5 Days in Corsica: Ultimate 4-5 Day Corsica Itinerary

Corsica 5 Days Itinerary

Are you going to visit Corsica?

Very good choice! Spending a few days in Corsica will allow you to enjoy splendid natural landscapes, to take beautiful walks or simply to swim in sublime coves and beaches.

You will find in this article all the information to prepare a circuit between 2 and 5 days on the island of Beauty. What you can concoct a perfect itinerary for a short stay in Corsica, depending on your port or airport of arrival ( Bastia, Ajaccio, Calvi or Figari ( Bonifacio / Porto Vecchio)).

To organize your Corsica itinerary, it’s super easy:

1. Choose the itinerary corresponding to your length of stay.

2. Click on the links to read all our detailed articles. You will find the list of the best things to do and tours to organize your days.

3. Book your accommodation with our selection of the best accommodation for each city and for all budgets!

So, what to do and see in Corsica in 4 or 5 days?

Tips for your 5 day Corsica itinerary:

In this article, I give you all my advice for booking your 4 or 5 day Corsica itinerary on your own.

First of all, to arrive in Corsica, you have 2 solutions

  • take the ferry
  • Take the plane

Well, as you can imagine, the plane is often the best choice for very short stays!

Whichever option you choose, you will therefore have the choice between 6 points of arrival in Corsica:

  • Bastia, the best served city, in the North-East – Port and airport
  • Ajaccio, in the South-West – Port and airport
  • Figari, between Bonifacio and Porto-Vecchio, in the south of the island – Airport only
  • Ile Rousse, near Calvi – Port only
  • Calvi – Airport
  • Porto Vecchio – Port only (little served)

Here are all the options available to you for a short stay in Corsica, depending on your place of arrival!

2 Day Weekend in Corsica

If you are going to spend a weekend in Corsica, it is best to concentrate on a small area around your arrival city. This is the best solution to limit journeys and make the most of your 2 days in Corsica.

The choice of your city of arrival will be made according to the price of plane/boat tickets or the part of Corsica that interests you the most.

To help you decide, here are  the best things to do in each location:

2 days in Bastia and around

Here are some visit ideas for your first day in Bastia:

  • Place Saint-Nicolas, the main square of the city
  • Rue Napoléon to admire the 2 oratories
  • The market place to do some local shopping
  • The Saint-Jean Baptiste church and its 2 bell towers
  • The old Port
  • The Romieu garden
  • The Citadel
  • The Bastia History Museum
  • The beaches around Bastia

For the second day, I advise you to explore the surroundings. You have several options depending on your interests:

  • Explore part of Cap Corse by car, north of Bastia
  • Discover the villages perched on the heights of Bastia, starting point for beautiful walks
  • Spend a day in the Agriates desert known for its 2 sublime beaches: Saleccia beach and Lotu beach.

For this last solution, if you have not rented a car for your weekend in Corsica, I recommend that you choose an excursion with a guide from Bastia. That way you don’t have to worry about anything!

To book this excursion, just click here.

Bastia, Corsica itinerary day 1

2 days around Ajaccio

Things to do and see in 2 days in Corsica, to Ajaccio:

Sacred Land Beach, Ajaccio
Sacred Land Beach, Ajaccio

2 days in Bonifacio or Porto-Vecchio

If you have planned to spend a few days in Corsica when arriving at Figari airport, you can choose to visit Bonifacio or Porto-Vecchio. The 2 cities are about twenty kilometers from the airport.

Not to be missed in Bonifacio in 2 days:

  • The citadel or upper town, the 2 main tourist attractions of which are the Bastion de l’Etendard and the staircase of the King of Aragon
  • The Campu Rumanilu trail where the most beautiful photos of the cliffs of Bonifacio are taken
  • Pertusato lighthouse and Saint-Antoine beach
  • Petit Sperone beach, ranked among the top of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica
  • The Lavezzi Islands for the small coves with turquoise water
Bonifacio, Corsica itinerary day 2

If you prefer to spend these 2 days in Corsica in Porto-Vecchio, the program is simple: enjoy the beaches! They are all ranked in the top of the most beautiful beaches on the island:

  • Rondinara Beach
  • The beach of Santa Giulia
  • Palombaggia beach
  • Tamaricciu beach

Freshwater enthusiasts can also recharge their batteries in the natural pools of the Cavu valley.

