Top 20 Things to Do in Tunisia – Ultimate Guide

Top 20 Things to Do in Tunisia

A comprehensive guide to the best areas and tourist destinations in Tunisia, learn about each and every city and region and provide you with detailed text and pictures.

Tunisia enjoys a high ranking in the world of travel and tourism despite its small size on the map. It is one of the countries that is witnessing an increasing number of visitors every year. It enjoys a beautiful and mild climate.

The hotels and tourist activities vary between culture, historical history, luxury resorts, islands and picturesque beaches. Come with us on a quick trip to the best 20 things to do in Tunisia .


best things to do in Tunisia
City of Tunis

The Tunisian capital, which has embraced civilizations and nations throughout the ages. In order to be fair to our tourist list about Tunisia, we must start with the amazing capital. A quick tour of the Old City or the “old” can take us through time to return to ancient times.

You can book a hotel in Tunis city where you will be greeted by “Bab El Bahr“. As you pass through a magical lamp to a beautiful world of myth and dazzling, dozens of shops that display various handicrafts, clothes, perfumes, spices and others. Begins the journey in the narrow alleys surrounded by buildings, mosques, mosques,

The old neighborhood is like a huge bazaar with the sounds of vendors and the hustle and bustle of congestion. It does not give up easily to the first price offered by the trader, but rather, your skill in persuading you to reach a price that satisfies you.

In the modern section of Tunisia there is the “Casbah Square” which chronicles the revolutions and political movements that have taken place in the country. They are ideal for strolling, walking and having tea in one of the beautiful cafes surrounding it.

We can not mention Tunisia without going to the Bardo Museum. The largest museum in the world that displays Roman mosaics from prehistoric times, even if it is not full of museums, will certainly be dazzled by the amazing mosaic paintings and sculptures.

Accommodation in Tunis

Dar Ben Gacem Kahia : A beautiful establishment in the medina of Tunis. You will be at the heart of the city’s main attractions. This Dar, highly rated by travellers, is spacious and bright and offers a beautiful roof terrace. A charming place.

For my part, I stayed the day before my return, at the Golden Carthage Hotel Tunis. This large establishment facing the Bay of Gammarth is well located for the airport. It includes a thalassotherapy center and a beautiful swimming pool which you can enjoy during your stay.

Alternatively, you can view all accommodation in Tunis here.


City of Sousse - best things to do in Tunisia
City of Sousse

The fascinating journey continues in Tunisia through the city ​​of Sousse, which is about two hours south of the capital. Sousse is named after the Tunisian coast. It is one of the most beautiful cities. The fragrance of the past smells the atmosphere, the sky and the beautiful sea.

Museums in Tunisia After the Bardo Museum, located on a hill overlooking the city and easily visible from anywhere. The museum hosts a collection of the most beautiful Roman mosaics, most notably the Neptune goddess. It takes about an hour to explore the museum with cheap entrance fees, With a “terrace” overlooking Sousse and the sea.

The old city is also home to the traditional souks, which offer various textiles and handicrafts, as well as the spicy souffle markets, distinctive colors and fish markets. You can book a hotel near Ribat Sousse Which is located close to the ancient markets of Sousse, is a fortress and fortress built in the eighth century AD, one of the most important Islamic monuments that still retain its sparkle and luster in Tunisia, and features its elegant sea-view and the ideal for taking pictures, It is another kind of museum.

The palace, which was owned by one of the wealthiest families in Sousse, has become a museum for visitors. The museum takes you to a fabulous world of colorful trinkets, decorations, colorful walls and luxurious furniture, with a beautiful balcony overlooking the city. Visit “city of Zahra Ba Ruk“, which was recently inaugurated in the castle of Sousse, turning the silent stones into a dance theater and a festival that offers a variety of performances, dance and folklore, which is a history of 3,000 years in Tunisia and presented by dozens of actors, with delicious dishes of Tunisian specialties to complete the painting to the fullest.

