Accommodation in Venice: Advice on the Best Area

Accommodation in Venice: Advice on the Best Area

Sooner or later we have all wondered which is the best area to stay in Venice.

And I want to reassure you right away: any doubts you have are well founded! Getting around in a city where there are no driveways, only canals, is complicated and demanding.

Precisely for this reason it is essential to choose the accommodation area, so that a stay here is pleasant and not a continuous effort.

In fact, you must know that the whole city is made up of more or less narrow alleys and more than 400 bridges.

In all probability, the vaporetto will become your best friend, provided you know how to save money and not pay €9.50 each way.Also remember that there is a Venice on the water and one on land, so it is of fundamental importance to pay attention when booking in order not to be disappointed.

Read the next paragraphs to understand where to stay if you have a car with you, discover the cheapest and most touristic areas, arriving at the conclusion of which is the best area to stay in Venice based on your personal needs.

Let’s begin!

Tips for staying in Venice

In Venice you cannot travel by car.

You can get there, yes, arriving at the most in Piazzale Roma, but then you will have to leave your car in one of the paid parking lots that you will find just after the bridge, such as the municipal garage or the San Marco garage  (daily rate of €35 and €45).

The alternative is to reach Venice by train, or choose accommodation with parking in Mestre.
As you may have guessed, there is really a lot to talk about: read the next paragraphs to find out which is the best area to stay in Venice.

Wait, before starting let me reveal a really easy ” trick ” to find accommodation with discounted prices for your trip.

To find them, simply search for your dates on this offers page.

I told you it was easy, right? If in this way you have found a structure that satisfies your preferences, check in the paragraphs below that it is located in a suitable area for visiting Venice.


1: Cannaregio: one of the best areas to stay in Venice

Located in the northern part of Venice and bordered to the south by the Grand Canal and the waters of the lagoon on the outer coast, this is one of the best areas to stay in Venice.

Although it covers a rather large and varied territory, it is a good base because the railway station and the pier from where the ferries leave for Murano and Burano are located right here.

Although the most famous attractions may not be easily reachable on foot (except after a long walk), the proximity to the Grand Canal still makes it convenient for traveling by vaporetto.

Cannaregio is made up of quiet areas less frequented by tourists, which makes it one of the best areas to stay in Venice, both to enjoy the quieter and more authentic part of the city, and for the convenience of getting around.
The facilities are good value for money.

Structures to stay in Cannaregio:

  • Locanda del Ghetto (from €106) : Located in a historic building, this property is located in the heart of the Venetian Jewish ghetto.
    In 20 minutes on foot, or 10 by vaporetto, you can reach Piazza San Marco.
  • CàPatron (from €107) : it is located in the outer part of the district and, precisely for this reason, near the Rialto Bridge and only 400 meters from the Basilica of San Marco.
    The railway station, however, is further away.
    It offers accommodation suitable for both couples and families.
  • Rigoletto Charm (from € 123) : located 700 meters from the Santa Lucia railway station and 500 meters from the vaporetto stop, this is one of the accommodation in the best position in Cannaregio.
    It offers double rooms that can accommodate up to 3 adults.


2: San Polo: the most central area of ​​Venice

This is the central area par excellence in which to stay in Venice: it is located in the center of the sestieri (the 6 areas into which the city is divided) and is therefore the most suitable solution if you want to discover Venice on foot.

Right here are the famous Rialto Bridge and the fish market, but you can also easily reach the main attractions of Piazza San Marco and take advantage of the vaporetto line, as the district overlooks the Grand Canal.

The main disadvantages of accommodation here are the overcrowding given by the high number of tourists who pass through here and the high cost of accommodation, especially if overlooking the Grand Canal.

Accommodations to stay in San Polo (Venice center):

  • Al Campaniel Bed & Breakfast (from €94) : it is one of the cheapest structures in the area, but also the most central.
    The rooms are simply furnished and breakfast is included.
  • Locanda Sant’Agostin (from € 105) : this property is also in a really convenient position, located a 20-minute walk from Piazza San Marco and 10 from the train station.
    It offers double, triple and quadruple rooms with classic furnishings.
  • H10 Palazzo Canova (from € 189) : located in the immediate vicinity of the Rialto Bridge, it offers a terrace bar overlooking the Grand Canal.

best accommodation in Venice

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3: San Marco: the most beautiful (and touristic) area

The beauty of Piazza San Marco and the homonymous district is truly indisputable.

