1 Day in Strasbourg: Itinerary with Top 25 Things to Do

What to do in Strasbourg?

Everyone has already heard of Strasbourg, European capital and typically Alsatian city with its half-timbered houses.

To visit Strasbourg is to bring together all the ingredients to spend a pleasant weekend in Alsace!

In order to help you organize your stay, I have prepared the guide with the best things to do and see in Strasbourg. You will find all the must-see places of interest in this emblematic French city. And yes in Strasbourg there is not only the Christmas market and its mulled wine!

I also offer you suggestions for itineraries to visit Strasbourg in 1, 2 or 3 days and my selection of the best hotels to stay in according to your budget. 

So what to do in Strasbourg? 

Visit Strasbourg: the must-sees

1. The Big Island: the historic center of Strasbourg

Crossed right through by the river Ill, the town is made up of several islands. The best known is undoubtedly the Big Island, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The place represents the historical center of the city.

You can admire the main monuments that make Strasbourg famous, such as the famous Notre-Dame de Strasbourg cathedral, the 4 medieval churches, as well as several hotels and palaces from the 18th century.

The Big Island is the perfect place to start your visit to Strasbourg and soak up its historic atmosphere.

Tips for your Strasbourg itinerary:

To discover the city and not miss any of the essentials, there’s nothing like a guided tour of Strasbourg by bike!

You will be accompanied by Jean, your guide (super friendly!). He will make you discover the most beautiful places in the city as well as some good secret addresses;-)

And if you prefer to take a private guided walking tour of Strasbourg, you can book it here.

Strasbourg itinerary 1 day
The cathedral square, on the Big Island

2. Strasbourg Cathedral

I suggest you start your tour on foot with the main place of interest in Strasbourg: Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Represented on all the postcards, it is the symbol of the city and the oldest Gothic cathedral in the world.

It includes 3 architectural masterpieces:

  • The 143-meter-tall spire, long the tallest in Christendom, dates from 1439
  • The large rose window located on the main facade above the entrance
  • The Astronomical Clock, Strasbourg’s most famous tourist attraction. Every day at 12:30 sharp, its set of automatons is triggered and presents the different ages of life and the procession of the apostles before Christ.

And good news, the entrance to the cathedral is free!

Another experience not to be missed if you visit the cathedral: the climb on the platform.

After climbing exactly 332 steps in a spiral staircase, you will have the privilege of contemplating the city from the roof of the cathedral. On a clear sky, you can even see as far as Germany.

Even if the entrance to the cathedral is free, access to the platform is chargeable: 8 €.

All the information on the cathedral’s website.

Tips for your Strasbourg itinerary:

To visit Strasbourg, I recommend that you buy the Strasbourg Pass. It is valid for 3 days and offers you free entries and discounts.

Here is a small summary of what is included in the city Pass Strasbourg:

  • Visit a museum of your choice
  • Access to the cathedral platform
  • Visit of Strasbourg by boat
  • Discovery of the astronomical clock of the cathedral

You will also be entitled to 50% reductions on discovering the city by little train, a guided tour of Strasbourg on foot, and on the rental of an audio guide for the visit of the old town and the cathedral of Strasbourg.

Strasbourg itinerary 1 day
Strasbourg Cathedral

3. The Medieval Churches of Strasbourg and the Saint-Paul Church

Among the other must-see churches in Strasbourg, I recommend that you discover the 4 medieval churches of the Grande Île de Strasbourg:

  • The Saint-Thomas Church which houses in its choir a funerary masterpiece of Baroque art: the tomb of the Marshal of Saxe
  • The Church of Saint-Pierre-le-Vieux, the first major Christian building in Strasbourg
  • The Church of Saint-Pierre-le-jeune, worth seeing for its 14th century frescoes
  • The Church of Saint-Etienne which is classified as a Historic Monument

At the intersection of the Zorn and Mullenheim quays, you can also pass by the magnificent Saint-Paul de Strasbourg church. From the outside, it is really very beautiful with its 2 twin spiers over 70 meters high and its elegant rose window.

The interior is also worth seeing for its original stained glass windows.

