Marrakech: Top 10 Things to Do Absolutely!

Nicknamed the Red City, Marrakech is a colorful place where the ramparts encircling the Medina are the reminder of its past as an imperial city.

You will have understood with the wealth of its architectural and cultural heritage, Marrakech invites you to travel.
An invitation to relax, to discover its gastronomic flavors where it is pleasant to walk the streets of the souk fresh and shaded.

To better guide you in your journey we have selected for you the top 10 things to see or do absolutely in Marrakech! 

1: The gardens of Majorelle

Treat yourself to a walk in the Majorelle gardens where exotic plants, basins and ceramic decorations coexist in a place of bright colors.

A good way to relax in peace and quiet just minutes from the city center.

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2: Djema el Fna square

Located in the heart of the old city (Medina), it is the place to go in Marrakech where meet women tattooing henna, snake charmers, monkey owners and traditional musicians.

Do not miss it !

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3: Stroll in the souk of Marrakech

Discover the many alleys of the souk of Marrakech and its rainbow of color.

A good opportunity to buy traditional oriental products and to taste Moroccan gastronomy! An ideal place to cool off in the shady alleys.

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4: The Bahia Palace

Its architecture full of wealth has made its success.

The palace has more than 150 rooms, gardens, courtyards … A good opportunity to survey this monument of the 19th century and get lost in this labyrinth also called “Palace of Beauty”

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5: The garden of the Ménera

Located near Marrakech, the Menara is a huge olive grove with a large pond and a Saadian palace.

Its soothing environment is ideal for taking a stroll away from the crowds in the city center.

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6: The Saadian tombs

Remains of the Saadian dynasty, the tombs are distributed in a mosole and outside, with nearby access to a garden.

These remains are the symbol of this Saadian dynasty which reigned more than 130 years.

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7: The Ben-Youssef Medersa

Koranic school for more than 4 century, the madrassah is today one of the largest in the Maghreb.

It holds an architecture full of wealth where cohabitate: marble, wood, basin of water.

A real show for the eyes!

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8: The Koutoubia Mosque

With its 77 meters high it is without doubt the most recognizable monument in all Marrakech.

A religious monument for Moroccans, it is also a representative place of Hispano-Moorish art .
A real treasure!

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9: Sleeping in a Riad

Riad or garden in Arabic, is a type of architecture in Morocco. This traditional architecture contains buildings and secret gardens completely closed on the outside.

Surrounded by high walls protecting from the heat, the riads are a haven of peace to rest in peace.

An opportunity to soak up the local life … So, are you ready to live this experience?

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10: Walk in the Palm Grove

Spread over more than 20 km, the Palmeraie offers an exceptional landscape with its palm trees as far as the eye can see.

Today you can admire beautiful villas nestled between these palms.

To make the most of this environment, a carriage ride remains the most pleasant way to discover the Palmeraie.

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Something is missing in this top? Do not hesitate to tell us in comment!

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