1 Week Itinerary in Norway: Ultimate Norway Itinerary

1 Week Norway Itinerary: Complete Itinerary Day by Day

Experience 1 week in Norway, do you like it?

Then discover our route through the south of the country from Oslo.

You’ll pass by some of Norway’s best destinations and natural gems.

You will travel to the heart of the country with its magnificent fjords, mountains with panoramic views, wild animals, cultural cities and crystal clear lakes.

1 Week Norway Itinerary: Our Advice 

1 Week Itinerary Norway

Before starting your 1-week Norway itinerary, here are some tips that can help you during your road trip:

  • As a reminder, the currency used in the country is the Norwegian krone.
  • Norwegians speak very good English, especially in Oslo.
  • In order to drive in Norway, only a European license is needed.
  • To drive throughout the country, it is mandatory to drive with the dipped headlights on, even during the day.
  • For information, highways are limited to 110km/h.
  • You will observe that in Norway travel times are often long.
    This is explained by the fact that the country is extended.
    It is the longest country in Europe.
    Indeed, to reach the two extremities of the country, it takes 30 hours.
  • Pay attention on the road to wild animals often present.
  • Also be aware of the weather, which can be changeable.
    Adapt your pace and prepare your suitcase accordingly.

1 week Norway itinerary


It is from the capital of the country that your 1-week Norway itinerary will begin.

We strongly advise you to stay a few days there in order to tour this dynamic cultural city.

Surrounded by hills and fjords, Oslo offers a natural and relaxing setting at the same time.

Climbing to the roof of Oslo Opera House, you will have an impressive view of the fjord and Bjørvika Bay.

In addition, this white marble building in the shape of an iceberg is close to Norway’s iconic museum: the Munch Museum.

The latter was notably made famous for its large collection of works by the artist Munch, in particular by the painting: The Scream.

On the other hand, the Viking Ship Museum is also a must to visit.

Through these exhibitions, you will learn more about the history of the Vikings and about Norway.

In addition, the city also includes several large green spaces and very pleasant parks.

By going to the Frognerparken park, you can continue your cultural visit of the city, discovering the pretty statues of the Norwegian artist Vigeland.

Sognsvann Lake  located in the north of the capital is a beautiful place with wild and unspoilt nature.

In good weather, it is sometimes possible to contemplate the small northern lights.

Thus creating a romantic atmosphere and an ideal setting for this honeymoon destination.

Then, you will reach the charming artistic and lively district of Grünerløkka. Here you will find many bars, cafes and thrift stores.

In restaurants, you can taste Fårikål, a Norwegian national dish, made with lamb, cabbage and potatoes.

To find out more and things to do in Oslo, please check the article: Ultimate 3-Day Oslo Itinerary

Accommodation in Oslo

  • Low budget: Stay at Cochs Pensjonat , a stunning 1900s building that houses rooms with kitchenettes. Located in the city center, it is perfectly located to discover the city on foot.
  • Mid-Range: Spend a relaxing night at Citybox Oslo  right in the city center! The decor is tasteful and the space well rationalized. In short, it’s simple, it’s effective! The +: cleanliness, customer service and the availability of washing machines!
  • Upscale: Located in the heart of the city center since 1874, we can only recommend the Grand Hotel   if you want to satisfy your other half! Luxury and premium customer service are there and finally, the price is not so high in view of the services! Not much to complain about except that the spa (swimming pool / sauna) is crazy! The little extra: an ultra-complete breakfast!

Day 1-2: From Oslo to Hardangervidda National Park

Norway itinerary 1 week

The first destination of this 1 week Norway itinerary will be Hardangervidda. Located 3h20 by road from Oslo, this national park is one of the largest in the country.

It is renowned for its significant diversity of fauna and flora with its tundra valleys. These are large arctic expanses of heather, moss and lichen.

Besides, Hardangervidda National Park is also a popular place for hikers, winter sports enthusiasts and nature lovers.

It is through several landscapes such as blue lakes, streams, waterfalls and mountains that you will enjoy this park and its magnificent setting.

You can then opt for an excursion in the snowy highlands of the park, but also for a hike to the top of Galdhøpiggen.

