Ultimate 15 Days in Sicily Itinerary

Sicily Itinerary: Complete tour of the Island in 15 Days

Sicily itinerary

This 15 days itinerary in Sicily wants to accompany you along the coasts of the entire island, leading you to discover a unique land, which will give you incredible views of fishing villages, historic cities destroyed and rebuilt, small villages, breathtaking cliffs, lava fields and craters, huge archaeological sites and yes, probably even a few extra pounds (but it will be completely worth it!).

Get ready to organize an intense journey, not suitable for the faint of heart or for those who like to stay for a long time in one place to enjoy a little relaxation: here there is very little room to relax, but, obviously, this itinerary does not want to be a Bible.

Customize it to your liking, remove or add destinations and adapt it to your way of travelling: only in this way can you be sure of organizing the perfect trip for you!

If you have any doubts or need help customizing your itinerary in Sicily, all you have to do is leave your comment below the article and I will be happy to help you.

Are you ready? Let’s begin!

Sicily itinerary: which one to choose

If you have at least 15 days available and you are a traveler eager to discover the main cities of Sicily, what I suggest is to treat yourself to the road trip that you will find stage by stage in this article.

If, on the other hand, you only have a week or 10 days available, I suggest you focus on just one area: take a look at the travel itinerary in Western Sicily if you are looking for the perfect combination of sea and culture;

Opt instead for an Eastern Sicily itinerary if you want to discover the most beautiful cities of Sicilian Baroque and his majesty Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe.

Sicily Itinerary 15 Days: day by day itinerary

More than a “simple” tour of about 880 km in Sicily, this journey that follows the perimeter of the island will lead you to discover beaches with crystal clear water, the remains of impressive Greek, Arab and Roman civilizations that inhabited these coasts, leaving impressive signs.

Let yourself be carried away by cities with warm colours, baroque cathedrals, alleys where you can let yourself be carried away by the scent of arancini (or arancine, if you are in the western area), cannoli and fish.

Well, with the right space in the stomach, the time has come to embark on this adventure. Here is the Sicily itinerary day by day:

Day 1: Palermo

The airport where I suggest you land on this trip is Palermo: you can often find rather affordable fares.

Dedicate the first day, therefore, to discovering the Sicilian capital, letting yourself be carried away by the fascinating splendor and decadence that characterize its streets, by the smells that overwhelm its ancient markets (such as those of Ballarò and Capo) and by spectacular buildings contrast between them.

The best choice for this first day in Sicily itinerary is to choose accommodation in the center (I suggest B&B Hotels ) to discover the historic center in complete comfort.

In the morning you could discover the city by walking. This will help you fully immerse yourself in the history of Palermo, discovering anecdotes and curiosities, but also understanding the conformation of the city.

After this short 2-hour tour, you can follow this detailed itinerary of Palermo on foot, but be prepared to grind out several kilometres.

If you don’t feel like walking for hours or want to optimize travel times, you should evaluate the possibility of buying tourist bus tickets, to get on and off at every stop you want.

If you want to learn more immediately, take a few minutes to read the article to find out what else to see in Palermo.


Day 2: Borgo Parrini, Segesta and Castellammare del Golfo

This second day is the perfect time to immerse yourself in the perspective of the road trip.

Today’s final destination is Castellammare del Golfo, but to get there I suggest you visit Borgo Parrini, a small village called the “Barcelona of Sicily” and the ruins of Segesta.

But let’s go step by step!

In less than 40 minutes from Palermo, the first stage of this second day of the Sicily itinerary is Torre Alba. Let yourself be captivated by the charm of the cliffs that characterize the location of this defensive building and by the waves that break on them.

Then head towards Borgo Parrini, reachable in less than 15 km. The peculiarity of this place is that it is considered the “Barcelona of Sicily” due to the style used for the decoration of some buildings: here the houses are decorated with broken ceramic pieces, in the same style in which you can find one of the most famous works by Antoni Gaudì: Parc Güell in Barcelona.

