3 Days in Hong Kong: Ultimate 3-Day Itinerary

3 Days in Hong Kong: Ultimate 3-Day Itinerary

Hong Kong can be as much a luxury shopping trip to a shopping paradise or a journey through the deepest essence of its land. It is a place that adapts to all tastes and has a lot to offer.

Here we are going to give you the guidelines so that you can make the most of your trip to Hong Kong in just 3 days. It seems impossible, but it is not.

Hong Kong 3 days itinerary is the ideal guide for you to plan your trip to this incredible city. You are one step away from doing it, it only remains to fully involve ourselves in this article.

Tips for Your Hong Kong Itinerary

Before traveling to Hong Kong, I can advise you the following recommendations that are very important to take into account:

  • Keep in mind that it is one of the most expensive places in the world, but this does not limit us if our budget is small.
  • The season you choose to go is important. The best time is in autumn and winter, since we avoid summer storms and extreme heat.
  • The rains are common and high frequency. Take your equipment for the water.
  • Public transport in Hong Kong is accessible and well-functioning. To use it I recommend that you purchase the Octopus card. You can buy it directly at the airport.
  • The cheapest lodging is in the Chunking Mansions. Many do not recommend going there because they say it is scary and dirty. In my opinion it is an exaggeration. And the accommodation you choose will depend entirely on your budget. If your limits are very low, this building with hundreds of small hotels inside is your best option.
  • Go prepared to walk, so wear comfortable clothes and sports shoes.
  • Hydrate yourself, the temperatures and high humidity will make you sweat. Bring a bottle to refill water. And avoid contact with the sun, wear sunglasses and a hat so as not to suffer from sunstroke. And wear sunscreen.

So, let’s start our 3-day Hong Kong itinerary!

Day 1: Tour around the City

The first thing I recommend you do in the city is to be able to take one of the famous Free Walking Tours.

Basically on this tour, a specialized guide will take you through the main tourist spots to talk to you about its history and details, in the end you decide how much to tip based on your work.

View the City from Victoria’s Peak

Hong Kong itinerary

Victoria Peak is 552 meters high and is an incredible place to enjoy views of the city.

It is the most famous attraction that Hong Kong has. From there, you will be able to see a panorama of the city and its landscape of tall buildings scattered among hills, mountains and green spaces.

From the Sky Terrace 428 viewpoint in The Peak Tower (Torre del Pico) you will be able to appreciate incredible views of the city.

The visit includes an easy walk around The Peak Circle Walk. This walk can take about two hours if you do it without rushing. There you can enjoy a bit of nature that the city offers. If you don’t want to walk you can go up to the Peak using the Pico funicular.

The funicular opened in 1888 for the exclusive use of the British Governor and those who lived there.

It runs daily from 7am to midnight, leaving every 10 to 15 minutes from the cable car terminus located on Garden Road in Central.

Transport: Bus 15 is the public transport that takes you to Vitoria’s Peak. You can take it from Victoria’s Harbor on Hong Kong Island at pier number 5, which is the stop where your tour begins.

You can also take it from the Exchange Square Terminal which is next to the Central Station subway stop. The cost is HKD 9.80.

Funicular: Open from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. with a frequency of between 10 and 15 minutes.

Have a Picnic in Hong Kong Park


After the Victoria Peak hike, it is best to relax in Hong Kong Park. It is located in the part of Hong Kong Island, between the great skyscrapers of the city.

Being close to Victoria’s Peak, it is the ideal option to go to rest and eat something. Inside the park you will be able to appreciate the Edward Youde Aviary, the largest aviary in Southeast Asia.

Transport: By metro you get off at Admiralty Station, exit C1. And you follow the signs that take you to Hong Kong Park. Address: 19 Cotton Tree Drive, Central, Hong Kong Island.

Admission: Free.

Crossing from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon on the Star Ferry

Hong Kong 3 day itinerary

You can use the subway, but the best way to get from one coast to the other is by using the Star Ferry.

