1 Week Taipei Itinerary: Top 25 Things to Do

What to do in Taipei?

Have you chosen to visit Taipei, the capital of Taiwan?

Excellent choice!

To help you organize your stay, I have prepared a comprehensive guide to the 25 best things to do in Taipei. Very practical, you will find all the must-see places of interest in Taipei and the surrounding area!

And that’s not all, in addition to my advice and tips, I have also concocted itineraries for you to visit Taipei in 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 days.

And as usual, at the end of the article, I give you my selection of the best hotels in town according to your budget.

So what to do and see in Taipei? 

Visit Taipei: the must-sees

1. Taipei 101 Tower

I start with the must-see tourist site in Taipei and which quickly became its emblem: Tower 101.

Completed in 2004, at 509 meters high, it was the tallest tower in the world at the time. It will be necessary to wait until 2010 for it to be dethroned by the Burj Khalifa which is located in Dubai and which measures 828 meters!

Tower 101 is an architectural marvel, it was designed to withstand the worst natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes, which are quite recurrent on the island.

Thanks to an ingenious system, a steel ball of 660 tons in suspension and able to absorb 40% of shocks, the tower is one of the most stable buildings in the world.

Last peculiarity: the building has been certified as the largest eco-construction in the world thanks to its optimized management of water and electricity.

Like all the most famous towers in the world, Tower 101 has panoramic observation decks : one indoors, on the 89th floor and the other outdoors, on the 91st floor.

From up there, you can enjoy a 360° view of the entire city and the surrounding mountains.

To reach the first platform, you will take one of the fastest elevators in the world which reaches a speed of 60km/h and which will take you from the 5th floor to the 89th in just 37 seconds!

Tower 101 is one of Taipei’s most visited landmarks.

Taipei itinerary
Tour Taipei 101

I really recommend that you book your ticket in advance so as not to queue and avoid the hordes of Chinese tourists.

You have to buy it by clicking on the button below:
Reserve my ticket for tower 101 now!

There is also a “VIP” ticket so you don’t have to wait to take the elevators there and back. Available by clicking here!

Some practical information for visiting Taipei 101:

  • Open daily from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Elevator access for the 89th floor is on the 5th floor of Taipei 101 Mall
  • I advise you to go up just before sunset to have the day and night view
  • To get to the tower: take the subway red line to Taipei 101 station, exit 4.

2. Elephant Mountain

The Elephant Mountain is the best place to go in Taipei to admire the view of the 101 tower and the city center. It is this view that is found on many postcards of Taipei.

But I prefer to warn you that the panorama is a little deserved and that you will have to work your calves a lot to climb to the top of the elephant hill .

Count about 20 to 25 minutes of climbing only on stairs and quite steep to get there. Lots of people stop at the first viewpoint where there is a big rock where everyone is queuing up to get their picture on Instagram.

There are even special tours where a local guide takes you to discover the most beautiful photo spots on the mountain. Book here! 

I advise you to continue a little higher, there are other even nicer places to contemplate the view and they are less crowded.

For the return, you can go back down the same way or walk a little more towards the left side of the mountain and go down again by other paths.

To reach the start of the stairs for Elephant Mountain : take the metro (red line) to Xiangshan station + cross the park following the “Xiangshan Trail” signs.


The best time to climb to the top of Elephant Mountain and enjoy the view is at sunset. 

Remember to bring water because there is nothing all along the way.

Taipei-Elephant-Moutain - what to do in Taipei
View of Taipei from Elephant Mountain

3. The National Palace Museum

During your trip to Taipei, I recommend you to visit the National Palace Museum.

It houses an impressive collection of Chinese art. No less than 690,000 pieces, most of which come directly from the imperial palace in the Forbidden City of Beijing

Of these 600,000 pieces, only 15,000 are on display, the rest would be kept in the galleries dug directly into the mountain behind.

You can admire a large number of ceramics, jades or bronzes from the most famous Chinese dynasties (Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing, the last dynasty of the Middle Kingdom). There are also many calligraphiesold books and paintings.

Admission to the Palace Museum is included in the Taipei Unlimited Fun Pass.

If you don’t have it, I advise you to book your ticket in advance using the following link:
Reserve my ticket for the National Palace Museum now!

