Where to Stay in Lisbon: Best Hotels Recommendation

Best Accommodation in Lisbon

Lisbon is a superb city, teeming with places and atmosphere to discover. If you are leaving for a stay in the capital of Portugal soon, you are probably wondering which place to choose to stay in Lisbon.

In this guide, I will give you some advice to help you find the ideal neighborhood that will match your desire for discovery.

will also tell you about the most pleasant places to settle down during a stay in Lisbon, and will give you some examples of establishments which are among the best places to stay in Lisbon.

How to Choose Where to Stay in Lisbon?

If you have looked at Lisbon on a map, you have probably already noticed that it is a very large city. But if you want to stay there and visit it, I really recommend staying in the most central and touristy areas.

Many of the city’s attractions are concentrated in a relatively small area, and moving away from them would require you to spend a lot of time in the car or on public transport.

accommodation in Lisbon

But to choose the right neighborhood to stay in, you obviously need to know it first. Some neighborhoods will be perfect for a fairly standard tour of the city and its historical and cultural sites, while other neighborhoods are more suitable for those looking for a more authentic atmosphere , or for a stay dedicated to partying. and nightlife.

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This is why in the rest of this post, I will present to you the most pleasant areas of the city. They all have a different face, and the choice will therefore be made above all according to your tastes, according to what you want to do during your trip to Lisbon, and according to the type of atmosphere you like.

If you think you have found the establishment of your dreams, don’t wait too long to make your reservation. It’s important to book your room as early as possible, because otherwise the best establishments will likely be full and you’ll have to resort to a second or third choice.


accommodation in Lisbon

If you are looking for a hotel with very good value for money in the city center, I recommend the Feeling Eduardo VII opposite the São Sebastião metro station and the El Corte Inglés shopping center.

This establishment offers beautiful rooms for around €105including full breakfast. The staff is attentive and has little touches for customers. Every day, tea, coffee and a selection of pastries will be available to you in the common lounge 😉

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In 1755, Lisbon was hit by an earthquake which killed thousands and destroyed much of the city. The Baixa area was completely destroyed, and it was during the reconstruction of the city that superb neoclassical buildings were constructed and the layout of the district was revised to form large perpendicular avenues.

Today, Baixa is the most visited district of Lisbon. Located in the center of the capital, it is a very lively and dynamic district, made up of shopping streets and large squares.

If it still attracts so many visitors, it is because it is home to a good number of historical sites and architectural buildings from the 18th century, but also because there are many trendy restaurants and bars there.

accommodation in Lisbon

Baixa also benefits from its privileged location, near the São Jorge Castle and the Praça do Comércio (Commerce Square), a magnificent square which overlooks the Tagus and which testifies to the power of Portugal in the 18th century.

Although a little more expensive in terms of accommodation, Baixa is one of the best areas to base yourself during your stay. It is centralwell connected and has many attractions.

Accommodation in Baixa

  • Pensao Praca Da Figueira is a guest house located in an old baroque-style building, a stone’s throw from a metro station. This property is located right next to many restaurants and fado houses. You can find beautiful double rooms there for around €70 per night, breakfast included.

accommodation in Lisbon

accommodation in Lisbon

  • Esqina Cosmopolitan Lodge  is a 3-star hotel very well located in the center of Lisbon, close to the National Theater and São Jorge Castle. Its double rooms, comfortable and with a beautiful view of the city, are available from  around €125 per night.

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Alfama is the oldest district of Lisbon. Unlike other areas such as the Baixa district, it was much less affected by the earthquake, which is why it is here that many of the major historical sites of the Portuguese capital are located today.

accommodation in Lisbon

accommodation in Lisbon

Here, you will not find wide, well-aligned avenues, but on the contrary a real labyrinth of small narrow streets lined with typical houses.

This district was formed around the walls of the castle of Saint-Georges, and during the Middle Ages it housed the poorest inhabitants of the city.

Nowadays, it is a neighborhood that has experienced gentrification, but has remained very authentic. It is particularly appreciated for its authentic atmosphere and for the richness of its heritage.

You can notably discover the National Pantheon, the Sé Cathedral  or the church of Santa Luzia and its belvedere which offers a sublime view of the entire district and the estuary.

For a visit to the city focused primarily on discovering historical sites and monuments, Alfama is undoubtedly the best area where you can sleep in Lisbon.

Accommodation in the Alfama District

  • Lisbon Best Choice Apartments Alfama offers comfortable and well-equipped apartments in the heart of the city’s oldest district. The 40 m² studio with a double bed and a sofa bed is available from  €135 per night.

accommodation in Lisbon

accommodation in Lisbon

  • Hotel Convento do Salvador is a 3-star establishment in the heart of the Alfama district, less than 10 minutes’ walk from Lisbon Train Station and the city’s biggest tourist attractions. This hotel, which is located in a converted former convent, offers beautiful rooms for two from  around €110 per night.

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Cais do Sodré

In the past, Cais do Sodré was a very disreputable neighborhood in the center of Lisbon, which housed a disadvantaged population. Today, this district has been completely transformed and has become one of the trendiest places in the Portuguese capital.

Cais do Sodré is really a little neighborhood apart, very fashionable, but also quite authentic and relaxed. If you choose to settle here during your stay in Portugal, it will be above all for its atmosphere, and not for the tourist attractions it houses.

accommodation in Lisbon

accommodation in Lisbon

You can notably discover the Time Out Market, one of the temples of gastronomy in Lisbon, as well as the Mercado da Ribeira, a large traditional market very popular with the locals.

On Pink Street, you can find some of the liveliest places in the city, with many trendy bars and nightclubs where the atmosphere doesn’t die down until the early hours.

