Southern Norway 10 Days Itinerary – Ultimate 10 Days Road Trip

10 Days Southern Norway Itinerary

You have chosen what your next destination will be, you are excited and happy, but now you would like to have some more information on how to develop your trip and prepare your 10-day itinerary in Norway?

Maybe you haven’t even found a lot of information about it and have no idea where to start with organizing at all.

Well, very well indeed.

If that’s the case, I have just the thing for you! Before starting, however, I have a little premise for you: this 10-day itinerary in southern Norway took place in the summer, precisely in the month of August.

I want to make this clear because in winter the situation, especially on the roads in Norway, can change considerably.

In winter you simply have to calculate more time for travel and try to avoid secondary roads as much as possible because they may be closed.

What do you say, are you ready to discover the travel itinerary in Southern Norway, from the hinterland to the fjords, in summer?

How do you say?

Did you happen to say “Yes”?

Optimal! All I have to do is wish you a good organization.

10-day Tour in Norway: Itinerary

Before getting to the heart of this itinerary, here’s a little advice for you: save the Norwegian roads website to monitor any road closures before and during your trip.

Here is the indicative route that this 10-day itinerary in Norway provides:

Day 1: Arrive in Oslo

Arrival at Oslo Gardermoen airport in the evening.

As soon as you land at Oslo airport, you will immediately have to get used to these “strange” people from the north, with whom you will soon fall in love: you will have to unravel between words written with “Ø” crossed out and “Å” with a dot above the head, like a kind of snow hat, which actually read “O”.

Memorize the name of the stop, which is written Luftambulansen and take the 420 bus just outside the airport to reach the B&B where I suggest you stay the first night: the Gardermoen B&B.

You can conveniently buy bus tickets from the RuterBillett App from your smartphone (download the App before departure for convenience).


Day 2: Peer Gynt Road

Once you have picked up the car from the car rental, off you go.

On the second day in Norway, I suggest you travel a few kilometers to get a taste of the Norwegian landscapes.
The road you will travel on today is Peer Gynt Road (Norwegian: Peer Gynt Vegen).

It is a 60-kilometer long tourist road, named after the Norwegian folk character Peer Gynt.

It is a road that passes through the Skeikampe villages Fagerhøy, Gålå, Fefor and Dalseter.

Let yourself be transported to Peer Gynt road and the kingdom of the trolls, as you follow this dirt road, which offers great panoramic views. The road climbs rapidly up to 1053 meters.

Despite the short distance in kilometres, don’t think it will be a short trip! Make the most of your time and enjoy this commute in a full day.

You may also come across some animals on your route so don’t put your foot on the pedal too much.
Enjoy the day and stop to admire the panoramic views of the landscape.

Peer Gynt Road is a toll road, with 4 stations, one at each entrance; Skei, Gålå, Fefor and Espedalen.

The road is only open in the summer , mainly from 1 June, and is closed when the snow starts to fall.

An obligatory stop in Norway, in your 10-day itinerary in the summer, is definitely Gålå, a town with many houses with “meadows” on the roofs.

Then continue to Skåbu, where I suggest you stay overnight at Skåbu Hytter og Camping: a really nice place, with warm and welcoming cabins and excellent value for money.


Day 3: Renne, Fiume Sjoa, Stavkirke di Borgund

Depart from Skabu Hytter og Camping in the morning. Today’s final destination is the Borgund Stave Church (a well-preserved wooden Viking church ).

But, since through the fault, or merit, of the navigator trying to reach it, I took the wrong road, running into a herd of reindeer, I can only advise you to take this secondary road, to try to see them too and add a touch of spice to your trip to Norway by putting it in your 10-day summer travel itinerary.

So, the road I want to tell you about is exactly the one that leads from Skåbu, to Nybrua, Heidal. The exact position in which I took the photo of the reindeer, however, is this (61.544659,9.244357).

If you are looking for a reason to walk the reindeer road and try to see some, I’ll give it to you right away: your reason is the Sjoa River.

Right at the end of that road, you will find a very pleasant surprise: a river with waters so blue as to seem unreal, surrounded by rock walls above which large trees rise towards the sky, making everything even more suggestive.
I suggest you relax on the banks of this river to fully enjoy its beauty.

Keep in mind though, that if you’re craving a little adventure, this river is also perfect for rafting.

Attention: Continuing towards the Borgund church, you will also cross a toll mountain pass (payable only by credit card).

Norway 10 day itinerary

The Borgund stave Viking church is the best preserved in Norway, dating back to 1180. The church is located in Lærdal and was built with 2,000 pieces of logs and planks, and although it is no longer used regularly for church services, today it c ‘is a museum inside.

Overnight at Winjum Cabin Aurland Stegastein. A really nice cabin, with a breathtaking view of the fjord.


Day 4: Sognefjord and Flåm

Waking up to a view of the Sognefjord, you couldn’t start the day better than by heading to Stegastein viewpoint.

Stegastein is a vantage point from which to admire the Aurlandsfjord (a branch of the Sognefjord).

It is a 30m long structure, built with wood, steel and glass, completed in 2006. It is located 650m above sea level above the village of Aurland, less than 15 minutes from Flåm.

As a quirky, modern facility set in nature and with a breathtaking view, this viewpoint near Flåm is very popular.

I advise you to arrive early in the morning to try to avoid the coaches that accompany cruise passengers every day, or, as there could be a bit of fog in the morning, wait for them to leave to indulge yourself in taking pictures of the show in front of you .