Palombaggia beach, Corsica
Palombaggia beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica

2 days in Calvi

For a weekend in Calvi, I recommend:

  • The citadel for its views of the city and the sea
  • The old town with its local craft shops
  • The port for a lunch on the terrace while admiring the boats
  • Calvi beach, a long beach of white sand and turquoise water
  • A boat trip to Scandola or La Revelleta
  • A walk in the Bonifatu forest to swim in the river
  • To discover the villages of Balagne
The Citadel of Calvi, Corsica itinerary day 3
The Citadel of Calvi

3 Days in Corsica

To visit Corsica in 3 days, we stay on the same principle as for 2 days: focus on the surroundings of Bastia, Ajaccio, Bonifacio or Porto-Vecchio.

Visit Bastia and its surroundings in 3 days

If you stay 3 days in Bastia, I advise you to devote one day to discovering the city.

On the second day, head to Saint-Florent and take the sea shuttle to the Agriates desert and enjoy the beaches. If you don’t have a car, you can book an excursion from Bastia.

On the third day, you can choose between: Cap Corse, the perched villages around Bastia or Corte, all essential on a route in Northern Corsica.

Cap Corse panoramic wheel
Cap Corse panoramic wheel

Visit the surroundings of Ajaccio in 3 days

For a 3-day stay in Ajaccio, here is a program proposal:

  • 1 day in Ajaccio with a morning to discover the city during a walk, and the afternoon for the Sanguinaires Islands, either by boat or from the Parata peninsula, 25 minutes by car from Ajaccio.
  • 1 day boat trip to discover the Scandola nature reserve, the creeks of Piana and Girolata. These sites, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, are home to sumptuous natural landscapes.
  • 1 day for a mini cruise in Bonifacio. You can admire the cliffs and the city from the sea but also have 4 hours of free time to visit the upper town on foot.
The Sanguinaires Islands
The Sanguinaires Islands, near Ajaccio

Visit Bonifacio or Porto-Vecchio in 3 days

If you want to visit Bonifacio and its surroundings in 3 days, I recommend the following itinerary:

  • 1 day to discover the city of Bonifacio : walk in the citadel, the bastion of the standard, the churches, the staircase of the king of Aragon, the marine cemetery and take the walk of the Campu Rumanilu path to take advantage of the points of seen.
  • 1 day on the Lavezzi islands, accessible in 30 minutes by boat from the port of Bonifacio. Bring your swimsuit to swim in an idyllic setting!
  • 1 day to enjoy the most beautiful beaches in the area : Petit Sperone beach and Grand Sperone beach. You can also try out some cool water activities like kayaking or windsurfing.

For a 3-day Corsica road trip to Porto-Vecchio , organize your days like this:

  • 1 day on one of the most beautiful beaches: Rondinara beach , Santa Giulia beach or Palombaggia beach , certainly the most famous.
  • 1 day in the Cavu valley and swim in the large natural pools. On the site, there is also a tree climbing course or the possibility of walking in the forest.
  • 1 day trip to the Lavezzi Islands, departing from the Porto-Vecchio marina.
Lavezzi Islands, Corsica itinerary day 4
The Lavezzi Islands

Visit Calvi and its surroundings in 3 days

If you have 3 days for your short stay in Calvi, you can devote the morning of the first day to discovering the town on foot.

In the afternoon, you will have the choice between sunbathing on the beach of Calvi or a boat trip:

On the second day, you can go around the villages of Balagne and then join the forest of Bonifatu for a walk and a swim in the natural pools.

On the third day, head for the tip of Revellata to walk a little and alternate with swimming breaks in the creeks or on the beach of Alga. Then go up to Notre-Dame-de-la-Serra to admire the most beautiful panorama over the bay of Calvi.

La Revellata, in Calvi
La Revellata, in Calvi

4 Days in Corsica

For a 4-day stay in Corsica, 3 options are available to you: explore the surroundings of Bastia, Ajaccio or Bonifacio/Porto-Vecchio.

What to visit in 4 days to Bastia?