This ship has been in operation since 1888 and goes constantly from the port of Central to Kowloon.

The views from the boat are great and the price is super accessible. It costs about HKD 2.5 and runs every 10-15 minutes.

Get on the SKY 100 and Enjoy the View


Sky 100 is one of the most important viewpoints in the entire city. It is located on the 100th floor of the International Commerce Center (Kowloon area) and it will only take you 60 seconds to go up there by elevator.

It is 393 meters above sea level. The entrance is around 170 HKN, so it is only for travelers with a high budget.

Hours: Every day from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Transport: You take the subway from Kowloon Station, exits C1 and D1.

Take a Photo with the Bruce Lee Statue 


Before the light show begins on the Avenue of Stars, you can visit the statue of Bruce Lee and take a photo with him.

You will be able to find its exact location on the map with the route for your first day in Hong Kong.

Enjoy the Symphony of Lights light show on the Avenue of Stars

On the avenue of stars, every day at 8 pm you can enjoy the light show reflected on its skyscrapers that the city offers.

Temple Street Night Market and Mong Kok Markets


After enjoying the lights on the Avenue of Stars, you can head over to the Temple Street Night Market and Mong Kok Markets.

In these markets you will find an incredible variety of products. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it there. Clothes, watches, jewelry, anime products, glasses, artifacts for your camera. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, the experience is very good.

Hong Kong Itinerary 3 Days: Map of Day 1

Day 2: Hong Kong Museum of History


Its entry is super cheap and it is located in the Kowloon area. There you can embark on Hong Kong’s past and understand the history and culture of the city.

Transport: Bus lines 5, 5C, 7, 8, 8A, 13X, 26, 28, 35A, 41A, 70A, 81C, 87D, 98D, 98P, 208, N216, N241, N271, N281 and 796X.

Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Tuesday closed.

Kowloon Park

3 days Hong Kong itinerary

Kowloon Park is the ideal option to disconnect from the city after visiting the Museum. It is the second lung along with the Hong Kong park.

The place where the park is located housed the barracks of the British soldiers. Today it is the perfect escape from the chaos of the Kowloon district. There you will find sculptures, pagodas, Chinese gardens, the aviary and the famous flamingos that inhabit the park.

Transportation: Tsim Sha Tsui subway line, red line. Jordan line, red line.
Bus lines: 1R, 2, 6, 7, 9, 13X, 62S, 208, 219P, 219X, 224X, 260X, 268B, 269B, 270A, 271, 610S, 973 and 973P.

Hours: Every day from 5:00 am to 00:00 hours.

Take the Longest Escalator in the World


The Central-Mid-levels escalators are the longest escalators in the world, measuring 800 meters in length. It will take you approximately 20 minutes to complete it.

They are located on Hong Kong Island and on the map of day 2 you will find their exact location.

Head over to the Man Mo Temple


Man Mo Temple is a temple dedicated to the God of Letters (Man) and the God of War (Mo). It is one of the most revered temples on Hong Kong Island and is well worth visiting.

Transport : Bus no. 26. Metro Central Station, exit D2.

End your Day at the Beach


In Hong Kong there are several beaches that you can visit. To end your second day in Hong Kong well, I recommend that you visit Stanley Beach. A quiet beach and not far from the city.

There you will be able to relax with the sunset and gather energy for your last day in Hong Kong.

Transport: buses 6, 6X, 6A, 66 or 260. You take them in front of the Admiralty metro station.

Hong Kong Itinerary 3 Days: Map of Day 2

Day 3: The Great Buddha of Tian Tau in Lantau


Lantau Island is the largest and quietest island in Hong Kong. There you will find The Great Buddha of Tian Tau.

It is a 34-meter-tall, 250-ton bronze statue found on Ngong Ping Hill on Lantau Island.

It is part of the Po Lin Monastery and is based on a lotus leaf and is surrounded by small statues of gods representing immortality.

Hours: Every day from 10:00 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.

