15 Days in Norway: Ultimate 7, 10 or 15 Days Norway Itinerary

Planning a route through Norway is always a great option.

It is one of the most beautiful countries to see in Europe.

So we think you should know it! Despite being a fairly large country, it is super well connected.

In this post we are going to propose a route through Norway in 7, 10 or 15 days, depending on the time you have to get to know this Nordic jewel.

In this way, we believe that you will not miss its essentials.

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7 Days in Norway by Public Transport

If you do not want to rent a car and you want to do a route through Norway in a week, this is an itinerary that will allow you to know some of the essentials of Norway.

✈️ Logistically, arrival and departure are from Oslo.

😴 7 days, 6 nights (1 in Oslo, 2 in Stavanger, 3 in Bergen and one last in Oslo).

🚂 + 🚌 The tour is done entirely by train/plane and bus, so it is not necessary to rent a car. Although this 7 days Norway itinerary can also be done by renting a vehicle!

Day 1: Oslo, the best place to start your tour of Norway

Overnight in Oslo – Thon Hotel Terminus

Oslo has two airports and is the main point of entry into the country. So there is no better place to start your route through Norway.

Although the city is by no means the main reason for visiting Norway, it doesn’t hurt to get to know its essentials in one day before heading west.

Itinerary to see the best of Oslo

The Royal Palace in Oslo

Day 2: Travel to Stavanger and afternoon in the city

Overnight in Stavanger – Thon Hotel Maritim

Very early in the morning we advise you to leave for Stavanger. You have three options:

  • Train: It takes about 8 hours and costs approximately €100 each way. If you leave at dawn, it can cost you half.
  • Bus: About 9 hours, but it costs half.
  • Plane: The cheapest option and it barely lasts an hour.

Once in Stavanger, you can take the opportunity to get to know the best of the city that afternoon. Basically, the Gamle Stavanger area is beautiful!


Day 3: Preikestolen, one of the best days on this route through Norway

Overnight in Stavanger – Thon Hotel Maritim

This is one of the star days of this 7 days Norway itinerary. You will climb the Preikestolen!

You’ve probably seen that photo thousands of times of a huge pulpit towering over a fjord.

It is easily accessible from Stavanger and the route will take you just over half a day.

15 Days in Norway
Enjoying at the Preikestolen!

Day 4: Cruise on the Lysefjord and journey to Bergen

Overnight in Bergen – CityBox Bergen

Before leaving for Bergen, we advise you to book a cruise on the Lysefjord. They leave from the center of Stavanger and will allow you to navigate through one of the most beautiful fjords in Norway. Also, if the day is clear, you will be able to see the Preikestolen from below.

In the afternoon, or during midday, we recommend traveling to Bergen. The most common way is the bus. It costs about €50 per person and takes a little over 5 hours. Although you can also go by plane in just 30 minutes. It is best to check both options!

Day 5: Bergen, the most beautiful city to see on this route through Norway

Overnight in Bergen – CityBox Bergen

Bergen is the entry point to the Norwegian fjords and its most picturesque city. Take advantage of the day to get lost in the Bryggen area and to go up to its quintessential viewpoint, Mount Fløyen.

Bergen is also an ideal starting point for excursions by kayak, canoe or boat on the fjords.

Among them, you can navigate the Hardangerfjord and the Sognefjord, destinations in Norway not to be missed.

Finally, you will end your stay by contemplating a magnificent panorama over all of Bergen, its turquoise fjords, as well as the mountains that surround them.

By taking the funicular, you will reach Mount Fløyen, 400 meters high.

It will allow you the best vantage point to enjoy the sunset over the city.

Moreover, during the day, this mountain can serve as a starting point for some hikes in the region.

7 days in Norway

Day 6: Norway in a Nutshell and return to Oslo

Overnight in Bergen – CityBox Bergen

And this is another of the most interesting days of this route through Norway in a week.

As its name indicates, the Norway in a Nutshell is an excursion that allows you to see some of the main attractions of Norway in a very short time. To be specific, in a single day.

In addition, the same excursion will take you back to Oslo, where the next day your 7 days Norway itinerary will end .

During the excursion you will be able to sail through the beautiful Nærøyfjord, get to know Flam, and enjoy one of the most beautiful train rides in the world. When booking the excursion, remember to do it with the end in Oslo.

Norway itinerary 15 days
Flam’s beautiful train

Day 7: Return home

Depending on the time you have the flight, you can take the opportunity to visit what you have left pending in Oslo before leaving for the airport. 

We hope you liked this 7 days Norway itinerary!

10 Days in Norway by Car

This 10 days Norway itinerary will allow you to go at your own pace. It is quite complete, ideal for lovers of outdoor activities and for those who want to see some of the most beautiful natural sites in Norway.

✈️ Logistically, arrival and departure are also from Oslo. Although you can also fly from Alesund to Oslo (we don’t recommend it).

😴 10 days, 9 nights (1 in Oslo, 3 in Stavanger, 1 in Odda, 2 in Bergen and the last 2 in Geiranger).