Towering over the entire national park from a height of 2,469 meters, this mountain is the tallest in Norway.

Throughout your walk in the park, you may have the chance to meet moose, arctic hares, wolves and reindeer.
Indeed, Hardangervidda has the largest concentration of wild reindeer in the world and is one of Europe’s top wildlife viewing destinations.

This park is therefore a true natural paradise.

Finally, you will not forget to discover the local indigenous culture.

You will find in this park  traditional habitats Sami, a people raising reindeer, still present today.

Accommodation near Hardangervidda National Park

  • Small budget:  On the road to Flåm, the Birkelund campsite is a haven of peace! You can sleep in charming little cabins with ease. Located in the countryside, enjoy access to the fjord to rest, lying in the grass. This place has a special flavor for us, this is where this site was born!
  • Mid-range +: Spend the night in a warmly decorated hotel/chalet in the town of Flåm! At the Flåmsbrygga Hotel  you will have the opportunity to have a magnificent view of the fjord from your balcony (please note that there are also “mountain view” rooms!). The +: the service, the location and the gourmet catering!
  •  Upscale: The Flåm Marina  has an exceptional view! Here, you literally dive into the fjord, since the hotel has its feet in the water! Located slightly away from Flåm, the walk to reach the city center is very nice! You have the choice between “simple” rooms and apartments, both offer very nice amenities!

Day 3: Bergen

7 days in Norway

It is after a 2h55 drive that you will reach the charming town of Bergen.

Located on the west coast of Norway, Bergen is the second largest city in the country and will be the next stop on this 7-day Norway trip.

It is surrounded by green hills and mountains and lies in the heart of the region’s crystal-clear fjords.

Strolling through its small cobbled streets, you will arrive in the historic district of Bryggen.

Composed of colorful wooden houses dating from the 18th century, this district of former fishermen has kept its picturesque and authentic atmosphere.

In its streets you will find an open-air market, the Bryggen Museum of archaeological objects and the remains of the stone fortress of Bergenhus.

Bergen is also an ideal starting point for excursions by kayak, canoe or boat on the fjords.

Among them, you can navigate the Hardangerfjord and the Sognefjord, destinations in Norway not to be missed.

Finally, you will end your stay by contemplating a magnificent panorama over all of Bergen, its turquoise fjords, as well as the mountains that surround them.

By taking the funicular, you will reach Mount Fløyen, 400 meters high.

It will allow you the best vantage point to enjoy the sunset over the city.

Moreover, during the day, this mountain can serve as a starting point for some hikes in the region.

Accommodation in Bergen?

  • Low budget: Spend the night in the Fabryka hostel located in the city center in a nice area of ​​Bergen (Bergenhus). You will sleep in simple and comfortable individual rooms, and will enjoy a shared kitchen and bathroom for a very good value for money!
  • Mid-Range: Stay right in the heart of the city at the Magic Hotel Xhibition  also located in the good area of ​​Bergenhus. With a modern and refined design, the comfort and cleanliness of the rooms are essential in this luxury establishment which remains accessible in terms of price.
  • Top of the range: We go up a notch in terms of standing! Want to live the castle life? So spend your night at Opus XVI  ! Also in the Bergenhus district, this hotel offers tastefully decorated luxurious rooms or suites. Most: the restaurant (the breakfast is incredible (put some in your pockets for the day!), the super nice setting or the art exhibitions within the hotel. In short, you will get your money’s worth !

Day 4: Trolltunga 

7 days Norway itinerary

The next destination of this 1 week Norway itinerary is called the Trolltunga cliff.

Located 3.5 hours by road from Bergen, this rocky plateau is emblematic throughout the country.
The name “Trolltunga” means “troll’s tongue” in Norwegian and refers directly to the shape of its rock suspended in the air.

In order to access this place, it is necessary to make a rather difficult hike of 10 hours round trip.
It will therefore be aimed at the more adventurous among you.

Although quite rough, you will enjoy beautiful scenery the whole way up, crossing forests, lakes and rivers.
Indeed, this hike is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Norway.

Therefore, if you find this climb too long, you can do only a few stages of the hike to admire its landscapes.

You will reach the Trolltunga, overlooking the blue lake of Ringedalsvatnet and the surrounding mountains.
It is at an altitude of 1,100 meters that you can then fully enjoy the view that will be offered to you.