The Basilica bewitches visitors with its decorations, columns, statues and mosaics, the tall bell tower stands out over the skyline of the city and the square itself has something magical at any time of day or night.

Choosing an accommodation in this area (even in the immediate vicinity and not necessarily in the square) will give you the possibility of being in the center of Venice and using the vaporetto with maximum comfort, because numerous routes depart from here.

If you choose to stay here during your visit to Venice, however, you must be aware that the beautiful attractions that make it up are visited by thousands of tourists every day, evening and night and for thisyou will not be able to consider it a quiet area.

The prices of the accommodation, but above all of the places such as bars and restaurants, are above the average for Venice.

As you move away from the square, however, you will be able to find accommodation with good value for money.

Where to stay in the San Marco district of Venice:

  • Hotel Mercurio (from € 77) : the rooms are furnished in a classic Venetian style, some overlooking the canals.
    Despite its proximity to the center, the accommodation is located in a small street that is not too busy and rather quiet.
  • EGO’ Residence Venice (from €119) : located 500 meters from Piazza San Marco, this is a great accommodation in a really favorable position to visit Venice with an amazing rating of 9.9 out of 10.
  • Rosa Salva Hotel (from €127) : located just 100 meters from Piazza San Marco, this hotel is one of the oldest in Venice.
    But not for this “antiqued” even inside, on the contrary: the rooms have been recently renovated and treated in every detail.

Where to stay in Venice

4: Castello: stay in Venice in a quiet area

Castello develops in the easternmost part of Venice and, although San Marco is bordering, this district covers a large area so you will need to pay attention to the location of the accommodation you choose.

The main advantage of staying here is the tranquility of the area, often snubbed by most tourists.

Here are the Venice Arsenale and the Biennale Gardens.

Among the negative aspects, there is certainly the need to travel by vaporetto (and therefore the purchase of the transport card ): the railway station, the car parks and the central attractions are quite far away on foot, but as mentioned , it will depend a lot on the area where you choose the accommodation.

Places to stay in Castello:

  • Hotel Paganelli (from € 87) : located in the castle area along Riva degli Schiavoni, it is in a fantastic position and a short distance from Piazza San Marco.
  • Hotel Santa Marina (from €93) : in a quiet location, but only 300 meters from the Rialto Bridge.
    The rooms are furnished in a classic and refined Venetian style.
  • Hotel Bucintoro (from € 159) : in an excellent position for visiting Venice, but with a beautiful view of the lagoon, some rooms also offer a view of the monuments of Piazza San Marco in the distance.

Venice accommodation

5: Santa Croce: one of the best areas to stay in Venice

Together with Cannaregio, this is one of the best areas to stay in Venice.

Although there are no famous attractions here, the proximity to the station and to Piazzale Roma, the limit point where buses and cars can arrive and where the main car parks are located, makes it convenient to be reached on foot.

This sestiere is quieter than the central areas and very authentic.

Here you will be able to find facilities with good value for money, and be sure of being able to reach the most famous attractions by vaporetto departing from Piazzale Roma.

Furthermore, restaurants also enjoy better value for money.

Accommodations in Santa Croce where to stay in Venice:

  • Grand Canal Suite (from € 113) : a few steps from Piazzale Roma, convenient for those who park their car in the San Marco garage, arriving by bus or train.
    The rooms are simple and clean, some overlooking the Grand Canal.
    The common relaxation area overlooking the canal is also very pleasant.
  • B&B Patatina (from € 118) : the rooms of this bed & breakfast are furnished in a classic style, the location is very quiet and the central station can be reached in just 10 minutes on foot.
  • Grand Canal (from €148) : the rooms are furnished in a classic style, perfect for getting in touch with the Venetian style.
    Some suites overlook the Grand Canal directly and for this reason the position was even rated 9.5 out of 10.


6: Dorsoduro: where to stay in Venice for art lovers

In this district of Venice there are museums and art galleries, including the Galleria dell’Accademia.

It is directly bordering San Polo and Santa Croce and on the opposite side of the canal from San Marco.

This is also the university area, so you won’t struggle to find accommodation that fits all budgets, nice clubs and lively places to spend the evening (such as the Campo Santa Margherita square).

