Visit Bangkok In 3 Days: Recommended Itinerary + Tips

3 days in Bangkok: what to do and seWat-Saket-MontWat-Saket-Monte? Or sleep?The Mont d’Or

Are you going to leave Bangkok for 3 days during your stay in ThaiWat-Saket-Montland ?

Great idea!

To help you organize your days, I have prepared the ideal itinerary for you to visit Bangkok in 3 days. I start with the day-to-day tours, accompanied by maps to help you find your way around the Thai capital.

And for a perfect stay, I also give you my selection of the best hotels to sleep in Bangkok according to your budget as well as advice and ideas of itineraries to continue your trip to Thailand .

So what to do and see in Bangkok in 3 days?

Visit Bangkok in 3 days: the best route

We start directly with the essentials with my 3-day itinerary in Bangkok.

This program of visits that I propose to you is based on 3 full days , with for each day, a map of the places to visit.

If you still have questions to organize your vacation after reading it, don’t hesitate to ask me your questions in the comments section, at the very end of the article.

Day 1 of this itinerary in Bangkok: the essential monuments

3 days in Bangkok – Day 1 itinerary

Day 1 tours:

A. The Grand Palace 
B. Wat Pho 
C. Wat Arun 
D. The National Museum of Thailand or the Museum of Siam 
E. Khao San Road 
F. Dinner cruise on the river

A. The Grand Palace

I suggest you start your 3-day trip to Bangkok with the most visited site in the city: the Grand Palace.

There is no metro that stops nearby, so you’ll need to get there on foot if your hotel isn’t too far away or by taxi / tuk-tuk.

Built in 1782 , the Grand Palace, which is in fact a collection of several buildings , has long served as a place of residence for Thai rulers . Today it is only used for certain official ceremonies.

Entrance to the Grand Palace costs 500 Bahts and allows you to discover the royal chapel of the temple and the statue of the Emerald Buddha , the imposing palace of King Rama V or the currency or textile museum .

The Travel Tips

A piece of advice that will serve you throughout your 3-day stay in Bangkok and even for the rest of your tour in Thailand : to visit the temples and monuments , proper attire is required . Both for men and women, the legs and shoulders should be covered.

Provide a shawl to cover yourself and if you don’t have one, you can buy pants or skirts at 100 Bahts around the Grand Palais.

Another clarification: pants too tight (like leggings for example) or torn does not pass either.

The Grand Palace of Bangkok, essential of a 3-day itinerary in Bangkok

B. Wat Pho

Just a 10-minute walk from the Grand Palace , continue your 3-day tour of Bangkok with a visit to Wat Pho.

This temple shelters one of the emblems of Bangkok: a statue of reclining Buddha of 15 meters high and 45 meters long ! You can go around and observe its soles decorated with symbols and inlaid with mother-of-pearl.

Several bowls , 108 in total, filled with coins are also arranged all around. You can buy 108 pieces for around 20 baht and put them in each bowl to attract luck.

The entry ticket to Wat Pho costs 200 Bahts and also allows you to discover:

  • The gallery of Buddhas  and its 394 golden Buddhas
  • The 4 royal chédis  covered with colored ceramics
  • The Phos Ubosoft,  where the ashes of King Rama 1 are kept, guarded by another famous golden Buddha statue.
Wat Pho

C. Wat Arun

Among the other essential monuments on the program for this first day, I recommend that you visit Wat Arun.

This temple is famous for its almost 80 meter high tower entirely covered with mosaics. The set is completed by 4 other smaller towers but also covered with small pieces of colored glasses.

The price is 50 Bahts for the visit of Wat Arun.

To reach it from Wat Pho , you have to cross the river with a river shuttle for only 4 Bahts . She will drop you off directly outside the entrance.

The Travel Tips

For Wat Arun, but this also applies for the Grand Palais and Wat Pho, there are no explanatory panels.

