14 Days in Portugal: Ultimate 14-Day Itinerary

Ultimate 14 Days Portugal Itinerary

From seaside resorts to fortified villages and hundreds of kilometers of coastline, a 2-week Portugal itinerary from north to south promises many surprises!

Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and Spain, the Portuguese territory is home to varied landscapes and a unique terroir.

The advantage of this road trip in Portugal is that the road network is perfectly well laid out. There is little distance between towns and villages, so you will spend less time on the road. Furthermore, it will be an opportunity to explore secret lands untouched by the influx of mass tourism…

Departing from Braga, known for its religious events, head towards Porto, a colorful city with imposing bridges and authentic medieval architecture. Follow the east coast, discovering small picturesque villages before arriving in Coimbra, a river city and former capital…

Figueira da Foz is part of the trip, an ideal territory for recharging your batteries at the mouth of the Mondego river.

If you are looking for an itinerary to cross Portugal, then I suggest you discover this practical guide. In addition to passing on some useful tips, I’ll show you how to reach the city of Faro from Braga as well as the essential places to visit!

From North to South: organize a road trip to Portugal!

Portugal itinerary 14 days

Unless you like adventure and spontaneity,  a road trip cannot be improvised.

In addition to planning the route, there are other factors to take into account. Among them,  booking accommodation, a rental car, activities  and above all,  preparing the budget!

Set a Budget per Person

For economical and obvious reasons, going on a trip with others allows you to share costs and lighten your wallet. Don’t forget that a road trip by car also includes fuel, a recurring expense throughout your trip.

If you are going as a couple,  a budget of between 800 and 1,000 euros per person is more or less sufficient to cover all expenses.

Book Accommodation / Meal Budget

Every arrival in a town or village involves accommodation. As mentioned above, I advise you to spend at least one night at each stage. To save money, choose a youth hostel or a Bed & Breakfast in small towns.

Portugal itinerary 14 days

In the case of cities like Porto and Lisbon, you can enjoy slightly more upscale accommodation. One way or another, take care to reserve all accommodation in advance.

Click here to see accommodation available on your dates

When it comes to food, the choice is yours. If breakfast is included in your accommodation, take advantage of it and eat on the go during the day. For a few euros, you can taste many Portuguese specialties, more or less copious, it depends!

Which route to choose for a road trip in Portugal?

As you can probably imagine, there is no single route. For most travelers, departing from Porto is a convenient choice since the city has an airport. From there, it’s easy to pick up a rental car once you arrive to embark on the adventure without delay!

Braga, Portugal itinerary 14 days

For my part, I advise you to leave from Braga. It is a city to absolutely discover in Portugal and it also has an airport.

Furthermore, it is located in the very north of the country, all of which constitutes an interesting starting point so as not to miss any landscape. By booking in advance, you can find tickets for only €25 /person for a one-way ticket.

As for the duration, 14 days of road trip would really be ideal to see as much as possible without rushing. But by optimizing the trip, between 7 and 10 days is entirely possible depending on the places of interest and cities that interest you.

From North to South: the best route for a road trip in Portugal!

Now it’s time to discover the key stages of your Portugal road trip. Of course, you are free to optimize this route by deleting or adding other places of passage!

Day 1: Departure from Braga

Braga Cathedral, Portugal itinerary

Located in the very north of Portugal, your road trip starts in Braga. This municipality is known for hosting an important historical and architectural heritage so much so that it also witnesses many religious events. There are many religious buildings in the city, including the neoclassical Bom Jesus do Monte church and the medieval Braga Cathedral.

The Gothic style of  the Chapel of the Kings  and  the Museum of Sacred Art  are places you should visit before hitting the road. Braga is a great starter, home to many wonders such as  the Santa Barbara Gardens  and the immense  Archbishop’s Palace nearby!

During your visit to Braga, don’t forget to visit the  Capela dos Coimbras! This chapel is a must to do in the historic center of Braga. It is the oldest private chapel you can find in the city. Inside, you can admire the architecture of the building, but also sip a drink (included in the entrance ticket). It is also possible to dine there or attend one of the various shows that are regularly organized there. Entrance is €5  for adults,  €2.50 for 7-16 year olds and free for under 7s.

Click here to book your visit to the Capela dos Coimbras

Day 2-3: Vila do Conde

Vila do Conde, Portugal itinerary 14 days

Ideal for spending a day, Vila do Conde is a quiet little town with a truly peaceful atmosphere. This destination is little frequented by tourists, unlike its neighbors, but it is definitely worth it. In addition to strolling through the picturesque streets, Vila do Conde is home to some cool places like the Santa Clara Aqueduct and a naval museum.

The  Nossa Senhora do Socorro chapel  is a small architectural pearl dating from 1559, the interior of which is entirely covered with azulejos. There is also  a lace museum, local artisanal know-how, as well as a  pretty seafront  to stretch your legs and swim!