Practical information for your visit to the National Palace Museum:

  • Open every day: Sunday to Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and Friday/Saturday until 9 p.m.
  • Free guided tour every day at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. in English
  • Audio guide available in French
  • Count 2 hours of visit.

To reach the museum, you have 3 solutions:

  • Subway Red Line to Shilin Station, Exit 1 + Bus R30 / 255 / M1 / ​​815 / S18 /304 / S19 / 300 (around 15-25 minutes ride)
  • Brown line to Jiannan Road Station, Exit 1 + Bus BL 7 or BR 20 (10 minute ride)
  • Brown line to Dazhi Station, Exit 3 + Bus BR 13 (15 minutes ride).


If you want to visit some of the places of interest in Taipei, including the National Palace Museum, and you have little time, I advise you to book a half-day guided tour.

Lasting 4 hours, it includes a visit to the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial (see below), the Martyrs’ Shrine, a visit to the Palace Museum and a visit to the Xingtian Temple.

Pick -up in front of your hotel, transport and an English- speaking guide are included in the price.

Book your half-day guided tour in Taipei by clicking here:
Book my Taipei guided tour now!

The National Palace Museum in Taipei - what to do in Taipei
The National Palace Museum in Taipei

4. The Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial

I continue my tourist guide of Taipei by the memorial of Chiang Kai-Shek.

The memorial, an impressive building in size, was erected in honor of the first president of the Republic of China who ruled Taiwan from 1950 to 1975.

In the main hall of the memorial, you can observe a large bronze statue representing him and watch the changing of the guard. It takes place every day and every hour from 11am. Try to be there a bit early to get a seat at the front as it gets crowded.

Upstairs, there is a small exhibition retracing the life of Chiang Kai-Shek.

The memorial is located on Place de la Liberté, a large esplanade bounded by the Porte de la Démocratie and bordered on one side by the National Theater and on the other by the Concert Hall, 2 very beautiful Chinese-style buildings.

To access it, you just need to exit at the Chiang Kai metro station and you will be directly in the square.

top things to do Taipei
Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial

5. The Confucius Temple

During your stay in Taipei, do not miss to visit the Confucius Temple.

Its architecture is directly inspired by the largest temple of Confucius which is located in his hometown in China.

Confucius was a sage and a philosopher known for his precepts which influenced all Chinese culture and civilization . Confucianism advocated ethics and morality.

To teach it to as many people as possible, Confucius and his disciples traveled for nearly 14 years. His students mainly studied “6 arts”: rites ( ceremonies and cults), musicarcheryhorse ridingwriting and mathematics. 

During your visit to the Confucius Temple, which actually consists of several buildings in addition to the temple, you can discover his 6 precepts in detail. There is a lot of documentation.

The site also houses a small cinema which shows 2 different 4D films every 30 minutes: one on the history of the temple and the other dedicated to the 6 arts in the form of a cartoon.

Next to the main temple, there is also a small workshop where a gentleman writes free cards on which you can choose what you want to write.

 Practical information:

  • The temple is open Tuesday through Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Sunday until 5 p.m.
  • It is closed on Mondays.
  • Admission is free, as is access to the cinema .
  • A brochure is available in French.
  • To get there: take the subway to Yuanshan station + 10 minutes walk.
Taipei 1 day itinerary
Temple of Confucius Taipei

6. Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple is also one of the must-see temples in Taipei.

It is the most famous temple in Taiwan but also one of the oldest and largest on the whole island.

Built in 1738, it has suffered a lot of damage over the centuries and wars but has always been restored by the local community and even enlarged afterwards.

The locals are very proud to point out that it is only thanks to their donations that the work has been financed each time. They are also very numerous to come to meditate there every day and to make offerings.

The atmosphere there is fervent and truly typical.

Small peculiarity, the temple is not dedicated to a single religion. There are Taoist and Buddhist altars.

Free entry.

To reach Longshan Temple, take the blue subway line to Longshan Temple Station, Exit 1.


Not far from the temple, you can also discover:

  • The Guangzhou Street Night Market, an authentic night market with many food stalls and fairground games.
  • Bopiliao Old Street, one of the oldest streets in Taipei where there are several historical buildings.
Longshan Temple in Taipei

7. Other temples to see in Taipei

In addition to the temple of Confucius and Longshan, I advise you to take advantage of your circuit in Taipei to discover the other temples of the city.

