Top 14 Things to Do and See in Lofoten Islands

Top Things to Do and See in Lofoten Islands (With Map)

Hill-of-Sakrisoya - what to do in Lofoten Islands

What to see in the Lofoten Islands, in a place that smells of fish and peace?

One of the places in the world where the cry of the seagulls accompanies you, almost cradles you, and their flight makes every glimpse more evocative.

It’s really easy to identify with this atmosphere, feel the sun on your face and the breeze on your whole body, so much so that you can make me dream again.

But I don’t want it to remain just a dream for you: I want to help you answer the questions: “What to see in Lofoten? What are the most beautiful places?”.

To answer as fully as possible, I have prepared a map with placeholders for you of the most suggestive glimpses of the Lofoten Islands and I have dedicated a small paragraph to the things to see based on the season in which you will visit them.

Do you want to discover them together? At the bottom of the article, you will also find the map to consult on Google Maps and take with you!

1: Cosa vedere alle Lofoten: Hamnøy

Ravensburger made it into a puzzle. Windows has included it in the available backgrounds. What am I talking about? By Hamnøy.

Perhaps the most representative place of Lofoten, so much so that any fishing village looking for images on Google, this shot comes out. Not for nothing: Hamnøy is truly a suggestive place!

Perhaps too touristy, but suggestive. The red fishermen’s houses (rorbuers) are in such a position that they seem to dominate the sea.

The waves, in turn, break on the rock on which they stand and the mountain seems to be there, in the background, as a sign of protection.

To take the fateful photo, you’ll have to stand on the Hamnøy bridge, from which you’ll have an unrivaled view.

Hamnoy - things to do in Lofoten Islands

2: Sakrisøya hillock

When people ask me what to see in Lofoten, Sakrisøy is the first thing that comes to mind, but soon you too will understand why!

Just after the small village of Sakrisøy, there is a bridge. Turn right immediately and, just after, you will find a place to leave your car.

Here you can see the very orange rorbuers of Sakrisøy and realize how clear the water is here, practically Caribbean.

Once this is done, continue along the path to the left of the small lay-by and, in a few minutes, you will reach the top of the hill.

What I love about this place is that although I have gone to Lofoten in winter several times, I have always managed to reach the top and enjoy a unique show. Sakrisøy, Reine and Hamnøy in the distance. Mountains and jagged ridges and then sea, sea as far as the eye can see.

To make everything even more impressive, you could consider staying in these rorbuers. The Sakrisøy rorbuers (the ones you see in the photo below) are on an island connected to the rest of Lofoten by 2 bridges.

For me, this accommodation was the first in which I stayed in a rorbu in Lofoten, so it was particularly special. On this small island you will also find a restaurant.

Before allowing yourself a nice, restorative sleep in the warm warmth of your wooden cottage, however, if you’re in Lofoten in winter, know that the hill I just told you about is perfect for seeing the northern lights! Look to the north, and if the sky is clear, you will see it.



3: The yellow house of Sakrisøy

Perhaps because of (or thanks to) Instagram, this little house has really made the rounds on the web.

It is located on Sakrisøy, near Anitas Seafood (where you might stop for a snack).

Again, the mountain behind protects her. Except on cloudy days, like the one I found. A little further on there’s also a jetty that gives off an almost apocalyptic feeling.

Yellow-house-of-Sakrisoy - best things to do in Lofoten Islands

Do you want to organize a trip here?

Then it might be useful for you to take a cue from this 7-day itinerary on the Lofoten Islands  (with day-by-day stops).

4: What to see in Lofoten: the fishing village of Reine

Reine is one of the most famous places in the Lofoten Islands, both for the impressive scenery of its location and for the peaks that surround it.

The most famous mountain is the Reinebringen, from which you can see, as far as the eye can see, the real Lofoten made up of small strips of land and villages.

Reine-in-inverno - best things to do and see in Lofoten Islands

5: Stockfish

While it’s not really a destination, stockfish is a must-see in Lofoten. But where can this be done?

Know that in the months from February to May the fish is caught and then hung in wooden structures to dry in each village.

If you smell a certain “perfume” follow it because there could be stilt houses full of stockfish (or heads).

If your nose doesn’t feel it (most likely in the last months of the year), it means that fishing hasn’t started yet and stocks have run out. In this case, head to Anitas Seafood, where you can not only find stockfish already dried and ready to buy, but also see an entire chandelier made of stockfish (seriously!).


6: Sea eagles

To stay on the subject of animals, but live this time, know that one of the most popular activities in this part of Norway is the sighting of sea eagles.

To do this you will have to rely on a guided tour that will take you and your group to the areas where there is the greatest chance of seeing them.

This will allow you to admire the fjords from another truly unique perspective: the sea!

Check prices and availability for your dates on the dedicated page (from €95).


7: Rambergstranda, the white beach

Moving to Ramberg, you can’t help but stop and admire this beach. First of all for the suggestion of the place, difficult to convey in words.