Unlike Mestre, this is one of the best areas to stay in Venice with good value for money, but being within easy reach of the main attractions.

Best accommodation facilities in Dorsoduro:

  • Sonder Salute Palace (from €84) : a 5-minute walk from the vaporetto stop that will take you to visit the main attractions of Piazza San Marco, this hotel has simple but well-kept rooms.
  • Hotel Pausania (from € 105) : it is one of the most beautiful and cheapest structures in the district, located in a building dating back to the 14th century and breakfast is served in a veranda overlooking the garden (this was once the residence of an aristocratic Venetian family).
  • Palazzo Veneziano (from € 159) : one of the best hotels in Dorsoduro with good value for money, particularly suitable for couples wishing to spend a romantic weekend in the city of love.
    The ratings in this case exceeded 9 out of 10 stars.


7: Mestre: where to stay in Venice to save money

Technically when we talk about Mestre we are referring to Venice (being a locality of the same municipality), but aesthetically it really has nothing that can even vaguely remind us of the Venetian city as we understand it.

This area, in fact, is located on the mainland and connected to the ” classical Venice ” by a road and railway bridge.

Staying here certainly has its advantages, such as the possibility of finding excellent accommodation at reasonable prices, perhaps even equipped with a convenient parking area where you can leave your car.

On the downside, however, remember that you will always have to rely on public transport to get to the center, but buying the transport card valid for the entire duration of your stay, you can travel unlimited on buses and vaporettos.

This is the cheapest solution for staying in Venice, especially in high season.

Places to stay in Mestre (Venice):

  • Hilton Garden Inn (from € 76) : a four-star hotel, with private parking and seasonal swimming pool.
  • Elite Hotel Residence (from €82) : this is also a 4-star hotel, equipped with a spa and located right in front of the bus stop for Venice.
    Here you can choose both a room and an apartment.
  • Anda Venice Hostel (from €68) : if you are looking for really cheap accommodation, offering both dormitory beds from €21/night, family and double rooms, this is the accommodation for you.

8: Islands of Murano, Burano and Giudecca

I suggest you look for accommodation on the islands of Murano, Burano and Giudecca, only if it is not your first time in Venice or if you are looking for a particular experience.

Staying here you will always be relegated to ferries, the cost of accommodation could be higher given the fewer facilities available, but the experience is certainly unique:

  • Murano is famous for its glass and is the best place to stay if you are looking for an authentic and characteristic place just 20 minutes from central Venice.
    For a stay here, I could not recommend Casa Sulla Laguna.
  • Burano is equally famous for its lace and is located further away from Venice (about 50 minutes by ferry): here you can see the ladies embroidering the lace still today and visit the dedicated museum.
    I suggest the Night Galleria apartment to stay in Burano.
  • Giudecca , located right in front of Piazza San Marco and part of the Dorsoduro district, is the perfect place to stay to breathe some calm and enjoy the best views of Venice.
    For your stay, I suggest the Generator Venice housed in a historic building, with rooms for all budgets.


FAQ: Questions with answers

1: Where to stay in Venice on a budget?

The area in which to stay in Venice while saving money is definitely Mestre.

Even if it is located on the mainland, from here you can easily reach the center of Venice by public transport in complete comfort.

2: How to save on accommodation in Venice?

Although booking in advance could be a good rule to find accommodation in Venice, my advice is to connect to this page and discover the best offers for your dates.

After that, I suggest you get a season ticket for unlimited use of transport, both bus and vaporetto, so that you can easily reach every part of the city, even if your accommodation is not in the centre.

3: Where to stay in Venice with children?

If you are traveling with small children, forget the stroller unless it is essential.

Unfortunately, there are more than 400 bridges in the city where you will have to lift it every time, as there are stairs both up and down.

Precisely because getting around here is quite tiring, my advice is to look for accommodation in the center if you’re traveling with children, but also close to the vaporetto stops, to still be able to reach every point of the city without too much effort.

My advice is to choose a structure in the San Polo or San Marco area.

Having reached the end of this article, I really hope I have been able to help you find the best area to stay in Venice based on your specific needs.

If something is not clear to you or you would like to report a structure where you have stayed that deserves to be included in this selection of hotels in Venice, leave your comment below to help the other readers of this blog.

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