2 Days in Verona: Ultimate Verona Itinerary with Map

Verona Itinerary of 2 Days: Itinerary With Map

If you’re wondering what to do and see in Verona, you need to know that this is a city that can be visited in one day, but two full days are perfect both for enjoying the main attractions at your own pace and possibly also visiting something in the surrounding area.

If you only have one day in Verona, just follow the itinerary for day one which includes the main attractions.

Since I’m sure that you too love practicality and that you like optimizing times, inside the article you will find the itinerary to open comfortably on your smartphone to follow while you’re in the city.

This will not make you miss anything of what you absolutely must see in Verona.

You will also discover one, and I mean one and only thing to buy to visit the city and save money (skipping the lines at the ticket office!).

Well, what do you say can’t wait to find out more?

So let’s get started now!

Day 1

If you are going to visit Verona, one thing that will save you time and money is to opt for the Verona Card  (from €20).

Once purchased, you won’t spend a single cent more, because all the main attractions are included, where you can also skip the queue at the ticket office.

The only case this doesn’t work for you? If you plan a simple walk around the city without entering any attractions.

Once you have purchased the card, find out what to see in Verona on this first day (don’t worry about saving the map now, you will find it at the end of the article after reading).

Do you prefer to start discovering the city with a local guide? Then join a guided tour of just 1.30h before starting.

1: Verona Arena

The first stop on this first day in Verona is certainly the Arena, located in front of the Vittorio Emanuele Gardens and located in Piazza Bra.

Thanks to the Verona Card you can access the arena by skipping the linein front of the ticket office.

Here you will also be given your entrance ticket.

It is worth reaching the highest steps of the arena to admire the profile of the city and the monuments that make it up, appearing at every step.

Visiting it, you will easily understand that the dimensions of the Arena were originally larger, and you will understand this because you will see a small external part that exceeds the current monument in height and width.

You must know, in fact, that the outer ring was made of a red calcareous marble, less elastic and consequently more subject to breakage.

This caused it to fall during a violent earthquake.

These bricks were then used to decorate some parts of the city and can be seen for example in the corners of the houses.

Inside the arena they take place mainly opera concerts without the use of microphones, just as it used to be, simply taking advantage of the elliptical shape of the building.

Do you want to know more about the Arena di Verona and its history? Then you should join a tour with a local guide.

2: Via Giuseppe Mazzini (BONUS: Benetton shop)

Continue your day full of things to see in Verona along Via Giuseppe Mazzini.

You will understand that you have taken the right path not only for the Via Mazzini writing that you will find engraved on the ground, but also for the beautiful pink and white glossy pavement.

Here there are fashion and clothing shops, and a very special Benetton shop: on the lowest floor, and more precisely in the men’s section, you can see Roman remains located below the current street level.

Under the former Astra cinema (not far from Via Mazzini), other Roman ruins have recently been found, with precious frescoes and mosaics.

At the moment the building is not accessible to the public, but in the future it could become another attraction to see in Verona.

2 days in Verona: things to do

3: Juliet’s house

The third stage of this itinerary is one of the most popular and where there is always a long queue (but don’t worry, just below you will find advice to avoid them).

Once through the door you will arrive in the courtyard of Juliet’s house, where you can admire the famous terrace and the statue of the woman just below.

The house consists of 3 floors, which can be visited in about 20 minutes.

The house was made famous by the well-known story of Romeo and Juliet, as the building known as the “hat stall” and used as an inn, was identified as Juliet’s house due to the coat of arms depicting a hat carved on the arch overlooking on the inner courtyard.

Juliet’s house is included in the Verona Card, so you won’t have to pay a penny more to visit it (read just below the photo to discover a gem that will help you avoid the queues).

what to do in Verona

PS: on the website you can book entrance times to monuments such as the arena, Juliet’s house and other civic museums in Verona, included free of charge in the Verona Card.

Connect to the site and proceed as if you wanted to buy a new ticket and then select: “Free VERONA CARD” at the time of payment.

This will guarantee you access at a certain time and save a lot of time.

It also won’t cost you a penny more (highly recommended especially to avoid the long queues outside Juliet’s house).

4: Church of San Fermo Maggiore

Continue your itinerary of what to see in Verona in two days along Via Leoni, crossing the gate of the same name dating back to Roman times.

Shortly after you will arrive at the church of San Fermo Maggiore, a fine example of a Gothic style building.

The entrance to this church is also included in the Verona Card.


5: Piazza delle Erbe: one thing to see in Verona in 2 days

Returning towards Via Cappello, you will reach Piazza delle Erbe.

In the center of the square you will find some nice markets and you will be able to breathe a pleasant atmosphere.

In the center you will also see La Tribuna (used in the past for different ceremonies), the Fountain of the Madonna and the Column of San Marco.

Verona itinerary 2 days

6: Lamberti Tower

On the sides of Piazza delle Erbe you will see a tall tower: it is the Torre dei Lamberti.

The entrance is located near the courtyard of the Mercato Vecchio and will allow you to enjoy beautiful views over the roofs and profile of Verona, as well as the underlying Piazza dei Signori.

The cost of the ticket is included in the Verona Card, but if you decide not to buy it, you can buy the entrance ticket to the Torre dei Lamberti only online here.

Verona 2 days itinerary

7: Piazza dei Signori and Scaliger Arches

After visiting the Torre dei Lamberti and having admired Piazza delle Erbe and the roofs of the city from above, continue your two-day itinerary in Verona crossing Piazza dei Signori and admiring the beauty of the buildings that surround it.