Here is a selection of my favorites:

  • Baoan Temple, a very nice temple located right next to the Confucius Temple. It is classified as a national historical monument.
  • Qingshui Temple: a very small temple that doesn’t look much from the outside but I found the interior really unique and traditional.
  • Songshan Ciyou Temple, very popular with local people, there are a lot of people making offerings. It is dedicated to the goddess of the sea, Mazu. Located next to Raohe Night Market.
  • Taipei Tianhou Temple, another beautiful temple located in Ximending district
  • Xingtian Temple, dedicated to an ancient Chinese general, Guanyu known for his bravery in battle. Many people make offerings to him in order to improve their careers.
Songshan Ciyou Temple Taipei

8. Ximending District

To continue to do some sightseeing in Taipei, I now suggest you join the Ximending district.

It is one of the most lively and trendy areas of the city where you can strongly feel a Japanese influence in the style of the shops.

There are plenty of original and trendy shops and many areas with the famous lint-catching machines that the Taiwanese love.

You can also eat in a somewhat special restaurant: the Modern Toilet Restaurant. Here it’s all about the toilets and what you do there: you’ll be served your food in toilet bowls and you can drink from a urinal.

On the other hand, I prefer to warn you, this is not where you will eat the best meal of your stay! Personally, I haven’t tried it but if you want to test an original concept, why not!

To reach Ximending, take the Blue Subway Line to Ximen Station, Exit 6.


In the Ximending district, you will also have the opportunity to discover the Red House. This large octagon-shaped red brick building was built in 1908. It housed a large market when the Japanese occupied the island before it was turned into a cinema.

Today, the place hosts several designer boutiques and a famous tea house.

Around the Red House there are several bars and shops for the LGBT community.

Ximending Taipei

9. Maokong Gondola

This is one of the most popular Taipei tourist attractions : Maokong Gondola.

This gondola, whose journey is more than 4 km and takes about 30 minutes, allows you to contemplate a very beautiful view all along the route over the jungle and the city in the distance.

Attention to those who have vertigo because the climb is quite steep to reach 300 meters of altitude on arrival. Especially since you can choose (for the same price) to go up with a normal cabin or in a cabin with a glass floor, to make it even more impressive.

Arrived at the top, you will find several restaurants and tea houses, the surrounding valley being famous for its plantations. Several houses also offer an introduction to the tea ceremony.

There are also several walks to do on foot.

Just next to the arrival of the gondola, buses take you to the start of the trails and also allow you to discover the main sites of interest in Maokong:

  • The Right Line takes you past Plantations, Camphor Tree Trail, Zhangshan Temple, Apricot Garden, or Taipei City Viewpoint.
  • The Left Line to discover Zhinan Temple, Monkey Mountain, Maokong Pothole and Tea Promotion Center.

I advise you to get the explanatory leaflet of the site at the start or arrival of the gondola. Everything is well detailed.

Practical information:

  • Depart from Maokong Gondola right next to Taipei Zoo subway station.
  • The gondola operates from Tuesday to Sunday from 9am to 9pm or 10pm. Closed on Mondays.
  • The round trip is included with the Taipei Unlimited Fun Pass.
 4 days Taipei itinerary
Maokong Gondola

10. Taipei Zoo

If you’re wondering what to do in Taipei with kids, then head to the zoo!

It’s true that zoos in Asia have a rather bad reputation, but the one in Taipei is well laid out and the decor is very natural, without cages and bars.

There are several areas to discover:

  • The Formosan Animal Area, dedicated to endemic animals of the island such as bears, leopards and deer.
  • An insectarium
  • The Tropical Rainforest Area elephants, orangutans, Bengal tigers.
  • Australia Animal Area: koalas, kangourous
  • African Animal Area: giraffes, rhinos, lions, hippos
  • Bird World for birds.

But the stars of the Taipei Zoo are undoubtedly the giant pandas! To be seen in the Giant Panda House.

The zoo being huge, count between 3 to 4 hours of visit. There are restrooms and food stalls everywhere and the tour is well suited for pushchairs and wheelchairs, although it is quite steep.

You can also take the little train to the top of the zoo and then walk back down.

Please note that the zoo closes at 5 p.m. Don’t get there just an hour before closing or you won’t be able to see everything!

2 days Taipei itinerary
Taipei Zoo

11. Taipei Night Markets

Want to know what to do in Taipei at night?

