3 Days in Agrigento: Ultimate 3 Days Itinerary

3 Day Agrigento Itinerary (and Surroundings)

Before taking you to discover things to do in Agrigento, you must know that this city will take your breath away 2 times: the first when you see the columns of the temples of the Valley of the Temples appearing from the street and the second, when you have to walk all the stairs of the historical center of the city.

Yes, you got it right: it’s a very fascinating place, developed on a hill and whose buildings are made of large bricks of local calcarenite, with warm colors that you won’t find in other places during your trip to Sicily.

You will find out what to do and see in Agrigento and its surroundings, but above all how to divide your itinerary if you will have 1, 2 or 3 days available in the city.

Agrigento itinerary 3 days

The warm colors of the historic center and the temples of the ancient Greek city of Akragas blend perfectly with the clear blue of the sky and the color of the sea, making Agrigento a city of unmistakable colours.

The historic center is perched on the hill, so arm yourself with comfortable shoes and a willingness to walk (mostly uphill).

If you have 3 days to spend in the city, dedicate one to the historic centre, one to visiting the Valley of the Temples and the last to discover its surroundings, visiting the Scala dei Turchi and the town of Sciacca.

The minimum I suggest you spend in Agrigento is 2 days, to visit the historic center and the beautiful Valley of the Temples.

Agrigento itinerary 3 days

PS: staying in the historic center at the Portatenea B&B you will enjoy maximum convenience for getting around on foot and, if you have it, park your car in the free car park nearby.

Day 1: The Historical Centre

On this first day in Agrigento, focus on visiting the historic centre, take a lunch break in the center and stroll through the streets aimlessly.

After a nice regenerating lunch, visit the Pietro Griffo archaeological museum, where you can see more than 5000 finds from archaeological excavations .

At dusk, reach Viale della Vittoria to admire the temples that are tinged with an ever more intense ochre.

Consider that the center of Agrigento is quite contained.
Here is the itinerary you could follow:

1: The Alleys of the Historical Centre

The main street of the city of Agrigento is Via Atenea: it is no coincidence that it is the place where the restricted traffic area begins.

From here narrow alleys and steep stairways branch off that will lead you to visit the main things to see in Agrigento.

3 days in Agrigento

2: The Via dell’Arte: something to see in Agrigento

A noteworthy stairway that starts from via Atenea.

The Scalinata degli Artisti is the most colorful and international of the entire city.

But that’s not all: you must know that this artistic work has been included among the sixteen most colorful stairways in the world ( get directions here ).

Agrigento 3 day itinerary: things to do

3: The Cathedral of San Geraldo

After quite a few steep stairways, deep ocher brick buildings and cats, you will arrive at the Cathedral of San Geraldo.

From its strategic position over the city it is possible to climb the bell tower and admire the roofs of Agrigento from above.

There will probably be 2 things that will strike you about this place: the exterior, where it is possible to distinguish different architectural styles, and the interior, whose ceiling is still in wood.

Inside the Cathedral you will also find a copy of the letter, written in incomprehensible symbols, which is said to have been written by the Devil himself.

4: Pietro Griffo Archaeological Museum

This regional archaeological museum is one of the most amazing in all of Sicily: inside it contains more than 5000 artifacts from the archaeological site of the Valley of the Temples.

Visit this site to find out the cost of single and combined tickets and  lose yourself in the details of the wonderful painted Greek ceramics.


5: Viale della Vittoria and Belvedere

If you are looking for a panoramic place from which to see the Valley of the Temples in the distance, or a park to enjoy some shade, you should consider reaching Viale della Vittoria and entering Villa Bonfiglio and more precisely Belvedere Arancio.

This is the perfect place (although unfortunately a little distant) to admire the Valley of the Temples at dusk.

Day 2: The Valley of the Temples

For the morning of the second day, visit the Valley of the Temples and lose yourself in the details of the majestic Greek columns that remain as evidence of the power of the ancient Greek city of Akragas.

Inside the park you can also visit the Garden of Kolymbethra, where the Temple of the Dioscuri and the underground caves are located.

This day could be quite tiring, so don’t make other commitments and, especially if you’re visiting in the summer, bring plenty of water.

valley of temple: Agrigento itinerary

Tickets to visit the Valley of the Temples:

  • Ordinary ticket (from €10): includes admission to the Valley of the Temples, Kolymbethra garden excluded.
  • Combined ticket (from €15): Includes entry to the Valley of the Temples and Kolymbethra Garden.
  • Guided tour (from €30): if you prefer to be accompanied by a guide, opt for a guided tour of the Valley of the Temples with priority entrance.