In the center of the square you will also see a statue of Dante, which is why this is also called Piazza Dante.

Cross the arch between the palaces and reach the church of Santa Maria Antica where you can also admire the external monumental cemetery, the so-called Scaliger Arches, where the Lords of Verona rest in Gothic-style tombs.


8: What to see in Verona in 2 days: the panoramic view from Castel San Pietro

I could not advise you to reach the most beautiful panoramic terrace over the city in this article dedicated to what to see in Verona! In the late afternoon (perfect if at sunset) you reach the square of Castel San Pietro, crossing the beautiful Ponte Pietra which overlooks the waters of the Adige.

From here, choose whether to take the road on the left which will take you to the start of the funicular to reach the Castle, or the stairway on the right and reach it on foot.

If you opt for the second option, know that the climb is not as steep as one might think.

Furthermore, about halfway up the stairs, you will also find a small park where you can rest and regain your energy, while enjoying beautiful views over the city.


Are you looking for a structure in a good position to sleep in Verona? Then you should take a look at the Hotel Giulietta e Romeo, near the Arena, or Casa Corvina, located near the castle which offers wonderful views over the city.

If you have more time, however, I suggest you read more in this guide where you will find advice on where to stay in Verona.

Day 2

If you plan to follow my 2-day itinerary in Verona, the most convenient choice is to purchase the Verona Card valid for 48h.

With only 5 euro difference compared to the one valid 24h, it will save you a lot of entrance ticket costs even on this second day.

1: Juliet’s tomb in the Fresco Museum

One thing outside the tourist itineraries is certainly the Museum of Frescoes in Verona: inside, in addition to numerous frescoes, there is also Juliet’s tomb.

To access you will have to enter from the western part of the cloister and, once you have walked the stone staircase, you will be able to see the red marble sarcophagus which according to legend housed the remains of Juliet Capulet.

Also in this case the entrance ticket is included in the Verona Card.


2: Castelvecchio bridge and museum

Cross the city in the direction of the Castelvecchio Museum and reach the beautiful red brick bridge next to it.

The Castle is a beautiful historical monument which houses paintings, sculptures, archaeological finds, weapons, coins, medals and prints.

The Castelvecchio Bridge offers beautiful views of the Adige and is the most romantic place for a walk on a beautiful sunny day.

And guess what? The Castelvecchio Museum is also included in the Verona Card!


3: Well of Love

After the visit of the Castelvecchio, walk along Corso Cavour until you reach the Well of Love.

Even if it is actually a simple well in a closed street, this place holds another dramatic story (or rather legend) of young lovers.

If you want to learn more, you can find the complete legend here.


4: Romeo’s house

After crossing Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza dei Signori, make a very short stop at Romeo’s house.. but without too many pretensions.

It is simply a brown sign on the outside wall of a private house and cannot be visited.

If you prefer to fully discover the story of Romeo and Juliet in the places narrated by William Shakespeare, you should participate in a dedicated tour.

5: Basilica of Santa Anastasia: one thing to see in Verona in 2 days

Continue your two-day itinerary in Verona reaching the Basilica of Santa Anastasia (admission is included in the Verona Card).

The structure is in the Gothic style, but the facade was never completed.

It is worth visiting inside to admire the columns and frescoes.

Among the frescoes that you will be able to see inside, the one by Pisanello stands out above all, depicting San Giorgio and the princess.


6: Cathedral of Santa Maria Matricolare, Cathedral of Verona

The Verona Cathedral complex consists of different buildings : the Cathedral, the Baptistery of San Giovanni and the church of Sant’Elena.

The building is made of light colored stones and the entrance is on the side wall (this is also included in the Verona Card ).

Inside you can admire an octagonal baptismal font dating back to the thirteenth century and the archaeological remains of two basilicas, above which the Duomo complex was built.


What to visit around Verona

The Sanctuary of the Madonna della Corona is a cult building set in the rock not far from Verona.

It is located just 40 km from the city, so it could be something to consider including in the itinerary (directions here).

After leaving your car in the car park in the village of Spiazzi, you will have to take a downhill road on foot, following the paved road for less than 1 km or following the stairways that cut through the woods.

Before taking the last piece of road located inside a tunnel dug into the rock and passable only on foot, you will be able to admire the Sanctuary from the perspective that will make you understand exactly why it is said to be set in the rock.

Then continue along the gallery, cross the shops and after a final stairway, you will arrive in front of the Sanctuary.


Tips for visiting Verona

  • Buy the Verona Card of the validity of your interest (24h or 48h).
  • If you reach the city by car, leave it at the Saba Arena car park (directions here ) which has an agreement with the card and is really convenient. This will entitle you to a 10% discount on the fare.
  • Getting around on foot is very pleasant in Verona, but don’t forget that you are entitled to free urban public transport with your card.
  • Pick up your card at the tourist office near the Arena ( directions here ) and show up in advance especially on high season weekends.
  • Even if included for free in the tourist card, be sure to reserve the entry times to the attractions that interest you on procedure is free, but it will save you a lot of wasted time (especially recommended for entering Juliet’s house).

With this guide I really hope I have been able to give you all the necessary information and useful advice to visit Verona in 2 days.

If you have any doubts or questions, leave your comment below and I will gladly answer you.

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