9 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Mauritius

9 Extraordinary Places to Visit in Mauritius

Do you want to discover the natural curiosities of Mauritius during your stay?

Great idea!

Between unusual landscapessurprising colors and astonishing geological formations : Mauritian nature has some very nice surprises in store for you.

In this article, I have listed the 9 most unique natural sites that you can see on the island.

Some are very touristy like the Earth of the 7 Colors of Chamarel, and others much less known like the Natural Bridge or the crater of Trou aux Cerfs, which will allow you to get off the beaten track!

And you will see that most are located in the south of the island , which is the wildest and most unspoilt region of the country .

You can discover these natural curiosities through hikessea cruises,  guided excursions or simple walks!

So, ready to discover these  9 most beautiful places in Mauritius?

Let’s go!

1. The Underwater Waterfall

It is surely the strangest and most spectacular natural site you will see in Mauritius.

A waterfall…under water, which is located in the Morne Brabant lagoon , in the south-west of the country.

The underwater waterfall of Mauritius (also called “underwater waterfall”)  is talked about in the 4 corners of the globe, quite simply because it is a unique phenomenon in the world!

To see this extraordinary waterfall  with your own eyes, there are no 36 solutions: you have to fly over it !

And for that, the best solution is to book a seaplane flight.  If you want to make a mark during your stay in Mauritius, I assure you that this experience will leave no one indifferent.

It is the LagoonFlight team that has been organizing these panoramic flights successfully for several years. Takeoff is from La Prairie beach, just next to Le Morne and flights last from 15 to 80 minutes depending on the option chosen.

To get all the details on this activity and book your seaplane flight over the underwater waterfall, just click here. (If you are hesitant, take the time to read the reviews).

Tips for your Mauritius itinerary:

By the way, LagoonFlight offers solo flights but also duo flights! Each in his seaplane with his pilot, you fly side by side and are connected by a radio to communicate in real time with your partner.

underwater waterfall, Mauritius
Seaplane flight over underwater waterfall

2. The Earth of 7 Colors

If you are wondering what the most famous curiosity of the island of Mauritius is, there it is: the Land of 7 Colors.

This famous site is located in Chamarel and attracts a lot of people every year.

It must be said that we don’t see this everywhere: an expanse of earth dunes in rainbow colors, displaying shades of ochre, red, orange, green, blue and purple.

The Earth of the 7 Colors of Chamarel is therefore a very pretty geological curiosity to look at. This gradation of colors is explained by the presence of certain minerals in the volcanic earth. By oxidizing, these minerals such as iron or aluminum color the earth.

To admire it, go to the Chamarel Geopark. There is an entrance fee to the site (around €10 per adult) and also includes a walk to the Chamarel waterfall, the highest waterfall in Mauritius.

Tips for your Mauritius itinerary:

If you feel like enjoying a guided visit to Chamarel, you can opt for the private day trip to the south-west of Mauritius.

You will be taken care of by a Mauritian guide-driver who will take care of the route and will share with you all his knowledge of his country.

The visit includes all the key sites of the region : Grand Bassin, Alexandra Falls, the Trou aux Cerfs crater and of course the 7 Colored Earth of Chamarel as well as the waterfall.

This is a very popular activity so I advise you not to delay in reserving your place. You can do this very simply by clicking here.

To know more…

If you plan to go see the Seven Colored Earth during your vacation in Mauritius, do not miss the other visits and activities to do in Chamarel.

I have listed everything for you in this article: What to do and see in Chamarel?

The Earth of 7 colors – Chamarel
The Earth of 7 colors – Chamarel

3. Blue Water

Impossible to talk about unusual natural sites in Mauritius without mentioning Eau Bleue.

This magnificent place is much less touristy, if at all, and still relatively little known in Mauritius.

It is this time in the south-eastern region, a few minutes drive inland from Mahébourg .

Eau Bleue lives up to its name very well since it is a succession of waterfalls which flow into pools of turquoise blue water.

It’s a truly magical site, which will particularly delight photography fans because you can take great shots!

To find Eau Bleue, you will have to be attentive. The place is camouflaged behind the trees, it cannot be seen from the road and is not indicated by any sign.

You will have to go to the small village of Cluny and follow the  B83 road. Locate the “CWA Water Tank” pumping station and park at the entrance to a nearby cane field (do not leave your car on the side of the road, it is very dangerous).

From the station, continue on foot following the path that crosses the cane field towards the trees. You will quickly come across the first waterfall, then the following ones as you go up the river.

Tips for your Mauritius itinerary:

It is very tempting to swim in the turquoise pools and you can do so, but use caution as the pools are very deep and there are sometimes currents.

