2 Days in Trapani: Itinerary with Top Things to Do

2-3 Days in Trapani: Top Things to Do

Are you going on a Sicily itinerary and want to visit Trapani?

You are right, because there are many places of interest to discover in the region!

So what to do in Trapani?

To help you see things a little more clearly, we have prepared a guide to the city and its surroundings. We start with the 13 best things to see in Trapani, then we give you some itinerary tips to visit Trapani in 1, 2, 3 or 4 days.

And as a bonus, you will find at the end of the article our suggestions for accommodation and restaurants , in order to make your stay a truly unforgettable moment!

Visit Trapani: the essentials

1. Visit the historic center of Trapani

To visit the historic center of Trapani, you do not need to take the car, it is not very big and can therefore be visited easily on foot.

There aren’t really any famous or well-known buildings, but a stroll through its alleys is always very pleasant. The oldest streets are Via GaribaldiCorso Italia and Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

Here is a list of monuments and churches to admire on your way:

  • The Ligny tower at the tip of Trapani
  • The Regional Museum of Count Agostino Pepoli
  • San Lorenzo Cathedral
  • The Church of Purgatory
  • The contemporary art museum
  • The Fountain of Saturn
  • The clock tower

Do not hesitate to go to the fish market, a good way to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a Sicilian town! Or a quick trip to Villa Margherita park to enjoy some greenery.

For shopping enthusiasts, you will find what you are looking for along via Giovanni Battista Fardella, the city’s main shopping street with its many clothing and shoe stores and its cafes and restaurants.

Map of the historic center of Trapani
Map of the historic center of Trapani

2. Village d’Erice

If you find yourself in Trapani, it is certainly to visit the most famous village nearby, Erice.

Erice is a small medieval village perched on a promontory more than 750 meters above sea level and offering a magnificent view of Trapani, the Egadi Islands and San Vito Lo Capo.

It is one of the most beautiful belvederes that you will see during your tour of SicilyA place of interest to visit absolutely.

To get there, you can opt for the car. From Trapani it will take you about 30 minutes. You will then have to park in one of the paid car parks at the entrance to the village. 2€ the first hour and 1€ the following hours.

The second option is to take the cable car that connects Trapani to Erice in about ten minutes for 9€ round trip.

Undoubtedly the coolest option for admiring the scenery, but if you’re afraid of heights, it can be quite impressive. To take the cable car, park in the official car park. Do not pay attention to touts who will direct you to more expensive parking.

Once you arrive in Erice, we advise you to follow the walk marked with signs to see all the places and go around the village without missing anything.

But the most impressive is undoubtedly its castle perched at the top of the cliff. From there, the view is magnificent over the whole valley of Trapani and the sea in the distance.

In Erice, you will also find plenty of restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops and pasticceria. The most famous is that of Maria Grammatico which offers marzipan-based delicacies, cannolis and the full panoply of Sicilian pastries. All this for a very reasonable price.

Erice is a very touristic village, you will meet a lot of people between the entrance of the village and the street which leads to the castle but if you move away a little from the main street and walk the cobbled streets, everything quickly becomes calm and relaxing again.

Do not hesitate to spend some time around the village after admiring the main attraction.

Tips for your Trapani itinerary:

From Trapani, if you go to Erice by car, you can take 2 roads: the SP 3 and the SP 31.

We advise you to arrive by one and leave by the other to enjoy different views of the landscape. The driving time is equivalent. Note however that if you have a large car, it is better to take the SP 31 which is the widest and most recent.

Another tip: it’s not very hot in Erice, bring a jacket even in summer!

Erice Castle, which overlooks Trapani

3. Favignana

Favignana is one of the 3 islands, which together with Levanzo and Maretimo form the Aegadian Islands and are one of the must-sees during your stay in Trapani.

Favignana is the largest of the 3 and the most visited as it is the best served from Trapani.

From Trapani, to get to Favignana, you will need to take a ferry. Whichever company you choose, departures are from the port of Trapani.

We left with Liberty Lines and we paid 45€ round trip for 2. It takes about 30 minutes to cross. It is the company that provides the most trips during the day, so it is practical not to be dependent on timetables.

I recommend that you book your ferry tickets on the internet before leaving, because if you do it at the last moment, you risk not having any more places!

I generally use this site, which allows you to compare the offers of all the companies for a given trip.

Arrived in Favignana, the best option to visit the island is to rent a bicycle.

Indeed on foot, you will not be able to do much apart from visiting the village and the surrounding seaside, and renting a car is not very practical on the small paths.

So here we go, for 5€ a day, get on your bike and avoid falling into a pothole (like my girlfriend). Don’t worry if you are not ready to do the Tour de France, the tour of the island is mostly flat.

