Lofoten Islands Itinerary: Ultimate 1 Week Itinerary

Ultimate 7 Days Lofoten Islands Itinerary

Lofoten Islands itinerary

For your next road trip, you are looking for an Lofoten Islands itinerary from which to take inspiration? Then let me tell you that you are in the right place!

The Lofoten Islands are a place that smells of fish and peace. One of those places in the world where the cry of the seagulls accompanies you, almost cradles you, and their flight makes every glimpse even more evocative.

A trip to the Lofoten Islands is something I recommend to everyone, but only if you are willing to compromise with Mother Nature and her thousand facets. To accept the possibility of seeing it rain and snow within a couple of hours. To feel the “breeze” of blizzards (obviously in winter).

In the itinerary that you will find in the next paragraphs, I have included the precautions to implement if your trip takes place in winter or in summer, because this will really make a difference.

What do you say, let’s begin? Here is a one-week Lofoten Islands itinerary on the road!

7 Days Lofoten itinerary

This Lofoten Islands itinerary is suitable for those who have about a week at their disposal.

If you have more time, don’t worry: at the end of the article you will also find some tips for visiting another area of ​​the archipelago, as well as 3 additional destinations that will make you continue your journey north.

But now I’d say let’s focus on this 7-day Lofoten Islands itinerary: take a look at the map below with the indicative destinations, then scroll below to start discovering the stops day by day!

Day 1: Bodø – Mosques

The first thing to do will be to get to the Lofoten Islands, which is nothing complicated, but it will occupy you at least a day. I want you to know that you have several ways to reach them, but the one I recommend is:

  1. Buy a flight to Bodø;
  2. Rent a car at the airport, comparing the best rates for your dates;
  3. From the port, i.e. Bodø Fergekai – here are the directions on Google Maps – take the ferry towards Moskenes (on which you will also embark the car), which will take you to Lofoten in about 3 hours. Be sure to check the timetable here by looking at the “Fra Bodø – Til Moskenes” table, which means “from Bodø – to Moskenes”. Buy tickets on the official website a little in advance, especially in high season, and make sure to be at the port at least 40 minutes before departure.

Once you arrive in Moskenes, head to Å, the country with the shortest name in the world and the southernmost of the Lofoten Islands.

Recharge your batteries by spending the night in a typical rorbu at Å-Hamna Rorbuer (book it for 2 nights).

 7 days Lofoten Islands Itinerary

Small clarification: with the term ferry, don’t imagine a small boat used only for the transport of passengers.

The ferry in question is an imposing ship, where you can also load your car. The ferry option is certainly the best, but if you land on holidays and there is no ferry, or if you suffer from seasickness, you can also reach them by land (going up to Narvik or buying a domestic flight to Leknes).

Get the day 1 Lofoten itinerary on Google Maps.

Day 2: Visit Å and trek to Reinebringen

If the season and the weather permit, in the morning you set off in the direction of the most famous trek in Lofoten: the Reinebringen.

Once you have climbed the approximately 1600 stone steps, you will reach the top and you will be able to admire the village of Reine and enjoy a breathtaking view of the fjords to say the least.

Once off, he dedicates the rest of the day to discovering the southernmost village of Lofoten: Å, not only the village with the shortest name in the world, but also called with the last letter of the Norwegian alphabet (it is no coincidence that it is of the last village of Lofoten).

Here you can visit the  stockfish museum, reach what has been called “the extreme tip of Lofoten” (Utsiktspunkt Å, Lofoten) and visit the red houses of the southernmost fishing village of this magnificent land.

Stay for the second night in Å-Hamna Rorbuer.

Lofoten Islands itinerary 1 week

 week Lofoten Islands itinerary

Get the day 2 Lofoten itinerary on Google Maps.
A tip for you: during your trip it may be useful to monitor any road closures on the official Norwegian website.

Day 3: Reine, Sakrisøy and Hamnøy

This day’s Lofoten islands itinerary focuses on one of the most beautiful areas.

Start the morning visiting the fishing village of Reine, but before you reach it, stop on the bridge above its entrance to take the iconic photo (or just stop and enjoy the scenery).

Then enter the small village, where you will also find a service station, useful if you need to refuel. Right nearby there is also a small marina, where the excursion scheduled for today will start: the boat tour on the Reinefjorden. The boat will enter the fjord and take you to spectacular sights, such as the village of Hamnøy.

What’s even better is that you’ll be able to get off and enjoy the destinations, climbing back up to the next step. At the end of the tour, reach the island of Sakrisøya and consider a short walk on the hill from which you can admire the fjords from above: bridges and villages such as Reine and Hamnøy (you will find it on Google Maps as Olenilsøya kystfort).

PS: Please note that during the months of September to March, Sakrisøy hillock and Hamnøy bridge, are also perfect places to see the northern lights 😉

Then spend the night in the beautiful Sakrisøy Rorbuer or in this cheaper Bed & Breakfast in Reine.

1 week Lofoten Islands itinerary

1 week Lofoten Islands Itinerary

Get the day 3 Lofoten Islands itinerary on Google Maps.

Day 4: Fredvang, Ramberg, Flakstad and Nusfjord

Start this fourth day of Lofoten islands itinerary by heading to Fredvang: a fishing village connected to the mainland by two iconic bridges.

These bridges, in addition to being particular architectural structures, are also the only road connection that the village has with the rest of Norway!

Then continue to Rambergstranda, a dream beach beyond the Arctic Circle, with white sand and black rocks. In the background the jagged crests of the mountains and a few small houses to decorate everything.