Day 3-5: Porto and its Surroundings

Porto, Portugal itinerary

After just a 35-minute drive from Vila do Conde, you are in Porto. This coastal town located in the northwest is known for its colorful houses and imposing bridges. I also advise you to enjoy the panorama during the cruise of the six bridges on the Douro.

The  medieval district of Ribeiro  is essential for its merchant houses and its dynamism. If you want to see beautiful buildings, go to  the São Francisco church with its baroque architecture.

During your stop in the city, you may be looking for what to do in Porto. The city is full of activities, it is the ideal destination if you are looking to get some fresh air! You can go on excursions in the Douro Valley, do wine cellar tours, tastings, hikes to see the vineyards…

You won’t be bored! However, remember to book your activities in advance so as not to risk being disappointed!

For an overview of activities to do in Porto, click here

The Palacio da Bolsa is also a must! This is the old stock market, originally built to impress European investors visiting Porto. With this guided tour you can discover this building classified as one of the most important in Portugal.

Depending on time available, explore the surrounding areas of the city. For example, the Douro Valley and the village of Pinhão are nice!

Also visit Vila ChaVila Nova de Gaia and Santa Maria da FeiraDon’t miss out on going to the most beautiful beaches in Porto either .

if you’re looking for more details on what to do in Porto , don’t hesitate to take a look at my article on the subject 🙂

Accommodation in Porto

Portugal itinerary 14 days

Are you going to visit Portugal and you don’t yet know where to stay in Porto? In the Oporto Wall Apartments you can enjoy the independence of an apartment in addition to an excellent location in the center of the city. In addition, you can visit the  Palacio da Bolsa, the Ferreira Borges market and Ribeira square which are close to the accommodation. This establishment offers accommodation from  €93 per night. Don’t forget to book in advance!

To see the availability of Oporto Wall Apartments, click here

Want to extend the journey? Go through Sortelha

Sortelha is one of the oldest villages in the country, it is known for its very well preserved medieval center. Sortelha Castle overlooks  the village from a rock that rises 760 meters above sea level. All the dwellings in this unique medieval village are built of granite following the uneven terrain and forming an amphitheater around the castle.

To reach Sortelha from Porto, you will have to drive for almost 3 hours and cover a distance of approximately 240 km. On the way, if you wish, you can stop for example at the Parque Natural da Serra de São Mamede  or at  Castelo Branco.

Day 6-7: Coimbra – Figueira de Foz

Known and appreciated for  its historic university and its baroque Joanina library, the city of Coimbra is a stopover that is definitely worth the detour!

This beautiful river space with a strong medieval character has something to appeal to visitors who are passionate about history and ancient buildings.

While strolling through the streets of the old town, don’t miss the Romanesque Sé Velha cathedral!

Coimbra, Portugal

If you are a music lover and want to immerse yourself in the history of the city, I advise you to book an evening to discover the sounds of Coimbra fado while tasting Port wine. Allow €12 per person to enjoy a real return to the past!

Click here to get your ticket for the fado show in Coimbra

Then, head to the east coast to discover Figueira da Foz. This Portuguese municipality is the charm of the Coimbra district!

Located at the mouth of the Mondego River, the city has experienced a high population density during the 21st century by the Santa Cruz Monastery.

The Palácio Sotto MaiorPraia da FigueiraMercado Engenheiro and Núcleo Museológico do Sal are must-sees!

The Town of Nazaré

If you are fond of  surfing, you can drive another hour and go to Nazaré. During the summer, Nazaré is a  pleasant and family seaside resort, with a particularly relaxed atmosphere and relatively lively at night.

And in winter, Nazaré is the flagship destination for surfers looking for thrills.

You can discover some unique sites in Nazaré, such as the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Nazareth, famous for its statue of the Virgin and Child, or the Mirador del Suberco, from which you can observe the spectacular landscapes of the region.

Day 8-10: Lisbon, the Capital!

Portugal itinerary 14 days

Unsurprisingly, a visit to the capital of Portugal is obligatory! Lisbon benefits from an advantageous geographical location between vast hills and coastline.

The capital is largely dominated by the São Jorge Castle offering a panoramic view of the surrounding area. The pastel-colored buildings and the historic character of the old town create an exceptional charm.

If you are looking for ideas for activities to do, you can consult the article visit Lisbon in 3 days. You can also discover the highlights of the city during a guided tour to learn the smallest secrets of its history and traditions 🙂

Place  du Commerce and the Alfama district  are unmissable places. Taking part in the visit to the  National Azulejo Museum  provides an experience in the history of ceramics!

For a little relaxation, go relax on the most beautiful beaches in Lisbon, take the famous 28E tram line, and if you need a little height,  admire the view from the miradouros!