Strasbourg itinerary 1 day
Saint Paul’s Church in Strasbourg

4. Place Gutenberg

Located a few steps from the Cathedral is Place Gutenberg, so named because the inventor of the printing press lived in Strasbourg for 10 years. A statue in his honor is erected there.

The square was the administrative and political center of the city from the Middle Ages until the 18th century. You can see the renaissance era building of the Chamber of Commerce there .

It is also the ideal place to have a drink on one of the many outdoor terraces of cafes and restaurants.

Strasbourg itinerary 1 day
I like Gutenberg

5. Place Kleber

I continue this guide to Strasbourg with another very famous square, the large public square of Strasbourg located on the Grande Île: Place Kleber.

It is the favorite meeting place for Strasbourg residents during major cultural or sporting events.

During the Christmas period, it is here that you can admire the huge fir tree that we see on all the TV reports devoted to the city.

Place Kleber is entirely pedestrianized and very pleasant with its flowerbeds and water jets.

Around the square, you will notice a pink sandstone building dating from 1770, the Aubette, which takes its name from the fact that soldiers went there every day at dawn to collect their posting orders.

Tips for your Strasbourg itinerary:

Nowadays, it is unfortunately increasingly difficult to find a hotel offering good value for money in Strasbourg.

Fortunately, the solution to this problem is simple: do like me and plan ahead!

So take 5 minutes now to take a look at the list of travelers’ favorite hotels in Strasbourg. And if you like a hotel, book it!

Cancellation is often free, it’s quick, easy, and it will protect you from the inconvenience of finding nothing, except mediocre rooms at exorbitant prices.

To see the best offers of the moment in Strasbourg, simply click here.

Once your hotel is booked, it’s time to continue reading this guide!

Strasbourg itinerary 1 day
Kleber place

6. The Rohan Palace

The Rohan Palace is another must-see in Strasbourg.

The historical monument is located at the level of the Big Island. Originally a princely residence having hosted 4 princes of the Rohan family, hence its name, it now houses 3 museums:

  • The archaeological museum which offers to discover the complete history of Alsace since prehistory
  • The Museum of Fine Arts presenting a very rich collection of paintings, from Botticelli to Goyat and Rubens
  • The Museum of Decorative Arts with its collection of furniture and ceramic pieces.

If you don’t want to visit museums, I still advise you to go and admire the architecture and the facade of the Palais Rohan, which is well worth a photo!

For timetables and prices, it is on the official website.

Strasbourg itinerary 1 day
The Rohan Palace

7. Kammerzell House

Continue your stay in Strasbourg by going to see the Kammerzell house.

Listed as a historic monument thanks to the richness of its half-timbering typical of the Alsatian region, it is considered the most beautiful house in Strasbourg.

Keep your eyes open and on the beams, you will be able to see wooden sculptures representing profane or sacred scenes, all the signs of the zodiac or even some important characters from history such as Charlemagne and Caesar.

Tips for your Strasbourg itinerary:

And good news, if you find yourself there at mealtimes , the Kammerzell house is also an excellent restaurant offering local cuisine.

I strongly advise you to taste the house speciality : sauerkraut with three fish, the recipe for which is jealously guarded by the chef!

To see the map and book, here is the website.

Strasbourg itinerary 1 day
The famous Kammerzell house

8. Little France

Impossible to visit Strasbourg without going through the most picturesque and visited district of the city: the Petite France.

In the past, it was here that tanners, fishermen and millers lived and worked thanks to the proximity of the water.

People come here today to admire the many extremely well-preserved half-timbered houses and to stroll through the small cobbled streets along the water’s edge.

The island is reserved for pedestrians and cyclists, so you can fully enjoy the calm of the place.

Strasbourg itinerary 1 day
The Petite France district, in the morning.

9. Eat in an Alsatian winstub

It is in the alleys so typical of the little France that you can find something to eat in the traditional Alsatian restaurants: the Winstub.

If you were looking for the best place to go in Strasbourg to taste the local cuisine, this is it! It’s time to try sauerkraut, tarte flambée, baeckeofe without forgetting the dessert with the famous kougelhopf.