Easy! I suggest you discover the many night markets in the city. It is the ideal place to test the culinary specialties during your road trip to Taiwan. All offer many food stalls and there is something for everyone.

On some, especially the more touristy ones, you will also find clothes and souvenirs.

Small selection of the best night markets in Taipei:

  • Shilin Night Market, the best known in the city. In addition to the stalls outside, check out the food court in the basement. Subway Red Line / Jiantan Station, Exit 1
  • Raohe Night Market, one of the oldest. Metro Green Line / Songshan Station, Exit 5
  • Huaxi Street Night Market,   one of the most traditional. Metro blue line / Longshan Station, Exit 1.
  • Guangzhou Street Night Market, authentic and local. Subway blue line / Longshan Station, Exit 1


Continuing your trip to Taiwan, you will find that each city has its night market. Very practical, if you want to taste everything and are too lazy to look for a restaurant.

3 days Taipei itinerary
night market

12. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial

Going to Taipei also means taking the time to discover its history.

For this, I suggest you visit the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial. The place is dedicated to the founder of the Republic of ChinaDoctor Sun Yat-Sen.

This man, a revolutionary, played a big role in the overthrow of the Qing dynasty which allowed the emergence of Modern China. He is known for his “3 Principles of the People”: nationalism, democracy and the welfare of the people.

These principles and the doctor, strongly influenced the Taiwanese nationalist movement and truly shaped the politics of the island.

In the memorial, you can discover an exhibition retracing his life and his influence on Taiwan.

The pavilion also houses a large statue representing him, where the changing of the guard takes place every hour.

The building is open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Free entry.

Access by subway, get off at Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Station.

3 days in Taipei itinerary
Sun Yat Sen memorial Taipei

13. From Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung is considered one of the best dim sum restaurants in Taipei.

It’s a real institution and has acquired an international reputation that I advise you to try during your stay in Taipei!

And rest assured, although the restaurant has been awarded  a star in the Michelin Guide, the bill will not cost you an arm, the prices are really reasonable.

The must-try specialty at Din Tai Fung is the Xiao Long Bao, steamed dumplings stuffed with broth and meat.

I also particularly advise you to take the braised eggplants as a starter and to test the shrimp and pork Wongton which I found really delicious!

The restaurant is a victim of its success and there is at all hours of the day at least 1 hour of waiting. It is impossible to book, you must take a ticket with a number to be able to have a table.

You will be given the menu at the same time to tick off everything you want to eat while waiting for your table. No need to stand in front of the restaurant, you can follow the waiting time in real time on the internet or the dedicated application. 

There are several Din Tai Fung restaurants in Taipei. You have the addresses by clicking here.


To avoid waiting, you can also book a Din Tai Fung voucher in advance . This will save you from queuing but on the other hand the menu is imposed.

You will have all the details by clicking on the following link:
Book my meal at Din Tai Fung now!

2 days in Taipei itinerary
Eat dim sum at Din Tai Fung

14. Miramar Ferris Wheel

Another fun activity to do in Taipei to admire the city from another angle: a Ferris wheel ride.

Small particularity for that of Taipei which is located squarely on the roof of a shopping center. The tour, which lasts about 1/4 hour, allows you to admire the view of all of Taipei and the 101 tower by climbing 100 meters high.

I recommend you do it at night to see the city lit up, it’s much prettier and more impressive.

For more sensations, you can also borrow one of the cabins with glass floors.

Jiannan Road Station subway stop .

4 days in Taipei itinerary
Miramar Ferris Wheel Taipe

15. Miniature Museum

For a somewhat unusual visit and if you are wondering what to do in Taipei when it rains, I recommend that you discover the miniature museum.

You can admire several miniature reproductions of famous monuments such as Buckingham Palace in London or the Palace of Versailles in Paris. There are also several reproductions of scenes of life and old houses.

A part is also reserved for tales with miniatures of Pinocchio, Snow White or Dinotopia. 

The museum is very well done and the reproductions really meticulous. It is one of the largest of its type in the world.

