2 Weeks in Martinique: Ultimate 14-15-16 Days Itinerary

Which itinerary for two weeks in Martinique?

Have you chosen to visit Martinique in 14, 15 or 16 days?

In order to help you organize all of this, we have prepared a 2-week itinerary for you in Martinique to allow you to discover all the unmissable places of interest on the island.

Follow our program and discover Fort-de-Francethe Trois-îlets, the Route de la Trace, hike to the pelee mountain and enjoy the most beautiful beaches.

Also find our selection of the best accommodation for all budgets.

So, what to do and see in Martinique in two weeks?

Day 1: Fort-de-France

To start your 2-week trip to Martinique, what could be better than discovering its capital, Fort-de-France?

If possible, I advise you to opt for a flight that makes you arrive early in the day to make the most of your first day.

Before leaving, remember to book a car. The public transport network is not of excellent quality, it is essential in Martinique to be able to be autonomous and to discover the island freely.

After picking up your car, head to Fort-de-France : the journey won’t be long (10 minutes by car) since the island’s only international airport is located in Lamentin, the neighboring town of Fort-de-France. -France.

If you arrive early in Fort-de-France, the first thing to do is explore the city’s markets. There are several, but I suggest you focus on the Fish Market and the Grand Market (also called the Spice Market).

The first will allow you to get a glimpse of the delicious fish found here; while the second, installed in a large hall, will allow you to stock up on souvenirs and gastronomic products (jams, spices, etc.)

In the afternoon, start with a visit to the impressive Fort Saint-Louis, a former military fort which now houses the French Naval Base in the West Indies and which is classified as a Historic Monument. You will see that the fort offers a magnificent view of the entire Bay of Fort-de-France.

At the end of the afternoon, take the time to stroll through the streets of Fort-de-France to immerse yourself in the sweet life of the islands. Admire the architecture dating from the colonial era, which is still very much present, and take a walk in the city’s central park, “La Savane”.


If you have accommodation that allows you to cook, I advise you to buy something to cook your first local meal at the Fort-de-France markets: fish, spices, and exotic vegetables to accompany.

During your 15-day road trip in Martiniquebe sure to respect the speed limits. The island has quite a few radars.

Accommodation in Fort-de-France

  • Center International de Séjour Youth hostel : Located 10 minutes from Fort-de-France. Room with twin beds from €75, breakfast included. Most: free private parking, hearty breakfast.
  • Residence Fort Savane: Located next to the park. Modern and well-equipped double room from €130. The pluses: the welcome, the cleanliness, the location if you want to stay in the city center.
  • Karibea La Valmenière Hotel: Located in the business district. Spacious and well-equipped double room from €135 per night, breakfast included. Most: the swimming pool on the roof, the very pleasant staff, the location.
  • Apolline: Guest house located on the heights of Fort-de-France and offering tastefully decorated rooms and suites, from €150, breakfast included. Most: the magnificent setting, the swimming pool, the breathtaking view
  • HOTEL PELICAN: Located 4 km from the center of Fort-de-France, in one of the best areas of the city. Super spacious and bright double room with balcony and for some sea view, from 150€, breakfast at 18€. Most: the swimming pool, the sea view, the quality of the welcome, the location. It is our favorite for its price/performance ratio in Martinique!
  • Simon Hotel: Located 6 minutes walk from the beach and 500 meters from the covered market. Modern and warm double room, tastefully decorated, from €190, breakfast €15. Most: the decoration of the rooms, the geographical location, the welcome at the top. This is our recommendation for a romantic stay in Martinique.
2 weeks in Martinique
Fort of France

Day 2: Les Trois-Ilets

The next day, continue this two-week circuit in Martinique by visiting the seaside resort of Trois-Îlets, located on the other side of the Bay of Fort-de-France.

To reach it, I advise you to take the boat. The Vedettes Tropicales provide several departures per day, between 6:30 a.m. and 10:30 p.m., and the round trip costs 7€.

In Trois-Îlets, visiting the Slave Savannah is a must. This open-air museum reconstructs Martinique from the colonial era, with 15 traditional huts, each of which will teach you a little more about the Indian peoples who inhabited the island before its colonization.

You are obliged to take a guided tour for 12 € but the price is quickly amortized: the visit is very interesting and you learn a lot about the past of the island.

At noon, you can eat in one of the many seaside restaurants to regain your strength before leaving to visit the town of Trois-Îlets.