In the early afternoon, visit the ruins of Segesta, positioned on the top of dominant but hidden mountains. Even if little remains of the ancient city (only the theater and the Doric temple), it could still be interesting to visit it being in the area ( tickets here ).

If you’re short on time, however, skip this stage in favor of the better-preserved archaeological parks you’ll encounter later on this 15-day Sicily itinerary.

Return to the coast and reach Castellammare del Golfo. This seaside village develops in front of crystal clear waters and is characterized by a beautiful castle facing the sea.

Here I suggest you spend the end of the day relaxing by strolling through its streets with a sea view.

For the night, I suggest you check availability at the Nencioli B&B in an excellent location with good value for money.

15 days Sicily itinerary

Borgo Parrini - 15 days in Sicily itinerary

Get the day 2 itinerary on Google Maps.

Day 3: San Vito Lo Capo, Scurati and Trapani

On this third day of the itinerary in Sicily, you can treat yourself to a whole day at the beach.

If you prefer to do something else, you should know that the Zingaro Nature Reserve is located here. It is a real paradise for hikers, but you need to pay a ticket to access it.

The best thing I suggest you do is to dedicate an entire day to this area in order to fully enjoy the wonderful coves in which to dive on the hottest days.

If you have time in the afternoon, know that on the way between San Vito lo Capo and Trapani there are caves that were inhabited up to the 1950s, in particular the Grotta Mangiapane di Scurati.

To reach them, just follow the signs for Scurati and take a short dirt road.

Once you reach your destination, you can enter the Grotta Mangiapane, the largest, and relive the atmosphere of those who lived in that stone inlet.

Then reach Trapani in the late afternoon/evening. Here you can stroll in its historic center and dine or you can do it in one of the seafront restaurants.

Recommended accommodation B&B 36 Passi dal Mare, for its strategic position.


Get the day 3 itinerary on Google Maps.

Day 4: Erice and Trapani

In the morning, take the Via dei Vini and reach the medieval village of Erice.

Here you can walk through its rocky streets, admire ancient religious buildings, such as the Mother Church and the Bell Tower, the Castle of Venus, admire incredible landscapes and taste the sensational desserts of the Maria Grammatico pastry shop.

In the afternoon dedicated to the visit of Trapani, also with a local guide. Stroll along Corso Vittorio Emanuele, visit the Cathedral and enjoy panoramic views of the houses overlooking the sea.

You can spend the remaining time on the beach or reach the salt pans, a short distance from the centre, at sunset.

As an alternative to this itinerary, you can spend the day on a boat visiting the marvelous Egadi Islands.

For an overnight stay, I suggest you spend a second night at the B&B 36 Passi dal Mare.

Trapani - things to do in Sicily itinerary

Get the itinerary for day 4 on Google Maps.

Day 5: Marsala salt marshes, Mazara del Vallo, Selinunte and Sciacca

Departure in the morning from Trapani in the direction of Mazara del Vallo.

Along the way, you will also come across the salt pans of Marsala which, depending on the season in which you follow this itinerary in Sicily, could be artistic and worth a stop. Then continue towards Mazara del Vallo.

The peculiarity of this Sicilian town is the Arab influence that characterizes its historic center: the resemblance to an Arab casbah is very visible and walking through its narrow alleys is quite pleasant.

Leaving Mazara del Vallo, head to the Selinunte Archaeological Park, considered one of the most evocative in all of Sicily.

Visiting this park will give you incredible views of the sea. You can buy tickets online here.

The third and final stage of this fifth day of the Sicily itinerary is Sciacca, a city once famous as a spa resort (today the spas are closed).

Strolling through its historic center that will lead you to the panoramic terrace overlooking the sea is the perfect way to end this day.

Choose one of the many seaside restaurants and stay at the Domus Maris Relais Boutique Hotel, in a central position overlooking the harbour.

