Top 11 Things to Do in Belle Mare

Belle Mare: Top 11 activities to do

Belle Mare is on your list of places to visit  in Mauritius?

This article is made for you!

On the east coast, with its turquoise blue lagoon and dream beaches,  Belle Mare is one of the country’s must-see places .

In this article, I detail the 11 best visits and activities to do in and around Belle Mare.

Among what awaits you: splendid white sand beaches, hiking in a  natural forest park, a boat trip on a paradise islet but also plenty of thrilling water activities such as parasailing!

To help you organize your stay, I share with you my advice, my tips and my selection of the best hotels to stay in Belle Mare and the surrounding area.

So, what to do and see in Belle Mare during your holidays in Mauritius?

Follow the leader!

1. Belle Mare Beach

Belle Mare is a small coastal village that is home to THE emblematic beach on the east coast of Mauritius.

Belle Mare beach extends its 10km of white sand along a turquoise blue lagoon  bordered by coconut palms.

It’s a real postcard setting that awaits you on this long beach that is still very well preserved.

Apart from the few luxury hotels that border it, you will have no trouble finding a peaceful place to lay your towel.

Here, no horde of tourists but above all calm and tranquility.

Water sports enthusiasts will also find what they are looking for by getting closer to hotels and leisure establishments.

If you decide to go to Belle Mare beach on the weekend, you can enjoy the festive atmosphere brought by the Mauritian campers who are used to meeting there with their families.

It’s really nice to immerse yourself in the local atmosphere 😀

Belle Mare Beach – Mauritius

2. Go scuba diving

In Belle Mare, you can also enjoy an ideal setting for diving!

All along the coast there are many magnificent diving spots to explore by bottle or even just with a mask and snorkel.

Whether you want to do your first dive or you are already an experienced diver, you can enjoy a great underwater experience by contacting one of these dive centers in Belle Mare :

Do you prefer snorkeling? In this case, put on your flippers, mask and snorkel and freely enjoy the lagoon to meet the colorful reef fish!

You can easily see them near the beach, you don’t have to go far to admire them.

plongee-ile-maurice-840x564-2Diving in Mauritius

3. Fresh Water Hole

Just 10mins drive from Belle Mare is the picturesque village of Trou d’Eau Douce, a must-see during your visit to the East Coast.

This seaside resort has many sites of interest.

First of all, its magnificent beach with bright white sand and azure blue water.

Right in the heart of the village, it is a lively beach, frequented by fishermen and bordered by beautiful villas.

Trou d’Eau Douce is also the starting point for boat trips, and in particular cruises to Ile aux Cerfs which I will tell you about right after.

At Trou d’Eau Douce you will also find the Café des Arts, a former sugar factory transformed into an art gallery and gourmet restaurant.

It’s a pleasant cultural visit to make, and the opportunity to enjoy yourself in a chic and artistic setting!

The restaurant is only open in the evening and by reservation (click here for contact details).

4. Ile aux Cerfs

A major attraction in the Belle Mare region, Ile aux Cerfs is an islet located about 500m off the coast.

Renowned for its lagoon with translucent waters and its heavenly beaches, Île aux Cerfs is a very popular destination, both for visitors and locals.

It is not inhabited but there are many leisure facilities:

  • several restaurants
  • shops _
  • deckchairs and parasols for rent
  • water sports agencies (water skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, kayaking, glass bottom boat…)
  • an 18-hole golf course (by the way ranked among the 10 most beautiful golf courses in the world!)

You are therefore spoiled for choice to enjoy your time on this small island with the air of paradise.

If you prefer walking rather than lazing around, it is also possible to go around the islet in 1h30-2h to discover its wilder North face.

You will have no trouble finding a place on a deserted beach where you can enjoy the beauty of the lagoon in peace.

The only way to go to Ile aux Cerfs is of course by boat (just the sea trip to the islet is breathtakingly beautiful!).