In addition, you will be able to do several sports activities around the lake if you do not wish to climb the Trolltunga.

You can then walk along the shores of the lake lined with forests and green meadows to enjoy its calm.
Kayaking and canoeing, as well as fishing are also popular activities and the perfect opportunity to view the mountains and waterfalls of the lake.

Accommodation in Odda

  • Trolltunga GuesthouseOffers both serviced apartments and dormitory style rooms in Tyssedal.
  • Odda CampingBeautiful location between two national parks, Odda Camping has rooms, cabins, apartments and camping facilities.
  • Tyssedal HotelBasic hotel by Hardangerfjorden in close proximity to the start of the Trolltunga hike.

Day 5: Pulpit


You will continue your road trip in Norway for 1 week and will arrive after 4h40 of road at the cliff of Preikestolen.
Here you will discover the second paradise for hikers and nature lovers.

This hike, with a lower level of difficulty than that of Trolltunga, will take about 1h30/2 hours.
Once at the top, you will be rewarded for all your efforts with breathtaking views of the crystal-clear Lysefjord and the high snow-capped peaks that surround it.

Attracting thousands of visitors each year, you will have from the Pulpit Rock platform, suspended above the void, a magical view to take photos and contemplate the horizon.
However, be careful if you come with your family.

Accommodation in Stavanger

  • Mid-range: Take a break at the Best Western Havly Hotell  located in the city center. This is clearly its strong point, 100m from the Kirkegata shopping street. Cozy rooms, hearty breakfast, attentive staff, all just a few minutes from the port!
  • Top of the range: A little Radisson to end the trip, it never hurts, right? Located in the city center, spend your night at the Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel  ! Spacious rooms, impeccable bathrooms and a varied breakfast, what more could you ask for! Well, a gym and a sauna on the top floor with a view of the fjord! Little tips: opt for a room with a Fjord view!

Days 6-7: Stavanger and Kristiansand


You will arrive in Stavanger after a 45-minute drive from Preikestolen.

This charming city with a picturesque atmosphere is incredible and can be visited on foot.

Looking for a place to do some shopping on your 7 day road trip in Norway? Then the Øvre Holmegate district will be the ideal place.

Indeed, you will find several shops, art galleries and cafes in this shopping street.

True lung of the city, it is with its wooden houses of all colors an essential place.

Finally, you will not fail to taste the famous Norwegian salmon, firm and rosé.

Then, you will have to count 3h15 of road to reach the city of the seaside, Kristiansand.

With its many beaches and charming wooden houses, this city is a perfect destination to go with the family in August.

Coming to Kristiansand in summer, you can enjoy the white sand beaches and the dunes that border them.

On the other hand, the city is also the starting point for many excursions to the surrounding islands.
You can then take the boat or rent small boats or canoes to go to sea.

Moreover, in the evening, the city’s port becomes lively and lively with its many restaurants and bars.

Accommodation in Stavanger

  • Mid-range: Take a break at the Best Western Havly Hotell  located in the city center. This is clearly its strong point, 100m from the Kirkegata shopping street. Cozy rooms, hearty breakfast, attentive staff, all just a few minutes from the port!
  • Top of the range: A little Radisson to end the trip, it never hurts, right? Located in the city center, spend your night at the Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel  ! Spacious rooms, impeccable bathrooms and a varied breakfast, what more could you ask for! Well, a gym and a sauna on the top floor with a view of the fjord! Little tips: opt for a room with a Fjord view!

1 Week in Norway: Conclusion

After this last destination, it will take you 3h45 to reach Oslo. On your return, you will pass several fjords.

In order to enjoy their beauty, you will be able to make stops at Oslofjord or Sandefjord.

As you may have noticed, this 1 week Norway itinerary has quite long travel times.

So, if you want to drive less during your itinerary, we advise you to delete the Trolltunga or the Preikestolen according to your wishes.

Once you arrive in the capital, you can reinvigorate yourself by tasting aquavit. It is a Norwegian drink served ice cold and accompanied by salmon.

On the other hand, if you want  a little more of the country, you can also opt for a 10-day road trip in Norway.

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