Shanghai Quarantine – Your Ultimate Guide When Back to Shanghai

Your Ultimate Guide When Back to Shanghai

As the COVID-19 outbreak develops, Shanghai’s travel and quarantine policies are upgrading and becoming more strict.
The city official has added additional 8 countries to mandatory quarantine list on Tuesday.Travelers who have visited the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, the Netherlands, Denmark and Austria in the past 14 days will be subject to a 14-day mandatory quarantine on arrival in Shanghai, either at home or local centralised quanrantine hotels.The city already requires a 14-day quarantine for travelers who have recently visited France, Spain, Germany, the United States, South Korea, Italy and Iran.

One of the top cencerns of the expats are”whether I’ll be quarantined in hotel or home?”
Here is the answer by Shanghai government:“The condition of home isolation is “one apartment for one person or one family”, that is, in the same family, the home isolation person and the non home isolation person can not live in the same apartment; those non home isolation person who promise to take health observation together can live in the same house. If the whole family needs to be isolated at home for health observation, then can also live in the same apartment.The relevant communities will check whether those personnel have the conditions for home isolation. If not, centralized isolation shall be implemented.

Accommodation and meals during the period of centralized isolation shall becovered by Individuals. In principle, the accommodation fee is about 200 rmb or 400 rmb per person per day.”

In a word,

1. if you/your family live alone, you can home isolate yourself/your family.

2. If you live with other non home isolation person,  and they agree to isolate themselves with you for 14 days, you can home isolate yourself.

3. if you don’t meet the above condition, you’ll isolate yourself in the designated hotels of each district in Shanghai for 14 days and you’ll cover all the expenses.

Besides, the Shanghai government released new policies of the 14-day quarantine process.Here’s what you will be facing when arrive in Shanghai:


passport labeled. Green: pass; Yellow/Red: stay and register

Once on arrival at Pudong International Airport, you’ll be asked to show your passport with colored sticker on it. If it’s green, you can directly leave and go home; if it’s yellow or red, which means you are from the virus hotspot countries, you’ll have to register there and fill the information form.


Shuttle bus to the evacuation points;No Didi or taxi allowedAfter register, you’ll take the shuttle bus to the “temporary centralized inspection point” in each district first, (no Didi or taxi allowed, unless you have a private car picking you up, and of course they’ll be inspected); And then, you will have a NAT test. If negative, you will be escorted by each district to the home isolation place (or hotel) for 14 days of isolation; those who are positive will be transferred to the prescribed medical institutions for diagnosis and treatment according to the prescribed process.


Home isolation or hotel quarantine?During the period of waiting for the result of the test in the “temporary centralized inspection point” of each district, the relevant communities will check whether those personnel have the conditions for home isolation. If not, centralized isolation shall be implemented. You’ll be escort to the hotels of each district and start a 14-day quanrantine. The expenses will be covered by yourself.
quarantine hotels in Shanghai


Strict restrictions in every community. After the personnel who come from key countries enter the compound and start home quarantine health observation, the local public security and health departments will implement more strict management measures with the community to ensure that the home quarantine personnel do not leave the residence. Those who leave without permission will be punished in accordance with the law. Supervision of the masses is welcomed.
Let us know if you have any question!

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