Portugal itinerary 14 days

If this is your first time in Lisbon, you will definitely want to discover the city and do several activities and tours.

Between the different cruises on the Tagus, the guided tour of the city, kayak outings, visits to the gardens of Sintra and the Pena Palace, tastings and fado shows, you will have plenty to do and you will not have time to get bored.

However, remember to book your activities in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises, especially during the high season.

For an overview of activities in Lisbon, click here

Accommodation in Lisbon

Are you going to visit the Portuguese capital and you don’t yet know where to stay in Lisbon? In this quite touristy city, it is interesting to know the good tips! At the Rodamon Lisboa hotel you will have a very good location for visiting Lisbon.

Portugal itinerary 14 days

Portugal itinerary 14 days

The hotel is close to Rossio, Dona Maria II National Theater and St. George’s Castle. Expect around €130 for one night 🙂 If you wish, you can also sleep in a dormitory for around €50. Don’t forget to book as soon as you have the dates of your stay so as not to risk being disappointed!

To see the availability of the Rodamon Lisboa hotel, click here

A Passage through Evora

After visiting Lisbon, you can eventually reach Évora in about an hour and a half by car. This charming town in the Alentejo region is teeming with places to discover. In the past, the city was an important commercial hub, and a major religious city.

With this day in Evora from Lisbon, you will be able to discover rare buildings, such as a Roman temple which has the particularity of being extremely well preserved, the cathedral-basilica of Our Lady of the Assumption of Évora or even the  Palacio de Dom Manuel, the former royal palace of Évora.

Day 11-12: Setúbal – Vila Nova de Milfontes

Portugal itinerary 14 days

Heading towards the south of Portugal, this road trip promises the discovery of other wonders such as the city of Setúbal, a port city full of charm.

Between the contemplation of Cape Espichel, the Tróia peninsula, as well as its numerous beaches for relaxing, you will certainly be won over by so much natural beauty.

You can explore Arrábida Park  with this relaxing boat trip, which will even allow you to meet dolphins while enjoying magnificent views!

Click here to book the boat trip to Setúbal and Tróia

After following the Portuguese coast for two hours, you arrive at Vila Nova de Milfontes. Located on the Alentejo coast, this charming coastal town is an essential stopover in the south.

The seaside resort is ideal for resting after your trip! However, consider exploring the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park, a protected natural area of ​​17,500 hectares.

Day 13-14: Lagos – Faro

Located in one of the most beautiful regions of Portugal, the Algarve, the city of Lagos promises total immersion within its fortified walls.

Dominated by the Atlantic Ocean, beaches and immense cliffs, you will make your way through wooded areas leading to coves.

The cliffs of Ponta da Piedade offer a spectacular view without forgetting the Santo António church!

Click here to book a cruise to Ponta da Piedade

Before leaving, I suggest you stay a few days in Lagos. In this last stage, discovering the Algarve region is essential!

Of course, this depends on the time you have left and the budget available! But the Algarve is a very popular destination for travelers!

Portugal itinerary 14 days

After enjoying Lagos for a few days, take the road towards Faro, capital of the Algarve region.

This neoclassical-style citadel and in particular the Arco da Vila and the Nossa Senhora do Carmo church are unmissable activities.

Coupled with the region’s sunny climate, Faro is a very dynamic student city, bustling with various local festivals and celebrations.

The famous Benagil Caves are located in the southern Algarve, and you can explore this stunning site on this boat tour

This activity will allow you to discover the Algarve coasts and caves, while observing dolphins along the way. You will also have the opportunity to swim, if you wish!

Allow €35 for this activity, and don’t forget to book in advance so as not to risk being disappointed!

To book your Algarve Caves boat tour, click here

Portugal itinerary 14 days

Extend via Albufeira

If you still want to continue your route, you can drive about 40 minutes towards Albufeira. Formerly, it was a very quiet fishing village, but today it is a lively seaside resort which has the advantage of offering  many activities  and having a rich historical heritage.

This stage will be an opportunity to practice activities such as parasailing, paragliding or even diving.

From the port, you can meet the  dolphins that live in the waters of the Algarve, and sail along the coast to discover the   region’s superb caves, accessible only from the sea.

Click here to book your activities in Albufeira

Once the road trip is over, you can still extend the pleasure. For example, crossing the Spanish border will take you straight to Andalusia! So, why not visit Seville and take your rental car before taking the plane? Or, fly to Faro airport!

I hope you like this 14-day Portugal itinerary and that it will inspire your next trip to Portugal. Of course, it is entirely possible to follow this route in the opposite direction, leaving from Faro towards the city of Porto or Braga.

And that’s it, that’s it for me and for this guide! Ready to drive to conquer Portuguese territory?

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