If you would like an explanation of what you are seeing, I recommend that you take a guided tour of the 3 sites . For half a day , you will discover the whole history of these emblematic monuments.

And you can then resume this 3-day Bangkok itinerary in the next step.

Wat Arun: on the program for these 3 days in Bangkok

D. The National Museum of Thailand or the Siam Museum

After this morning devoted to temples, I suggest you discover a little more about Thai culture by visiting one of the following 2 museums:

  • The Siam museum is interested in the history of the country but in a very playful way with games and videos. If you are going to visit Bangkok in 3 days with your children , it may be a good idea to go out.

This museum is located just a 10-minute walk from the landing step . Entrance at 300 Bahts.

  • The National Museum of Thailand , also devoted to history but with a more traditional approach . In Southeast Asia, it is the largest museum of this type.

It is about 2 km from the landing step coming back from Wat Arun. Entrance costs 200 Bahts.

E. Khao San Road

Impossible not to include Khao San Road in this 3-day trip to Bangkok!

It is located very close to the national museum.

It is certainly the most famous street in Bangkok, popularized by the film “The Beach” with dear Leonardo di Caprio.

Former meeting place for backpackers and backpackers for these accommodation at very low prices , Khao San Road has kept its cosmopolitan character and today brings together lots of bars and restaurants very crowded after dark.

There are also several shops selling jewelry.

Khao San road

F. Dinner cruise on the river

To conclude this first day of visit to Bangkok, head for the banks of the river for a short cruise.

It is a very nice activity to relax, have a good romantic evening and contemplate the temples of Bangkok lit up for the night.

The dinner buffet is always included in this type of boat ride but it sure is not where you will discover all the flavors of Thai cuisine.

The goal is more to enjoy the view and the atmosphere.

Bangkok dinner cruise

Second day in Bangkok – What to do and see?

3 days in Bangkok – Day 2 itinerary

Day 2 tours:

A. The Temple of the Golden Mountain 
B. Chinatown 
C. Wat Traimit 
D. Lumphini Park 
E. Siam District 
F. Jim Thompson’s House 
G. Bayoke Tower

A. The Temple of the Golden Mountain

For the second day of this three-day stay in Bangkok, I suggest you start with the temple of the Golden Mountain or “Wat Saket”.

Its entry price is 50 Bahts.

The temple itself is not as impressive as Wat Pho or Wat Arun but above all it allows you to admire a 360 ° view of the whole city.

The path to climb to the top of the temple is very nice, furnished with fountains, statues and gongs that you will have to ring if you want to attract luck, love or get rich…

The Travel Tips

To reach Wat Saket , you can take the blue metro line to the Sam Yot stop. Then you have to walk for 1.2 km . Alternatively, you can also get there by taxi or tuk tuk from your hotel.

Beware of scams towards the Mont d’Or: a friendly English speaking Thai will approach you to offer you a tuk tuk tour . He will tell you that it is Buddha Day and that for this occasion, he offers cheap tours to visit the temples.

It will certainly take you to a first temple but the second stop will be in a boutique of custom costumes or precious stones from where it will be very difficult for you to go out and buy nothing if unfortunately you set foot there!

The Mont d’Or

B. Chinatown

Then head to Chinatown , a 20-minute walk from Wat Saket.

The Chinese district of Bangkok features several stalls Chinese and many shops selling gold jewelry.

I also advise you to walk the Talat Mai market if you want to experience some culinary quirks or just taste some exotic fruits.

C. Wat Traimit

Also in Chinatown, continue the walk by visiting Wat Traimit. And yes, another temple on the program for this 3-day Bangkok tour!

He is known for his huge Buddha statue (still him!) Made of solid gold and which weighs more than 5.5 tonnes. 

For the anecdote, it was when the statue was transferred to Wat Traimit (it was previously in another temple) that we realized that it was entirely made of gold . It had indeed been covered with stucco to protect it from the Burmese, during the invasion of Thailand.