Sciacca - what to do in Sicily - 15 days itinerary

Get the day 5 itinerary on Google Maps.

Day 6: Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples

Although at this point of your tour in Sicily, you have already visited the Archaeological Park of Selinunte, you shouldn’t miss the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento for anything in the world .

The best advice I can give you for her visit is to do it in the morning.

In this way you will avoid the hottest hours of the day, especially in summer, but remember to bring plenty of water and a hat with you to protect yourself as much as possible.

For a complete visit, buy the skip-the-line ticket including the Kolymbethra garden ticket.

After the visit to the Valley of the Temples, go to the Scala dei Turchi where you could spend time admiring the beauty of this incredibly white rock.

In the evening, however, return to Agrigento: visit its historic center by walking the hundreds of stairs that make it up and reach the Cathedral of San Geraldo.

For the night, stay at the PortAtenea B&B, right in the centre.

If you want to find out more about Agrigento, please read: 3 Days in Agrigento: Ultimate 3 Days Itinerary

Valley of the Temples - Day 6 Sicily itinerary

Get the day 6 itinerary on Google Maps.

Day 7: Scicli and Ragusa

Before setting foot in this part of Sicily, you must know that the eastern area is characterized by the most beautiful cities of the Sicilian Baroque, rebuilt in this style after the devastating earthquake of 1693.

Although smaller and less known than the cities of Ragusa and Modica, Scicli is considered the most authentic town in the Val di Noto.

Stroll through its alleys finding baroque churches, such as those of Santa Teresa and San Matteo, to be reached to enjoy a beautiful view of the city.

The second and last stop of the day is Ragusa, a town divided into 2 parts: Ragusa Superiore and Ragusa Ibla.

In the latter area is the historic center of the city rebuilt after the earthquake. Ragusa Superiore, on the other hand, is more urban and modern, decidedly less attractive than Ibla.

Reach the Church of Santa Maria delle scale, to enjoy a beautiful view of the city, and the main squares characterized by Baroque churches.

For an overnight stay, consider Le Scale Sul Barocco, an affordable guest house perfect for enjoying a beautiful view of the city lit up in the evening.

Ragusa - Sicily itinerary - Day 7

Get the itinerary for day 7 on Google Maps.

Day 8: Modica and the southernmost point of Sicily

Easily reachable from Ragusa in just over 15 km, is Modica.

For conformation very similar to Ragusa (also divided into Modica Alta and Bassa), but much more beautiful and suggestive in my humble opinion.

Its historic center is perched on a hill and the Cathedral of San Giorgio marks the “division” between the two areas of the city.

However, the city is also famous for its chocolate, grainy and unlike any other. Get the energy to climb the many stairways that make up Modica and enjoy panoramic views of the city from the viewpoints.

In the afternoon, set off in a southerly direction following the signs for “The southernmost point of Sicily”.

Without taking the Sicilian islands into consideration, today you will really reach the very tip of Sicily. What’s even more fascinating is that in this exact point you will also see the junction between the Ionian and Mediterranean Seas.

For the night, I suggest you look for accommodation in Portopalo di Capopassero. I found myself very well in the extreme south.

top things to do in Sicily

Get the itinerary for day 8 on Google Maps.

Day 9: Marzamemi and Noto

The first stop of the day is one of the most loved destinations by travelers from all over the world.

Marzamemi is a small fishing village, once famous for its tuna fishery. Today the main activity is tourism, where travelers can stroll in its small historic centre, among old fishermen’s houses, fish restaurants and colorful flowered corners.

In the afternoon visit the beautiful pearl of the Sicilian Baroque: Noto.

Stroll along Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the main street, and be amazed by incredible baroque buildings .

The cathedral will certainly not go unnoticed by your eyes and although the exterior will surprise you, the interior may disappoint you a little due to its recent reconstruction.

For an overnight stay on this ninth day of the itinerary in Sicily, check availability at La Casa del Barocco, in a perfect location just 500 meters from the cathedral.