For the afternoon, land on one of the town’s beaches and relax.

I recommend Le Méridien beach, where you can observe many fish, and which is quieter than the other beaches frequented by locals, such as Anse Mitan, which is always very lively.

You can also practice lots of really nice nautical activities :

  • A jet ski ride  – Several durations to choose from: from 45 minutes to a full day.
  • An introduction to driving a jet ski
  • A kitesurf lesson  with a state-certified instructor
  • A windsurfing lesson
  • A snorkeling excursion to explore the seabed and observe fish and corals.

In the evening, take the boat back to Fort-de-France and rest for the day ahead.

Les Trois-Îlets is not only a tourist seaside resort, it is also the birthplace of Joséphine de Beauharnais, the first wife of Napoleon I.  You can also visit the estate where she was born, the Domaine de la Pagerie, and learn more about her life.

Martinique itinerary
The Savannah of Slaves

Day 3: The Route de la Trace / Morne-Rouge

For your third day of this 14-15-16 day stay in Martinique, I suggest you explore the mythical Route de la Trace.

This is the RN3, the most beautiful road on the island, which connects Fort-de-France to the town of Morne-Rouge over 28 km.

The Route de la Trace crosses breathtaking landscapes, in the middle of the tropical forest, but is also the starting point for many hiking trails. So do not hesitate to stop along the way and go for a walk, you will generally find signs indicating the points of interest.

Among the must-sees on the Route de la Trace is the Sacré-Coeur Basilica, from where there is a very beautiful view of Fort-de-France.

There is also the Balata Garden. This botanical garden created by an artist is truly magnificent : you can see many specimens of flora and fauna endemic to Martinique and the West Indies. I advise you to plan about 1h30 for the discovery of this garden.

You should arrive around Morne-Rouge at the beginning of the afternoon, right for mealtime. I advise you to go to the restaurant Le Bambou, where you can taste Creole specialties, such as cod fritters with coconut milk or flambéed bananas.

In the afternoon, visit Morne-Rouge.

This town has a mystical atmosphere due to its proximity to Mount Pelee. On a clear day, you will be able to see Mount Pelée, but this is rather rare because the town is located 500 meters above sea level and is often covered in mist.

In the afternoon, after touring Morne-Rouge, visit the Domaine d’Emeraude, an 80-hectare garden with a 4 km landscaped walk through the tropical forest, which will introduce you to Martinique’s biodiversity and complete perfectly your visit to the Jardin de Balata in the morning.

End the visit with the Exploration Pavilion which presents the natural history of the island.

You can then return to Fort-de-France to admire the Route de la Trace from another angle, in the light of the setting sun.


Leave very early that morning and start your day with the Jardin de Balata, even if it means retracing your steps afterwards.

Indeed, the earlier you come, the more likely you are to see hummingbirds, and the quieter you will be, because from 11 a.m., many tourists arrive.

Martinique itinerary
Balata’s garden

Day 4: Climbing Mount Pelée

For the next stage of this two-week itinerary, we stay in the same area this time to discover Mount Pelée itself.

The ascent of Mount Pelée is the most legendary hike on the island. But beware, it is reserved for more experienced hikers because the path is quite steep. No wonder since the trail takes you to 1,395 meters above sea levelat the very top of the volcano.

Several paths are proposed to climb this volcano (still active), but I advise you to opt for the shortest and simplest, the Sentier de l’Aileron.

The Sentier de l’Aileron leaves from Morne-Rouge.

In the morning, leave early (allow 50 minutes by road to Morne-Rouge), because from 10 a.m., Mount Pelee is covered in mist. For the bravest, it is best to reach the summit before 10 a.m. You will be able to enjoy the magnificent view offered by the volcano on the Atlantic coast.

Don’t forget to take water, a raincoat in case of rain, and something to snack on to regain your strength.

Martinique itinerary 1 week
Mount Peel Volcano

Day 5: Le Carbet / Saint-Pierre

For the fifth leg of your 2-week trip to Martinique, take the road that runs along the coast of the Caribbean Sea and reach Le Carbet.

This city is known as the place where Christopher Columbus would have landed on June 15, 1502, but also because the painter Paul Gauguin lived there in 1887.

In the morning, take a city tour. Go see the Saint-Jacques church, the statue of the foot of a slave, and the Carbet beach. You can picnic on the beach to enjoy its tranquility.

