3 Days in Cannes: Itinerary with Top 20 Things to Do

Top Things to Do in Cannes for 1,2 or 3 Days

Have you decided to visit Cannes during your stay on the French Riviera?

Good idea!

To help you organize your visits, I have prepared the top 20 things to do and see in Cannes. You will find all the must-see places of interest such as La Croisette or the Palais des Festivals, but also many other lesser-known places not to be missed.

And for you to get the most out of it, I also give you my suggestions for itineraries to visit Cannes and its surroundings in 1, 2 or 3 days, and my selection of the best hotels in the city.

So, what to do and see in Cannes?

Visit Cannes: the must-sees

1. The Croisette

This is the emblematic place of interest of Cannes: the Croisette.

This long promenade by the sea is bordered by pines and palm trees, luxury boutiques and mythical hotels. It is, along with the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, one of the most famous boulevards on the French Riviera and in the world.

Well laid out and maintained, you will also find beautiful fine sandy beaches, ideal for sunbathing, swimming and having a drink on the terrace of one of the trendy establishments located there.

And if you want to experience nautical activities during your stay in Cannes, you will have the choice between:

  • A wakeboarding session 
  • Wakesurfing, a new trendy activity to slide on a wave produced by a boat
  • Flyboard to try some acrobatics above the water
  • A jet ski ride of 30 min to 2 hours to discover the Lérins islands for example.

Tips for your Cannes itinerary:

Before leaving for Cannes, I advise you to book your “Pass Côte d’Azur France”It allows access to 3 or 5 activities of your choice from a list of more than 100 attractions throughout the region (Nice, Monaco, Antibes, etc.).

In Cannes, what is very interesting is that the pass includes the boat trip to the Lérins Islands or the circuit in the little train that leaves from the Croisette.

Cannes itinerary
The Croisette, in Cannes

2. The Cannes Festival Palace

A visit to the Palais des Festivals is a must in Cannes. 

This is where the Cannes Film Festival, the biggest film festival in the world, is held every year in May . It rewards the best films with the prestigious Palme d’Or trophy.

The event is a major meeting place for the biggest international stars and people, for whom climbing the stairs under the flashes of photographers is considered a consecration. Designer dresses and jewelry from the greatest jewelers are obviously in order!

These steps have become a myth in Cannes, and you’re sure to think you’re Angelina Jolie or Leonardo di Caprio by posing for a little souvenir photo at the top of the steps.

Tips for your Cannes itinerary:

On the same principle as the “Walk of Fame” in Los Angeles, Cannes has its “Chemin des Etoiles”. »

The greatest directors, actors and celebrities have left their handprints on slabs on the floor. They are located at the forecourt of the Palais des Festivals and along the Georges Pompidou esplanade.

Have fun looking for those of Nicole Kidman, Quentin Tarantino or Johnny Hallyday.

The Cannes tourist office is also located in the Palais des Festivals, so take the opportunity to get the city map.

Cannes itinerary
The Palais des Festivals in Cannes

3. The Mythical Palaces of Cannes

During your walk on the Croisette, do not miss admiring the magnificent facades of Cannes’ emblematic 5-star hotels.

Who knows if you open your eyes, you might spot one of your favorite actors or singers having breakfast on the balcony!

Among the most famous palaces in Cannes, we can mention:

  • The Majestic Barrière hotel, characteristic of the 1920s, has a heated swimming pool, a Spa, restaurants and luxury boutiques. You can book a night at the Majestic in Cannes directly here.
  • The Martinez hotel, built in the 1930s, was the largest hotel in the region at the time. If you want to spend a night in this superb hotel during your trip to Cannes, book here!
  • The Intercontinental Carlton Cannes, built in 1909, is today one of the most famous French hotels. To sleep in this mythical palace, it’s this way!

Tips for your Cannes itinerary:

To explore the Croisette and discover the other districts of Cannes, you can also choose a very nice and trendy activity: a segway tour.

