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Shanghai Quarantine – Your Ultimate Guide When Back to Shanghai

Your Ultimate Guide When Back to Shanghai As the COVID-19 outbreak develops, Shanghai’s travel and quarantine policies are upgrading and becoming more…

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Where to Stay in Shanghai? – 2018

You’ve decided to discover Shanghai, and you want to know where to stay in Shanghai 2018, which neighborhood to stay in Shanghai to be able…

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Shanghai Metro Map 2018 | Stations & Timetable

Shanghai Metro: The subway is a fast, safe, comfortable and convenient way of getting around Shanghai. The main attractions, transportation hubs…

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3 days itinerary in Shanghai – What to do and see in 3 days in Shanghai?

One of the most cosmopolitan cities in Asia is Shanghai . If a few weeks ago we talked about Hong Kong and the…

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What language spoken in Shanghai?

What’s the language spoken in Shanghai? Any non-Shanghainese living in Shanghai, Laowai or Chinese, quickly realizes that mastering Mandarin is…

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The 12 things to do in Shanghai 2018

Top things to do in Shanghai 2018: What are the best things to do and see in China’s most populous…

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The Best Local Guide To Shanghai Disneyland 2018

There is a saying that the sun never sets on a Disney castle. With parks spanning the globe, one is…

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