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Yet rich in landscapes, monuments sublime and steeped in history, Algeria is still unknown to most of us. For lovers of nature, the mountains, the desert or the sea, this neighbor opposite will meet all your expectations if you dare to lose in its beauty .

Bon Advisor has prepared a route , just for you, to not miss anything of its treasures …


Located at the northeastern tip of the country, Annaba is one of the main cities and one of the oldest cities in Algeria. Stroll through its trendy city center filled with arcades, small cafes and restaurants. Then continue to the seaside . Also visit the church of St. Augustine of Hippo .

The small + GO:  In eastern Algeria, the typical dish is chakchouka. This is a kind of vegetable ratatouille made from tomatoes and cooked peppers, enjoy it to treat your taste buds!

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The city with bridges – Constantine – is an architectural marvel, and that is surely why it was elected capital of the Arab culture 2015 . Stroll through the old town and explore the Bey palace. Trace of the Ottoman civilization, the building was compared by Guy De Maupassant “to the homes of the Thousand and One Nights” . Setif deserves a stop of a few hours. Near this city, there is Djemila , an ancient city listed in UNESCO, you can contemplate its forum, its temples and its basilicas, with houses at not less than 900 meters of altitude.

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The Kabylie includes beautiful and diverse landscapes. Go through Tikjda , when the mountain range takes on its white coat , the city offers a fascinating spectacle. You will surely be welcomed by surprising local: the monkeys of Tikjda. N do not hesitate to take the road to Tizi Ouzou you can admire the mountains Djurdjuran .

Above all, do not miss the flagship city: Bejaia . Located in the heart of the Mediterranean area, this city has kept many traces of its past. You can admire its Kasbah, its Hammadite ramparts, or its  Monkey Peak . Then why not go take a breath of fresh air at the ex-place Geydon. Of course, end your visit with a swim at sea, around Capritour , his tourist village. You can practice all kinds of water sports, such as jet skiing or flyboard .

Did you know?  Bejaia gave its name to small candles (candles) and it was from this city that Arabic numerals were popularized in Europe.

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The capital, nicknamed “Algiers la Blanche” , is a mandatory passage if you go to Algeria . You can discover the city center Bab el Oued , and go around its citadel “the Casbah” which is over a thousand years old. Through its narrow streets, you can meet its craftsmen, and soak up its history. Enter the sublime basilica Notre Dame d’Afrique , a place of worship run by the Vatican. Finally, do not forget to give yourself time to admire the memorial of Martyr , emblem of the city.

Did you know? In the surroundings of Algiers, you can visit the Roman ruins of Tipasa and Cherchell, the first ones are classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.

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Oran “the radiant” also has many assets. Stop at its souk, then stroll along the water in one of its renowned resorts such as Ain-el-Turck or Andalusia . Do not forget to visit Santa Cruz , a military fort with incredible views of the city.

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The “Pearl of the Maghreb”, Tlemcen , is located in northwestern Algeria . Border city of Morocco, located 520 km from Algiers, this city is known for its architecture steeped in history. In 2011, the city was declared “Capital of Islamic Culture”  . She mixes the Berber, Arab, and Hispanic influences that she may have known in the past. You can visit the remains of Mansourah , its main tourist attraction, or even fly over the city at 1100 meters thanks to the cable cars that will take you up to the newly laid-up plateau: Lalla-Seti. You will discover an artificial lake, with games and restaurants just at the edge of the cliff. You can even go for a ride on horseback, donkey … Or even dromedary! Finally, pass the n uit in the luxurious Hotel Renaissance of more than 200 rooms with splendid gardens and lounges, as well as its outdoor pool.
If it’s too hot, how about going underground, in the caves of Beni Add or Ain-Fezza ?

Did you know? There is a bridge that allows trains to connect the towns of Sidi Bel Abbes to Tlemcen. Perched at 1,208 meters above a canyon, and 564 meters long, this impressive metal bridge was built by … Gustave Eiffel! Yes, in Algeria, if you can not find the Eiffel Tower you can find a bridge there.

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The Sahara is the largest sand desert in the world. It crosses no less than nine African countries. The Algeria is covered at 84% of it combining sublime dunes and oases. The opportunity for you to go shopping in 4 × 4  or to travel the desert camel. Tamanghasset is also one of Algeria’s must- sees . This town of 70,000 inhabitants is the gateway entrance to the Tassili of Hoggar and the starting point for many excursions.

The small + GO:  To visit it? Choose the month of November or February.

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Our + GOurmand :

Do not forget to bring back in your bags, succulent Algerian pastries , such as makroud , baqlawas or qalb el louz .


Of course to appreciate Algeria , you will probably need more than a week … What do you say? Leave us your opinion in the comments 😉.

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