For 1 or 2 hours, you can visit Cannes accompanied by your guide. He is super friendly and knows every corner of the city!

Cannes itinerary
The Carlton, emblematic palace of Cannes

4. The Suquet District

I suggest you continue this Cannes guide through the Suquet district.

Le Suquet is the oldest neighborhood in Cannes. Built on a hill, the old town of Cannes offers a beautiful view of the bay and the Croisette.

You can also stroll through the steep medieval streets and enjoy the authentic atmosphere, shops and restaurants.

To see at the Suquet during your visit to Cannes:

  • The Castre Museum, which is located in the old castle built by the monks of the Saint-Honorat Abbey. The place, classified as a Historic Monument, brings together collections of Provençal painting, Mediterranean antiquities, primitive art and musical instruments from all over the world.
  •  The square tower, where it is possible to climb to the top to admire the 360° panorama
  • The Church of Our Lady of Hope, on the Place de la Castre, a Gothic building from the 17th century
  • The Iron Mask Tower,  where according to legend the man in the iron mask took refuge after his escape from Sainte-Marguerite Island
  • Rue Saint-Antoine, with its shops and restaurants

Tips for your Cannes itinerary:

To visit the Suquet without getting tired, but also the Croisette during your holidays in Cannes, I recommend this electric bike tour.

Your local guide will take you to all the sights in Cannes and show you where to stop for the best photos. Visit available in English.

And if you don’t feel like taking a guided tour, you can simply rent a bike in Cannes by clicking here!

Cannes itinerary
Le Suquet, district of Cannes

5. Forville Market

The Forville market has now become a real tourist attraction in Cannes.

Every morning, from Tuesday to Sunday, you can walk the aisles of this covered market and discover the stalls of market gardeners, cheese makers and fishmongers. Good local and quality products are at the rendezvous!

The Forville market is located at the foot of the Suquet hill, behind the Cannes Town Hall, not far from the Old Port.

Tips for your Cannes itinerary:

Peckish? I advise you to taste the socca sold on one of the market stalls.

Being from Nice, I can only recommend this Nice specialty : a very thin galette made from chickpea flour, which is eaten just sprinkled with pepper.

Cannes itinerary
Forville market

6. The Painted Walls of Cannes

The circuit of the painted walls of Cannes refers to the cinematographic history of the city.

Several facades and walls have very beautiful frescoes dedicated to the seventh art. Sixteen in number, they are distributed in all the districts of Cannes.

In particular, you will be able to admire:

  • “The Hotel de la Plage”, at 7 rue Saint-Dizier
  • « Charlie Chaplin », 10 Boulevard Vallombrosa
  • “Cinema Cannes”, on Place Cornut Gentille
  • “Full Sun Alain Delon”, Avenue Francis Tonner
  • “Marylin Monroe”, at 16 Boulevard d’Alsace.
Cannes itinerary
Circuit of the painted walls of Cannes

7. The Old Port

To continue with this list of things to do in Cannes, I recommend a short passage through the Old Port and the Quai Saint-Pierre.

You can admire some of the luxury yachts that are moored there. The Old Port sector is also full of good fish and seafood restaurants.

Throughout the year, the Old Port comes alive with festivals such as the famous “Royal Regatta” where exceptional sailboats compete in a race in the bay of Cannes.

Just before the regattas is also held the international yachting festival where the curious flock to admire hundreds of boats.

Tips for your Cannes itinerary:

One of the most beautiful rooftops in Cannes can be found at the very end of the Quai Saint-Pierre.

The terrace of the Radisson Blu Hotel & Thalasso is the ideal place to have a drink in Cannes at the end of the day. Settle into the comfortable armchairs and enjoy a moment of relaxation while watching the sun set over the Old Port, the Lérins Islands and the Croisette. 

The Radisson is also a very good choice of hotel where to sleep in Cannes. You can consult the rates and make your reservation by clicking here.