To find authentic and homemade products while avoiding tourist traps, I recommend:

  • Le Tire-Bouchon : 100% guaranteed home cooking thanks to the label of master restaurateur
  • Le Mun’s : for lovers of Munster cheese since the regional specialties are revisited here with this cheese
  • La petite Mairie : a family restaurant with local suppliers and fresh products. To test one of the 8 kinds of flamekueche where the dough is homemade, you will tell me the news!

During your weekend in Strasbourg, you will have time to test several!

Tips for your Strasbourg itinerary:

To discover the best of Alsatian gastronomy, nothing beats a gastronomic guided tour with a local guide!

This 2-hour walking tour takes place on market days and allows you to discover local wines, cheeses and specialties.

Strasbourg itinerary 1 day

10. Covered Bridges

In the extension of the Petite France, you will be able to see the covered bridges which have kept their name despite the disappearance of their roof.

They were built to serve as a rampart to reinforce the fortification on the waterways.

They served to connect 3 medieval brick towers, vestiges of the old ramparts, and had covered wooden galleries, which have unfortunately since disappeared.

Strasbourg itinerary 1 day
The covered bridges of Strasbourg

11. The Vauban Dam

A few meters upstream from the covered bridges is the Vauban dam.

It was built to protect Strasbourg when the covered bridges found themselves overtaken by the evolution of artillery. The dam made it possible, by blocking its arches, to raise the level of the Ill and to flood the surrounding fields in order to trap the enemies in the mud.

You can cross the dam from the inside, thanks to a corridor where many statues of gargoyles are stored.

But above all, I also recommend that you go up to the roof where there is a magnificent panoramic terrace allowing you to admire the maze of canals of Strasbourg, the covered bridges and the Petite France.

Strasbourg itinerary 1 day
The Vauban Dam

12. Strasbourg Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

If you want to do some cultural tourism in Strasbourg, take advantage of being in the Petite France district to visit the  Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMCS).

It is located not far from the Vauban dam.

You can discover works by Monet, Picasso and Brauner. Also worth seeing is its library, the auditorium and the graphic art room.

And here, too, you can have a drink on the panoramic terrace.

Timetables and prices on the official website.

Tips for your Strasbourg itinerary:

If you were wondering what to do in Strasbourg on Sunday, know that the museums I mention here are all open on that day.

Strasbourg itinerary 1 day
Museum of modern art in Strasbourg

13. The Strasbourg Historical Museum

If you are interested in Alsatian history and culture, you can also go to the historical museum of the city.

It traces the urban history of the city with a collection of models, plans but also objects of daily life from the Middle Ages to the French Revolution.

The timetables and prices for visiting this museum in Strasbourg can be found on the official website.

Strasbourg itinerary 1 day
Strasbourg Historical Museum

14. The Alsatian Museum in Strasbourg

And to complete all this, during your trip to Strasbourg, I also recommend that you take a short trip to the Alsatian Museum.

Several rooms are devoted to the reconstruction of interiors typical of Alsatian artisanal life, such as a forge or a carpentry. It also presents traditional costumes or furniture.

More information on the official website.

15. The Zoological Museum

Finally, to finish the tour of museums to visit in Strasbourg, especially if you are accompanied by children who will not necessarily be interested in paintings or models, I advise you to go to the zoological museum.

It houses a collection featuring Arctic and Antarctic fauna with stuffed animals and stuffed insects and butterflies.

I grant you that it is not really typically Alsatian, but it is a very good idea of ​​activity to do in Strasbourg with the family!

Update: The Zoological Museum of Strasbourg has been under renovation since 09/23/2019. It is due to reopen in 2022.

Strasbourg itinerary 1 day
The Zoological Museum of Strasbourg and its picturesque layout!

16. Place Broglie

Place Broglie is not a square, but rather a long, tree-lined promenade.

To survey to admire several 18th century mansions:

  • City Hall
  • Prefecture
  • The Banque de France : a little anecdote, it was here that the Marseillaise was sung for the very first time!
  • Strasbourg Opera.

But the square is above all known worldwide for the event that is held there every year:  the famous Strasbourg Christmas market, which I will tell you about in more detail just below.

17. Strasbourg Christmas Market or Christkindelsmärik

It is the oldest and most famous Christmas market in France.