The routes to follow by bike are well indicated and the points of interest too. You won’t really be able to get lost on the island, but it’s handy to have a map (given to you when you rent the bike) to see where you are and estimate the travel time. It would be a shame to miss the return ferry!

There are 2 historical buildings to see on the island:

  • The Palazzo Florio, in which the town hall is located
  • The famous tonnara, the old factory/fishery that took care of tuna.

If you go to Favignana, it is mainly to go around the beaches and coves with the magnificent color of the turquoise blue water and the fine white sand.

To see: Cala Rossa, Lido Burrone, Cala Azzurra, Cala Rotonda and many others. And of course take the opportunity to swim.

And for diving enthusiasts it is quite simply paradise! The transparency of the funds will allow you to observe groupers, lobsters and barracudas.

Tips for your Trapani itinerary:

Before taking the ferry back, stop by Roma16, you’ll thank us after tasting one of their ice creams, one of the best I’ve had in my life. The lemon scent is a killer!

If you want to spend the night in Favignana, I recommend Casa Vacanze Senia Del Rais. This is the accommodation that offers the best value for money on the island! On the other hand, I advise you to book now, because there are not many rooms available. Click here to book your night.

And if you want to indulge yourself with more luxurious accommodation, you can book at the Tempo Di mare Hotel, I’ve heard only good things about it!

Favignana, the most touristic of the Egadi Islands, Trapani itinerary
Favignana, the most touristic of the Egadi Islands

4. Levanzo

Levanzo is the smallest of the Egadi islands with an area of ​​only 6 km².

To get there, you have 2 choices:

  • Take the ferry from Trapani, about 25 minutes journey for around twenty euros round trip per person.
  • Go there from Favignana, where taxiboats will take you there in 10 minutes.

The particularity of Levanzo is its prehistoric cave, the Genovese cave, with its representations of men and animals dating back almost 10,000 years. To get there, 2 possible choices: by a path on the mountainside or by sea by boat.

To visit the Genovese cave with a guide, you can book by clicking here!

And for the rest of the program it will be a walk by the sea, swimming, sunbathing, diving and aperitif!

Take advantage of this quiet little island to relax and rest. No car noise to pollute, there is simply no road in Levanzo.

If you want to stay there, do it in advance, there are only 2 hotels and only a few apartments available. You can find the best accommodations and book your night by clicking here.

Tips for your Trapani itinerary:

To visit Levanzo and Favignana on the same day, you can opt for a cruise departing from Trapani.

The boat first stops for 2 hours in Favignana, then stops for 1 hour in Levanzo. Lunch served on the boat is included in the price and you can also enjoy swimming stops.

Information and reservations here.

Trapani itinerary 3 days

5. Marettimo

To finish with the Egadi Islands, you can go to Marettimo, the wildest, most remote and certainly the least touristic of the 3 islands.

To get there, count 1h20 by hydrofoil from Trapani.

In Marettimo, not much to do except enjoy the calm and the sun. Just like in Levanzo, swimming in magnificent creeks with crystal clear waters and walking are on the program.

You can also book a boat trip to visit the many karst caves there.

It is also a perfect destination if you like hiking with many paths offering superb views. Punta Troia Castle is a must see!

It is the ideal place, after a tour in Sicily, to recharge the batteries before returning.

Trapani itinerary 2 days
The island of Marettimo

6. The salt marshes of Trapani and Paceco

From Trapani, be sure to take the salt road or via del sale in Italian, which will take you through the salt marshes that line the road. They extend from Trapani to Marsala.

The view of these marshes, these small heaps of salt and the old windmills used to grind the salt is simply magnificent.

The salt marshes are part of a nature reserve, which has allowed the restoration of some mills. Most are however no longer in operation or just used for artisanal production.

However, the salt continues to be processed there and it is now considered a luxury product mainly used for high gastronomy.

Tips for your Trapani itinerary:
Visit the salt flats at sunset, when they glow a pretty pinkish color.

Trapani itinerary 3 days
The salt marshes of Trapani

7. Marsala

Passing via del sale from Trapani, you will arrive in Marsala which is about 45 minutes away by car.

If you do not know the city, you may know its typical product, the famous wine of the same name, Marsala! If you’ve never tasted it, now is your chance. Many stalls organize tastings.

If you’re not too drunk after the tasting, take a walk in the old town.

Places of interest to see in Marsala:

  • The baroque cathedral dedicated to Saint Thomas or Chiesa Madre
  • Republic Square
  • The VII Avril Palace, former senatorial palace, today the town hall
  • St. Joseph’s Church
  • The “Baglio Anselmi” archaeological museum which houses the only Phoenician warship in the world
  • Saint Peter’s Monastery
  • The Carmine church and convent
2 days in Trapani itinerary
The Chiesa Madre church, in Marsala

8. The Temple of Segesta

A 30-minute drive from Trapani is one of the unmissable archaeological remains in the region, the Temple of Segesta.