Accommodation in Sousse

Pearl Marriott Resort & Spa: The 5 star hotel where I stayed. It is 100 meters from Boujaafar beach. The hotel offers regular rooms and suites. The suite, with its living room and sea views is incredible. Jaz Tour Khalef : An address tested by one of my collaborators. Located near Port El Kantaoui, this hotel is at the entrance to the city of Sousse. It is set in a 10-hectare park and faces the sea. It has an indoor and outdoor swimming pool. Here is the link to see all the accommodations in Sousse and those in Port El Kantaoui if you prefer this area.


Hammamet - best things to do in Tunisia

You can plan a day trip back and forth from Tunisto Hammamet , about 65 km from the capital, or book a hotel in Hammamet if your favorite destination is the sea and the beaches. It is a favorite place for leisure and holidays, frequented by Tunisians and foreigners alike.

This area Btksha beautiful moderate even in the hot summer months, and most famous landmarks that can be visited in the bathrooms “Casbah” or ancient castle overlooking the sea and the city is famous for its cafe, which has spectacular views and offers best mint tea, and features Hammamet hotels and resorts CNN Live luxury and modernity. The visitor can find them in the “Jasmine baths“, which is one of the famous tourist areas, which received a large turnout of visitors to Tunisia.

The area includes a stretchy sandy beach, a yacht marina where cruise ships can be booked in this place, as well as dozens of trendy markets, malls, restaurants and elegant hotels. Near the beachCarthage Land, Africa’s largest toy city, African waterfalls, statues and lakes, and a variety of different sections, including water games, amusement parks suitable for adults and children, as well as a wide variety of international and Arab restaurants.

If you are near, do not miss the visit of “Villa George Sebastian”. This villa was owned by a French celebrity and has now become a tourist and cultural shrine where concerts and theater performances are held on the Roman stage, a magnificent walled garden, a pool of water and many trees and flowers for more relaxation and harmony.

Located in Nabeul City, 11 km from Hammamet, where various kinds of handicraftsclothesfabricscarpetsceramicsspicesteafoodsweets and many more are offered.

Accommodation in Hammamet

The Sindbad: I slept in this magnificent accommodation north of the medina of Hammamet. This establishment is located by the sea. Its rooms, distributed through pretty gardens, are superb. The Sindbad has several swimming pools and restaurants, including those by the sea, a beach, a spa center, etc. A great address to remember and test for your stay in Hammamet.

You can also view all accommodations in Hammamet here. Try to avoid the Yasmine Hammamet area where the big springs are. It lacks charm for my taste.


City of Monastir - best things to do in Tunisia
City of Monastir

Monastir is located near the city ​​of Sousse and about two hours from the capital of Tunis. It is one of the quiet cities not crowded with tourists. The ” Mausoleum of Bourguiba ” is one of the most famous landmarks in this city. The mausoleum is located in the heart of the city and can be accessed free of charge. It has a range of yachts and a perfect peninsula for walking, especially in the evening, surrounded by a number of cafés and restaurants.

The area also includes some of the best hotels in Monastir . The castle or the “Rabat” is also an important landmark in Monastir. Ninth century It has a small museum and the entrance fee is 7 Tunisian Dinars. The castle has spectacular views of the sea and the city and turns into a very beautiful illuminated painting at night.

In Monastir, there are a number of amusement parks and parks, such as Springland Park, which has fun games for children and a number of restaurants and cafes at a cost of 20 dinars. Here is the dangerous secret in Monastir. ?! Is this possible? Yes, at the three-story Fella shopping mall, with dozens of shops selling perfumeaccessoriesclothingbagsshoes and other shopping treasures that can be bought for family and friends at an affordable cost, keep this secret on your next trip to Monastir.

The Island of Djerba

The island of Djerba - best things to do in Tunisia
The island of Djerba

The island of Djerba is one of the most famous tourist islands in North Africa. The island is divided into several areas, most notably Djerba, Mideon and Houmt Souk. It can be reached by air. There is an airport or land with a land bridge connecting it to Zarzis.

