Top 10 Things to Do in Qatar

Top 10 Things to Do in Qatar

Qatar is a small country that can be seen perfectly in a few days. Located on a small peninsula in the Persian Gulf, it is one of the richest countries in the world.

Although a priori it is thought that there are not many things to see in Qatar, in reality it is not so. Apart from Doha, the country hides charming villages that are great for getting lost and relaxing from the bustle of the big city.

In this post we present what to do in Qatar, an interesting country beyond the World Cup.

On this map you will find marked the essential places to see in Qatar.

1. Doha, the attractive capital of Qatar

The country’s capital is the most visited city in Qatar, as it is where the majority of the population is concentrated. It is the economic center of the country and approximately 80% of the population lives in Doha.

It has more than 2 million inhabitants, half a million more than Barcelona, ​​for example. Although many say that Qatar is only Doha, they are very wrong, although it is where most of the tourist attractions are concentrated.

Useful information for visiting Doha:

things to do in Qatar
Doha and its modernity

2. Museum of Islamic Art, one of the most beautiful buildings to see in Qatar

It is the most beautiful building in Doha. Its architecture left us speechless. The design of the building is much more interesting than the content displayed inside, but it is still worth visiting, as admission is free.

From the museum there are impressive views of the Doha skyline. Without any doubt, a must see in Qatar.

things to do in Qatar
The Doha skyline from the museum | Ars Electronica

3.Doha Corniche

It is the waterfront of Doha. It starts at the Museum of Islamic Art and ends at the imposing and luxurious Sheraton hotel.

It is worth taking a walk along its more than 5 km to cool off in the sea breeze and appreciate the views of the Doha skyline and fishing boats.

things to do in Qatar
One of the typical postcards of Qatar

4. Souq Waqif

It is the traditional area of ​​Doha, its souk. It is a perfect area to see the contrast between ancient and modern commerce. There you can see shops selling fabrics, spices, typical foods of the country, and many jewelry stores. In short, away from the luxury that oil has brought to the country!

Tips for your Qatar Itinerary:

Even if you think that in Doha there is a lot of money and a lot of opulence can be appreciated, it is a city that has many contrasts. In a few meters you will see a sheik with a luxury car and a humble family living in miserable conditions.

things to do in Qatar
The Doha souk. Very interesting!

5. Villaggio Shopping Mall, the most spectacular shopping center to see in Qatar

This shopping center perfectly expresses the opulence of the country and is probably one of the most beautiful in the world. You will find the usual main shops in most shopping centers in the world, but with a difference: its spectacularity.

This Shopping Mall is a representation of Venice, its canals and its architecture. You can even ride a gondola! If you want to buy clothes, it is not a good option to visit it, since it is quite expensive, but it is worth seeing it once in a lifetime.

things to do in Qatar
Visiting Venice from Qatar is very cheap  | Hafiz Issadeen

6. The Pearl Qatar and Luxury

It is an artificial island located in the north of Doha. The most luxurious hotels in the city are concentrated there , in addition to its marina.

If you want to breathe the luxury that characterizes this country, it is the best place. Luxury cars, expensive restaurants and shops within the reach of very few. It sums up the Qatar of the 21st century!

things to do in Qatar
Pearl Qatar from the plane

7. Al Khor, one of the most beautiful towns to see in Qatar

Al Khor is a small fishing village located 50km north of Doha. Without a doubt, we believe that it is one of the essential places to see in Qatar.

It is known for the popularity of its pearl industry and is one of the most important attractions in the country. Its most important monument is its Archaeological Tower, from which impressive views of the sea can be appreciated, although its mosques and museums of antiquities are also very interesting. It is one of the most important cities in Qatar as it has schools, sports clubs…


8. Fort Al Zubara in Madinat Ash Shamal

As its name in Arabic indicates, which means northern city, it is located in the north of the country. This city, one of the largest in Qatar, is known for having one of the main attractions of the country: the Al Zubara fort. This monument, which is currently under construction, takes us back to Qatar’s historical past.

It was used to protect fishermen and city dwellers. A very quiet area in the middle of the desert, perfect for resting!

things to do in Qatar
A gem to discover in Qatar

9. National Museum of Qatar

In the country’s capital you can visit the modern National Museum of Qatar. It is relatively new, having opened in 2019, replacing the previous building that dated back to 1975.

It is worth it both inside and out. The building was inspired by the desert rose crystal, which can be found in Qatar. The architecture is wonderful and the visit is highly recommended.

They did a great environmental job to tell the history of the country in a fun and interesting way. The objects, which represent Qatar’s cultural heritage, are displayed in a very novel and interactive way. You can tell they have made a great investment!

things to do in Qatar
The beautiful building of the National Museum of Qatar | Gilbert Sopakuwa

10. Desert Safari

And finally, to end this post about the best places to see in Qatar, we could not forget to mention the desert. A visit to Qatar would be incomplete without spending a few hours in the desert. As you can see on the map, Qatar is basically its capital and desert. Even many days the desert sand reaches the capital and the visibility is almost zero!

Desert Safari Qatar

The best way to get to know the desert is by hiring an excursion. It will allow you to enjoy the landscape and also get your adrenaline pumping in a 4×4 through the dunes. Very impressive!

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