Ancient city founded by the Elymes, Segesta has suffered many armed conflicts, especially with the neighboring city, Selinunte. Today, all that remains of this city is a temple and a theatre.

The temple of Segesta, lost in the countryside, in the middle of the hills, is magnificently well preserved and offers a panoramic view of all the surroundings.

It is made up of 36 Doric columns. However, historians assume that it could never be completed due to the conflicts because it has no roof.

The theater is located on Mount Barbaro, 400m above sea level. Able to accommodate up to 4,000 spectators at the time, plays and concerts are now held there in the summer.

To get to the theater from the temple of Segesta, you will have to follow an uphill path for almost 2 km. For those who wish, however, you can take a bus to get to the top and why not, afterwards, walk back down.

To visit Segesta, you will have to park in the paying car park a little far from the site then take the shuttle to the site for 5€. Then you will have to pay 6€ for the visit of the temple and the theater.

And if you want to take the shuttle to go up to the theater it will still be 1.5€. The organization is not optimal, you will have to pay each time in several places, there is no combined package.

Tips for your Trapani itinerary:

To discover the temple of Segesta and its surroundings, you can also choose a quad excursion.

For 4 hours, you will travel through the Sicilian countryside, passing through the archaeological area and even ending with a short swim in the hot springs.

2 days Trapani itinerary
The Temple of Segesta

9. Mount Cofano Nature Reserve

From Trapani, you can go to the Monte Cofano Nature Reserve (Riserva Naturale Orientata Monte Cofano).

Less known than its “rival” the Zingaro nature reserve, it is nevertheless just as pretty.

There are 2 entrances to the reserve:

  • One on the Cornino side (30 minutes by car from Trapani)
  • The other on the side of San Vito Lo Capo (1 hour from Trapani).

We arrived by that of San Vito Lo Capo, which in our humble opinion is preferable because this part of the reserve is prettier and if you do not want to walk the whole way to the other side it is worth better start there.

To get there you will have to take a rather bumpy path but do not hesitate to continue until the barrier which bars the access and at the reception hut, you will find a car park there.

Access to the reserve is normally chargeable (2€ per person) but when we came, certain passages were prohibited because they were too dangerous, so we didn’t have to pay anything.

The walk then begins on a pleasant flat path that runs along the seaside. I

he journey to the other side of the reserve takes about 1h30 (3h round trip) and is not difficult. You can admire many viewpoints and also swim in some creeks (near the 2 entrances). Plan water, hat and sunscreen, because there is no shade at all.

Another path leads to the summit of Mount Cofano.

Please note that the latter requires good physical condition because it climbs and there are passages with ropes in the rocks. Bring hiking shoes and good equipment, don’t go in flip flops!

You will be rewarded for your efforts by the view that awaits you at the top. Count between 4 to 5 hours depending on your physical condition.

Trapani itinerary 3 days
Monte Cofano Reserve

10. The Beaches of Trapani

If you are staying in Trapani, why not try one of the nearby beaches after your day of sightseeing?

There are 2 main beaches in Trapani:

  • Lido San Giuliano, about twenty minutes walk from the city center and which has bars and restaurants to eat. You can rent deckchairs and parasols for the day.
  • Lido Paradiso, a fully equipped private beach with even a children’s pool. The water is not deep and the beach is well protected from the wind. It is therefore ideal with children.

You can also swim along the seaside promenade. There are several places to get off at the edge of the rocks and small stretches of sand to lay down your towel.

Obviously these are not the most beautiful beaches in Sicily but it is enough to cool off after a good day of sightseeing.

Trapani itinerary 3 days
One of the beaches of Trapani

11. Zingaro Nature Reserve

Another nature reserve where you can walk around Trapani: the Zingaro reserve (1 hour drive).

This reserve allows you to contemplate splendid panoramas over the sea and to alternate hiking with swimming breaks in small coves with crystal clear water.

Trapani itinerary 3 days
The Zingaro nature reserve

12. Palermo

It is the closest big city to TrapaniPalermo is about 1h30 by car. There is also a good chance that you will arrive in Palermo if you plan to visit the West during your Sicily itinerary.

Here is a small list of things not to miss in Palermo:

  • The Norman palace and its palatine chapel covered with gold mosaics
  • The Church of Saint John of the Hermits with its bright red cupolas
  • The Cathedral of Palermo in which rest many kings and queens
  • The Regional Archaeological Museum of Palermo whose entrance is free
  • The Capuchin catacombs which house nearly 8000 mummies
  • The many palaces of Palermo
  • The churches

In the vicinity of Palermo, I also recommend a visit to the Cathedral of Monreale, an architectural masterpiece, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I give you all the details to visit Palermo in my article: What to do in Palermo?