For this, you have the choice between:

For an unforgettable day, I highly recommend the catamaran cruise which includes lunch on board , snorkeling stops in the lagoon, a visit to the Grande Rivière Sud-Est waterfall and several hours of free time on Ile aux Cerfs .

All aboard a superb comfortable catamaran!

To book your excursion to Ile aux Cerfs by catamaran, just click here.

Ile aux Cerfs

5. Palmar Beach

Another exceptional beach to see on the east coast of Mauritius: Palmar beach.

It is located 5 minutes from Belle Mare beach and is not well known to tourists.

Wild and windswept, it offers a sublime landscape and is often deserted. Which adds to its authentic charm!


The “Palmar Beach”, as indicated on the signs, is in fact divided into 2 parts separated by residences and hotels.

The first part, to the left of the constructions, is the “official” public beach. It has a large car park and a delimited bathing area.

But what I advise you is to discover its wilder side, which I personally find even more sumptuous.

To do this, take the road again, pass the large car park on the main beach and then the group of residences that follow (named Fantasea, Badamiers and Villa Palmar Bay ). Just after this residential complex you will see a small grassy car park on your left. There is an entrance about 100m further.

Park here and walk to the wild beach. With its black rocks, white sand, leaning trees and turquoise water, it is truly breathtaking.

Palmar Beach – Mauritius

6. Grande Rivière Sud-Est Waterfall

By going to Ile aux Cerfs, you will have the opportunity to approach the Grande Rivière Sud-Est waterfall, one of the most beautiful and best known on the island.

It is located at the mouth of the longest river in Mauritius, which flows into the Indian Ocean after a course of 30km.

The waterfall offers a superb spectacle of bubbling water cascading down huge volcanic rocks.

It is generally by boat, going to or returning from Île aux Cerfs, that you get there (a stage for example included in the catamaran cruise to Île aux Cerfs ). 

One of my favorite places in Mauritius is L’Otentic – Eco Tent Experience!

It is a unique place where you can sleep in a large, comfortable safari tent on the banks of the Grande Rivière Sud-Est, just a few meters from the waterfall, in a magnificent setting and an “out of the world” atmosphere.

On site, self-service kayaks and stand-up paddles allow you to stroll on the river and go to the waterfall.

It is a place that I recommend 100% if you love nature and are looking for unusual accommodation to sleep on Ile aux Cerfs.

7. Post Lafayette Beach

Among the most beautiful beaches to see in the East of Mauritius, do not miss that of Poste Lafayette.

About 20 minutes drive north of Belle Mare, it has the particularity of being surrounded by mangroves and volcanic rocks.

It is not really to swim that you will come to this long arcuate beach, but rather to appreciate its wild and preserved landscape.

You will discover a coastline cut by large black rocks which form small successive coves of white sand.

The sea, turquoise blue, is often agitated in this place so it is indeed not recommended to swim there (avoid, especially with children!).

Here, few people,  which allows you to enjoy the calm.

But you can often observe kitesurfers there , who appreciate this spot for its exposure to the wind and its beautiful waves.

Other nautical activities are practiced on this beach such as pedal boating, windsurfing or kayaking.

Part of the beach is lined with villas but you will easily find free areas by following the coastal path.

This is the beach that I would recommend in the East of Mauritius if you are looking for the ideal place for a picnic!

And if you are in the morning, the sunrise is extraordinary!

Poste Lafayette beach, near Belle Mare

8. Bras d’Eau National Park

During your visit to the East of Mauritius, I advise you to plan half a day to stroll in the National Park of Bras d’Eau which is located right next to Poste Lafayette.

It is a natural forest reserve of 500 hectares, with beautiful hiking trails.

The ideal place to cool off in the shade and change a bit from the beaches!

The entrance is easy to find and a car park allows you to park right next to the “Visitor’s Center”.

From there, you can enter the park and follow the path for a walk of about 2 hours in this beautiful lush forest.

Look up during the walk because it is not uncommon to observe certain endemic birds (such as the Rooster of the woods or the Gray white eye ) but also monkeys and fruit bats!