If you like adventure and thrills, you can also go canyoning at Eau Bleue!

It is also one of the most beautiful canyoning courses in Mauritius. On the program, a circuit of about 3 hours with natural slides, jumps and rappels, and a picnic at the water’s edge to end in style!

All this supervised by a qualified instructor who will guide you and ensure your safety. This course does not present any particular difficulty and is accessible to children from 10 years old.

Bleue water waterfall, in the south of Mauritius
Eau Bleue waterfall, in the south of Mauritius

4. Pieter Both Mountain

Mauritius is a volcanic island punctuated by reliefs and mountains.

Among them, there is one which stands out for its truly singular shape and which is particularly emblematic in Mauritius.

This is the Pieter Both mountain, which is in the center of the island, near the town of Moka.

What makes it special is its summit formed by a sort of “ball” which seems to be balanced on a peak.

From a distance, the shape of this mountain can be reminiscent of a human silhouette, which gave it its name Pieter Both (in homage to the former governor general of the Dutch Indies who died in Mauritius).

Pieter Both peaks at 820m above sea level and is the 2nd highest peak on the island.

You can admire it from the road if you come to the center of Mauritius (for example to visit the Eureka Creole house ).

Mountain hiking enthusiasts can also have the pleasure of climbing there to see the strange rock formation up close.

The ascent of Pieter Both combines walking and climbing with a moderate level of difficulty. Allow at least half a day to make the round trip.

For your safety and to avoid getting lost because it is not marked, I recommend that you hire a professional guide for this hike.

The Lokal Adventures team organizes guided hikes to Pieter Both, with equipment, snacks and picnic included. If you already have your travel dates in Mauritius, you can  book your guide in one click here.

The summit of Pieter Both, in the center of Mauritius
The summit of Pieter Both, in the center of Mauritius

5. The Natural Bridge

In the far south-east near Mahébourg, you will have the opportunity to travel the wild coast and discover a geological curiosity with an explicit name: the Natural Bridge.

It is a formation of volcanic rocks with an astonishing shape. Dug out by the waves over time, it took the form of a bridge approximately 2m long, which connects 2 pieces of cliffs above the sea.

The whole area is very windy and prone to impressive waves crashing on the rocks. Caution is advised but the place is truly magnificent.

To get there, however, you have to take very stony paths so it is not accessible with all types of car.

If you don’t have a 4×4, a good idea to go there is to take part in a quad excursion which will take you to the Natural Bridge and other essential places in the wild south of Mauritius.

This guided quad outing in the wild south lasts around 3 hours and allows you to discover all the most beautiful places on this still very preserved coastline. In addition to the Natural Bridge, you will also pass by the wild beaches of Bouchon or La Cambuse.

You can already reserve your place by clicking here.

The Natural Bridge, on the wild coast of the South of Mauritius
The Natural Bridge, on the wild coast of the South of Mauritius

6. The Blower

If you’re going to see the Natural Bridge, don’t miss the other natural attraction right next to it.

This is Le Souffleur, also located at the level of the rocky cliffs of the coast.

As its name suggests, the Blower designates a narrow cliff area into which waves rush and are violently “spit out”  by the rocks.

When the weather is particularly windy, it is very impressive to see. And also super exotic because the landscape contrasts greatly with the rest of Mauritius!

It is possible to connect the Natural Bridge and the Souffleur on foot following the coast, in around 30 minutes of walking.

Tips for your Mauritius itinerary:

If you want to discover this atypical place in a more fun way , I recommend the guided Fat Bike outing which runs along this preserved coastline inaccessible by car.

The fat bike is an all-terrain bike with large tires and electric assistance. It allows you to cover long distances on any type of path, without getting tired.

From the Natural Bridge to Souffleur via the wild beaches of the South, this guided fat bike excursion allows you to explore the entire wild South coast of Mauritius.

Book your Fat Bike ride in the south of Mauritius here.

To know more…

To prepare your visit to the South-East of Mauritius and know all the best things to see and do around the Souffleur and the Natural Bridge, I invite you to read my article dedicated to this region: What to do and see in the Soutmh-East of Mauritius?

7. The Weeping Rock

When I told you that the South of Mauritius is full of unusual wild sites… Here’s another one!

La Roche qui Pleure is a portion of cliff located at the southernmost point of the island.

To see this Mauritian natural curiosity, go to Gris Gris beach.

As you walk along the beach towards the east, you will come across a piece of volcanic cliff which juts out into the sea.