More than 300 chalets are scattered over a dozen sites, including the Place de la Cathédrale and along the Broglie promenade.

There are of course Christmas decorations, all kinds of crafts and local and regional food products.

The Strasbourg Christmas market attracts nearly 2 million visitors in a single month of opening! So might as well tell you that you have to like the crowd, but take a deep breath and let the Christmas spirit penetrate you and everything will be fine!

During this period, all the windows of the shopping streets are adorned with grandiose illuminations and the inhabitants also play the game by decorating the facades of the houses and their balconies.

If you have decided to visit Strasbourg in December, this is definitely the place not to be missed!

Tips for your Strasbourg itinerary:

And for gourmets, there is a specific market in Strasbourg dedicated to Christmas delicacies, which is located on the fish market square and the terrace of the Palais Rohan.

It brings together all the guilds of craftsmen: bakers , farmers, winegrowers, craft brewers, etc.

To be included absolutely in your circuit in Strasbourg to taste a good mulled wine or an Alsace beer, all accompanied by a little foie gras to prepare your stomach for Christmas feasts.

Strasbourg itinerary 1 day

18. Orangery Park

After strolling through the narrow streets, take a walk in the Parc de l’Orangerie to get a breath of fresh air.

It is the oldest and largest park in the city with more than 26 hectares.

As much appreciated by Strasbourg residents as by tourists, it allows you to walk, to practice jogging and there is even an area reserved for skateboards. Children have access to a merry-go-round, several play areas and a mini zoo .

You can also enjoy a large lake with canoe rentals and sale of ice cream, waffles and other delicacies.

Finally, the park is the ideal place to observe the emblematic animal of Alsace: the stork. Many trees shelter their nest in all seasons.

Tips for your Strasbourg itinerary:

For an original experience, I advise you to book a visit to the orangery park by segway. Accompanied by a guide, you can walk the trails without getting tired!

Strasbourg itinerary 1 day
The Orangerie Park, in Strasbourg

19. European Institutions

Not far from the park, you will find the institutions that make Strasbourg the European capital:

  • The European Parliament
  • The Council of Europe
  • The European Court of Human Rights

To discover them, I advise you to follow the Europe route which will take you for a walk of about 2.5 kilometers around the European quarter.

Several explanatory panels and fun installations punctuate the course. Of course you won’t be able to enter the premises, but it’s always interesting to see where certain decisions concerning us all are made.

If you have chosen to go to Strasbourg in May, it is during this period that the city organizes the “Europe Day” with cultural and sporting events and debates.

But the event that has the most success and attracts visitors remains above all the open day of the European Parliament.

You will find more details on the possibilities of visiting the European institutions in Strasbourg on the official website.

Tips for your Strasbourg itinerary:

For those who do not wish to walk, the European district can also be visited by segway. Very nice to do as an activity and in addition you will have explanations from a guide on the different institutions.

In addition, this outing also includes a visit to other districts of Strasbourg such as Petite France, Grande Ile and the Neustadt district.

Strasbourg itinerary 1 day
The European Parliament in Strasbourg

20. Visit Strasbourg by Boat

Taking a boat trip on the canals is one of the city’s main tourist attractions, and undoubtedly one of the best ways to visit Strasbourg.

The departure is at the foot of the Palais Rohan with the Batorama company which offers 2 types of boat: covered or uncovered, which allows you to enjoy this activity both in summer and in winter.

You will have the choice between 2 circuits:

  • “Strasbourg, more than 20 centuries of history”  which lasts 1h10 and will take you through little France, the Vauban dam and the European institutions which I told you about above
  • “Strasbourg, Grande-Île” lasting 45 minutes which focuses on the city center and will therefore not take you through the European site.

Another option for visiting Strasbourg by boat, opt for a meal cruise with the Ill boats. Departure every Tuesday evening for a duration of 2 hours. All info here.

Tips for your Strasbourg itinerary:

Don’t forget that if you have purchased the Strasbourg Pass, the visit of Strasbourg by boat is included.

Otherwise, remember to book your tickets on the site in advance, this will save you from queuing and you can choose your times.