During transportation to Wat Traimit, the statue fell and the wood cracked to reveal the gold. You will see many Thai pilgrims at the Wat because she is very revered.

Count 40 Bahts for entry.

Wat Traimit

D. Lumphini Park

To cut a little with the crowd and the animation of Chinatown continue the day in the Lumphini park.

From Chinatown , take the metro to Hua Lamphong station and get off at the Lumphini stop.

Walk the aisles of the largest park in the city to the lake and enjoy the greenery and calm. For a three-day tour of Bangkok with children, the park is a great choice as they can also enjoy the play areas.

Do not be surprised if you meet the locals: Malaysian monitor lizards. Quite impressive because they strongly resemble the Komodo dragons , they are not considered dangerous.

They will let themselves be photographed but don’t have fun trying to touch them or feed them, they are wild animals with sharp teeth and long claws.

Lumphini Park in Bangkok

E. The Siam district

If you want to do some shopping during your 72 hour itinerary in Bangkok , this is the Siam district that I recommend.

It brings together all the major shopping centers in the city. You can really find everything: clothes, jewelry, electronics, cosmetics and souvenirs. Very modern and trendy, even if you do not want to heat the credit card, you can at least enjoy the air conditioning!

The 3 best known shopping centers are:

  • MBK Center: more electronics and clothing oriented. On the upper floors, you also have quite a few souvenir shops.
  • Siam Paragon for luxury boutiques
  • CentralWorld, one of the largest centers in South Asia.

They also house food courts offering Thai and international cuisine.

Go shopping during these three days in Bangkok

F. Jim Thompson’s home

In a fifteen minute walk from Siam , the art lovers can then visit the Jim Thompson House.

This wealthy collector , an American businessman, has collected many traditional works of art in his home.

The latter is even very special since it was developed from sections of traditional houses that were located in Ayutthaya . They were dismantled, transported and rebuilt in Bangkok. 

Jim Thompson is also known worldwide for bringing Thai silk to the greatest designers. We could thus see haute couture collections made with these fabrics during fashion shows in Milan or London .

The entrance costs 200 Bahts and the visit is only guided . Open daily / Last guided tour at 6 p.m.

Jim Thompson House

G. Bayoke Tower

For your second evening in Bangkok , I suggest you take the height and spend the evening at the top of the tallest building in the city: the Bayoke tower.

From the terrace of the 77 th floor or the swivel platform of the 84 th floor , you can contemplate the panoramic view of all the illuminated buildings.

There is often a crowd to go up, so it is best to book your ticket in advance.

If you want an evening in a more chic environment but also to be able to contemplate the view , there are also several rooftop in Bangkok.

But expect a high price for cocktails and you can only get back by respecting the rather strict dress code.

Among the best rooftop in Bangkok, I can cite:

  • The Roof and its splendid view of Wat Arun
  • The Vertigo Moon Bar which is at the top of the Banyan Tree Hotel
  • Lebua Sky Bar where scenes from the film “Very Bad Trip” were filmed
  • The Three Sixty Lounge, at the top of the Hilton hotel
  • The Park Society, opposite Lumphini Park
  • Cloud 47 in the financial district
  • The Red Sky on the 55 th floor of CentralWorld.

The Travel Tips

For those who would like a little more action and a much more energized atmosphere , I advise you to attend a Thai boxing match. Even if you’re not a fan, Thai national sport is an art!

The matches take place in 2 locations: the Lumpini stadium and the Ratchadamnoen stadium.

Bangkok at night

Third day in Bangkok – Places to visit

If you are going to spend 3 days in Bangkok , the last day, you have several options :

  • Stay in town and continue the visit
  • Go on an excursion to discover the surroundings.

I detail these options below:

Option 1 – Continuation of the Bangkok tour

3 days in Bangkok – Day 3 itinerary

First option for the continuation of your 3-day trip to Bangkok: continue your tour of the city.