You can book a hotel in Djerba Island Which includes dozens of modern tourist resorts, and one of the most famous things to see in Djerba is the art of graffiti or street painting, where graphic artists transformed the old village in Djerba into a living museum and an awesome photo gallery to take great pictures.

You can enjoy watching 3D drawings on doors and windows. The walls in simple rural houses attracted the most famous international artists to show their talents in this village. Djerba is also famous for the Qala Museum, which is located in the famous village of Qala, an exceptional experience that displays images and forms of traditional Tunisian rural life. T represented by dolls and animals like a village where time stopped suddenly.

Djerba Midoun

what to do in Tunisia
Djerba Midoun

The town of Djerba Midoun on the island of Djerba in Tunisia is easily accessible by taxi from Djerba city center.  Djerba Midoun is known for its popular crocodile farm, which attracts crowds around 4pm to watch the crocodiles feed on meat with the sound of their sharp teeth crunching.

The crocodiles hatch from eggs at the farm, which also has a collection of restaurants, cafes, and  museums. There are many highly-rated Djerba Midoun hotels to choose from in the area.

Djerba Midoun also offers many recreational activities for visitors such as camel riding, quad biking, and desert safaris – 4 hour desert tours cost around $30 per person.

Djerba Houmt Souk

Djerba Houmt Souk - best things to do in Tunisia
Djerba Houmt Souk

“Djerba Houmt Souk” is about a 10 – minute drive from Djerba city center, and is famous for its large traditional marketplace bustling with activity. The town has many popular markets such as the “Libyan Souk” that offer handicrafts,  spices, perfumes, dates, and traditional clothing at affordable prices.

There are a number of markets for vegetables, fruits and fresh fish. The Ghazi Mustafa Tower is one of the most famous monuments in the city. It is a beautiful place to rest from the noise of markets and congestion.

The Museum of Heritage, which is similar to the Kala Museum in its design and objectives, features rooms offering scenes of the daily life of the people of Djerba, located next to the many hotels of Djerba Houmt Souk where you can stay.


Sfax - best things to do in Tunisia

The city of Sfax is nearly three hours south of the capital Tunis, and is lesser-known to many tourists, offering an authentic glimpse into Tunisian life away from crowds. The old city of Sfax, called Dgejehm, is famous for its Bamartha neighborhood and vibrant local markets. The famous film “The English Patient” was filmed in this old Sfax neighborhood.

The markets, bazaars, restaurants and cafés are filled with locals and offer opportunities for shopping and buying inexpensive goods. You can find local products, clothing, shoes, gifts and accessories. Diwan Café offers respite from the city noise.

The “fish market” is a world of rich sea colors and colors, while the modern neighborhood of Sfax or the “Bab Bahr” is characterized by its elegant architecture and includes dozens of cafés and restaurants and the Zaitouna Hotel, which was one of the most famous hotels in Sfax and Tunis hotels.

If visiting Sfax, don’t miss one of the largest olive groves in the world surrounding Sfax villages, especially Shaal. Explore by bike or car and enjoy a picnic amid the olive groves, meeting friendly locals and experiencing authentic rural Sfax life.

Nearby Sfax, the picturesque island of Kerkennah is known for charming villages, beaches and olive groves. Ferries from Sfax take visitors to Kerkennah in about 2 hours.


Mahdia - best things to do in Tunisia

The picturesque city of Mahdia is about an hour from Monastir, offering a tranquil escape with a charming character. Mahdia’s beach is considered Tunisia’s most beautiful, with miles of sandy coastline and turquoise waters. The beach is lined with Mahdia city hotels.

The old town of Mahdia is a fairytale village with the sounds of crashing waves. It’s known for the Friday market where locals sell fresh produce at low prices. The Big Tower, an Ottoman archaeological castle, offers panoramic views. The sea lighthouse at the end of the beach adds inspiration and romance.

Mahdia is also famous for its fishing ports and centers for diving and sailing. The beach and coast invite hours of walking, hiking and relaxing in the fresh sea air.