Get the day 9 itinerary on Google Maps.

Day 10: Syracuse and Ortigia

The tenth day of this Sicily itinerary will be dedicated to visiting one of the most beautiful places in the eastern part of the island.

Syracuse, with its beautiful historic center (Ortigia) concentrated on an island detached from the mainland, but connected by two bridges, is a real pearl, made up of labyrinthine streets overlooking the crystalline waters of the Ionian Sea.

This town deserves at least a full day, because there are many things to see in and around Syracuse. Dedicate the morning to a visit to the Monumental Area of ​​Neapolis, which houses the Greek and Roman remains of the dominations.

Buy entrance tickets online or reserve your seat for a guided tour according to your preferences.

In the afternoon move to Ortigia, where you can stroll, admire the Maniace Castle, the incredible Cathedral and enjoy a boat tour.

For tonight’s accommodation, I suggest Maison Ortigia, a B&B located just 200 meters from the Cathedral from which you can admire the historic center of Syracuse.



Get the 10 day itinerary on Google Maps.

Day 11: Catania

Today’s itinerary will take you to discover the historic center of the black city, dominated by the magnificence of Etna in the distance.

Here the buildings are in dark lava rock, created using the eruption of 1669. The subsoil hides the remains of the Roman civilization which remained buried for a long time under a layer of lava.

The main street is via Etnea, from which you can admire Etna throughout its length. Admire the Ursino Castle, visit the “La Pescheria” market and the cathedral.

For an overnight stay, choose a structure in the city centre, such as the Duomo Bed & Breakfast : in this way you will be in an excellent position to be able to visit the city in just one day.


Get the day 11 itinerary on Google Maps.

Day 12: Etna

On this twelfth day of the itinerary in Sicily, get ready to be overwhelmed by strong emotions.

For this day there are some activities that have the highest active volcano in Europe as the undisputed protagonist: Etna.

Based on your preferences, visit the Silvestri Craters (very close to the road) and consider booking an excursion to reach the Summit Craters.

This type of experience can only be enjoyed with an expert guide, so if you wish, you will need to book the tour on this page.

Alternatively, if you aren’t too tired in the afternoon, a nice excursion is also the “Donkey’s back path”, which can be done independently.

Leaving the car at the dedicated parking (get directions here), the path will begin which in just over an hour will take you to the immense Valle del Bove, a black expanse of solidified lava from Etna.

But be careful: the path can be followed independently without major problems in my opinion, but consider that the lava landscape is very monotonous and the frequent fog causes some hikers to get lost.

Overnight stay: second night at the Duomo Bed & Breakfast in Catania.


Day 13: Riviera of the Cyclops and Taormina

Another natural phenomenon created by the eruptions of Etna is the Riviera dei Ciclopi.

On the coast that connects Catania to Taormina, you can admire some rather unusual rock formations that emerge from the sea.

These creations of Mother Nature are the fruit of lava escaping from Etna and then solidified. The main villages that characterize this area are: Aci Castello, famous for its castle overlooking the sea; Aci Trezza, with its stacks and Acireale, a village built on lava terraces. After visiting these villages, reach Taormina in the afternoon.

The real highlight of the town is its well-preserved Greek Theater (tickets here), but above all in an incredible position: facing Etna (which can be seen erupting in the evening while it is active) and overlooking the Ionian Sea.

End the evening strolling in the medieval historic center of Taormina and having dinner in one of the many clubs in the city.

For an overnight stay, I recommend the B&B La Terrazza Sul Mare  in Taormina.


Taormina - 15 day itinerary Sicily

Get the day 13 itinerary on Google Maps.

Day 14: Castelmola and Messina

The first stop of the day is a small village not far from Taormina, famous (also) for the Turrisi bar and for the view it offers on the coast: Castelmola.

Often underestimated by tourism due to the lack of historic buildings, which were destroyed in the 1908 earthquake, Messina is one of the main access points to Sicily.