Strasbourg itinerary 1 day
Boating on the canals in Strasbourg

21. Take a Bike Ride in Strasbourg

As you have seen, Strasbourg can be visited very well on foot since many areas are reserved for pedestrians, but if you feel like it, you can also explore the city by bike. There is no doubt that you will have enough to pedal with its 500 kilometers of cycle paths!

The tourist office, for example, offers a 10-kilometre route to discover the city, but you can of course explore the edges of the canals and the alleys by yourself.

At the gates of Strasbourg, you can try your hand at the piste des forts, an 85-kilometre cycle route that will take you on both sides of the Rhine and therefore into Germany.

This circuit crosses many landscapes such as the countryside and the forest but also typical towns and villages. It does not present any major difficulties and you can therefore do it during your holidays in Strasbourg with your family.

Tips for your Strasbourg itinerary:

To rent a bike to visit Strasbourg, it’s super simple, just click here.

Strasbourg itinerary 1 day
The 10km route by bike in the city of Strasbourg

What to do around Strasbourg?

If you spend several days in Strasbourg and you have done all the things I recommend in this guide, I recommend that you visit the surroundings.

Here is my list of the most beautiful places to visit around Strasbourg.

22. Typical villages to see around Strasbourg

Now that you know what to do in Strasbourg and if you are not tired of the half-timbered houses, do not hesitate to visit the typical villages which are nearby and which are also very famous.

Around Strasbourg, I advise you not to miss:

  • Colmar with its very well developed little Venice district and its old town
  • Eguishem with half-timbered houses, fountains and flowered balconies and its ramparts
  • Riquewihr, which is one of the most beautiful villages in France, particularly due to its location in the middle of the vineyards
  • Obernai whose historic center has very beautiful medieval houses
  • Saverne and the Château des Rohan, which dates from the 18th century. It is also called Château de Saverne.

If you don’t have a personal vehicle and want to visit some of these villages on your trip to Strasbourg, I recommend you take an organized excursion.

The one I suggest goes through the Haut-Koenigsbourg castle, the wine route, Riquewihr, Kaysersberg and Colmar. 

The day includes transport by bus, an audio-guide, the entrance ticket for the castle and a ride on the little tourist train in Colmar.

Strasbourg itinerary 1 day
Saverne Castle

23. Europa Park

About 60 kilometers from Strasbourg is Germany’s largest amusement park: Europa Park.

On 85 hectares, more than 100 rides await you to entertain you and give you thrills. The park is made up of different districts, each referring to a country. Ireland, Iceland or Italy, you will be spoiled for choice!

There is even a flight simulator that has just opened.

This is the best amusement park to go to around Strasbourg!

To avoid queuing at the ticket office, I strongly recommend that you book your tickets in advance directly with the button below:

I reserve my ticket for Europa Park now!I want to visit Europa Park

Tips for your Strasbourg itinerary:

From Strasbourg, if you don’t have a car, you can also book a private transfer to Europa Park. We will pick you up directly in front of your hotel and bring you back at the end of the day.

The price includes park entrance tickets.

Book here! 

Strasbourg itinerary 1 day

24. Visit the castles around Strasbourg

The Alsatian region has many castles on its territory but I chose 2 quite close to Strasbourg, which complement each other well for a short half-day visit.

Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle

You can go to the Haut-Koenigsbourg castle which is considered to be the must-see castle around Strasbourg because it has been completely renovated. It is the best known and therefore the most visited in Alsace.

Due to its geographical position on a rocky outcrop, it offers a magnificent view of the entire plain of Alsace.

Don’t hesitate to go into the surrounding forest and walk around it to admire the viewpoints.

Interior visits and cultural events are also organized there. There is also a restaurant on site.

What is practical is that the Haut-Koenigsbourg castle as well as dozens of other sites to visit around Strasbourg are included in the Pass Alsace!

Haut-Barr Castle

In another genre, that is to say slightly more dilapidated, go see the castle of Haut-Barr.

It stands on 3 large rocks linked together by the Devil’s Bridge and stairs that will allow you to access the very top.