Practical information:

  • Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Closed every Monday.
  • Free visit with the Taipei Unlimited Fun Pass. 
  • Tickets on sale here if you don’t have the Taipei Pass
  • The museum is located in the basement of a building: building B1, No. 96 JianGuo Road
  • Access by metro – Sangjiang Nanjing Station, Exit 5.
4 days in Taipei
Taipei Miniature Museum

16. National Taiwan Museum

To continue on the list of museums to visit in Taipei, you can also go to the National Taiwan Museum (not to be confused with the National Palace Museum!).

The museum is made up of 2 buildings:

  • The main building which hosts a permanent exhibition on the archaeological discoveries made on the island
  • The Land Bank and its exhibition dedicated to dinosaurs.

The National Museum is open Tuesday through Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed on Mondays. Entrance at NT$30.

Access by subway red line, NTU Hospital Station, Exit 4 or by blue lineTaipei Railway Station, Exit 5.

1 day in Taipei
National Taiwan Museum

17. Huashan 1914 Creative Park

While vacationing in Taipei, you can also drop by Huashan Creative Park.

During your tour in Taiwan, you will see that almost every major city has this kind of cultural park. Some are more or less successful and interesting than others but it seems to please the Taiwanese who flock there.

The concept is always the same: we take a former abandoned industrial site whose buildings we rehabilitate to host exhibitions and designer shops.

The place also includes art or craft galleries as well as trendy cafes and restaurants.

The one in Taipei is one of the biggest and best laid out we saw during our stay in Taiwan.

Access by the yellow metro line, Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station.

2 days in Taipei
Huashan 1914 Creative Park Taipei

18. Di Hua Street / Dadaocheng

Dadaocheng is one of the oldest districts in Taipei.

Walking around Dadaocheng means discovering historic buildings, small traditional houses and typical stalls selling all kinds of herbal medicines.

Don’t miss Di Hua Street, which is the most authentic in the district. You will find sellers of tea, Chinese medicinal herbs or dehydrated fruits, as well as coffee shops and small restaurants.

Access to the yellow metro line, Daqiaotou Station .

what to do in Taipei
Di Hua Street Dadaocheng-Taipei

19. Tamsui

Northwest of the city center, in New Taipei, you can also go for a walk in Tamsui.

The area is known for its beautiful promenade that runs along the river where you will also find many seafood or fresh fish vendors. 

Also worth seeing is Fort San Domingo, which dates from 1637 and now houses a museum: the Tamsui Historical Museum. Admission is included with the Taipei Unlimited Fun Pass . 

From Tamsui, I also recommend taking the ferry (also included in the Taipei Pass) that takes you to Fisherman’s Wharf.

This is where the Lover’s Bridge is located, one of the best places to enjoy the romantic sunset!

To get to Tamsui, take the subway red line to the terminus, Tamsui Station. 


From Tamsui, you can also easily get to Wuji Tianyuan Temple by taking bus #875.

If you are lucky enough to be in Taiwan in March or April, this is the best place to enjoy cherry blossoms near Taipei!

what to do in Taipei
Wuji Tianyuan Temple Tamsui

20. Go shopping in Taipei

Don’t know what to visit in Taipei?

Why not take the opportunity to do some shopping in one of the many malls:

  • At the Taipei City Mall: an underground shopping mall located below the Main Station.
  • Chongqing North Road Street Section 1 and Taiwan Road, above the Taipei City mall: a very nice area with lots of shops
  • The Ximending district that I mentioned in point 8 of this top things to see in Taipei
  • Bellavita Shopping Mall for its luxury boutiques: Armani, Vera Wang, Tyffany & Co
  • ATT 4 Fun and its international brands: Zara, Gap, H&M, Forever 21
  • Breeze Center Mall, more luxury brands: Cartier, Gucci, Vuitton, Jimmy Choo
  • Miramar Entertainment Park and its cosmetics and accessories shops
  • Taipei 101 Shopping Mall, specializing in luxury: Versace, French Connection, Armani Exchange
  • Wufenpu Shopping District and its cheap clothes “made in Taiwan”
  • Guang Hua Digital Plaza for all things electronics
  • Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Mall, for high-end shopping
  • Far Easter SOGO and its 14 floors of clothing stores for the whole family.
best things to do in Taipei itinerary
Shopping Taipei

What to do around Taipei?

Now that you know what to see in Taipei, I suggest you discover the surroundings.

From Taipei, there are several places to visit easily accessible by bus, train or through organized excursions. Of course, if you have rented a car and plan to make a trip to Taiwan, it’s even easier and faster to get there!