To have a complete overview of the island, you cannot fail to include Messina in this tour of Sicily. Visit the Piazza del Duomo with its bell tower rumored to be the largest in the world, and the Norman marble cathedral.

Spend here as long as you like, getting closer to Cefalù for the night, where I suggest you stay overnight at the Agrodolce B&B just 200 meters from the beach, to allow you complete relaxation the next day.


Get the 14 day itinerary on Google Maps.

Day 15: Cefalù and return to Palermo

The last day of this Sicily itinerary can only be dedicated to relaxation and good food.

Take a nice spot on the beach in Cefalù and reserve your place in one of the best restaurants near and often overlooking the sea.

If you wish, you can also walk to the Rocca di Cefalù to enjoy panoramic views. In the evening return to Palermo in about an hour and return flight.


Get the day 15 itinerary on Google Maps.

How to get to Sicily

Since this is a ring tour to discover the beauties of all of Sicily (or almost), you can choose where and how to get to the island, in the most convenient way for you.

You can search for the best flight offers for the main cities, choosing the cheapest one included in this 15-day tour of Sicily, by looking for the rates on a normal price comparison site.

You can land in PalermoCataniaTrapani or Comiso (to know the rates for your dates, simply click on the name of the city).

You can also arrive by ferry, bringing the car with you and thus saving on the cost of rental and travel. Click here to check the cost.

How to move around

This Sicily itinerary was born as a road trip: it will make little difference if you want to do it with your car or by renting it.

You can also travel by public transport, trains and buses, but personally it is a choice that I do not recommend, as you may have to give up some stages because they are badly connected.

To give you an idea of ​​car rental prices, I suggest you quickly check the cost of car rental on a price comparison site. Knowing the rates for your dates will help you understand which will be the most convenient choice for you.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to visit Sicily?

The best period for a trip of this type in Sicily is certainly spring or the end of summer.

In this period of the year the heat is not sultry, but the sun allows you to fully enjoy the beautiful season.

The water temperature is good for enjoying a dip or a few days on the beach and during trekking the air is definitely tolerable, making the excursions less demanding.

How to get around in Sicily?

Having a car is definitely recommended to complete this road trip that goes around Sicily.

You can bring your car with the ferries that connect the main ports of Sicily, or rent it by comparing the rates on the best price comparison sites.

Consider that if I don’t want to rent a car, you will still be able to move around quite easily by public transport, but you will have to give up some poorly connected stages.

Where to stay during the trip?

For this travel itinerary, the best solution is to book accommodation with breakfast included in an excellent position to visit the various places you will reach.

In the itinerary you will find the best accommodations that I have tested and selected for this road trip.

I hope I have been able to give you all the information you need to better organize your travel itinerary in Sicily.

If you have any doubts or questions and want to customize this Sicily itinerary according to your travel preferences, leave your comment below the article and I will be happy to help organize it.

Good journey and see you soon!

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  1. Hi Camille,

    Thanks for sharing all of this great travel advice. I looked at your 15 day ultimate itinerary of Sicily and I was wondering if you wanted to this route with 20 days at a more relaxed pace, while having a good mix of cultural/historic sites, good food (ice cream included) and nature/beach, which parts of that particular itinerary would you omit and how much time would you spend in your favorite spots?

    1. Hi Sonny, personally, I preferred the area of ​​Eastern Sicily for its beautiful cities and culture, so in my opinion you could follow the itinerary of the eastern area almost similar to this one, perhaps at a more relaxed pace, including also the marvelous Valley of the Temples. After that I would suggest you focus on the west coast for the sea, staying near Castellammare del Golfo (also considering a trip to the Egadi Islands from Trapani) and/or Cefalù on the north coast. I would omit Mazzara del Vallo, Marsala, Scicli and Sciacca. I hope I have been helpful to you, but if you have any doubts, feel free to reply to this comment and I will help you with pleasure. See you soon!

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