🚘 The tour is designed to be done by rental car, since areas outside the reach of public transport are visited. If you want to avoid the one-way fee, it is better to return the car in Oslo.

Day 1: Oslo

Overnight in Oslo – Thon Hotel Terminus

As we have said, Oslo is always the best starting point to start any route through Norway. 

It has the two most important airports and the cheapest flights from anywhere in the country. Take advantage of the first day to get to know the best of the city.


Day 2: Drive to Stavanger

Overnight in Stavanger – Thon Hotel Maritim

In this case, since you will have already rented a car, about 7 hours of driving await you.

When you arrive, you can try to go to Gamle Stavanger or to Sverd i Fjell, a super curious monument.

Strolling through Old Stavanger

Day 3: Climb Preikestolen

Overnight in Stavanger – Thon Hotel Maritim

This day we recommend getting up early to climb Preikestolen, one of the best things to see on this 10 days Norway itinerary. Despite having a car, the best option is to buy the combined ferry + bus ticket to get to Preikestolen.

You can also go by car on your own. You will need to take the ferry to Tau (NOK 142 for a car up to 6 meters long + NOK 47 per passenger in one direction)

Then it will be time to drive south on Rv 13 following the signs for Preikestolen. It will be cheaper, especially if you are not traveling alone.


Day 4: Drive to Odda to climb Trolltunga the next day

Overnight in Odda – Trolltunga Hotel

If you have something pending in Stavanger, you can take the opportunity to visit the city and then drive to Odda. The ideal is to spend the night there to climb the Trolltunga the next day.

Remember to do it only from June 15 to September 15, outside of those dates it is not recommended.

In case you plan to do this 10 days Norway itinerary outside of those dates, from Stavanger we recommend going to Bergen directly.

Day 5: Trolltunga and night in Odda, one of the best days on this route through Norway

Overnight in Odda – Trolltunga Hotel

Trolltunga is one of the most famous hiking trails in the world.

It is spectacular! Keep in mind that it takes about 10 hours to go up and down . So we recommend starting early, around 6:30 a.m.

There are 22 kilometers in total, 11 in each direction and with a lot of unevenness. So take it easy, bring water, warm clothes and good shoes.

Trolltunga… one pass

Day 6: Drive to Bergen and visit the city

Overnight in Bergen – CityBox Bergen

From Odda to Bergen you will have about 4:30 hours of travel.

Take it easy and when you arrive try to visit the essentials of Bergen: the Bryggen area and climb Mount Floyen at sunset.

It can also be a good place to visit a restaurant to try salmon or another type of fish, very present in the gastronomy of this historic fishing settlement. 

If you have spare time in the city, you can visit its ice barthe Bergenhus Fortress or take the funicular up to Mount Floyen.


Day 7: Norway in a Nutshell, one of the best days of this 10 days Norway itinerary

Overnight in Bergen – CityBox Bergen

From Bergen we recommend you to do this excursion. It is one of the best in Norway!

You will see fjords, incredible landscapes and you will get on one of the most famous panoramic trains in the world. Super recommended!

 Reserve Norway in a Nutshell

Day 8: Drive to Geiranger + Briksdal Glacier

Overnight in Geiranger – Solhaug Camping

In the morning it will be time to drive to Geiranger, where the most beautiful fjord in the country is located.

It’s 7 hours on the highway without stops. And keep in mind that you will have to take a ferry on the way, so it may take longer. But you will be able to stop at interesting sites, such as the Briksdal Glacier.

It is spectacular! It is easily accessible, you only have to walk about 30 minutes or they can take you by trolley to the foot of the glacier.

Undoubtedly, one of the heaviest days on this 10 days Norway itinerary, but what you will see the next day will make up for everything.

Day 9: Geiranger fjord + Trollstigen

Overnight in Geiranger – Solhaug Camping

In the morning we recommend you take a cruise on the Geiranger fjord. For many it is the most beautiful in Norway. It is a 15 km arm of the Storfjord. 

Along the fjord you will be able to see many wild waterfalls and hallucinate with the height of the mountains that surround it. You can book your cruise at this link.

And in the afternoon, we recommend you drive to Trollstigen to visit one of the most curious roads in the world.

There are 11 curves with very steep slopes surrounded by an incredible landscape. Stop at the viewpoint, located at the top, and enjoy the views.

The beautiful Geiranger fjord, one of the most special places to see on your route through Norway

Day 10: Drive back to Oslo (or fly from Alesund)

The saddest day of this 10 days Norway itinerary. 

The journey comes to an end! If you don’t mind paying the one-way surcharge, you can return the car to Alesund and fly from Alesund to Oslo, thus saving you 6 hours of driving.

Although it is a fast road, this time without ferries!

15 Days in Norway

This 15 days Norway itinerary is ideal for those travelers who want to see the best of the country in two weeks.

It is super complete, since it includes a visit to the Arctic, the most traditional route through the fjords and some of the most famous hiking routes.

✈️ Arrival and departure are from Oslo. Although it also includes two internal Oslo- Tromsø flights.