Trapani itinerary 3 days
Palermo Cathedral

13. The Temples of Selinunte

If you want to visit an archaeological site in the surroundings of Trapani, I recommend that of Selinunte.

It is 1h05 by car from Trapani.

The place includes several remains of temples spread over different areas. They are more or less well preserved but being erected on a plain overlooking the sea, the place is really very beautiful.

Trapani itinerary 3 days
One of the temples of Selinunte

How many days to visit Trapani?

I advise you to spend at least 2 days in Trapani, if possible 3. And if you want to visit more than one Egadi island, add 1 day per island. With a night in Favignana and/or Levanzo for example!

1 Day Trapani Itinerary

If you only have one day in Trapani, I suggest the following program:

  • If you arrive in Trapani from the south of the city, stop on the way to see the salt marshes.
  • Discovery of the historic center of Trapani and stroll through the streets of the Sicilian city
  • Lunch break
  • Afternoon in Erice
  • Late afternoon sunbathing and idleness on Trapani beach

2 Days Trapani Itinerary

In 2 days in Trapani, take the program of the first day and add to it:

  • A day on one of the Egadi islands

3 Days Trapani Itinerary

For 3 days in Trapani, you can resume the program of the previous 2 days then:

  • Visit the Temple of Segesta
  • Lunch break
  • Walk in the Cofano nature reserve or in the Zingaro reserve
  • Swimming in one of the creeks of the reserve

4 Days Trapani Itinerary

If you have 4 days in Trapani, you will have time to explore Palermo in one day.

And if you prefer archaeological remains, then head to the temples of Selinunte!

Accommodation in Trapani

If you have decided to sleep in Trapani, it is better to book your hotel quickly, because there are not many of them and the best ones leave quickly! Here is a selection of our favorites:

  • Hotel Moderno : Hotel located right in the old town of Trapani. Spacious and comfortable double room from €55 per night, breakfast at €5. The pluses: the ideal location, close to restaurants, the beach and the port for embarking on the Egadi islands.
  • Hotel Trapani in : Located in front of the pier from where ferries depart for the Egadi Islands. Modern and well-decorated double room from €72 per night, breakfast included. Most: the central location, the very welcoming staff and the excellent breakfast. It is our favorite for its price/performance ratio!
  • Hotel San Michele : Located 5 minutes walk from the port, in the historic district of Trapani. Spacious double room with neat decoration from 82€, breakfast included. The pluses: the quiet location, the attentive staff, a good breakfast and the large walk-in showers!
  • Residence la Gancia: Located in the center of Trapani, 30 meters from the beach. Modern studio with equipped kitchenette from €125 per night, breakfast included. The pluses: the rooftop for having breakfast or admiring the sunset, the ideal location, the very pleasant welcome, the comfort of the studios.
  • Firriato Hospitality – Baglio Soria: Located 7 km from the center of Trapani, surrounded by vineyards. Bright and refined double room from €200 per night, breakfast included. Most: the quiet and isolated place, the great breakfast, the view, the swimming pool, the quality of the service. This is our recommendation for a luxury stay in Trapani.
Trapani itinerary 3 days
Monte Cofano Reserve, near Trapani

Where to eat in Trapani

  • El Medina: Kebab type restaurant to eat on the go. Located opposite the entrance to the Villa Margherita park. The slices of pizza are substantial and delicious for barely 2€!!! We highly recommend it, the value for money is unbeatable and you will leave satisfied. We only tested the pizzas but they also offer kebabs and cabuci (the typical Sicilian sandwiches).
  • Il Grilli : Located on Corso Vittorio Emanuele. Restaurant that focuses on delicious meats with a simple side dish of potatoes and salad. Large selection of meats from all over the world, each one more excellent than the other and for a super affordable price. Very good wine list. And in addition the waitress speaks a little French.
  • Trattoria La Golosa : Located in Via Salemi, away from the city center. Trattoria offering authentic Sicilian cuisine. Fresh and local products. Generous and delicious dishes for a more than reasonable price. The chef himself comes to explain the menu to you so that you can choose.

My impressions of Trapani

I really liked the Trapani area, especially for the variety of things to do there!

In addition to being able to enjoy magnificent coves with crystal clear waters in the Egadi Islands or in the nature reserve of Mount Cofano, there is a fairly varied tourist offer in the region, with among others the perched village of Erice, the salt marshes of Paceco or the Temple of Segesta

It’s always nice to mix several experiences in a few days, and I’m sure you will too!

Erice and Favignana are very touristic places but that did not particularly bother us for once, because you will always find places in peace and away from the crowd to enjoy the moment with 2 or with your family.

And, what are you planning to visit in Trapani?

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