7 Days in Western Sicily – Ultimate 7-Day Itinerary with Maps

Ultimate 7-Day Western Sicily Itinerary with Maps

If you are looking for an itinerary in western Sicily it is most likely because you know that this is the best area of ​​the island if you are looking for the right compromise between splendid sea, relaxation and culture.

During this incredible journey you will visit some of the most beautiful Sicilian cities, you will discover breathtaking bays, you will see medieval villages, salt pans and the remains of the glorious past of this land through incredible archaeological sites.

The really nice thing is that you can perfect this 7-day itinerary in western Sicily as you like, adding stops or days, in short, tailoring it according to your travel preferences.

So, are you ready? Let’s go!

Travel tips

  • The airport that I suggest you consider for this trip is that of Palermo. You can find many offers for cheap flights from all over Italy.
  • This itinerary in Western Sicily is about 640 km : the best way to experience this journey and move freely is to rent a car directly at the airport.
  • If you don’t want to rent a car, the solution I suggest is to make a fixed stop in Palermo looking for a nice accommodation in the center (I suggest B&B Hotels, which are also in an excellent position for visiting the city on foot). You can then organize day trips from Palermo to discover the surroundings.
  • The best period not to suffer too much from the heat are the months of May and September. However, it is also true that this trip can also be done in the middle of summer, increasing the number of days spent on the beach.
  • To keep your budget especially in accommodation and car rental, you should make sure you book well in advance.
  • If you have at least 2 weeks available (and you would like to do it), you can opt for a complete tour of Sicily in 15 days.

Western Sicily itinerary of 7 days

Cliffs, crystal clear water, temples that have remained almost intact over the centuries, salt marshes, medieval villages, arancini (yes, in this area of ​​Sicily you will have to consider arancini for women) and not too much relaxation! This is what you will take home from your 7 day trip. In fact, you must know that if you want to visit Western Sicily and treat yourself to a few days of complete relaxation, you will have to consider extending your trip with respect to this itinerary.

Day 1: Palermo

Dedicate the first day to discovering the Sicilian capital. By choosing an accommodation in the center, preferably near Piazza dei Quattro Canti (I suggest the B&B Hotels ), you can visit the city comfortably on foot.
I don’t deny that as a first day it could be quite demanding, but if you only have 7 days available, I don’t recommend spending more time in the city.
Visit the most famous markets such as Ballarò and del Capo, the Cathedral, enter the Palatine Chapel, admire the church of San Cataldo and Santa Maria and treat yourself to good Palermo street food.
If you prefer to optimize your time, you should know that you can also reserve your place for a 2h tour with a local guide. The tourist bus is also a good solution for optimizing travel times, getting off and on at every stop you want.

Overnight at the B&B Hotel  in the historic center.

Cosa vedere Palermo - 7 day Western Sicily itinerary

Read more in the article dedicated to what to see in Palermo in 1 day to find out more about the city and the attractions to visit, included in the itinerary just above.

Day 2: from Palermo to Castellammare del Golfo

Departure in the morning from Palermo in the direction of Torre Alba (also called Torre di Cala Rossa). This defensive tower is in a truly remarkable position as it sits on top of a red rock cliff where the waves crash. The coastal landscape nearby is also quite impressive. After this first stage, continue towards Borgo Parrini. This small Sicilian town will immediately catapult you to Barcelona : here the houses are colorful, the walls are covered with small broken ceramic pieces, in complete Gaudì style. Precisely for this reason, it could be nice to reach the small village and linger for lunch.

In the early afternoon, dedicate yourself to visiting the Temple of Segesta ( tickets here ), paying attention to avoid the hottest hours of the day and bringing a hat and plenty of water with you. After the visit, head to Castellammare del Golfo where you can indulge in some relaxation and good food with a spectacular view of the castle overlooking the sea.
For overnight stays, I suggest you check availability at the Nencioli B&B.

Get the day 2 itinerary on Google Maps.

Day 3: San Vito Lo Capo, Scurati and Trapani

Leave your accommodation in Castellammare del Golfo and leave for San Vito Lo Capo in the morning . Here you can decide whether to spend the morning on the beach or visit the Zingaro Nature Reserve. If you opt for this second option, I suggest you wear closed shoes, but also bring with you what you need to dive into the waters of the pristine coves you will encounter.