In the afternoon, reach Saint-Pierre, the former capital of the island which was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Pelee in 1902.

The visit is very rewarding: you will notably discover the ruins of an old theater and the dungeon of Cyparis, the only survivor of the disaster. The town of Saint-Pierre is very picturesque, with its black sand beaches, and you will feel transported out of time.

In the evening, on leaving, stop on the side of the road to admire the sunset from one of the many viewpoints overlooking the sea and the town of Saint-Pierre below.

Martinique itinerary 2 weeks
Saint-Pierre, in Martinique

Day 6: Hike from Grand’Rivière to Anse Couleuvre

After a rather quiet 5th day, it’s time to go hiking again.

Another magnificent hike to do during your 14-15 day tour of Martinique is the one that connects Grand’Rivière, a very picturesque fishing village in the far north of the island, to Anse Couleuvre.

From Fort-de-France, follow the west coast to the north, and stop at Anse Couleuvre au Prêcheur. Try to leave early because you will have an hour’s drive to reach le Prêcheur and it is better to start the hike early in the morning, before it gets too hot.

The hiking trail starts from the beach of Anse Couleuvre, a magnificent black sand beach (of volcanic origin) and crosses the virgin forest to Grand’Rivière for 18 km.

Plan about 6 hours of walking, and of course water and snacks to regain your strength.

Hiking is also possible starting from Grand’Rivière and arriving at Anse Couleuvre.

Don’t worry about the return: it is possible to go the opposite way by boat, but you will have to book your trip at least 48 hours in advance. The trip costs around €15 per person. Check with the tourist office for reservations.

Martinique itinerary 2 weeks - things to do
Grand’Rivière, in Martinique

Day 7: The Falaise Gorges

If you are not too tired from the hike the day before, I suggest another picturesque walk to end your visit to the North of the island.

The hike I am talking about, the Gorges de la Falaise, is located around Ajoupa Bouillon, in the northwest of the island.

This walk follows the Falaise river and it is very fun because you will cross the gorges and sometimes even the river. Bring old sneakers and a bathing suit.

The hike, quite easy, must be accompanied by a guide, so remember to book in advance.

This is the ideal activity to do with your children during your two-week stay in Martinique. However, you have to be careful because the rocks can be slippery.


If there is no more availability for the Gorges de la Falaise or if you prefer to do something else that day, I recommend that you opt for a canyoning descent.

There are plenty of great places to indulge in this activity in Martinique, whether you are a beginner or are used to doing it.

Do not hesitate to  click on the links below to book  and choose the canyon according to the difficulty:

  • Canyoning in the rainforest  with jumps, rappels and slides – 3 canyons to choose from – Beginner
  • Canyon of the Rivière Mitan,  in the northern part of the island – Beginner
  • Canyon de l’Alma or des Sœurs  – Reserved for experienced sportsmen and canyonists.
2 weeks in Martinique itinerary - things to do
Cliff Gorges, Martinique

Day 8: Les Anses d’Arlet / Le Diamant

For the next leg of your 2 week road trip in Martinique, it’s time to start exploring the south of the island.

Start from the South-West: head towards the village of Anses d’Arlet (40 minutes by car bypassing the Bay of Fort-de-France).

After visiting the village, its church and its beaches with their picturesque pontoons ( the Grande Anse and the Petite Anse ), continue your journey towards Anse Noire.

L’Anse Noire (so called because of its black sand) is a quiet little beach ideal for snorkelling. You can even see turtles there. I advise you to go there early in the morning because the water will be clearer and it will be easier to observe the fish.

At the end of the morning, take the road back to Le Diamant and take the opportunity to buy smoked chicken from a roadside street vendor. This is a specialty of the West Indies, a smoke-cooked chicken with a very special taste.

On the way to Le Diamant, stop at Cap 110, at Anse Caffard. This memorial to slavery, erected on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery, is one of the symbols of the island.

It was built on the very spot where a slave ship was wrecked in 1830, as a protest against the triangular trade. You will see that the 15 white busts representing the slaves are turned towards the sea and arranged in a triangle to symbolize this catastrophe.

Then continue to Le Diamant, a village best known for facing the famous Rocher du Diamant which the English and French have long fought over.

At the end of the day, land on Grande Anse du Diamant and admire the sunset on this imposing rock.

Return to Fort-de-France.