Surrounded by the sea, Mahdia’s port has been in use since ancient times. The town has been inhabited for more than 2,500 years, with artifacts dating back to the Phoenicians.

Once ruled by the Fatimids, Mahdia later became a Barbary pirate base during Ottoman rule. The ruins of the pirate castle still stand.

The town’s architecture reflects the mix of historical influences, including traditional Maghrebi houses, Ottoman-style buildings and art deco villas from the early 20th century.

A popular beach destination, especially in summer, Mahdia offers a perfect escape from busy resort towns, appealing to those seeking a quiet getaway immersed in history and nature.

Port El Kantaoui

Port El Kantaoui - best things to do in Tunisia
Port El Kantaoui

Port El Kantaoui is located near the city ​​of Sousse , one of the most famous tourist areas and ports in Tunisia. It has dozens of hotels and luxury resorts. It is also a favorite destination for families due to the many gardens and parks suitable for the whole family.

The park has a large public swimming pool and a number of high-quality water slides. Restaurants and free parking are available. Hannibal Park is very crowded during the summer months, and Tunisian families meet. And foreign to enjoy a bunch of clubs, games, performances, cinema, mini zoo, in addition to the marina , which includes dozens of restaurants, cafes and places special Shui.

If you are not in a hurry to return to the hotel in Port El Kantaoui  or the city of Sousse, we advise you to travel on the tourist train available in Port El Kantaoui, a cheap way to travel between the marina and the city of Sousse, with a round trip cost of 3 dinars and a quiet journey of about 20 minutes.

To see the sea, the city and the souks, and remember to return on the train of the same color you chose to go. The train consists of three colors (yellow, blue and green), choose your favorite color to move with fun and entertainment.

Sidi Bou Said

Sidi Bou said - best things to do in Tunisia
Sidi Bousaid

Located area of Sidi Bou nearly half an hour ‘s drive from the capital , Tunis, and can be planned to visit during your presence in the capital, and became famous this mythical town that resemble villages in the legends fairy tales, composed of Sidi Bou Said from a small village located on a high hill overlooking the sea, and features houses It is a homogenous white color with blue windows and doors.

The houses look like they are lined up on one another, with narrow alleyways and corridors that visitors feel like in another world. The village also houses shops and stalls selling souvenirs, antiques, paintings and handmade gifts.

One of the most famous landmarks of Sidi Bou Said is what is known as the “Nejma Zahra” palace, built by the English Count Erlanger, which shows the manifestations of love and beauty reflected in its decorations, angles and ruins. Today it has turned into a museum that displays musical instruments and organizes concerts of classical and Arabic music.

So staying or booking a hotel in Sidi Bou Said is a must when visiting Tunisia, so do not miss this experience.

Accommodation in Sidi Bou Said

La Villa Bleue: As I said earlier in our good place to eat, the Villa Bleue is a beautiful establishment in Sidi Bou Saïd. This small luxurious establishment has 13 rooms and suites and offers a view from the heights over the Gulf of Tunis. It has a swimming pool and a spa available to customers.

For less expensive accommodation with modern decor and an incredible view, you can stay at La Demeure. A beautiful establishment in Sidi Bou Said.

For smaller budgets, there is La Suite which offers breakfast and a kitchenette in your room. Here you can see all accommodations in Sidi Bou Said .


Zarzis - best things to do in Tunisia

You can take a trip to Zarzis while you are on the island of Djerba. It is about 44 km away from the island. It is rich in archaeological and historical sites and museums. Zarzis has long sandy beaches that stretch for several kilometers.

The most important activities that can be done are safaris and bicycling The restaurant is one of the most beautiful places on the beach. The restaurant serves Tunisian specialties in the open air in comfortable Arabian tents and tents with a tranquil sea view.