10 Days Norway Itinerary

This area of ​​your trip to Norway is so beautiful that you cannot fail to add another stop in a panoramic point.
Heading towards Flåm, you will come across a brown sign indicating a tourist attraction: Otternes.

In other articles on Norway I have mentioned how to seize the moment with these signs (ꕤ), so when you see a brown sign with Otternes written, don’t think twice and take the road indicated (or enter the indications in your navigator).

You will climb the mountain (also accessible by car) and you will feel like you have traveled back in time: original old wooden houses and farms surrounded by greenery.

If you are lucky enough to find good weather and clear skies, the show before your eyes will be indescribable! From this postcard location, the green of the meadows contrasts with the bright red of the houses.

The road winds along the coast of the fjord.

And the mountains, which plunge into the water, seem to have been placed there on purpose, to contain the blue of the cold, but clear, Norwegian waters.

In short, a mandatory stop if you pass in this part of Norway, to be included in your 10-day itinerary in the summer.

I advise you not to stay in Flåm because the cost of accommodation could be really high.
Move a few kilometers and choose Gudvangen Camping: you will find cabins with a small kitchen and shared bathroom.


Day 5: Bergen

Departure in the morning towards Bergen, which I advise you to visit calmly in a couple of days.

Bergen, considered the gateway to Fjord Norway, is a colourful , lively but at the same time peaceful town.
The old district of Bryggen is definitely the symbol of Bergen.

The wooden houses, next to each other, seem to support each other, as if they were a team supporting each other after a defeat.

Maybe they have that feeling, due to the last devastating fire that nearly leveled them in 1955. In Bergen you really will be spoiled for choice of things to do, see and eat.Let yourself be intoxicated by the smells and flavors of the famous fish market.

However, unlike what one might think, the word “market” means a place to eat fish.. already cooked! Have fun riding the Ulriken cable car or the Fløibanen funicular to enjoy the breathtaking view.

Go from a meticulously cared for park to a museum.

In short, in Bergen you will really be spoiled for choice! Read the article dedicated to what to do and see in Bergen to find out more about this town.

Overnight at Bratland Camping: outside Bergen to be comfortable with car parking. Cabin with small kitchen inside.

Norway itinerary

Day 6: Modalen fjord mini cruise

Taking a cruise through a fjord is a once in a lifetime experience. But not everyone likes this way of travelling.

If the idea of ​​boarding such majestic and imposing ships doesn’t thrill you too, but you would still like to try the experience of sailing among the fjords, the mini cruise on the fjord from Bergen to Modalen is for you.

The Modalen Fjord cruise starts from Bergen at the Zachariasbryggen pier, right next to the famous fish market.
I advise you to be there half an hour before the scheduled departure time, to allow time for the crew to embark everyone.

The tour begins and immediately you will be able to admire the colorful district of Bryggen from another perspective, perhaps even more breathtaking.

Look at the houses, next to each other, as if they were in a painting, painted by the best artist.

Trying to identify with the sailors who left the mainland to return to the sea.

See the old buildings of Skuteviken and Sandviken and the old museum of Bergen until you get to the small town of Modalen.

After the 3-hour cruise, evaluate if there is still something to see in Bergen, otherwise leave in the direction of tonight’s structure: Trolltunga Guesthouse and try to get some rest for tomorrow’s hike on the Trolltunga, the “tongue of the troll”.


Day 7: Excursion to Trolltunga

Today, wake up at dawn (if not earlier), to be ready early to start the Trolltunga hike.

The Trolltunga is a rock outcrop that literally translates to “troll tongue,” because that’s exactly what it sounds like.

At an altitude of 1100 meters above sea level, the rock hangs 700 meters above Lake Ringedalsvatnet, near the small town of Odda.

The path to get to the Trolltunga is beautiful, not difficult, but long and  must be taken wisely .

The route is well signposted, even with signs indicating how many kilometers are left before the finish.

Keep in mind that it’s 765 meters in altitude, 30 km round trip, which I covered in 8 hours. The outward journey may be easier than expected (you will also meet families and children along the way), but the return journey is devastating and interminable.

Overnight: Second night at Trolltunga Guesthouse, very close to the end of the trail.


Day 8: Oslo

With legs probably sore from yesterday’s hike, head towards Oslo.

You can evaluate to return the car already in the day, saving on the rental.

Surely there is no shortage of public transport in Oslo (even if it may not be purely cheap).

For the first day in the city, I suggest you buy the 24h Oslo pass , to have access to attractions, museums and free public transport.

Then spend the night at the Anker Apartment, a self-catering accommodation.

PS if you have already visited the Norwegian capital or would like to spend less time there, an idea could be to continue your journey towards Preikestolen (another famous trek in these parts) and the town of Stravanger.


Day 9-10: Oslo and Return

For the second and third day in Oslo, however, I suggest you dedicate yourself to visiting the free attractions.

Vigeland Park, Bærums Verk, the two streets Damstredet and Telthusbakke, Anker Brygge, the botanical garden, the Royal Palace, the Akerselva river, are just some of the free things to see in Oslo.

I advise you to buy a ticket for public transport, valid for 24 hours, at around €10/20 (depending on how many areas you want to visit) to save on travel.

The ticket for public transport can be purchased from the Router Billet App.

Dedicate yourself to reading the specific article to find out what to do in Oslo in 3 days.

For the second night I suggest you choose Anker Apartment again.


Did this 10-day travel itinerary in Norway inspire you?

I hope so and that you have found all the useful information to customize it according to your tastes and preferences.

For any doubts or questions, I’ll wait for you in the comments.

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