For your car hire in Taiwan, check out the offers on And don’t forget to get your international driving license!

Here is my selection of the most beautiful places to visit around Taipei:

21. Beitou Hot Spring

Beitou Hot Spring is the closest hot springs to bathe in around Taipei. 

You can even reach them directly by metro. 

There are several types of establishments for bathing in Beitou, from the classic public bath to rooms with private baths in hotels.

For Japanese-style public baths, women and men are separated and must bathe naked. For those of Taiwanese style, everyone bathes in the same place and bathing suits + bathing caps are compulsory.

As for the private bath, you can do whatever you want!

Here are some of the best places to try hot springs in Beitou (click on the links in orange to book):

  • Spring City Resort Beitou Hot Spring Spa: a hotel with several small outdoor swimming pools, including one reserved for families. By buying your ticket directly here, you will even be entitled to a free shuttle between the metro and the hotel.
  • The Gaia Hotel Private Bathhouse Hot Spring for a private session or in a public bath
  • Beitou Hot Spring Experience at Marshal Zen Garden
  • Millennium Hot Spring: the most popular and cheapest public bathhouse with entry at NT$40. Mixed swimming + swimsuit.
  • Longnice Hot Spring: the oldest settlement in Beitou. Men and women separated and all naked! Entrance at 150$NT.
best things to do in Taipei itinerary
Hot spring Taiwan

22. Le parc national de Yangmingshan

Around Taipei, I also recommend that you plan a day for Yangmingshan National Park.

It is located about 30 km north of the city.

You can go hiking there and discover the largest volcanic area of ​​the island.

See also:

  • Qingtiangang Grassland,  a large volcanic plateau formed as a result of an eruption
  • Yangming Park,  a landscaped garden full of flowers and fruit trees
  • The village of Zhuzihu  with its rice terraces and its fields of Calla, a typical flower resembling a lily

If you don’t have a car to get there, you can:

1) Take the “Beitou Zhuzihu Route” shuttle from Beitou metro station and then pass by the main points of interest in the park.

Round trip is included in the Taipei Fun Pass. Route and timetable information here.

2) Leave with an organized excursion.

3) Opt for a private tour with a driver at your disposal all day.

To book using the button below:
Book my private Yangmingshan tour now!

best things to do in Taipei itinerary
Parc national de Yangmingshan Taiwan

23. Yehliu Geopark

This is one of the most popular tourist spots to see around Taipei: the Yehliu Geopark.

The park is known for its incongruous rock formations, the most famous of which, which is now Yehliu’s emblem, represents the head of Queen Nefertiti (Queen’s Head). You will even have to queue to photograph it!

The geological site also features rocks in the shape of giant mushrooms, candles or fairy shoes. Yes, you read correctly…

If you have the Taipei Fun Pass, admission is included in it and you can also take the shuttle from Taipei to Yehliu for free. Its name is the “Crown Northern Coast Shuttle Bus.” 

There is also a public bus, No. 1815 (Kuo Kang Bus) that departs from Taipei Main Station, east gate 3.


Without a car or without the Pass, I advise you to choose an organized excursion with transport and guide included. It’s really convenient as you will be picked up directly from your hotel in Taipei.

To book here:
Book my excursion to Yehliu now!

And for private transportation, this is the tour for you: Private Northern Taiwan Tour by Car. 

best things to do in Taipei itinerary
Yehliu Geopark Taiwan

24. Jiufen

Jiufen is one of the typical small villages not to be missed near Taipei.

To see in and around Jiufen:

  • Jiufen Old Street for its small stalls and food stalls
  • At the end of the street, enjoy a magnificent panorama of Taiwan
  • Ah Mei Tea House, a very famous tea house. If you want to enjoy a tea there, it is better to book right here!
  • The Golden Museum (the gold museum) to visit the old gold mine – Free admission with the Taipei Fun Pass. 
  • The Golden Waterfall, a waterfall where tiny deposits of gold settle on the rock.

To get to Jiufen, if you haven’t rented a car, you can take the Gold Fulong Shuttle Bus. The journey is free with the Fun Pass.

In terms of organized excursions, I recommend this one:
Book my Jiufen tour now!

best things to do in Taipei itinerary

25. Shifen

Not far from Taipei, I also suggest you visit Shifen, another small traditional village.

