15 Amazing Hotels to See the Northern Lights

Top 15 Hotels to See the Northern Lights

If you’re looking for literally incredible hotels to see the Northern Lights in Sweden, Norway, Finland or Iceland, don’t leave this page before you’ve taken a look at all the hotels.

No, I’m not exaggerating: just scroll below for a few fractions of a second to understand that it’s not a joke! Whether you’re here just out of curiosity or you’re really starting to take the first steps towards realizing a dream, I’m more than sure that these hotels beyond the Arctic Circle will make you fall in love at a glance.

Choose in which dome, igloo or lodge book an experience to live at least once in your life and remember that the prices for a night here could be lower than you think.

Find the accommodation that inspires you, connect to the property page and check the prices for the best period for you!

Igloos and Hotels in Finland to See the Northern Lights

Finland embodies the collective imagination of what we imagine when we think of Lapland: here is the house of Santa Claus himself, the woods are covered in snow for most of the year, the reindeer cross the road as if they were undisputed masters of this land (and in fact they are) and the northern lights dance in the sky during the long arctic nights.

During the months of September to March, consider staying at one of these hotels in Finland to see the Northern Lights and have an unforgettable experience.

1: Apukka Resort (Rovaniemi)

Whether you’re looking for a hotel to view the Northern Lights or to indulge in the luxury of relaxing, Apukka Resort is one of the best resorts.

In fact, if you book a stay here, you won’t be forced to organize activities outside the structure, because various activities are offered inside the resort : snowmobile outings, safaris with huskies, safaris to admire the northern lights and reindeer sleigh rides.

Furthermore, you can choose between a glass igloo, a “superior” aurora cabin or an apartment with a 360° view of the arctic landscape.

Check availability here and don’t miss this opportunity starting from €199.

Hotels to See the Northern Lights

2: Arctic SnowHotel & Glass Igloos (Sinetta)

A 30-minute drive north of Rovaniemi is this property which not only offers glass igloos to “sleep” in to see the Northern Lights, but also an ice hotel, an ice bar and 3 restaurants serving laplanders.

The visit to the SnowHotel is free, but if you’re brave enough to try a similar experience, consider extending your stay and even spending a night in a room entirely dug out of the snow.

Check out the ice rooms or check availability right here (from €199).

3: Glass Resort: Family Aurora Viewing Hotel (Rovaniemi)

This facility is located right inside Santa’s village and a few meters from his office.

That’s why it’s one of the best accommodations for families: in addition to the beauty and charm of spending a few nights right where Santa Claus leaves with his sleigh and reindeer on Christmas Eve, the accommodations at the Glass Resort do offer panoramic views from the windows, but they are real apartments that can accommodate up to 4 adults and 3 children.

They are also equipped with a sauna and thermal spa.

Look at the photos of the apartments on the dedicated page or book from €390.


4: Arctic TreeHouse Hotel (Rovaniemi)

Located in Rovaniemi, this hotel differs from the others in the shape of its rooms: this time it’s not glass igloos, but “tree houses” with windows perfect for admiring the queen of the skies while you’re warm.

The interiors are modern Scandinavian in style and the views of the snowy woods will take your breath away.

On site you will also find a bar and a restaurant to spend time in front of the fire with friends.

Consult the availability for your dates comfortably here (from € 247).

5: Aurora Village (Ivalo)

This resort is located in the north of Finland, in Ivalo, and offers an authentic experience to its guests: moving away from the areas normally frequented by most tourists, this village is particularly suitable for couples or families who wish to discover the wild nature of Finland: don’t be surprised if you encounter a reindeer (or more) as you step out of your glass-ceilinged igloo to the restaurant inside the resort.

Click here to see more photos or book your igloo from €215.


Hotel in Norway to admire the queen of the skies

Arctic fjords, wooden houses, snowy landscapes, woods and fishing villages.

The charm of Norway stands out and sets it apart from the inland Scandinavian countries.

There are 3 accommodations, in three of the most beautiful areas of Norway, where you can sleep under the Northern Lights that you really shouldn’t miss.

1: Aurora Borealis Observatory (Dusk)

Located on Senja Island, the Northern Lights Observatory is a perfect facility for astronomical observations and to admire the undisturbed dance of the queen of the skies.
You can choose to stay in an apartment, a bungalow or opt for a suite with a hot tub.
The restaurant offers refined dishes with great attention to the ingredients.

Book your room at the Aurora Borealis on the property page  starting from €262.


Do you like this property? Then also find out what to see in Senja.