Kairouan - best things to do in Tunisia

Kairouan is located about 160 km from the Tunisian capital, and enjoys a great historical and religious status. It was the fourth holy city for Muslims after Mecca, Madinah and Jerusalem. The name of Kairouan was associated with Islamic conquests and was a beacon of science, thought, The “Mosque of Aqaba” is known as the most famous landmarks of Kairouan, the oldest mosque in the Maghreb and the largest mosque in Tunisia.

The old city of Kairouan has dozens of shops offering handicrafts, textiles and hand-made furnishings, as well as local carpet and sweets shops. It is said that those who drink from the ” Brouta “has to come back one day to visit Kairouan, a well that is over 1200 years old and is surrounded by a lot of stories, legends and strange stories, and do not forget to visit the shrine of the companion Abu Zam’a Balawi or what is known as” Sidi Sahbi” In the city.

Accommodation in Kairouan

Hotel Continental: There are few choices of accommodation in Kairouan and yet it is a city in which I would settle for at least one night to enjoy it more. This 3-star hotel seems to be well located in addition to offering all the necessary amenities for a pleasant stay. There is an on-site restaurant, parking and swimming pool.

See all the accommodations in Kairouan here.


Carthage - best things to do in Tunisia

The visit to Tunisia is always linked to the UNESCO World Heritage List of Carthage , which is about 15 km from the capital, where a trip or hotel reservation can be planned in Carthage and Sidi Bou Said In one day because of their proximity and easy access to them. It is possible to go to Carthage by bus, metro or even taxi.

Carthage dates back to the Phoenicians’ period, founded in 814 BC. The archaeological site of Carthage includes a collection of psychological monuments.

The most important of which are the Roman villas and Antonius baths, as well as the Roman Theater, which can accommodate more than 8,000 spectators. The Carthage International Festival of Art and Singing is also held annually in Carthage.

The Cathedral of St. Louis, the oldest church in North Africa, was built in 1884. It has its own halls and lobby, and is accompanied by magnificent frescoes and European-style decorations. Today it has become a museum and a center for cultural and artistic exhibitions.


Bizerte - best things to do in Tunisia

Bizerte is about one hour north of the Tunisian capital, one of the quiet and elegant cities that has not yet been polluted by travelers and tourists. Bizerte is a dreamy romantic city that begins to receive visitors with its beautiful mobile bridge that separates the two water channels.

“Kasbah Castle” overlooking the city and the sea and spread around the popular cafes such as simple cafe “Pasha”, in addition to dozens of shops that sell handicrafts and craft, and the fish market, one can buy what he likes to fish and then cook and prepare with rain Yaka wanted in a restaurant spread around the market.

Bizerte has long and beautiful sand beaches, the most famous of which is the Corniche, surrounded by a range of the best hotels and resorts of Bizerte , as well as the vast “sand” beach, which resembles a sea of ​​white sand hugging the shallow waters. The important secrets that are not known about Bizerte, Which is about half an hour away from the city of Bizerte.

The reserve is a hidden paradise and a natural world that many visitors to Bizerte have not discovered. The reserve includes Lake Eskel, one of the largest freshwater lakes in Africa and a destination for hundreds of migratory birds in winter, The lawns are also spread around it Green fields with flowers fragrant in the spring, surrounded by green hills and mountains in the painting family of greenery and serenity convenient for the same.


Tabarka - best things to do in Tunisia

The city ​​of Tabarka is one of the most recently entered cities in the world of tourism and travel to become a favorite destination for Arab and foreign visitors alike. Tabarka is 200 km away from the city ​​of Tunis .

It is accessible by air with an international airport. And the villas that welcome tourists from all over. Tabarka is characterized by gentle mild weather even in the hot summer months, making it a summer resort for escape from heat and humidity.

The city is located on a high plateau surrounded by trees and beautiful green forests. The region also includes many Phoenician, Roman, Christian, Ottoman and Andalusian monuments. Tabarka is also famous for its diving activities.

Its beaches are full of amazing coral reefs and colorful colorful neighborhoods. And the design of precious jewelry, and has the largest and best golf course in Tunisia, frequented by many players and celebrities, and the region of “needles” strange natural phenomena in Tabarka, where these sharp rock-like needles stand at a height of 20 m You see in the sea, and the strong waves are tainted by a majestic landscape that can not be compensated.