It’s not the castle that will impress you the most with its architecture, that’s for sure, but its main interest is the view it offers over a large part of the plain, hence its nickname “the Eye of Alsace”.

It even seems (I couldn’t verify it myself) that in case of great weather, you can see the spire of Strasbourg Cathedral! Feel free to confirm this rumor in the comments!

25. The Other castles of Alsace

As there are many other castles to visit around Strasbourg (the furthest, apart from the castle of Ferrette, are located 1 hour by road from the Alsatian capital), I have therefore made a list of the 10 most beautiful:

  • The Château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg, which I told you about above, considered by many to be the most beautiful castle in Alsace
  • Fleckenstein Castle, which offers a panoramic view of the Sauer valley
  • The Château du Hohlandsbourg, and its panoramic view of the city of Colmar
  • Lichtenberg Castle
  • The Château de Ferrette, in the far south of Alsace
  • The Château du Haut Barr, which I also told you about above with its magnificent view
  • The Château d’Andlau, accessible free of charge after a 20-minute walk in the forest. You can park at the Hungerplatz farmhouse.
  • The Château du Nideck and its 25m high waterfall
  • The Château de Kaysersberg, which overlooks the village of the same name
  • The Route des Cinq Châteaux, a 20km hike that will take you to several ruined castles.

I have also included the convent of Mont Sainte-Odile (#30), which is a must see.

Strasbourg itinerary 1 day
Haut-Koenigsbourg castle

How many days to visit Strasbourg?

To visit Strasbourg and its main places of interest, I advise you to plan 2 days.

For a stay in Strasbourg of 3 days or more, you will have the chance to discover the surroundings. Between all the visits, there is even enough to easily occupy a week.

I give you an example of a Strasbourg visit program in 1, 2, 3 or more days below.

Tips for your Strasbourg itinerary:

Don’t forget to get the Strasbourg Pass I told you about above. Valid for 3 days, it allows you to benefit from free admission and numerous reductions.

1 Day Strasbourg Itinerary

If you only have 1 day in Strasbourg, it is best to focus on the classics that make the city so charming.

In addition, it is very easy to visit Strasbourg on foot.

  • Take a walk in the Petite France district to discover the Strasbourg of postcards with its canals and half-timbered houses.
  • Then head to the Vauban dam, whose roof offers a superb view of the covered bridges of Strasbourg.
  • Meet at Strasbourg Cathedral for 12:30 p.m., this is the only time of day when the astronomical clock and its dozens of automatons come alive.
  • Lunch break
  • Visit of the Rohan Palace and its 3 museums: the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Decorative Arts and the Archaeological Museum.
  • To end the day, visit the 2 most beautiful squares of old Strasbourg (in addition to the cathedral square!), Place Gutenberg and Place Kleber. And if you want to go shopping, don’t miss the Grandes Arcades and Franc-Bourgeois streets.
  • And how about a flamekueche for dinner?

It’s been a busy day in Strasbourg .

2 Days Strasbourg Itinerary

Looking for what to do in Strasbourg for a weekend? We have the route for you.

In 2 days in Strasbourg, you can take the first day of the itinerary presented above and add:

  • In the morning, discover the city from another point of view with a guided boat tour. It is one of the major attractions to do in Strasbourg! (included in the Strasbourg Pass )
  • Visit the historical museum of Strasbourg.
  • Lunch break
  • In the afternoon, head to the European institutions. We advise you to go there on foot, just follow the banks of the Ill, you can’t go wrong. It also allows you to have a nice view of the very photogenic Saint-Paul church reflecting in the river.
  • End your day in the Parc de l’Orangerie located close to the institutions, to stroll and watch the storks.
  • As you will have walked quite a bit, you may wish to take the bus back.
  • Dinner in a typical Alsatian winstub

You will find all the details to organize your short stay in Strasbourg in my article: Visit Strasbourg in a weekend.