Transportation to get to Lantau:

It can be reached by subway and will take about an hour from Hong Kong Island.

The closest station to Lantau is Tung Chung Station, a few minutes’ walk from Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal, the starting point of the Ngong Ping 360 cable car, or from there you can take the 23 bus to Buda.

Transportation to climb the Buddha

You have 3 options. The cable car, which is the option with the best views and the most expensive, or the 23 bus that costs 17 HKD. You can also go up on foot and it will be totally free.

Make a wish at Wong Tai Sin Temple

This temple with its emblem of “granting all wishes” is one of the most popular in Hong Kong.


Three religions coexist in it, Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism. It is a beautiful place in its structure and in its environment to visit. If you have wishes to ask for, it is your ideal place.

Transportation: Subway Wong Tai Sin Station, Exit B2.

Chi Lin Monastery and Nan Lian Garden


Chi Lin Monastery and Nan Lian Garden is an ideal place to spend an afternoon. Surrounded by beautiful temples built between lotus ponds, the monastery is a Hong Kong must-see.

The Nan Lian garden, with an enviable landscape, is outlined by small hills, ponds and beautiful bridges that cross them. It is the ideal place to escape the traffic of Hong Kong and spend your last day there.

Transport: Tube: Diamond Hill station, exit C2.

Party in the Lan Kwai Fong Area


Your last night is worth spending fully and saying goodbye to the city as it deserves.

I recommend that you party in the Lan Kwai Fong area. Place full of bars where you go out to drink and have a good time.

The prices are not very cheap, but you can always choose to buy drinks in a mini-supermarket.

Hong Kong Itinerary 3 Days: Map of Day 3

Accommodation in Hong Kong

Hotels Near Central

The best place to stay in Hong Kong if you want to be at the center of the action is in Central.  Central is not only part of Hong Kong’s bustling business district but also the heart of its nightlife.

  • Mandarin Oriental Hotel – With a stunning view of the Victoria Harbour, conveniently connected to the Landmark Mall and the Central MTR station via a series of indoor walkways.
  • Pottinger Hotel -Stay by the historic Pottinger Street that’s a street west of the Mid-Level Escalator. This Hong Kong hotel is close to restaurants, transportation, and ferries.
  • Sleeep Capsule Hotel – Located between Central and Sheung Wan, Sleeep (no it’s not a typo) is a great budget capsule hotel choice. Free Wifi but it is a very basic hotel.

Hotels near Tsim Sha Tsui

Often refer to TST, Tsim Sha Tsui means the ‘pointy sand mouth’ which refers to its geographical position. An alternative to Central, Tsim Sha Tsui is most famous for its Clocktower and Star Ferry Pier where you can hop on the ferry to Central.

You can also find great shopping in the area as well as world-class hotels and restaurants, with the addition of tailors and museums thrown into the mix.

  • The Peninsula Hong Kong – The Peninsula is one of the finest hotels in the Far East known as the “Grande Dame of the Far East” and turning 90 this year.
  • Sheraton Hong Kong – An alternative to Peninsula, Sheraton is close to both the MTR and Star Ferry pier.
  • Hotel Panorama – While less central then above, Hotel Panorama still offers a spectacular view for a good value.

Hotels near Mong Kok

The heart of Kowloon, Mong Kok in Chinese means a ‘popular corner’. Known for its crowded streets, it’s the place to be for those who love street food and local shops. I practically spent my entire childhood there, roaming the markets and streets where you can buy everything you need.

  • Cordis, Hong Kong – Stay right by Langham Place and the MTR station at the most stylish hotel in the area with a rooftop pool.
  • Hilton Garden Inn Mongkok – Also boasting a nice rooftop pool, the Hilton Garden Inn is a little further out but also a little quieter.
  • Hotel 108, Hong Kong – Closer to the Yau Ma Tei side, Hotel 108 is a modern and minimalistic choice. Great for the budget minded traveler.

So, What did you think of this itinerary of things to see in Hong Kong?

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