Right on this beach there is also a very small red house located in front of the very scenic sea.

Then continue to Flakstad, visit the red church and pop down to Skagsanden beach to see the surfers in action even in the dead of winter.

If you too want to experience the thrill of surfing in the cold Norwegian waters, you’re in the right place!

Then finish the day by reaching Nusfjord, one of the oldest fishing villages that you can visit and use as accommodation for this fourth night.

Check availability for your dates at the Nusfjord Arctic Resort or the cheaper and nearby Lofoten Cottages.

Lofoten itinerary

Get the day 4 Lofoten Islands itinerary on Google Maps.

Day 5: Henningsvær, Trekking and Sunset Cruise

Leave your cottage in the morning and head to Henningsvær, one of the most popular and touristic locations, so be sure to add it to your Lofoten Islands itinerary.

This village is famous for the soccer field built on a small islet. To reach Henningsvær, you have to drive along a road that runs along the sea. The route develops at the foot of large boulders that plunge straight into the sea and you will also have to cross two bridges.

A certainly suggestive glimpse of Henningsvær is the panoramic point over the harbour, but if the season and the weather permit, consider trekking to the Festvågtind. The path is steep but the landscape will leave you breathless (in every sense).

After this, head to Svolvær where you can consider participating in one evening cruise with tasting of typical dishes.

Overnight in Svolvær at Svinøya Rorbuer or Thon Hotel Lofoten (recommend booking for 2 nights).

Lofoten Islands Itinerary 7 days

Get the day 5 Lofoten Islands itinerary on Google Maps.

Day 6: Svolvær and Eagle Tour

Start this penultimate day in the Lofoten Islands with a typical activity of the area: the sighting of sea eagles.

Climb aboard the speedboat and admire the fjords from the water, while keeping a keen eye on the presence of birds of prey near you. It will be nice to find out more from the guide’s stories.

If you want to participate, I suggest you book this activity with departure from the Svolvær pier.
In the afternoon, visit the town instead, without missing  Kuba, a fairly hidden base where there are bunkers and war relics.

Continuing along the pier, you will be able to approach a very particular lighthouse: Fiskerkona, a bronze sculpture in which a woman is represented and which in Norwegian literally translates to “the fisherman’s wife”.

To end the day you can decide to visit the war museum, the Lofoten Krigsminnemuseum or the Magic Ice Lofoten. Not far away is also the Lofoten Cathedral, the  Vågan Church.

Pernottamento a Svolvær allo Svinøya Rorbuer o al Thon Hotel Lofoten (second night).

7 day Lofoten Islands itinerary

7 day Lofoten Islands itinerary

Day 7: Svolvær and Return

If, based on your flight times, you still have some free time, you might consider waking up early and taking one last trek to the Fløya trail head, to admire the town from above.

To return to Bodø, consider returning to Moskenes and from there taking the ferry again, or going up to Narvik and getting off by car (although you will have a small ferry route near Skarberget and for which you can buy tickets at the moment) , or again, take the ferry from Svolvær to Skutvik, operating mainly in the summer season (for the timetable linked here ).

Do you have other days to spend in the area? Then wait for me to give you some ideas in the next paragraph.

Get the Lofoten Islands itinerary for day 7 on Google Maps.

What to see with more time available

  • Visit Værøy or Røst (with at least 2 extra days): they are both islands of the archipelago that you can reach by ferry. The first is mountainous and has a T-Rex shape; the second is instead flat. Winter (almost) never comes to Værøy and puffins nest in summer, so I like to call it “Iceland in miniature” (but very miniature).
  • Vesterålen Islands (with at least 2 extra days): these islands overlooking the Atlantic Ocean are the best place to spot whales. The best part is that no matter what season you go, Vesterålen has the chance to see whales all year round! Take a summer safari to see sperm whales, or a winter tour to see killer whales and humpback whales. Be aware, however, that in the months from November to January there may be reduced availability of tours. This is why I suggest you check availability on the company’s website (more info here );
  • Senja (with at least 4 more days): this island is called “Norway in miniature” and if you want to visit it at least 3 full days will be necessary. Don’t miss the village of Husøy (somewhat similar to Sakrisøy)
  • Tromsø (with at least 4 or 5 days more): reaching the Arctic capital makes sense both simply to visit it, and to try some excursions, such as the northern lights cruise, sled dog tours, a visit to a village reindeer rides, a whale-watching excursion and a ride on the Fjellheisen cable car, which gives you spectacular views over the town.

Tips for Your Lofoten Islands Itinerary

  • To enjoy maximum freedom of movement, renting a car is certainly the best choice, but know that public transport is also efficient here. You can consult the timetables and stops on the Billett Nordland App (available on Google Play and Apple Store );
  • Due to the proximity to the Arctic Circle, the polar night phenomenon occurs in the months of December and January , i.e. the sun never rises; on the contrary, in the indicative months of May, June and part of July, the phenomenon of the midnight sun occurs, i.e. the sun never sets. Find out how many hours of daylight there will be during your trip on this page ;
  • Take out travel insurance with Heymondo and travel in complete peace of mind;

With this guide I hope I have managed to give you the right inspiration for your Lofoten Islands itinerary.

Know that you can obviously change the things to see and the order of the stages to your liking, going clockwise or counterclockwise (depending on how you decide to get to Lofoten).

In my opinion this is the most complete Lofoten Islands itinerary to get a taste of this magnificent land, where nature still dominates. Someone actually argues that a lifetime would not be enough to visit the Lofoten Islands.

If you have any doubts or questions, leave a comment below the article and I will gladly help you.

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