2 weeks in Martinique itinerary - things to do
Diamond Rock Diving

Day 9: The Caravelle Peninsula

To continue to visit Martinique in 2 weeks, I suggest a new hike: the tour of the Presqu’île de la Caravelle.

The Presqu’île de la Caravelle is truly magnificent and offers many options for walks and hikes. I advise you to opt for the long path, which starts from La Trinité and goes all around the peninsula.

In the morning, take the road to La Trinité (about 40 minutes). The hike is rather long, about half a day, and it passes through different landscapes: mangrove, grassland, tropical forest. One of the main points of interest on the hike is the Château Dubus, an old castle in ruins.

When you have finished your tour of the peninsula, go and regain your strength at the restaurant  La Table de Mamy Nounou in Tartane. This family restaurant serves modern Creole cuisine and has a wonderful terrace overlooking the coast. I advise you to try their langoustine mousse and their z’habitants with old rum sauce, a treat.

In the afternoon, you can visit the fishing village of Tartane, which has fairly quiet and sheltered beaches.

If you still have energy to spare, why not try your hand at surfing?

In the evening, return to Fort-de-France to rest after this thrilling day and get ready to change accommodation to go to the south of the island.

Martinique itinerary - what to do
Caravelle Peninsula, Martinique

Day 10-16: The South of the island

During the next leg of your 2-week itinerary in Martinique, I advise you to move to the South of the island to be able to make the most of the beaches, visits and activities found in this part of the island. rather touristy.

You can stay near Sainte-Anne or Sainte-Luce, I have selected a few accommodations for you at the end of the stage.

Start your visit to the south of the island at Sainte-Luce, a 30-minute drive from Fort-de-France.

One of the main places of interest near Sainte-Luce is Anse Figuier (in the commune of Rivière Pilote), a beach very popular especially with locals.

Also take advantage of your visit to Sainte-Luce to visit the Trois-Rivières distillery, which produces the rum of the same name.

The distillery is open to visitors every day from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. in high season, and Monday to Saturday in low season. Count 3 € for the visit and a small tasting!

After having tasted 3 Rivières rum and done your shopping, head for Sainte-Anne. The village is very nice (especially its church, the Church of Notre-Dame de Sainte-Anne), but the town is especially worth a visit for its beaches.

Salines Beach is the most beautiful and best known on the island. I advise you to buy something for a picnic on the beach on the way: you will have no trouble finding a quiet corner, in the shade of the coconut trees, especially if you are on a weekday.

Spend the whole afternoon on the beach and rest up for the day ahead.

Spend a first night in the south of the island.

Martinique itinerary - what to do
Salines beach, Martinique

The next day
, I suggest you do another mythical hike on the island: the Savane des Pétrifications hike.

This walk is different from the others because it crosses marshes and desert plains. No need to remind you to leave early and take water and food.

The hike is about 4 km. It starts from Anse à Prunes and joins Anse Trabaud. With photo stops, this should keep you busy for the morning.

In the afternoon, you can rest while exploring the south-east of the island.

One of my favorite corners in this part of the island is Pointe Faula, near Vauclin, a beach where you can walk on white bottoms for 300 meters, with water up to your knees.

It is an ideal beach to relax and enjoy the sun and the sea.

Sleep in the South of the island.

Martinique itinerary - what to do
Petrification savannah hike, in Sainte-Anne

Today, why not opt ​​for a boat trip?

It’s a thing to do absolutely during your 10-day vacation in Martinique, and you’ll also be spoiled for choice for a great relaxing day!

  • A day to meet dolphins.
  • Mini snorkeling cruise and dolphin watching.
  • A day in a racing trimaran including swimming/snorkeling stops, an eco-responsible basket for lunch, all accompanied by a small aperitif.
  • A day on a sailboat around the islets of Robert, to discover the east coast of Martinique. 

Swimmingsnorkeling, paddle and discovering Chancel Island, home to endemic iguanas of the Lesser Antilles, are on the program for this great boat trip!

These excursions being really popular, for a more VIP experience, I advise you to book a private boat trip. 

You will be able to decide on your itinerary and choose your type of boat with skipper: motor boat, sailboat, catamaran … Everything is there to spend an unforgettable day as a couple or as a family!

Martinique itinerary - what to do
Take a boat trip in Martinique: unforgettable!