Cannes itinerary
The Old Port, in Cannes

8. The Lérins Islands

If you no longer know what to do in Cannes, I now recommend that you go and visit the Lérins Islands.

Accessible in just 15 to 20 minutes by boat from Cannes, the Lérins Islands are the ideal destination for enjoying nature and swimming near the city.

They are also very popular with families, as they are well equipped for picnicking and cars are prohibited there. So you can walk there quietly and safely.

The Lérins Islands archipelago is made up of 2 islands:

1) Sainte-Marguerite Island is the larger of the 2.

An 8 km path, by the sea and under the pine forest, allows you to do the whole tour on foot. It is also possible to swim in several places. Count about 3 hours to do the complete tour on foot and more with the picnic and photo breaks.

On the island, you can also visit Fort Royal for €6. This former prison where the intriguing character of the iron mask was imprisoned  now houses the museum of the sea. 

Finally, the island has a mini village with a few restaurants.

2) Saint-Honorat Island is the smallest of the Lérins Islands.

There is an abbey founded by Cistercian monks in the 5th century and still occupied by the community. You can visit the chapels, the abbey, the abbey church or the Monastery Tower.

The monks also cultivate an ancestral vineyard producing an excellent wine. You can get it at the shop located next to the landing stage.

I also advise you to go around the island on foot, it can be done in an hour.

On the island, you will also find a restaurant and a snack bar.

To go all around the Lérins Islands during the day, you can also choose to rent a kayak. You will be able to take a leisurely stroll on the water and stop for a swim whenever you wish.

Tips for your Cannes itinerary:

To go to the Lérins Islands from Cannes, the boat is taken at the very end of the Saint-Pierre quay (follow the signs, it is well indicated). There is a shuttle to Île Sainte-Marguerite and a shuttle to Île Saint-Honorat.

You will not be able to make a transfer between the 2 islands.

If you want to visit both islands, you will have to return to Cannes after the first island and take the boat back to the second. Which is not really feasible during the day because the boats only cross every hour.

So, I recommend that you decide beforehand which island you want to go to. In my eyes in any case, Sainte-Marguerite Island the most interesting of the 2 to visit.

As there are always a lot of people at the ticket office, I strongly recommend that you buy your tickets in advance here (it’s the same price as on site). At least you will be sure to have a seat at the time that suits you!

The crossing is included with the Côte d’Azur France Pass.

Cannes itinerary
Lerins Islands

9. Cruise from Cannes

Another fun activity to do during your stay in Cannes: a mini-cruise.

Departing from Cannes, you will have the choice between (click on the links in orange or green button to book):

1) A commented cruise from La Corniche d’Or to discover the red rocks of the Massif de l’Esterel plunging directly into the sea.

Information and reservations on the official website.

2) A combined cruise on Ile Sainte-Marguerite (with stopover) + discovery of the Corniche d’Or

3) A return cruise to Monaco with a stopover time of 5 hours to visit the city

4) A sea shuttle to get to Saint-Tropez (book here!)  and stroll around the city for a few hours before returning to Cannes.

You can also opt for a zodiac shuttle to go faster. 

5) A catamaran cruise with lunch and swimming break around the Lérins Islands.

You will find all the information about this cruise and you can book it here.

The catamaran cruise is also available without lunch by booking directly here! 

6) A zodiac outing in the creeks of Esterel + swimming stop.

7) A zodiac trip at sunset with snorkeling at the Lérins Islands ecomuseum which consists of 6 statues submerged between 3 and 5 meters deep.

It’s really a great idea for an unusual activity to do in Cannes.

Cannes itinerary
Take a cruise in Cannes

10. Go Shopping in Cannes

If you want to take advantage of your trip to Cannes to heat up the blue card, I give you the best places to shop:

  • Along the Croisette and rue des Etats-Unis, if you are more into luxury boutiques and haute couture houses like Chanel and Dior
  • Rue d’Antibes for more affordable fashion boutiques like Zara or decoration brands
  • The Carré d’Or (between the Croisette and rue d’Antibes), rue du Commandant André, for jewelry
  • Rue Meynadier, a pedestrian street with many shops and souvenir shops.