A. Chatuchak market

If you are in Bangkok for the weekend, there is one thing you should not miss: the Chatuchak market. Open every Saturday and Sunday , the largest market in Thailand hosts more than 15,000 stalls!

Organized in sections to make your task easier and identify you, it offers clothing and accessories, souvenirs, jewelry, furniture or even plants and animals. There are also ceramics and antiques.

There are also several food stalls. You can do like the Thai people and taste your dishes in the large park right next to the market.

To get to the Chatuchak market which is quite far from the center, take the metro and get off at the “Chatuchak Park” stop.

The Travel Tips

Watch out for pickpockets on the market. The high concentration of tourists attracts thieves.

Chatuchak market

B. Dusit Park

About ten kilometers south of the market (the best is to take a taxi / tuk tuk to get there), you can then go to Dusit park.

The place shelters 2 emblematic buildings:

  • Dusit Palace, whose throne room is where all the photos of the royal family of Thailand are taken, which you will see everywhere in the country.
  • The Vinarnmek house considered to be the largest golden teak monument in the world. It is a former royal residence.

Besides the Dusit park, do not miss going Wat Benchamabophit,  a temple built entirely of white marble from Italy .

The Travel Tips

If you still have time for this third day in Bangkok, you can then visit one of the museums or relax with a traditional Thai massage.

Dusit Palace

Option 2 – Excursion around Bangkok

The second choice is to continue your stay of 72 hours in Bangkok by visiting the surroundings.

Here are several suggestions for things to do around Bangkok:

1) Floating markets.

Taking a tour of the floating markets in Thailand is a classic of a road trip in Thailand . One of the best known and closest to the capital is the floating market of Damnoen Saduak.

To go there, the most practical is to choose an organized excursion. You will leave Bangkok by train to first reach the Mae Klong market , a fish market that takes place on the rails of a railway. You will then take the boat to the floating market.

2) Kanchanaburi.

The name Kanchanaburi may not mean anything to you, yet it is one of the most important historic sites inthe country. There is the bridge over the River Kwai , built during the Second World War by thousands of prisoners.

To discover its history, you can visit the museums of the city.

3) The historic site of Ayuttaya.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site , Ayutthaya is the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Siam. You will discover there many vestiges of temples of the time.

Ayutthaya is easily accessible by bus or train from Bangkok.

Wat Chai Watthanaram Ayutthaya

Where to sleep in Bangkok

In Bangkok, the offer of accommodation is very wide and it can be quite complicated to choose a hotel among the hundreds of proposals.

To help you, here is my selection of the best hotels to stay in Bangkok!

The best hotels near the Grand Palace and Wat Pho:

  • D Hostel Bangkok: Youth hostel located near the temples and 5 minutes from Khao San Road. Bed in dormitory from 20 €. The most: the location to visit the temples on foot, cleanliness, modern decor. Ideal for small budgets!
  • Rambuttri Village Plaza: Located 1.5 km from the Grand Palace and 300 m from Khao San Road. Pleasant and bright double room from 30 € per night, breakfast included. The most: the location, the rooftop pools.
  • Baan Wanglang Riverside, Bangkok: Hotel located on the bank opposite the Grand Palace, 5 minutes by shuttle. Spacious double room with a view of the river from € 50. The most: the splendid view of the river, the rooftop, the proximity to the 3 main temples.
  • Siri Heritage Bangkok Hotel: Brand new hotel, 10 minutes walk from the Grand Palace and 1 km from the National Museum. Warm and comfortable room with balcony from € 70, breakfast included. The most: the setting, the comfort of the beds, the very helpful staff, the swimming pool. This is our favorite for its price / performance ratio in the vicinity of the Grand Palais!
  • Inn a day: Located 600 meters from the Grand Palace. Room with original and atypical decoration, in the industrial style, from 100 €, breakfast included. The most: the magnificent view of the river and Wat Arun, the excellent breakfast, the design.
  • Chakrabongse Villas: Located on the banks of the river, just a 15-minute walk from Wat Pho. Room and suite with an oriental but modern decoration, from 170 €, breakfast included. The most: the breathtaking view of Wat Arun, the excellent location, the swimming pool. It is our recommendation for a romantic stay in Bangkok!