Signs indicating “Roche qui Pleure” also allow you to get there directly by road by car.

You can advance to the end of the cliff. By leaning slightly, you will be able to admire this famous rock against which the waves crash without interruption.

It is because it is constantly soaked and dripping with drops of water that the rock was given the poetic name of Roche Qui Pleure.

Tips for your Mauritius itinerary:

If you want to combine the discovery of the cliffs of Gris Gris and Roche qui Pleure with a guided excursion, I recommend this guided day trip in the South which includes:

  • The visit of the Ile aux Aigrettes (nature reserve which can only be visited by reservation)
  • A lunch break on Blue Bay beach
  • Visiting La Vanille Nature Park
  • A stopover at Gris Gris beach and Roche qui Pleure

This private excursion must be booked in advance.

Gris-Gris beach, Mauritius
Gris-Gris beach

8. Crystal Rock

Another natural curiosity to see in Mauritius: the Crystal Rock, a coral rock that seems to float in the middle of the turquoise water.

This very emblematic rock in Mauritius is located on the south-west side of the country, in the lagoon between Le Morne and Rivière Noire.

During your stay in Mauritius you will have the opportunity to see it by taking a boat trip to Ile aux Bénitiers, the elongated islet located opposite Morne Brabant.

The boats which make the excursion to this islet always stop at the “  crystal rock  ” which is only a few meters behind.

It is a superb picture that you can observe and photograph: a solitary rock formed of corals and topped with vegetation, placed in the middle of the translucent lagoon.

A site to preserve

The area around this unusual rock is populated by many fish, corals and other underwater species. It is important to respect this place to avoid its degradation.

Unfortunately, many people don’t mind touching the rock, swimming around it, and even climbing on it. This is not something I recommend doing. Underwater life is fragile here and it is important to preserve it .

The rock Crystal Rock, in the Morne lagoon
The rock “Crystal Rock”, in the Morne lagoon

9. Trou aux Cerfs

If you want to get off the beaten track a little during your vacation in Mauritius, this is a natural curiosity that is not very touristy.

This is Trou aux Cerfs, a volcanic crater 300m in diameter located in the center of the island near the town of Curepipe.

Over the millennia, this ancient volcano filled with water and became a perfectly round natural lake, surrounded by forest.

There is a nice walk to take on the  path that goes around it.

From the heights around the crater we also have beautiful views of the surrounding area: the town of Curepipe, the Trois Mamelles mountain and Mont Saint Pierre in particular.

Walking around Trou aux Cerfs is a good idea for a nature outing to do in Mauritius for a little break of calm.

Tips for your Mauritius itinerary:

To save time on your visit schedule, you can combine this walk in Trou aux Cerfs with other emblematic places in the South by participating in a one-day guided tour.

Accompanied by a driver-guide, you will be taken to different places to discover the southwest of Mauritius. On the program for this excursion:

  • Chamarel, its rum factory, its waterfall and its colorful earth
  • the picturesque village of Baie de Cap
  • the sacred lake of Grand Bassin
  • the Black River Gorges
  • Deer Hole
  • and as a bonus, the visit to a model boat factory in Curepipe.

This private day visit must be booked in advance. It’s very simple to do this, just click here.

The Trou aux Cerfs crater, near Curepipe
The Trou aux Cerfs crater, near Curepipe

Bonus: the Shark Pit

I have one last natural curiosity to add to this list, especially for scuba diving enthusiasts .

If you like diving and unusual places then here is an exceptional underwater site to explore during your stay in Mauritius: the Fosse au Requins!

This unusual place is located in the north of Mauritius, off the coast of Grand Baie and more precisely to the north of Plate Island.

Under the sea at this location is a sort of shallow pit where many White Tip sharks regularly congregate.

Divers are invited to dive there to observe these animals evolving in their natural environment.

Rest assured, these sharks are not aggressive and tolerate divers very well, provided of course that you do not disturb them and respect the instructions given by the accompanying instructors.

A dive full of thrills and adrenaline that will definitely mark your stay in Mauritius!

To dive with sharks in Mauritius, you must contact a diving center in the North or West of the island.

Personally, I recommend the Sunset Diving Center, located in Grand Baie, which offers this dive and which is an excellent center (voted the best diving center in Mauritius in 2022!).

To save time you can already book your diving session with Sunset Diving online.

To know more…

Are you planning to go diving during your stay in Mauritius? So don’t hesitate to read my article dedicated to this activity. I list the best diving spots on the island and the best diving centers to help you get organized. To read it, click here: Scuba diving in Mauritius

And you, what are the natural curiosities of Mauritius that you want to see?

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