11. The Cross of the Guards

During your visit to Cannes, I recommend that you take a little height by going to the Croix-des-Gardes.

This 80-hectare natural park allows you to stroll peacefully along a path with belvederes offering beautiful views of Cannes, the Lérins islands and the Esterel massif. 

Cannes itinerary
Cross of the Guards, Cannes

12. Flight over Cannes

To discover Cannes, you can also opt for a flight over the city in a small private plane.

This unique experience will allow you to enjoy panoramic views of the whole city but also the surroundings. The pilot is ultra professional and will even explain to you the different controls of the device in addition to giving you explanations about the places you see.

These overflights of Cannes are also available by helicopter. You will have the choice between several formulas. Just click on the links to access details and book:

  • A shared panoramic helicopter flight. Several circuits are available: flight over the Croisette, flight over the Esterel, flight to Monaco or even flight over Saint-Tropez.
  • A private helicopter flight. Here too you can choose your circuit.
  • An initiation flight where you will benefit from a theoretical course to know how the device works and then you will fly the helicopter in dual control with your instructor!
Cannes itinerary
Flight over Cannes by plane

13. Boat Trip from Cannes

In addition to the different boat trips I told you about above, I recommend 2 other options that will allow you to discover the surroundings of Cannes by boat far from other tourists.

To enjoy a VIP experience, I suggest you:

1) Book a private boat trip from Cannes

In my opinion, this is the best way to make the most of your day at sea in Cannes!

You rent a boat with a skipper, and he will take you to the most beautiful corners of the Côte d’Azur.

Motor boat, sailboat, catamaran or even yacht : it’s up to you to choose the boat that suits you to spend a dream day!

2) Rent a boat to discover the surroundings of Cannes

If you have a boat license, the second solution for a superb day at sea is simply to rent a boat!
Cannes itinerary

14. The Beaches of Cannes

Visiting Cannes without going for a short walk to the beach is not really possible!

Cannes and its coastline are home to nearly 8 km of beaches, so you might as well say that you will have the choice.

There are of course many private beaches in Cannes, most of which are located between the Palais des Festivals de Cannes and Cap de la Croisette (Palm Beach).

All the most beautiful luxury hotels in Cannes such as the Martinez or the Carlton have chic and trendy beach clubs. Count all the same at least 80€ per day just for a deckchair.

If you just want to lay down your towel and enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere, I advise you to choose one of Cannes’ public beaches. There are only 2 public beaches on the Croisette (Palais des Festivals beach and Croisette Est beach).

The others are after the Cap de la Croisette (in the direction of Juan-les-Pins) or after the port of Cannes, towards the Boulevard du Midi and in the direction of Mandelieu.

15. The Alleys of Liberty

To end this visit to Cannes, I suggest you take a stroll down the Allées de la Liberté, a shady, pedestrianized square where locals come to play tough games of petanque.

This is also where several markets are held:

  • The Cannes flower market : every morning of the year except Monday
  • The craft market which takes place every weekend and where you will find objects from local artisans: jewellery, paintings, sculptures…
  • The flea market: every Saturday / the first Sunday and the third Sunday of the month.

What to do around Cannes?

If you have decided to go to Cannes for a few days, in addition to your visit to the city, you will have time to discover the surroundings.

I now offer you my list of the best places to visit around Cannes. I have selected 5 of them, all easily accessible by train, car or on organized day trips.

16. Antibes

Antibes is an excellent choice for a day around Cannes.

The city is accessible in 25 minutes by car or in 15 minutes by train for less than 10€ return ( info and reservations here ).

What to do in Antibes?