The best hotels in Bangkok, quiet and close to the metro for easy travel:

  • Bangkok Patio: It is located 10 minutes walk from the BTS skytrain. Super spacious, modern studios and apartments with fitted kitchen and balcony from € 40 per night. The most: the swimming pool, the calm, the geographical location. It is our favorite for its benefit / price ratio! Also ideal for a family stay.
  • Noursabah Boutique Bed Bangkok: Located 500 meters from the BTS and the Airport Rail Link (direct line to the airport). Well decorated room with super comfortable bed from 50 € per night, breakfast included. The most: calm, comfort, provision of food (noodle, yogurt, cereals), water, fruit juice 24/24, super convenient for going to the airport.
  • Anajak Bangkok Hotel: Located 5 minutes from the metro and the Airport Rail Link. Cozy and very comfortable double room from € 75 per night, breakfast included. The most: the quiet location, the pool, the style of the rooms. An excellent choice for visiting Bangkok or reaching the airport at the end of your stay in just 30 minutes.
  • Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn: Located a few steps from the metro. Spacious room with large picture window with view of the buildings from € 115, breakfast included. The most: the standing of the hotel, the infinity pool, the best breakfast, direct access to the metro. This is our recommendation for an upscale stay in Bangkok!
  • Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok: Luxury hotel with direct access to the Siam Paragon shopping center and the BTS. Elegant and contemporary room from € 230, breakfast included. The most: the large swimming pools and the garden, the jacuzzi, the Spa, the excellent breakfast. The best hotel to stay in Bangkok for a luxury stay! 
Siam Kempiski – Luxury Bangkok Hotel

Visit Bangkok in 3 days with family

Wondering if going to Bangkok for 3 days with your family is a good idea?

Well, yeah! If they are a little tired of seeing temples, you can cut the days off with activities that they will most certainly like.

Here is a list of things to do in Bangkok in 3 days with your children:

  • Visit the Bangkok aquarium:  the Sea life Bangkok Ocean World.
  • Discover the Madame Tussauds museum  and its wax statues of international celebrities.
  • Go to the  Fun-arium , the largest indoor playground in the city
  • The Children’s Discovery Museum  with lots of interactive activities. In addition it is free!
  • Attend a show of  Thai dance and music at Siam Niramit.
  • Ancient City,  a park with miniature versions of Thailand’s monuments and temples
  • Siam City Park,  one of the largest amusement parks in Southeast Asia.
  • Kidzania  where children can try out various professions in realistic universes: a fire station, an operating room…
  • The Dream World amusement park.

More things to do and see in Bangkok in 3 days

All the places on the program for this three-day tour in Bangkok and many other ideas of places to visit can be found in my other article: What to do in Bangkok?

If you want to organize your route yourself or find other things to do, do not hesitate to read it.

You will also find tips for getting around Bangkok and the list of the most frequent scams because unfortunately this does not happen only to others.

What to do and where to go after these 3 days in Bangkok?

This three-day visit to Bangkok is probably only a prelude to continuing your tour in Thailand .

Whether you plan to visit Thailand in 1 week, 10 days, 2 weeks or even 1 month for the lucky ones, I recommend that you read my detailed itineraries.

They include daily tours and suggestions for hotels to stay at each step . They will allow you to discover Ayutthaya, Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai but also the most beautiful Thai islands like Phuket or Koh Lanta .

Chiang rai

 Map of your 3-day itinerary in Bangkok

To help you visualize your  routes during these 3 days in Bangkok,  I made you a map listing the  places to visit day by day . You can display the legend of the map by clicking on the button at the top left with a small arrow. You can then view the routes for each day.

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