You can organize your 4 day trip to Corsica like this:

  • 1 day in Bastia to visit the city: Place Saint Nicolas, rue Napoléon, the Old Port, the citadel, the Palace of the Governors, so many places of interest not to be missed in Bastia. And why not end the day at the beach?
  • 1 day in the Agriates desert whose main attraction lies in these 2 magnificent beaches of fine sand and turquoise water. To reach them, take the boat from the port of Saint-Florent, a 40-minute drive from Bastia.
  • 1 or 2 days to go around Cap Corse: the customs trail hike, the typical villages, the Patrimonio wine route, the route of the senses, there is easily enough to keep you busy for 2 days. You can take one day to go along the east coast and the other to go down the west coast.

If you decide to do only one day in Cap Corse, the fourth day I advise you to go see Corte. The city is also the best access point to some very popular hikes, including the Gorges de la Restonica. 

5 Days Corsica Itinerary
Desert of Agriates

What to see in 4 days near Ajaccio?

On the first day, visit Ajaccio, the capital of Corsica.

To make sure you don’t miss a thing during your walk in the city, start from the Fesch museum and then go up to Place Foch where the market is held.

Then go to the cathedral then go up the Cours Grandval and the foreigners’ quarter to the Place d’Austerlitz. The afternoon will be spent admiring the Sanguinaires Islands.

On the second day, I recommend that you take the boat trip which takes you to the Scandola nature reserve and the creeks of Piana. This is the most beautiful boat trip to do during this 4-day tour in Corsica!

Count on another quieter day to go to the beach. I recommend those located south of Ajaccio, towards Porticcio. You will have the choice between Agosta beachRuppione beach or Mare e Sole beach. They all offer nautical activities such as paddleboarding, kayaking or pedal boat rental.

On the last day, you can opt for another cruise, but this time you will have the chance to discover the cliffs of Bonifacio. This outing is really good because it also leaves a lot of free time to visit the citadel and take magnificent photos.

It’s very simple, to book your boat trip to Bonifacio from Ajaccio.

Corsica itinerary day 4
Boat tour in the Scandola Reserve

What to visit near Bonifacio/Porto-Vecchio in 4 days?

For 4 days in Bonifacio:

  • 1 day of walk in the upper town of Bonifacio to admire different points of view and discover the ramparts, the fortifications or the churches. Do not miss to visit the Bastion de l’Etendard and the staircase of the King of Aragon. Then take the Col Saint Roch walk to contemplate the panorama of the white cliffs.
  • 1 day for an excursion to the Lavezzi Islands
  • 1 day on the beach of Petit or Grand Sperone. To be combined with a nautical activity such as kayaking if you are afraid of getting bored.
  • 1 day to go around the beaches of Porto-Vecchio which are a must-see during a 4-day tour of Corsica. The beach of Palombaggia, Rondinara or Santa Giulia are among the most beautiful!

For 4 days in Porto-Vecchio:

  • 1 day of relaxation and swimming towards the beach of Palombaggia, Santa Giulia or Rondinara.
  • 1 day in the Cavu valley known for its large natural pools and small waterfalls, the ideal place if you have children. There is even a tree climbing!
  • 1 cruise in the Lavezzi Islands
  • 1 day to visit Bonifacio, certainly the most famous city in southern Corsica!
Little Sperone Beach, Bonifacio
Little Sperone Beach, Bonifacio

What to do in Calvi in ​​4 days?

  • 1 day walk in Calvi to see the citadel, the old town, the marina and spend an afternoon at the beach or take a boat trip
  • 1 day to tour the balcony villages of Balagne and spend the afternoon in the forest of Bonifatu
  • 1 day at La Revellata with the program of the walk to the lighthouse and swimming stops in the creeks + climb to Notre-Dame-de-la-Serra to contemplate the view
  • 1 day excursion in the Agriates desert known for its beautiful beaches.
Corsica itinerary day 5

5 Days in Corsica

Here are my itinerary tips for visiting Corsica in 5 days by car.

5 days in Corsica from Bastia

  • 1 day visit to Bastia. On the program: walk in the 2 historic districts of Terra Vecchia and Terra Nova which brings together the main places of interest of the city such as the citadel and its history museum or the church of Saint-Jean Baptiste. End the day on one of the beaches around Bastia.
  • 2 days in Cap Corse: 1 day to hike the coastal path from Macinaggio to Barcaggio on the east coast + 1 day to explore the west coast and its typical villages. Reach Saint-Florent at the end of the day, super practical for the next day’s visit.
  • 1 day in the Agriates desert in idleness and sunbathing mode on Saleccia beach or Lotu beach. These sublime beaches are accessible in 30 minutes by boat from the port of Saint-Florent.
  • 1 day to Corte to hike the Gorges de la Restonica or simply visit the city. You can discover the citadel (the only one in Corsica to be located inland), the regional museum of anthropology, the Cours Paoli.