3 Days Strasbourg Itinerary

If you have the opportunity to spend 3 days in Strasbourg, you can take the itinerary of the previous 2 days and visit the surroundings of Strasbourg:

If you have to leave by the North of Strasbourg to return home, make a loop of the castles of Alsace in the following order:

  • Go to the south-east, start with the Haut-Koenigsbourg castle, the must-see in the region
  • Continue with the Château d’Andlau
  • Then make a stop at the Convent of Mont Sainte-Odile
  • Then pass by the Château du Nideck and its waterfall
  • End with the Château du Haut Barr

If you are lucky enough to leave Strasbourg by the South to return home, I recommend that you take the following route:

  • Start by going to admire the view at the convent of Mont Sainte-Odile
  • then head to the Château d’Andlau
  • Continue with the Haut-Koenigsbourg castle (entrance included in the Alsace Pass )
  • visit the villages of Ribeauvillé, Kaysersberg and Riquewihr, located on the Alsace wine route. Do not miss the castle of Kaysersberg either .
  • Continue with the visit of Colmar, which can be done in about 2 hours.
  • Last stage of this day full of discoveries, the superb village of Eguisheim, south of Colmar.

If you prefer, you can also opt for guided tours around Strasbourg, full day or half day. Here are the best:

And if you have children (or a 4th day in Strasbourg), taking a trip to Europa Park is a great idea that will delight the whole family! Skip-the-line tickets, to save time, are on sale by clicking here.

Accommodation in Strasbourg

  • Comfort Hotel Strasbourg – Montagne Verte : Located 20 minutes on foot from the Petite France district, in a quiet area by the river. Modern and bright room from €50 per night, all-you-can-eat breakfast at €10. The pluses: free parking, breakfast with lots of choice and even a candy bar. Do not leave without having eaten at least once in the hotel restaurant, which offers Alsatian specialities. We tested the breaded camembert and the spaetzles and we really enjoyed it! This is without a doubt our favorite service / price ratio in Strasbourg!
  • Hotel Victoria : Located 10 minutes from the Cathedral, near the station, ideal if you arrive by train. Spacious and colorful room, quiet, from €60 per night, buffet breakfast at €9. Most: quiet location in a pedestrian street, very welcoming staff and very generous breakfast with quality products.
  • Hotel Roses : Hotel ideally located 2 steps from the Cathedral. Spacious and neatly decorated room from €90 per night, with an additional breakfast at €9.90. The best choice where to sleep in Strasbourg in the city center and as a bonus, a perfect breakfast!
  • Golden Tulip Strasbourg Center the Garden: Located 500 meters from Place Kléber. Spacious room with ultra-comfortable bedding from €150 per night, breakfast at €19. The pluses: the Spa with heated indoor swimming pool, the plant decoration, the relaxing setting. An excellent choice for a spa weekend in Strasbourg!
  • Hôtel Régent Petite France & Spa: 5-star hotel located in the Petite-France district. Room with a view of the river or the traditional half-timbered houses from €250 per night, breakfast at €25. Most: the location, the exceptional view, the excellent breakfast. This is our recommendation for a luxury stay in Strasbourg.

Strasbourg Tourist Map

Strasbourg itinerary 1 day
The tourist map with the main attractions of Strasbourg

FAQ: Questions about Strasbourg

What to do in Strasbourg with the family?

If you have planned to visit Strasbourg with your children, I recommend that you do the following activities:

  • Visit the historic center of Strasbourg on foot
  • Go see the astronomical clock in Notre-Dame Cathedral in Strasbourg
  • Discover the Alsatian Museum of Strasbourg 
  • Take a walk in the orangery park and go watch the storks
  • A boat trip on the canals of Strasbourg
  • Visit of the Petite France district in a tourist train
  • In December, taking them to the Christmas market remains the essential family visit to Strasbourg!
  • A day at Europa Park.

Where to park in Strasbourg?

I recommend that you use one of Strasbourg’s 10 park and ride facilities.

The Relais + Tram rate is €4.10 for the day and allows you to benefit from a round trip by tram/bus for all passengers in the vehicle (max 7 people). This is the best cheap parking option in Strasbourg.

The closest relay car parks to Strasbourg city center are:

  • Rotonde – 5 min by tram
  • Ducs d’Alsace – 8 min in section
  • Kimmeri – 8 min a tram
  • Rives de l’Ar – 10 min by tram
  • Elsau – 10 min by tram.

And you, what are you planning to do in Strasbourg?

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