A wide bay, with a very white beach decorated with some black rocks. In the background the jagged crests of the mountains and some small houses to decorate everything.

Right on this beach there is also a very small red house positioned alone facing the sea.

An experience not to be missed is definitely sleeping in a rorbu in Lofoten (but remember to book well in advance to save some money).


8: The church of Flakstad

Flakstad Old Stave Church is worth visiting, not only for the fact that it is very old (built in 1780), but also for the scenic and apocalyptic place in which it is located.

Furthermore, next to the church, I enjoyed taking some photos of the local cows, very hairy and impassive in the strong wind.


9: The bridges of Fredvang

Another place from which to try to understand how man has worked hard to make Lofoten not only a spectacular place, but a spectacular place to live, is certainly Fredvang.

From here, you can admire the two symbolic bridges that allow Fredvang to be a less isolated village than it would be without it: the two bridges, in fact, are the only road connection that this village has with the rest of Norway.

The-bridges-of-Fredvang - things to see in Lofoten Islands

10: Å Hamna Rorbuer

In Å there are characteristic red rorbuers, where I suggest you spend at least a couple of nights (with prices often cheaper than the average).

Å Hamna Rorbuer is a suggestive place both inside and out: as soon as you open the door you will be catapulted into the warmth of the fishermen’s houses, where wood is the master and the warmth, with a direct view of the sea, will make you feel like calling that place “home”.

Furthermore, if you go down near the stockfish museum, you will be able to see them head-on in all their beauty.


11: Tram Dampers

A well-preserved old cod factory which is now part of the Å fishing village museum.

Continuing, even on foot, you come to other red houses of the fishing village of Å Y Lofoten, the southernmost in the region.


12: Viewpoint Å, Lofoten

In what has been called “the extreme tip of Lofoten”, there is a very beautiful place, which awakens unique emotions. Here the land ends and the sea really begins.

Sea, sea, sea as far as the eye can see, so as to think that this is really the point where the world ends.

13: Henningsvær

To reach one of the most famous tourist resorts in Lofoten, Henningsvær, you have to drive along a road that runs along the sea.

The route to reach this village develops at the foot of large boulders that plunge straight into the sea, also crossing two bridges.

A certainly suggestive glimpse of Henningsvær is the panoramic point on the port: even in the darkness of the polar night, the lights of the houses are reflected in the cold and clear Norwegian waters.

Further along this street is the famous Henningsvær Stadium. Surely there is one thing to say: seen from the ground, this small football field doesn’t have much to offer.

The only doubts it raises concern the number of balloons that will surely end up in the sea.

The real show can be seen from above: unfortunately there are no nearby peaks high enough from which to admire it, but thanks to the use of a drone, you can understand the true essence of Henningsvær, which has an island entirely dedicated to a tennis court soccer.

If, in addition to what to see in Lofoten, you would also like to discover some activities to do, know that one of the most popular is this cruise with tasting (from €100).

Fishing-village-Henningsvaer - things to do in Lofoten Islands

14: Cosa vedere alle Lofoten: Svolvær

If you are wondering what to see near Svolvær, the main town of Lofoten, here are some small tips.

The most striking attraction is certainly Fiskerkona,“the fisherman’s wife”, a bronze lighthouse in which a woman is represented.

This statue symbolizes the fishermen’s wives, who wave, with the expression of someone who wants to say to pay attention.

The statue faces the sea, because it has a functional role for sailors returning to Svolvær, but it is also possible to reach it from land.

Just before the bronze sculpture, you will also be able to visit some WWII bunkers (which you will find in the map on Kuba island).

Pay attention because they blend in quite well with the surrounding area, but once you find the entrance you can walk among stockfish stilt houses and places of great historical importance. This area is called Kjeøya kystbacteria.

The cathedral of the Lofoten Islands, Vågan Church, is a short distance from Svolvær. Nice on the outside, but I don’t think it’s worth spending 40 kroner (about 4 euros) to visit inside.


What to see in the Lofoten Islands according to the season

  • In the indicative months of May, June and part of July you will be able to witness the phenomenon of the midnight sun: the sun never sets (not even at midnight).
    This is a good time to be outdoors and do some trekking to better witness this phenomenon. Check on this site the exact period in which it occurs;
  • From September to March you can see the northern lights independently or by participating in an evening tour with a guide in Italian.

What to do and see in Lofoten: Tourist Map

I have prepared for you a map with things to see in Lofoten Islands.

These are the 17 places, in my opinion the most beautiful in Lofoten (although of course there are others!).

By clicking on the map below you can easily consult them and take them with you on Google Maps. It will be an excellent starting point to start organizing a DIY trip to the Lofoten Islands.

I hope I have managed to take you, even if only for a few moments, to this little corner of paradise, making you discover the most beautiful places to see in the Lofoten Islands.

If you have any doubts or questions, leave your comment below or read more in all the articles of the Lofoten Islands. Thank you for relying on the advice of BonAdvisor, see you soon!

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