Tips for your 5 day Corsica itinerary:

You will also find my advice for this circuit + the best accommodation in Cap Corse or Saint-Florent in my article: 7 days in Corsica.

Cape Corsica, Corsica itinerary
Cape Corsica

5 days in Corsica from Ajaccio

  • 1 day to visit Ajaccio: walking tour in the old town in the morning + discovery of the Sanguinaires Islands in the afternoon, whether during a boat trip or during a walk on the tip of the Parata.
  • 1 day cruise to discover the Scandola nature reserve and the creeks of Piana, splendid natural sites listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites.
  • 1 day of complete relaxation on one of the beaches around Porticcio, south of Ajaccio. I recommend the beach of Agosta, that of Ruppione or Mare e Sole. What’s nice is that you can also take advantage of it to do water activities such as kayaking or paddle boarding.
  • 1 day to visit BonifacioI recommend a boat trip (by car it’s too far) which also allows you to spend time in the citadel.
  • On the last day, you can choose the beach option if you want to be quiet or, on the contrary, opt for a sporting activity for a little more action. Canyoning  is really top to do in the region!

Tips for your 5 day Corsica itinerary:

The 5-day stay in Corsica that I propose to you above allows you to go back to sleep every night in the same hotel in Ajaccio.

If you wish, you can also take a 5-day mini road trip to Corsica by visiting several places. I recommend this itinerary for 5 days:

  • 1 day in Ajaccio
  • 1 day in Corte
  • 1 day in Calvi
  • 1 day in Porto
  • Back to Ajaccio
5 days in Corsica
The Calanques of Piana

5 days in Corsica departing from Bonifacio or Porto-Vecchio

Verse Bonifacio:

  • 1 day to visit Bonifacio and its historic center where the Bastion de l’Etendard and the King of Aragon staircase are located. Not to mention the walk along the Campu Rumanilu trail for its sublime views of the cliffs and perched houses.
  • 1 day of idleness on the Lavezzi islands, a great classic of a trip to southern Corsica. Take the boat to Bonifacio and spend the day on one of the beaches.
  • 1 day on the Petit Sperone beach or its neighbour, the Grand Sperone beach. Guests can rent kayaks or go windsurfing.
  • 1 day with a tour of the beaches of Porto-Vecchio on the program, which are the most famous in southern Corsica and certainly the most beautiful! I am thinking of Rondinara beach, Palombaggia beach or even Santa Giulia beach.
  • 1 day of walking on one of the coastal paths towards Bonifacio, to alternate hiking and swimming in sublime places.
4 days in Corsica
Bastion of the Standard Bonifacio

Towards Porto-Vecchio:

  • 1 day to discover the most beautiful beaches in the region
  • 1 day to visit Bonifacio, only 40 minutes away
  • 1 cruise to the Lavezzi Islands
  • 1 day in the Cavu valley which is home to large natural pools
  • 1 day in the Ospedale forest to hike the piscia di Gallu which leads to the largest waterfall in Corsica.
Cavu Valley, itinerary 5 days
The Cavu Valley, in Corsica

5 days in Corsica from Calvi

My program idea to spend 5 days in Calvi:

  • 1 day devoted to the city itself with a visit to the citadel, the old town and the port, then a more relaxing afternoon with a choice of Calvi beach or a boat trip.
  • 1 day for a mini road trip to discover the surrounding villages and a cool swim in the pretty freshwater pools of the Bonifatu forest
  • 1 day for the tip of Revellata where it is possible to walk all around the cape, stopping to swim
  • 1 day in the Agriates desert during an organized excursion or by going directly to Saint-Florent yourself
  • 1 day in the Fango valley where you can bathe in the river bed or canoe in the Fango delta
The Fango Valley, Corsica 5 days
The Fango Valley

Where to Stay for 5 days in Corsica

You will find my selection of the best hotels to stay in, classified by town and for all budgets, by clicking on the following link: Best Accommodation in Corsica?

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