Accommodation in Cais do Sodré

  • 262 Boutique Hotel is located just 200 m from Cais do Sodré Train Station, close to many attractions and right next to several bars and restaurants. In this cozy hotel, the staff are welcoming and the rooms very comfortable. The room for two is offered for around  €75 per night.

accommodation in Lisbon

accommodation in Lisbon

  • Sunset Destination Hostel is a hostel that overlooks the river. It has a bar, a swimming pool and a restaurant, and offers beds in dormitories of 4 to 6 places, from around  €40 per night.

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Bairro Alto

Bairro Alto  is another historic district of Lisbon. It’s a place that is home to a fairly young and trendy population, with a fairly bohemian atmosphere. You can make some great discoveries there:

  • The Church of Saint-Roch (São Roque), a 16th century building, quite dull from the outside, but simply magnificent inside, with its gilding and trompe-l’oeil paintings.
  • The Bica Funicular, a typical Lisbon tram, which has been in operation since 1892.
  • The Botanical Garden, a large space of 40 hectares which is home to a great diversity of plants, including many subtropical plants.
  • The Miradoudro São Pedro de Alcantara and the Miradouro Santa Catarina, lookout points which offer very pretty views of Lisbon and its monuments.

accommodation in Lisbon

But the appeal of Bairro Alto is above all its atmosphere. If you want to stay in a central and festive area, look no further!

From the start of the evening, the streets of this district come alive and the party is in full swing in numerous cafes and bars. This district is also one of the best places to see a fado show in Lisbon, especially at Tasca do Chico, a very popular restaurant.

In summary, if you want to party during your trip to Lisbon, and you don’t mind sleeping in an area that can be quite noisy at night, Bairro Alto should suit you perfectly.

Accommodation in Bairro Alto

  • Pensao Londres is a guest house located in the hills of the Bairro Alto district, about 300 meters from a metro station and right next to a bar and a restaurant. The place is charming, the staff is pleasant, and double rooms are available for around  €60  per night.

accommodation in Lisbon

accommodation in Lisbon

  • Casa das Janelas com Vista  is a beautiful establishment very well located with a private courtyard, which offers small rooms with balconies that are particularly comfortable and well decorated. A room for two is available for  around €125 per night.

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The Belém district is located to the west of Lisbon, at the level of the Tagus estuary. In the past, docks and shipyards were located here, and some of the greatest explorers of the 16th century set out from here to Africa, India and South America.

Today, Belém is a particularly pleasant neighborhood, which is home to many attractions and green spaces. The most famous building is of course the Belém Tower, one of the greatest symbols of Portugal and an unmissable visit during a stay in Lisbon. This 16th century fortress with Manueline style architecture controlled the entrance to the city by sea.

accommodation in Lisbon

accommodation in Lisbon

The district’s other star attraction is the Jerónimos Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the burial place of great Portuguese figures such as Vasco da Gama  and King Manuel I. Belém is also home to several of the city’s major museums, as well as gardens and parks where you can take very pleasant walks.

If you want to enjoy a more serene atmosphere than in the center of Lisbon, staying in Belém will be a good way to get away from the busiest places and enjoy more peace and quiet.

The area is well away from the city center, but it is well served by public transport and in return, the hotels found there often have better value for money.

Accommodation in Belém

accommodation in Lisbon

accommodation in Lisbon

  • Palacio do Governador is a very nice 5-star hotel located less than 5 minutes walk from Belém Tower. It has 2 swimming pools, a bar, a spa and a restaurant. Its double rooms are priced from  around €155 per night.

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  • Famous Crows Lisbon Suites is a guest house offering spacious rooms and comfortable apartments within 200 meters of Jerónimos Monastery from €50/night.  


accommodation in Lisbon

If you plan to make many visits during your stay in Lisbon, I advise you to invest in a pass like the Lisboa Card. For €22  per adult for the 24-hour pass and €15  per child, you can:

  • discover more than 25 museums and monuments in Lisbon
  • take unlimited public transport, including the famous wooden tram 28
  • enjoy discounts in restaurants, the Aerobus and shopping centers

The Lisbon City Pass also exists in a 48 and 72 hour version.

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Intendente is one of the most fashionable neighborhoods in Lisbon. It is a multicultural and very dynamic district, whose development is still quite recent, and which is therefore not very touristy.

In the main streets and around the Largo de Intendente square, there are many modern conceptual restaurants, trendy bars and nightclubs, but also more typical Portuguese establishments.

In several streets of Intendente, you can discover the works of street art artists . Also, don’t miss visiting the Jardim do Torel, for the exceptional view of the city.

accommodation in Lisbon

Intendente is a slightly out-of-the-way neighborhood, but it is still quite well located, and above all it is very well served by public transport. If you are going to Lisbon to party and prefer to spend your nights somewhere a little less touristy, you should find the right accommodation there.

Accommodation in Intendente

  • WC by The Beautique Hotels is a 4-star property located approximately 1 km from the historic center of Lisbon, less than 3 minutes’ walk from two metro stations and several cafes and restaurants. Its rooms for two people are modern and comfortable, they are accessible from  around €125  per night.

accommodation in Lisbon

accommodation in Lisbon

  • The Lisbon Wine House – Rooms & Suites is a well-located establishment which offers air-conditioned and well-equipped rooms as well as a beautiful terrace. For one night, count from €65 for a double room and €150 for a family room that can accommodate 5 people.

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  • Be Lisbon Hostel Intendente is a well-located hostel in the fashionable district of Lisbon. The property has a bar and a shared kitchen, and you’ll find double rooms for around  €85 a night, and beds in dormitories for around  €25 a night.

That’s all for this article on the neighborhoods and good places to stay in Lisbon! I hope you liked it.

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