2: Hattvika Lodge (Isole Lofoten)

If the Lofoten Islands are already magical thanks to the breathtaking landscapes they are able to offer and the atmosphere of fishing villages, staying in a structure like the Hattvika Lodge is truly a dream come true.

Located in Ballstad, this resort offers classic rorbuers (renovated old fisherman’s houses) as well as more modern accommodations with floor-to-ceiling windows that offer unforgettable views.

Check availability and up-to-date prices right here (from €224).


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3: Snowhotel Kirkenes (Kirkenes)

Located in the extreme northern Norway, this “snow hotel” offers not only accommodation, but also experiences and activities to be enjoyed in every season of the year.

In the winter season you can sip a drink in the ice bar or, if you’re so brave, choose one of the arctic themed rooms to sleep in a sleeping bag wrapped in reindeer skins, obviously surrounded by snow and ice (with beautiful sculptures ).

If you don’t feel so reckless or want to extend your stay, opt for a wooden cabin with bay windows from which to admire the northern lights: it will be a magnificent experience!

Book your stay in Kirkenes from €336 on the dedicated page .


Sweden’s best accommodations to see the northern lights

Swedish Lapland is famous for the Kiruna Ice Hotel open 365 days a year, where the more daring can opt to spend the night.

But Abisko is also home to the Northern Lights Observatory, making it one of the best destinations to choose a hotel where you can see the Northern Lights right from your room.

1: Treehotel (Harads)

The Treehotel will fulfill your dream of not only having the chance to see the northern lights from your room but also sleeping in a tree house.

Well, of course, maybe you’ll have to put aside your idea of ​​a rustic tree house, because these accommodations are modern and design in which you won’t have to give up any comfort.

On site there is also a restaurant serving typical dishes and game.

Check all the available rooms and book by clicking here starting from € 515.

2: Aurora Camp (Kurravara)

The name already says it all: this “aurora camp” is surrounded by forest and is located in the vicinity of Kiruna.

On site you will also find a sauna and you will have the possibility to organize many excursions: snowmobile trips, safaris and real tours to hunt for the northern lights.

You can choose between log cabins, glass igloos and lodges for the whole family.

Browse the photos comfortably here and book from € 91.


3: Laponia Sky Hut (Koskullskulle)

How about winter camping under the northern lights? If this appeals to you, know that in Sweden you can do this too.

Enjoy the silence surrounded by peace and nature with a view of the lake which in winter turns into a frozen expanse.

The tent is also equipped with a small kitchenette and the structure of a sauna.

Check availability by clicking here (from € 266).


Hotel in Iceland for Northern Lights

Land of ice, fire, wind and yes, even aurora borealis! Iceland alone is worth the trip: between imposing waterfalls, erupting springs, volcanoes, geysers and canyons, but choosing an accommodation where you can enjoy the Northern Lights show will make everything even more magical.

1: Afternoon Cottages (Hella)

If what you’re looking for is a place in the middle of nowhere where you can enjoy the starry sky and watch the Northern Lights dance in front of your windows, choose this cottage in Hella.

The property is equipped with everything needed to make you feel right at home and is perfect for couples looking to carve out some romantic space while traveling in Iceland.

Check availability right here (from €185).


2: Einishus Cottages (Laugar)

Dreaming of a place to soak in the hot tub and watch the Northern Lights swirl across the sky? Then you should check availability at Einishus Cottages.

The accommodations feature a fully equipped kitchen and a private outdoor hot tub.

Furthermore, this accommodation is perfect for both couples and families, who can choose the 2-bedroom cottage.

Check out the photos right here and book the cottage from €156.


3: Brú Guesthouse (Hólmabæir)

The beauty of the Brú Guesthouse cottages is that they are offered to guests at a very affordable price.
The structures are mini wooden houses consisting of a dining area, kitchen and private bathroom.

The cottages are next to each other, but each guest will enjoy complete privacy.

Book your room to see the Northern Lights on the dedicated page (from €194).


4: Arnarstapi Cottages (Arnarstapi)

Small wooden houses from which to enjoy relaxing views of the mountains while waiting in the warmth for the Northern Lights to appear from the large window.
Although there is no real kitchen inside the cottage (but only a kettle and a microwave), the restaurant is also located within a short distance.

Check availability for your dates by clicking here (from €192).

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Yes, with this article (and above all with these images) we let ourselves be catapulted into a dream.
Now give yourself a good pinch and come back to reality: none of these structures will be booked without your click.

So, have you managed to find the perfect Northern Lights hotel for you?

So don’t waste time and remember that some dreams don’t deserve to be locked in drawers.

If, on the other hand, you need help or would like to share your experience in one of these facilities with us, leave a comment below.

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