea. The double room is from €55 per night.
  • The Pandanus : a very welcoming small hotel located in the capital, with swimming pool, garden and bar. Double room with balcony and sea view from €72 /night.
  • Residence Foulsafat : very beautiful residence in Port Mathurin, with swimming pool and magnificent garden. Accommodation for 2 people with kitchenette, bathroom and terrace with sea and mountain views from €80 per night.
  • Tekoma Boutik Hotel : 4-star hotel facing the lagoon, on Pointe Coton beach. Double room from 290€. Presence of a spa and an outdoor swimming pool.

So much for this 3-week itinerary in Mauritius, including a visit to Rodrigues!

I hope this guide will have helped you to prepare your stay well and that you will have an unforgettable holiday!

And you, what do you plan to do during your 3 weeks in Mauritius?

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