In the afternoon, leave in the direction of the Scurati Caves and, in particular, visit the Mangiapane Cave, the largest. Inside the approximately 70m high cave, you will be able to see some furnished dwellings. The Mangiapane family lived inside them until the 1950s, but remains belonging to prehistory have also been found.


After the visit, reach Trapani and treat yourself to a sunset at the Saline . In the evening, visit its historic center. Consider that you can also book a 1:30h guided tour with a local guide starting at 16:00, the only thing you will have to pay attention to is the time you arrive in the city.
For overnight stays on the third day of this itinerary in Western Sicily, check availability at the B&B 36 Passi dal Mare for the convenience of its location.

Get the day 3 itinerary on Google Maps.

Day 4: Egadi Islands and Erice

If the weather permits, the best thing you could do on this day is a nice tour of the Egadi Islands.  You can choose to visit the islands of Favignana and Levanzo with a tour boat. The excursion also includes getting off the boat and visiting the islands of Favignana and Levanzo, so it’s really perfect. Remember to bring your snorkel gear with you!


If you feel like discovering a beautiful medieval village in the evening, especially on long summer days, you could dedicate some time to visiting Erice, a short distance from Trapani. This place will also give you beautiful panoramic views of the salt pans of Trapani. In order to fully enjoy their beauty, you could spend the night here at the Bella Vista b&b and admire them at dawn before continuing your journey.


Get the day 4 itinerary on Google Maps.

Day 5: Marsala salt marshes, Mazara del Vallo, Selinunte and Sciacca

Departure in the morning towards Mazara del Vallo. On the way you will meet the salt pans of Marsala. Once you arrive in Mazara del Vallo, you will immediately realize that you are in a very different city from those visited so far: the conformation of its historic center is very similar to an Arab casbah and you will have no problem visiting it on foot. The floor of the center is made up of large light tiles. The houses and churches are made of porous ocher rock and walking through its streets is quite pleasant.


In the early afternoon I suggest you go to the Selinunte Archaeological Park ( tickets available here ), one of the most exciting archaeological sites in Sicily thanks to its position on the sea. If, on the other hand, you feel like going to the sea, go to the Tonnarella beach in Mazara del Vallo and spend the afternoon there. The last stage of the day of this 7-day itinerary in Western Sicily is Sciacca. This town, once a famous spa resort (now closed), is rather quiet and often overlooked by travellers. Lose yourself in its narrow alleys that lead to the sea, enjoy the view from the panoramic terrace and eat in one of the many fish restaurants. It is right here, in fact, that I suggest you spend the evening and the night, staying at the Domus Maris Relais Boutique Hotel.

Get the day 5 itinerary on Google Maps .

Day 6: Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples

Although Agrigento is a city of warm colors in which intense ocher reigns supreme, choosing to visit it at sunset could be a choice that will pay off amply. You must know, in fact, that Agrigento will take your breath away both when you see the temples emerge from the road and when you have to walk the steep stairways of its historic center. My advice, especially on the hottest days, is to visit the archaeological park in the morning.

Dedicate the afternoon to the marvelous Scala dei Turchi and the evening to discover the historic center of the city, where I suggest you stay overnight at the PortAtenea B&B. Although I am aware that it may seem like a waste of time to go back to reach the Scala dei Turchi, visiting the Valley of the Temples in the morning is the only solution I recommend due to the scorching heat and very few shaded spaces.

Get the day 6 itinerary on Google Maps.

Day 7: Cefalù and Palermo

On the last day of this 7-day western Sicily itinerary, it’s time to approach Palermo to return home the next day. From Agrigento head north, crossing Sicily and relaxing with views of expanses of fields, as you head to Cefalù, a seaside village and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The atmosphere you breathe is purely holiday: here you can enjoy time on the beach, eating fish specialties in one of the many restaurants in the area. If, on the other hand, you still feel like adventure, you can reach the Rocca di Cefalù on foot. From up here (get directions on Google Maps ), you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view. In the evening, return to Palermo and consider choosing accommodation near the airport according to the time of your return flight.


Get the itinerary for day 7 on Google Maps.

With this complete article, I hope I have been able to give you all the information you need to better organize your 7-day (or more) travel itinerary in western Sicily.

If you have any doubts or questions, leave your comment below the article and I will gladly help you. Thank you for reading this far. See you soon!

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