Remember: if you visit the Valley of the Temples on a Sunday, know that admission is free on the first Sunday of each month until 7.00pm.

1: The Valley of the Temples: an absolute must-see in Agrigento

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is the most important archaeological site of Greek temples in Italy.

What you will admire inside is what remains of the ancient Greek city of Akragas, founded in 500 BC.

The route is quite demanding, the land is dry and warm in colour, there is little shade, but nothing, and I really mean nothing, can make your visit to the Valley of the Temples less suggestive than it is.

See age-old temples, numerous tombs and remains.

The splendid Temple of Concordia is one of the temples that has survived to this day in an almost perfect state of conservation.

To avoid any kind of problem (and especially queues under the scorching summer sun), I suggest you buy tickets online and avoid the hottest hours of the day to visit it.


2: Giardino della Kolymbethra

Inside the Valley of the Temples there is a section where the vegetation teems with Mediterranean flora, thanks to an ancient Arab irrigation system.

To access this area of ​​the park, however, it is necessary to purchase the cumulative ticket (for a few euros more) which can also be purchased online on the official website.

Inside you can rest in the picnic area, book a guided tour of the narrow tunnels where an underground river also flows.

If you don’t suffer from claustrophobia, you can reserve your visit on the official website.

3: House of Luigi Pirandello

If you have more time on this second day, know that one of the things to see in Agrigento is the museum house of Luigi Pirandello, where the Sicilian writer was born and lived.

Inside you can take a journey through his life and works and see the tomb in which he is buried.

The entrance ticket costs €4 and can be purchased on this site.

Day 3: Surroundings of Agrigento

With 3 days available, I suggest you take advantage of the first 2 to discover Agrigento and its temples and the third to visit the surroundings.

Dedicate yourself to visiting Sciacca in the morning and be sure to be at the Scala dei Turchi for sunset (you could witness a breathtaking show).

1: Sciacca: something to see near Agrigento

I have to admit with great honesty that Sciacca is a town that pleasantly surprised me.

Once famous for its thermal baths (now closed), it hides a beautiful medieval-style historic centre.

It’s a colorful place, filled with hand-painted tiled stairways and historic buildings.

You’ll realize soon enough that this is also a potters’ place: if you’re looking for some hand painted Moor heads to take home, you might be in the best place!

What to see in Sciacca

Lose yourself in its narrow alleys made of stairways that lead to the sea and enjoy the view from the panoramic terrace of Piazza “Angelo Scandaliato”.

Start your visit from the Cortile Carini , where you will immediately understand the color that reigns in this city.

Reach Piazza Duomo and the Basilica Maria SS.

del Soccorso  and take a look at the panorama that can be admired from Piazza “Angelo Scandaliato” .

Then go down the ” zigzag staircase ” made of colored tiles and reach the fish restaurants by the sea to treat yourself to a good lunch.


2: Scala dei Turchi

One thing not to be missed for anything in the world around Agrigento (strictly at sunset), is the Scala dei Turchi.

It is located about 20 minutes by car from the city center and is a gigantic staircase (not surprisingly the name) very white overlooking the sea.

On each of these “steps” you will be able to find people stretched out to tan, but don’t forget that sunscreen is absolutely mandatory with such a clear ground.

If you find the rock too hard to lie down for hours, you can walk away a few steps to reach the sandy beach and dive into the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean.

Alternatively you can also admire the Scala dei Turchi from a small park along the road.

Remember to put a beer in the cooler and stay until sunset to watch the staircase turn pink.


Accommodation in Agrigento

Perhaps it is one of the most visited cities in all of Sicily or, at least on the podium, thanks to the incredible and fascinating Valley of the Temples.

For this reason, if you are looking for where to stay overnight during your stay in the city, you should make sure you book well in advance, especially during the high season.

I know you read this sentence often, but I wouldn’t tell you if it weren’t true.

My suggestion is to take a look at the facilities below (the best, in my experience) and, especially if the cancellation is free, book without too much hesitation:


I hope I was able to give you clear indications on 3 days Agrigento itinerary , helping you to better plan your itinerary.

The Valley of the Temples is something truly unique and many tourists reach the city even “only” for this archaeological site, but now you have useful information for discovering the historic center and surroundings.

Thank you for relying on this itinerary, see you soon and enjoy the ancient Akragas.

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