Here too, the main street, Shifen Old Street, is lined with small shops. Most sell paper lanterns because tradition dictates that you write a wish on it before letting it fly off into the sky.

A little after the village, a 20-minute walk, you can also see the Shifen waterfall, the largest in Taiwan. With its horseshoe shape, it is often compared to Niagara Falls in TorontoCanada but it is still much smaller.

To go to Shifen from Taipei, you have several solutions:

  • The “Muzha Pingxi Shuttle Bus” which is free with the Taipei Fun Pass.
  • The train: the Pingxi Line is an old railway line built under the Japanese occupation to transport coal. It is still in operation and makes it possible to reach Shifen via the mountains.
best things to do in Taipei itinerary
Cascade de Shifen

Visit Taipei with the family

To organize your stay in Taipei with your family, I summarize here the best things to do with your children and I complete with some new ideas:

  • Discover the many temples of the city: colorful and lively, they will definitely like it
  • The Ximending district with its lint-catching machines and the Modern Toilet Restaurant where they can eat a poo-shaped ice cream
  • Taipei Zoo: Animals are always a hit!
  • Night markets for atmosphere and entertainment
  • The Miramar Ferris wheel
  • The National Taiwan Museum for the dinosaur exhibit
  • Taipei Children’s Amusement Park: an amusement park just for them. Included in the Taipei Fun Pass.
  • Leofoo Village Theme Park : a theme park with areas on Africa, the Pacific or Arabia. There is also a zoo and a water park.
  • Core Pacific Living Mall with its indoor playground and go-kart track.

How many days to visit Taipei?

I recommend that you allow at least 3 days to visit Taipei.

There are a lot of things to see in the Taiwanese capital and as it will surely be the starting point of your stay in Taiwan, it will also allow you to recover from the jet lag before starting the tour of the island.

If you have planned a longer stay in Taipei (4, 5 days or 1 week), don’t worry, you will always find things to do and you will have time to visit the surroundings.

I explain how to visit Taipei in 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 days just below:


Don’t forget that the best way to save money when visiting Taipei is to buy the Taipei Unlimited Fun Pass.

Admission is included to 16 attractions and you can use unlimited public transport and shuttles to explore the surrounding area. Which is very convenient because you will mainly travel by metro.

If you only want a transport card, you have several solutions:

  • The EasyCard which gives access to the metro, bus, airport MRT and taxi. You will need to put money on the card to load it and it will count down with each ride. Information and purchase online here.
  • Transport Passes only for the metro: One day pass / 24hr Pass / 48hr Pass / 72hr Pass – To be purchased only at the counter in the metro.

1 day in Taipei

If you have a day to visit Taipei, here is the program I suggest:

If you do n’t want to travel by metro, to get an overview of the city, you can also take the hop-on hop-off bus. Tickets can be reserved here.

Another option can also be to book a car with driver for the day. He will pick you up directly in front of your accommodation and the itinerary is fully customizable.
Book your private day tour of Taipei by clicking here.


And if you are just stopping over in Taipei for a few hours, I recommend booking the half-day tour with private driver. It is specially designed to discover the must-sees of Taipei in a short time.

The driver will meet you at the airport and bring you back at the end of the tour.
Book your private Taipei tour with airport pickup and drop-off. 

2 days in Taipei

Here is my suggested itinerary for a weekend in Taipei:

Day 1

  • Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial
  • Le temple de Longshan et le temple de Qingshui
  • Quartier de Ximending
  • Your choice: Shopping at Taipei City Mall and the surrounding area or Visiting the National Taiwan Museum
  • District of Dadaocheng and Di Hua Street
  • Shilin Night Market

Day 2

best things to do in Taipei itinerary
Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Square – Visit Taipei

3 days in Taipei

Are you going to leave for 3 days in Taipei?

Repeat the program of the previous 2 days and for the third day, add:

  • Confucius Temple and nearby Dalongdong Baoan Temple
  • Visit to the National Palace Museum
  • Ride on the Miramar Ferris Wheel
  • Wander the alleys of the Wupenfu Shopping District
  • Raohe Night Market

4 days in Taipei

For a 4-day stay in Taipei, you have 2 options:

1) Take the Maokong Gondola and discover the tea plantations and places of interest once you reach the top.

In the afternoon, visit the Taipei Zoo.

