A week in Thailand

You too see all your friends post on the networks their beautiful photos (surely photoshopé -good … no, ok we are jealous!) Of their trip to Thailand  ? And yes, it’s the destination of the moment! The months of February and March are the most suitable for discovering the country.

Although a week remains short to enjoy all its wonders, Bon Advisor has concocted a  perfect itinerary to not miss anything during your next stay  ! (And there, will you be envied?)

Day # 1 & # 2- Bangkok

You will definitely arrive at Bangkok International Airport . The capital is full of wonders, so start your discovery here. Take your dose of green in Lumphini Park , make your market (floating) by spotting the best fruits and vegetables of the Damnoen Saduakmarket . Finally, do not miss the endless gold Buddha lying 46 meters long in the oldest temple in Bangkok: Wat Pho . A little less than 150 km from the capital, dive into the turquoise waters of Pattaya , seaside resort known internationally. 

Author: Mike Behnken

Day # 3 – Sukhotai and  Chang Mai

Fly to Sukhothai . Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it was the capital of the Siam Kingdom (formerly Thailand). Stroll through its historic city and discover the footprints of its history, still very well preserved. The park extends over 12km , so for the laziest, know that it is possible to visit it by bike! 🙂

Drive to the sixth largest city in Thailand , and one of the richest culturally speaking. Visit his sacred temples , exchange with his monks. You can also visit its sublime museums of traditional arts. And finally, participate in a cooking class Burmese or Thai (and enjoy his food at the same time ☺)

Author: Kim Bergman

Day # 4 & # 5 – Phuket

Here we go again ! Fly to the South of Thailand this time. Phuket is an extraordinary island full of sublime landscapes and different from each other. Visit Patong , and its dream beach but very busy. During your stay, take the opportunity to go on an elephant ride , or bring out the sportsman who is in you while rafting or climbing , many activities are offered in Phuket. . Fall in love with Tiger Kingdom tiger babies . This is an opportunity to (re) see Buddha, ideally located on the side of the mountain, the opportunity to enjoy a breathtaking view of the waterfront and the little girl of Phuket .

Author: Jamie Monk

Day # 6 – James Bond Island / Koh Phi Phi / Similan /

Around Phuket you can enjoy islands with extraordinary landscapes, white sand, turquoise waters, cocktails with shovel … It is there!

There are many, known and less known, we let you choose the one that makes you dream the most. There are the famous Koh-Lanta , (see TV show), James Bond Island . Similan is a less known island, but worth the trip, you may have the chance to cross giant tortoises. It also has one of the best diving spots!

Author: Lena B

Day # 7 – Koh Samui & Koh Tao

On the last day, we leave it to relax: in the south-west of Thailand , find the beautiful islands of Koh Sam Mui and Koh Tao . The essentials: sunglasses , sunscreen , the most beautiful  hat  of the spring-summer 2016 collection, the best cocktails made by the best bartenders of the best bar on the beach (not very hard to find) … And you’re there : in paradise !

Pssst … In Kho Tao , we make the best full moon party in the world or almost … We say that, we say nothing?

Then back to Bangkok for the departure 😥, do not forget the last memories to report to granny and papie ( less glam than the full moon, huh ).

Did you know? In Thai, “koh” means island, that is why it precedes all the names of islands … Except Phuket! The island is so big that you sometimes lose the feeling of being surrounded by water.

Author: tak.wing

This itinerary is a brief overview of the must – haves of Thailand , because the complete list would hold on … a life ? 😆

And you, have you ever gone to Thailand  ? Share us your secret corners!


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