  • A walk in the old town, really very nice with lots of restaurants and small shops
  • Lots of local products at the Provençal market
  • Visit the city’s museums: the Peynet museum, the Picasso museum or the archeology museum
  • Enjoy the beaches
  • Take a walking tour of Cap d’Antibes
  • Go to Marineland in Antibes.

To visit Antibes, I recommend that you read my dedicated article right here: What to do in Antibes?

Cannes itinerary

17. Nice

Among the cities to see absolutely around Cannes, there is Nice of course!

Only 45 minutes by car or 35 minutes by train separate these 2 emblematic cities of the French Riviera.

In Nice, I advise you not to miss:

  • The Promenade des Anglais for a stroll on the mythical avenue
  • Old Nice with its houses with colorful facades and its many shops/restaurants
  • The hill of the castle to have a very nice overview of the city.

And since there are plenty of other things to do in Nice, don’t hesitate to read my dedicated article: What to do and see in Nice?

Tips for your Cannes itinerary:

If you want to organize a short stay to visit several cities on the French Riviera (Nice, Antibes, Cannes etc.), I also advise you to read my article: Itinerary for a week on the French Riviera.

Cannes itinerary

18. Monaco

Still close to Cannes, I suggest you discover another unmissable city on the Côte d’Azur: Monaco.

You can reach it in 1 hour by car or train.

Places of interest to see in Monaco:

  • The Rock and the Prince’s Palace
  • The Oceanographic Museum – Ticket on sale here!
  • The Monte-Carlo district and its famous Casino
  • The exotic garden of Monaco

Want to know more about Monaco? I wrote you a detailed article: The complete guide to visit Monaco.

Tips for your Cannes itinerary:

Do you want to take a guided tour of Monaco? Don’t like to bother with organizational matters?

I advise you to book an organized day trip from Cannes. Transport , guide and pick-up in front of your hotel in Cannes are included.

There are 2 types of excursions:

Cannes itinerary
The Rock, in Monaco

19. Grasse

Towards Cannes, about 35 minutes by car is the town of Grasse.

Grasse is considered the perfume capital of the world and is home to several renowned perfumeries such as Fragonard, Molinard and Galimard. Most can be visited to learn all about the manufacture of perfumes and even compose your own and leave with it.

And to learn even more about the history of this very specific industry, you can also visit the International Museum of Perfumery.

If you don’t have a vehicle, I advise you to take a day trip from Cannes with transport and guide included.

The outing includes not only a visit to Grasse and the Fragornard perfume factory, but also the discovery of the medieval village of Valbonne and the fortress of Gourdon. The whole thing will end with a little wine tasting!

Cannes itinerary

20. St. Tropez

I conclude my selection of places not to be missed around Cannes with the mythical city of Saint-Tropez.

It is located 1h30 by car from Cannes and is therefore the ideal visit for a weekend in PACA for example.

A small coastal town on the French Riviera, Saint-Tropez is known for attracting the entire international jet set as well as for its lively nightlife.

During your walk, you can discover its citadel and its museum and then stop for a swim on the trendiest beach in the city: Pampelonne beach.

If you don’t have a car, you can easily get to Saint-Tropez from Cannes by taking the sea shuttle. It will also allow you to enjoy a pleasant little cruise.

The round trip is to be booked here.

Cannes itinerary

21. Other Excursions from Cannes

In addition to these very famous cities to see around Cannes, I have selected 2 really nice organized excursions for you:

1) A day to visit the wine estates around Cannes.

You will have the chance to discover the best wines of Provence by visiting the cellars of Château Saint-Martin, Château Font du Broc which produces the famous Côtes de Provence and finally Château Sainte-Roselyne.

And of course wine tastings are included in the program!

2) An excursion to discover the Italian Riviera.

Your guide will take you to Sanremo and Bordighera, whose markets are very famous, and to the charming village of Dolceacqua.

How many days to visit Cannes?

One day is enough to visit Cannes and walk around the city.