Tozeur - best things to do in Tunisia

The Oasis of Tozeur is located in southwest Tunisia in the Western Desert. It is a destination for visiting oases and surrounding cities such as Qabli , Nefta , Douz and Tataouine. Tourism in Tozeur differs from other Tunisian cities and regions.

It is also a challenge to the cruel and amazing nature of one who finds himself in a distant, secluded world like a traveler to another planet.

This surprise begins with Shatt al-Jared, one of the strangest natural phenomena in the Tunisian desert, This vast place filled with water in winter as it turns into piles of salt in summer, and the magic of nature and the box of wonders in Tozeur continues through dozens of green oases like precious pearls in the arid desert belly, the most famous of these oases and springs, Restaurants and a safari tent.

Close to the blizzard, the surprise of which you may not know much, is the location of a movie of the famous Star Wars series, where the caves and houses with the wondrous domes are like a journey between the stars and other worlds.

One of the fun things in Tozeur is also visiting the Natural Plants Museum The Eden takes you on a tour of the reserve and then purchases dates, food, jams and books of agriculture in the museum and shop adjacent to the garden, all at a cost of 6 dinars per person.

Accommodation in Tozeur

Dar Tozeur : A guest house that makes Tozeur dream is that of Dar Tozeur. Behind the door that opens onto an alley of the medina is an establishment of great beauty. Several houses were used to build this establishment of only a few suites overlooking an interior garden with swimming pool.

You can also see all accommodations in Tozeur here.

Ain Dharam

Ain Dharam - best things to do in Tunisia
Ain Dharam

Approximately 26 km from Tabarka in the south, near the Algerian border, a summer resort endeared to many and features inviting and gentle cold at night even in the summer, and snow – covered winter due to its large height above sea level, making it a kiss for winter holidays also despite cooler weather to enjoy the charming snow scene, you will find many hotels, resorts and tourist resorts in Ain Draham.

The eye of Dahram competes with the beautiful nature that can be seen in Switzerland or Austria. The mountains are covered by green forests and are ideal for lovers of hiking, hiking, adventure and outdoor sports. With an important sports center with a number of modern and equipped playgrounds.

Ain Dharam is also famous for its natural resorts and wellness centers based on natural treatments and hot sulfur baths such as Hammam Bourguiba Resort, a 10-minute drive from Ain Dharam.

Djerba Ajim

Djerba Ajim - best things to do in Tunisia
Djerba Ajim

As the name suggests these cities are located in the island of Djerba , Tunisia, and is Djerba Ajim main fishing island port, as the city gained wide fame after filming a number of footage famous movies “Star Wars” series in which, while the spread hotels and resorts in Djerba Aghir , which transformed the eastern coast of the island into an excellent tourist destination for Arabs and foreigners to enjoy recreation, swimming, spa and therapeutic spa.


The Marina - best things to do in Tunisia
The Marina

The city ​​of Marsa is located between the ruins of Carthage and the Gammarth tourist area, an ancient coast abouthalf an hour away from the center of Tunis, The marina has long sandy beaches and stretches along the sidewalks and elegant walkway, which provides an outlet for hiking and enjoy the sea breeze, and the city has a number of palaces and museums, the most famous “Palace of happiness,” which became a public property of the state, and spread in the marina dozens of cafes and restaurants that are full of tourists.

The Café El Safsaf is one of the nicest places to eat Tunisian Couscous and mint tea, with its popular ambience and decoration and the camel’s view that revolves around the well to make you feel that you are in a distant oasis. If you are looking for an elegant atmosphere for Arabic and international dishes.

A chance to eat outdoors on a balcony overlooking the sea and with romantic candle lights that increase evening elegance and beauty, where you can then book a marina city hotels , or return to the nearby city of Tunis.

We hope you have enjoyed our guide to the best 20 things to do in Tunisia.

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