I give you some indications to find you there once entered the park:

Take the path as soon as you enter the forest and pass the “Puits des Français” on the right. Follow the arrows “Coq des Bois Trail” and “Nature Trail”.

After the  lava block path, turn right and go past the well. There you enter a eucalyptus forest. Continue straight ahead at the  picnic table.

Follow the red markings to reach the Mare Mahogany  then, a little further, the  Mare Chevrettes.

There, you can retrace your steps or do  the complete loop  following the “Visitor’s Center” signs.

Bras d’Eau National Park

9. Go parasailing

Do you want to live a sensational experience between sky and sea during your holidays in Mauritius?

Parasailing (or parasailing) is one of the top activities to do on Belle Mare beach or on Ile aux Cerfs!

Supported by a large parachute several tens of meters high and pulled by a boat, you can admire the turquoise waters of the lagoon while getting your adrenaline pumping!

Parasailing is an essential and very popular activity in the East of Mauritius.

Parasailing in Mauritius

10. Walk under the sea

How about a little  underwater walk?

Yes, in Belle Mare, it is possible to walk under the sea!

How it works?

Equipped with a diving suit connected to an air tank that allows you to breathe normally and keep your head dry, you descend to a depth of 4m and find yourself standing on the sea floor, surrounded by corals and fish!

You don’t even have to swim!

This unusual experience is offered by the Aquaventure team and can be reserved online by clicking here.

fabulous activity accessible to people who cannot swim as well as to children.

11. Have fun at Splash and Fun Water Park

If you like water games, you can also plan an afternoon of fun at the Splash’n’Fun water park in Belle Mare!

Huge swimming pool under the coconut treesthrilling slides and other water attractions await you for a day of fun under the Mauritian sun.

A great idea for a family activity in Mauritius!

More practical information on their official website (click here).

Accommodation in Belle Mare

Do you want to stay in the East of Mauritius and are you looking for a hotel adapted to your budget and your desires?

To help you choose, here is my selection of the 5 best accommodations near Belle Mare, from the most accessible to the most expensive:

  • EvaZion : hotel surrounded by nature located in Grande Rivière Sud-Est, and 20 minutes from Belle Mare beach, in a super welcoming and peaceful setting. Sleep in a comfortable double room from €80/night. The establishment also includes a swimming pool, a restaurant, kayaks for free access and shuttles to reach Ile aux Cerfs.
  • Otentic Eco Tent Experience  :  stay in a large, comfortable tent in the heart of nature, in luxury camping mode, from €130 per night. Each tent is designed for 2 to 5 people. Ultra warm welcome, lots of activities to do on site (swimming pool, kayak, shuttle to Ile aux Cerfs…). Special mention for the delicious cuisine of the restaurant (fresh and local products!). My favorite accommodation in the East of Mauritius!
  • Veranda Palmar Beach Hotel: charming and luxurious small hotel on the edge of the Belle Mare lagoon. With direct access to the beach, outdoor swimming pool and Spa. Spacious double room with balcony from €175/night, meals included.
  • Constance Belle Mare : one of the largest and most beautiful hotels on the east coast of Mauritius, located on Belle Mare beach. 5-star establishment which includes 6 restaurants and several swimming pools bordered by tropical gardens. Spacious double room with marble bathroom, from €255/night (breakfast included).
  • Le Touessrok : luxury hotel opposite the lagoon of Trou d’Eau Douce. Several swimming pools, restaurants and wellness center and even a small private island! Double room at the height of comfort with balcony and sea view for 450€ /night, breakfast included. The top if you want a luxurious stay in Mauritius!
Hotel Constance, in Belle Mare, Mauritius

You now know all about the best things to do and see in Belle Mare and the East of Mauritius!

Do not hesitate to leave me a comment if you have any questions, remarks or if you want to share your travel experience.

And you, what have you planned to do in Belle Mare during your holidays in Mauritius?

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