In a weekend in Cannes, you can make day trips to the surrounding towns.

I give you the route to follow to know how to visit Cannes in 1 or 2 days below:

1 Day Cannes Itinerary

Here is the program that I recommend if you have chosen to spend a day in Cannes:

  • Walk on the Croisette where you can enjoy the seaside and admire the palaces
  • Photo at the top of the Palais des Festivals red carpet
  • Passage through the Old Port
  • Lunch near Forville or the Old Port
  • Go see the painted wall “Cinema Cannes”
  • Discovery of the Suquet district
  • Climb to the Croix-des-Gardes or shopping
Cannes itinerary
Visit Cannes

2 Days Cannes Itinerary

For a 2-day stay in Cannes, follow the day 1 itinerary.

On day 2, you have several choices:

  • Day on one of the Lérins islands for walking, picnicking and swimming
  • A mini-cruise
  • Visiting the surrounding towns: Antibes, Nice, Monaco, Grasse or Saint-Tropez.

My detailed itinerary of visits for 2 days in Cannes can be read by clicking here: Week end in Cannes.

3 Days Cannes Itinerary

If you have decided to go to Cannes for 3 days or more, you won’t even have to choose. It will be enough to dedicate a day to each visit that I tell you about in this guide.

Accommodation in Cannes

Here is my list of the best hotels to stay in Cannes according to your budget. Right after, I also give you the best hotels in Nice if you prefer to stay in the city and go to visit Cannes from there.

  • Hotel La Villa Tosca: located 5 minutes walk from the Croisette. Recently renovated double room from €70, breakfast €13. Most: the location in the city center, proximity to the station to get around, hospitality.
  • Best Western Premier Mondial: located in rue d’Antibes. Warm and comfortable double room from €110, breakfast €20. Most: the excellent breakfast, the comfort of the beds. It is our favorite for its price/performance ratio in Cannes.
  • Hotel Le Canberra: located rue d’Antibes, 5 minutes from the beach. Bright and spacious double room with a view of the garden from €160, breakfast at €22. Most: the swimming pool, the comfort, the geographical location.
  • Radisson Blu 1835 Hotel & Thalasso, Cannes: located in the Old Port, on the edge of the quay. Double room with elegant decoration overlooking the old town or the sea and free access to the Spa, from €170, breakfast €35. The pluses: the rooftop with a magnificent view, the Spa, the swimming pool. One of the best choices where to stay in Cannes.

For a higher budget, I end with the most beautiful 5* hotels in Cannes:

  • Five Seas Hotel: located 100 meters from the Palais des Festivals. Double room and suites with contemporary decor from €235, breakfast included. Most: the swimming pool on the roof, the Spa, the great kindness of the staff.
  • Hotel Martinez – in the Unbound Collection by Hyatt: located on the Boulevard de la Croisette, this emblematic palace offers rooms in a contemporary Art Deco style with a lounge area from €270, breakfast €42. The pluses: the private beach, the gourmet restaurant (2* in the Michelin Guide), the calm, the professionalism of the staff. This is our recommendation for a luxury stay in Cannes.
  • InterContinental Carlton Cannes: also located on the Croisette, this mythical 5* hotel in Cannes offers elegant and bright rooms from €275, breakfast included. Most: the private beach, the breakfast on the terrace, the comfort of the beds.
  • Hôtel Barrière Le Majestic Cannes: this splendid luxury hotel is located on the Croisette. Design and spacious double room with panoramic view of Cannes or the sea from 350€, breakfast included. Most: the free private beach, the wellness center, the delicious breakfast. One of the most beautiful palaces to sleep in Cannes.
Cannes itinerary
Stay in Cannes