2) Visit the Tamsui district : the riverside promenade, Fort San Domingo, the lovers’ bridge and why not enjoy one of the adjacent beaches?

best things to do in Taipei itinerary
National Theater – What to do in Taipei?

5 days or 1 week in Taipei

If you are lucky enough to take a 5-day trip to Taipei or even go to the capital of Taiwan for a week, take my program for 4 days.

On other days you will have time to explore the surroundings. A choice:

Where to stay in Taipei

There are hundreds of hotels to stay in Taipei and you can quickly find yourself lost when it comes to choosing accommodation in the Taiwanese capital.

A word of advice: always choose a hotel near a metro station so that you can get around easily.

I also recommend that you book as far in advance as possible to get the best price.

To help you decide, I have prepared my selection of the best hotels to sleep in Taipei:

  • Flip Flop Hostel – Garden: Hostel located close to Zongshan Metro and Taipei Main Station, in the center of Taipei. Dormitory bed from €20, breakfast included. Most: very clean, comfort, location. An excellent choice for cheap accommodation in Taipei. 
  • MOSHAMANLA Hotel-Main Station : located 600 meters from the subway and 10 minutes from Ximending. Double room from 45€. Most: the central location, the availability of staff, provision of washing machine and dryer free of charge. A very good value for money for this hotel in Taipei.
  • Horizon Inn: located 10 minutes walk from the metro and 700 meters from the Museum of Miniatures. Modern and very clean double room from 75€, breakfast included. The pluses: the windowless rooms are super quiet, without any noise from the road, the varied breakfast, the friendliness of the staff.
  • Chill Roof Hotel: located 500 meters from the metro. Double room with refined decoration from 95€. Most: the decor, helpful staff, cleanliness, location.
  • The Grand Hotel: Iconic hotel in Taipei for its architecture inspired by a Chinese palace. Double room with balcony and view of the mountains from €140. Most: the swimming pool, the view, the setting, the free shuttle to the metro. This is our recommendation for an upscale stay in Taipei. 

And a small special luxury hotel section for those who wish to treat themselves to a very nice hotel during their trip to Taipei:

  • Caesar Park Hotel Banqiao: 5* hotel located next to Banqiao Station. Elegant and contemporary double room from €250, breakfast at €22. Most: the magnificent pool area with a view of the city, the very comfortable rooms, the excellent breakfast buffet. One of the best luxury hotels to stay in Taipei. 
  • W Taipei: located just 5 minutes from the metro and 10 minutes on foot from the 101 tower. Double room with living area and large bay windows with a view of the city or the 101 tower from 370€, breakfast at 29 €. Most: the swimming pool on the roof, the delicious breakfast, the caring staff, the excellent bedding. This is our recommendation for a luxury stay in Taipei.
  • Mandarin Oriental Taipei: This sublime hotel is located 300 meters from 2 metro stations. It offers elegant rooms decorated in an oriental but very modern style from 400€, breakfast at 33€. The pluses: the Spa, the outdoor area with its swimming pool, the refinement of the hotel. Ideal for a romantic stay!
best things to do in Taipei itinerary
The Grand Hotel Taipei

Where to eat in Taipei

Apart from the Din Tai Fung restaurant that I mentioned earlier in this Taipei guide, I don’t really have any specific restaurant recommendations for you.

There are hundreds of restaurants, street stalls and plenty of night markets spread all over the city. You will always find something to eat at any time of the day, no matter where you are.

On the other hand, there is a place that I really liked to eat: Yongkang Street. It has lots of small traditional restaurants in addition to the famous Din Tai Fung. I’ve tried several and enjoyed each time.

Among my favorites, I recommend:

  • The Jin Ji Yuan: their xia long bao are just as delicious as those of Din Tai Fung and there is no line!
  • The Yongkang Beef Noodles renowned for their beef noodle soup. Recognizable by the queue that stretches along the sidewalk.
  • Bobii Frutii for their bubble tea which is a bit out of the ordinary.

To get to Yongkang Street, take the red or orange subway line to Dongmen Station, Exit 4 or 5. 

Taipei tourist map

To help you visualize the city a little better, I made you a  tourist map of Taipei listing the places to visit that I talk about in this top 25 things to do in Taipei. You can display the map legend by clicking on the top left button with a small arrow.

And you, what are you planning to do in Taipei?

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