😴 15 days, 14 nights (2 in Tromsø, 4 in Lofoten, 1 in Senja, 1 in North Cape, 2 in Oslo, 2 in Bergen and 2 in Stavanger.

🚗 + 🚂 + 🚌 The Arctic part is done by car. Once in Oslo, this 15 days Norway itinerary is designed to be done by train and bus, just like the first one.

Day 1- Arrival in Oslo and flight to Tromsø

Overnight in Tromso – Smart Hotel Tromso

As soon as you arrive in Oslo, the ideal would be to book a flight to Tromsø.

It is the largest city in the Arctic. It is also located in the center of the oval of the northern lights, that is, the best area to enjoy this beautiful phenomenon.

Day 2: Tromso

Overnight in Tromso – Smart Hotel Tromso

Take advantage of the first day to take it easy and visit the city. Despite being the largest in the Arctic, it is tiny, flirtatious and pleasant. See if at night you can see some northern lights!

Northern lights in Tromso

Read more about: Top things to do and see in Tromso

Days 3, 4, 5 and 6: Lofoten Islands

4 nights in Lofoten – Fast Hotel Svolvaer

The Lofoten Islands are one of the most spectacular places to see in Norway.

So we believe that they cannot be missing on a 15 days Norway itinerary. Due to its remote location, in the Arctic, it is difficult for them to fit into itineraries, but if you have more than 10 days, we think you should include them.

There you can delight yourself with its landscapes, especially thanks to its charming fishing villages, protagonists of a thousand postcards. R

eine is one of the most beautiful towns, although every corner will make you fall in love. And between September and April you will have a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights.

An essential stop on your route through Norway

More useful links about Lofoten:

Day 7: Senja

Overnight in Senja – Finnsnes Hotel

Near the Lofoten you can visit another island. In this case, the second largest in Norway. It has earned the name of Norway in miniature because they say that its territory reflects the nature of the country.

Having only one day in Senja we recommend you to do the Hesten hike, which will allow you to enjoy beautiful views of Segla, the most iconic mountain in Senja. It takes 3-5 hours but the views are incredible.

Also don’t forget to stop at the Tungeneset Overlook or the Bergsbotn Observation Deck. The views are incredible from both sites! In a few hours you will fall in love with this island and you will want to return soon.

More useful links about Senja:

3 Days in Senja: Ultimate 3-Day Senja Itinerary

Day 8: Trip to the North Cape

Overnight in Honningsvag – Nordkapp Camping

We believe that reaching the northernmost point of Europe is always special. Even if 9 hours of driving from Senja awaits you! The ideal is to take it easy and stop along the way.

In the first part of the journey, up to Alta, the road is beautiful and the views are really nice. But the best is at the end!

When you are in the North Cape you will have an incredible feeling of freedom. The cliffs over 300 meters high will take your breath away.

the cliffs are amazing

Day 9: Return to Tromsø and flight to Oslo

Overnight in Oslo – Thon Hotel Terminus

And the next day, it’s time to undo the route. The ideal would be to leave early and arrive at Tromsø airport in the early afternoon to catch a flight to Oslo.

Day 10: Oslo

Overnight in Oslo – Thon Hotel Terminus

Oslo is not the most beautiful city in Europe, nor in Norway, but it is good to know its capital. Take a day to learn about its must-haves before heading west.


Day 11: Norway in a Nutshell and arrival in Bergen

Overnight in Bergen – CityBox Bergen

There are few better ways to get from Oslo to Bergen than by taking advantage of this day trip. The tour starts in Oslo and ends in Bergen. But the best is yet to come!

The Flam train, one of the most beautiful in the world, dreamy fjords and landscapes that you will not forget. promise?

If you do not want to do the excursion, the plane is the fastest option to continue this 15 days Norway itinerary.

Day 12: Bergen

Overnight in Bergen – CityBox Bergen

The twelfth day of this route through Norway will serve to get to know Bergen. For us it is the most beautiful of Norwegian cities.

Lose yourself in Bryggen, go up to Mont Floyen and if you have time, visit the wooden church that is located on the outskirts. Is beautiful!

Norway itinerary

Day 13: Drive to Stavanger and visit the city

Overnight in Stavanger – Thon Hotel Maritim

To go from Bergen to Stavanger you can go by bus (5:30 aprox) or by plane (35 minutes). 

It is best to check the prices of both options.

Day 14: Preikestolen

Overnight in Stavanger – Thon Hotel Maritim

This is one of the most exciting days of this 15 days Norway itinerary. It’s time to climb the Preikestolen! In this case, we tell you everything you need to know to go up to the Pulpit.

Between one thing and another you are going to spend half a day, if you have plenty of time you can take the opportunity to visit Stavanger in the afternoon.

Day 15: Return to Oslo

And finally, on the last day it is time to return to the starting point. To get from Stavanger to Oslo you can choose between train, bus or plane.

The train takes about 8 hours and costs €100 each way.

The bus takes about 9 hours, but it costs half.

And without a doubt, the best option would be to opt for the plane and stay at the airport waiting for the connecting flight with your trip home. 

It barely lasts an hour and is usually the cheapest option!

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