Your two-week stay is coming to an end soon, so the best thing is to take advantage of these last days to relax and discover the other most beautiful beaches in Martinique.

During the next 3 days, you can notably go to the beach of Cap Macré, in Le Marin. It is a rather rough beach but out of sight that the white coral sand makes it truly heavenly.

You can also go to Grand Macabou beach in Vauclin. Be careful, the way to get there is rather uneven.

But it’s worth it: you will see that the beaches on the Atlantic coast are really different from those on the Caribbean coast. Le Grand Macabou is a very wild, long and uncrowded beach.

I advise you to take a walk along the sea to enjoy the sea air and even take a dip in it if you wish.

During these last 3 days, you can also do a little more hiking. Even if you have already done the best known, there are still plenty more!

Also take advantage of these last few days to do your souvenir shopping. I recommend the Village de la Poterie which has many craft shops where you can buy original souvenirs to take home. Jewelry, decorative items, you will find everything.

Shops and restaurants are open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and on Sunday about half remain open.

Thanks to our 14, 15 or 16 day itinerary in Martinique, you will be able to discover a summary of the best things to do and see on the island.

If you stay for less time, do not hesitate to consult our other tailor-made itineraries, for a one-week stay or for a 10-day trip in Martinique.


If your vacation in Martinique lasts 14 days, delete a relaxation day in the last 3 days.

For a 16-day trip to Martinique, you can devote a day to a first dive. Martinique offers many ideal spots : Anses d’Arlet, Le Marin…

Accommodation in the south of the island

  • Village Pierre & Vacances – Sainte Luce: Located by the sea, in Sainte-Luce. Very spacious studio with kitchenette equipped with a microwave oven and hotplates and private terrace, from €60, breakfast at €16. The pluses: the large swimming pool, the beach next door, the exteriors, the activities on offer. It is our favorite for its performance / price ratio in Martinique.
  • Brise Marine: Located facing the sea, in Sainte-Luce. Bungalow with kitchen and private terrace with sea and garden view from €90. Most: the personalized welcome, the magnificent setting, the superb view, the location.
  • Hotel-Restaurant La Dunette: Located by the sea, in Sainte-Anne. Colorful and bright double room with sea view from €95, breakfast included. The pluses: the view, the pontoon fitted out for relaxing, the evenings with musical entertainment.
  • Hôtel Douce Vague: Located on the edge of Sainte-Luce beach. Apartment with kitchenette and terrace from €130. Most: access to the beach, cleanliness, calm.
  • Eden Paradise Spa Ecolodge: Located 10 minutes from the beach, in Sainte-Luce. Comfortable and quiet bungalow, some with a jacuzzi, from €230 per night, breakfast included. Most: the swimming pool, the jacuzzi, the silence, the setting, the zen atmosphere. This is our recommendation for a romantic stay in the South of Martinique.

The seaside resort of Trois-Ilets also offers a few options:

  • Hotel La Pagerie: located 5 minutes walk from the beach of Anse-Mitan. Modern and spacious double room with balcony from €160, breakfast at €20. Most: the beautiful garden, the large swimming pool, the good breakfast.
  • Hotel Bambou: located at Anse-Mitant. Room located in small Creole-type bungalows, from €230 with breakfast and dinner included. Most: the swimming pool, the private car park, on the seafront.

Other activities for 15 days in Martinique

If you want to add  other activities to do during your 2-week stay in Martinique, I have selected some really nice ones for you.

Do not hesitate to  click on the links  to access the details and make your reservations:

  • An overview of Martinique in a microlight
  • Seabob  is the brand new trendy activity! This electric underwater scooter allows you to move on and under water at a maximum speed of 20 km/h.
  • Subwing, another original activity to do absolutely in Martinique!
  • Towed buoy 
  • A jet ski excursion of 2 hours or a day, departing from Carbet beach
  • Another jet ski tour, departing from Fort-de-France – Also available from Sainte-Luce by clicking here!
  • Rent a kayak  to explore the mangroves and lagoons at your leisure.
  • A guided hike to the Anse Couleuvre waterfall
  • A trial motorcycle outing  to fill up on adrenaline. Accessible even if you have never driven a motorcycle!
  •  A 1-hour quad ride in Trois Îlets.
  • A baptism dive  for beginners or an exploration dive for experienced.

Do not hesitate to give us your opinion and suggestions on our 14-15-16 day itinerary in Martinique!

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