Accommodation in Nice

  • Hotel Ozz by Happyculture :  Located about 15 minutes from the beach on foot. Nice place and decoration, friendly staff, well placed and comfortable beds. We ask for no more! Only 20€ per night in dormitory. Double room at 55€. This is the best choice if you are looking for a cheap hotel in Nice!
  • Hotel Brice Garden : Located in the city center of Nice, 5 minutes walk from the beach and the Promenade des Anglais. Very well appointed and clean room from 80€ per night. Helpful and welcoming staff. The best value for money if you want to be in the city center. To book well in advance!
  • Hôtel le Saint Paul : Located 50 meters from the port of Nice, quiet, breathtaking view of the sea. Large bright room from €95 per night, buffet breakfast for €12. The plus: free private parking. Our big favorite in Nice!
  • Hotel Le Royal Promenade des Anglais : Located right on the Promenade des Anglais in a historic building. Prestigious room decorated in a classic style, very bright from €135 per night, breakfast at €15.
  • Hôtel Negresco:  Located on the Promenade des Anglais, this palace with art deco architecture is quite simply the best in Nice. The rooms are sublime, the view is magnificent, the staff charming and the restaurant exceptional. This is the best choice for a luxury stay in Nice!

Where to eat in Cannes

  • The restaurant “La Palme d’Or”: the restaurant of the Martinez hotel has been awarded 2 stars in the Michelin Guide, it is considered the most prestigious restaurant in Cannes.
  • Le troquet à Soupes: located Rue Meynadier. This very small restaurant offers excellent homemade dishes made with quality products. Homemade soup specialties in winter and gazpacho/salads in summer.
  • Grand-Mère’s wheelbarrow: to taste authentic homemade regional cuisine, you’ve come to the right place. Single price of €49 with all-you-can-eat starter, main course + dessert + water + 1/2 bottle of wine. Reservation recommended.
Cannes itinerary
The tourist train of Cannes

How to get to Cannes

Cannes has an airport but more geared towards business aviation, so you will need to land at Nice airport.

To go to Cannes from Nice, here are the different options:

1) A private transfer from Nice airport. Book in advance by clicking here!

2) The bus: take line 200 which goes directly to Nice airport.

3) The train: a journey takes only 35 minutes from Nice train station to Cannes.

4) The car. It may be worth renting a car when you arrive in Nice and keeping it for the duration of your stay on the Côte d’Azur. 

Cannes Tourist Map

To help you visualize the city a little better, I made you a  tourist map of Cannes listing the places to visit that I talk about in this top 20 things to do in Cannes. You can display the map legend by clicking on the top left button with a small arrow.

FAQ – Questions about Cannes

When to go to Cannes?

You can visit Cannes all year round. 

All the things to see, the activities (except nautical) and even the boats for the Lérins Islands are available at any time.

If you want to go to Cannes to enjoy the beaches, the best is to go there between June and September.

What to do in Cannes when it rains?

Here are some ideas of activities to do in case of rain during your stay in Cannes:

  • Visit the museums of La Castre or the art center La Malmaison
  • Go shopping
  • An introduction to wine tasting
  • A movie screening in one of the city’s 3 cinemas
  • You laser game.

What to do in Cannes with the family?

If you have chosen to visit Cannes with children, I really recommend visiting the Lérins IslandsThey will be delighted to walkswim and picnic.

You can also take them to Fun City, a huge indoor playground with ball pool, slides, zipline, trampoline and even a mini go-kart.

What to do in Cannes at night?

If you feel like partying during your stay, you will find plenty of bars, clubs and even casinos.

Where to go out in Cannes:

  • At the panoramic restaurant and lounge bar “360” of the Radisson Blu Hotel that I have already mentioned in my article
  • At the Fouquet’s gallery bar  for its excellent cocktails
  • The Martinez bar, considered a real institution of the city
  • At the Gotha Club which hosts the biggest DJs on the planet and where you may come across international stars
  • The Bâoli to party with the jet set
  • At the Casino Barrière Les Princes or at the Casino Barrière Croisette.

And you, what do you plan to do in Cannes?

In order to help you organize your stay, do not hesitate to ask me your questions in the comments.

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