1 Week in Scottish Highlands: Ultimate 5-6-7 Day Itinerary

What to do in the Highlands?

Visiting the Highlands is one of the essentials of a trip to Scotland.

Wild, verdant, windy and mysterious, this vast region in the northwest of Scotland amazes all who pass by. On the program: moors as far as the eye can see, mountains to climb, castleshuge lakes and incredible roads.

To help you plan your stay, I have concocted a complete guide to the Highlands, with all the places of interest not to be missed during your trip.

After the Top 20 things to see, I also give you ideas for visiting the surroundings as well as my selection of the best accommodation in the Highlands.

And at the end of the article, you will also find my itinerary suggestions for visiting the Highlands in 4-5 days, 1 week or during a 2-week Scottish Highlands itinerary.

So where to go and what to see in the Highlands?

To combine a Highlands itinerary with a stay in Scotland, consult our articles to organize your itinerary according to the duration of your holiday:

Visiting the Highlands: the must-sees

1. Loch Ness

It is one of the most famous lakes in the world and a key place of interest in the Highlands region.

To discover Loch Ness and its famous monster, I recommend a one-day trip to the different villages that border this huge loch over 35 km long (only 2 km wide).

First, go to Fort Augustus, at the gates of Loch Ness, to enjoy the magnificent view of the lake and why not take a boat cruise.

A little further north, the village of Drumnadrochit gives you the opportunity to visit the Loch Ness Exhibition Center to learn all about the mysterious monster Nessie. You can also have a drink on the terrace by the loch and enjoy a nice walk on the Glen Urquhart path.

Near Drumnadrochit, there is also Urquhart Castle which I will tell you about right after.

The village of Dores on the east shore of the lake has a pretty pebble beach. You may be able to meet the famous monster hunter living in his little trailer: Steve Feltham.

This part of the Highlands is clearly a must on a Scotland itinerary.

Highlands itinerary 1 week
The famous Loch Ness, Scotland

2. Ben Nevis

It’s the highest point in Britain and one of the must-see places in the Highlands.

The Ben Nevis mountain range is the favorite meeting place for Scottish skiers in winter and hikers in summer.

The Nevis Range station and its cable car is very well equipped and offers a magnificent panorama of the massif. In summer, you can spend a good day there taking pleasant short walks or more challenging hikes.

As for the more athletic, they will tackle the ascent of Ben Nevis for 7 hours of intense walking (round trip) in breathtaking landscapes. The start is at the Glen Nevis Visitor Center (Glen Nevis = Valley, Ben Nevis = Mountain).

Tips for your Highlands itinerary:

Whatever the season, cover yourself well for the ascent of Ben Nevis and bring warm, waterproof clothing. The climate is quite harsh up there.

Also remember to pick up the map available at the visitor center before starting the walk.

Highlands itinerary 1 week
Glen Nevis and Ben Nevis, in the Highlands

3. Urquhart Castle

On the shores of Loch Ness, a little outside the village of Drumnadrochit, this ruined medieval castle dating from the 13th century is an essential tourist site on a Scotland itinerary.

The site is magnificent and the discovery of the remains of the castle very interesting and well explained.

The visit begins with the projection of a short film on the history of the castle, then the doors open to the outside and visitors are invited to join the ruins.

On the site, you will find several explanatory and playful panels as well as some stone towers still standing in which you can climb to enjoy a breathtaking view of the lake. There is also a small beach to soak your feet in Loch Ness.

Lots of little details that make this visit truly superb!

Tips for your Highlands itinerary:

If you want to visit the castle and take a cruise on Loch Ness, you can choose a tour that offers these 2 activities. The cool thing is that it’s not too expensive (25€)! To book, just click here.

4. Glen Coe Valley

The Glen Coe Valley is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the Highlands.

Wild and bucolic, with its mountains and green moors, this valley is one of the most beautiful to see during a trip to Scotland. The landscapes are breathtaking and there are many hikes to do. 

Here are some ideas for things to do in the Glen Coe area:

  • The village of Glencoe: this very small village is the starting point for several walks. The Lochan Trails start at the exit of the village, after the car park. The different trails are indicated by signs.
  • The Pap of Glencoe hike: start in the village of Glencoe. This 4-hour round trip walk takes you to the heights. Bring good shoes, waterproof clothing and avoid the ascent in heavy rain because it’s quite slippery!
  • The Signal Rock hike: 45 minutes round trip to the top of the hill of the same name.
  • The Lost Valley hike: 2h30 to 3h30 walk round trip (depending on your pace and break times to breathe or take photos) on unmarked terrain in a valley lost in the middle of the “Three Sisters” mountains. This magnificent walk provides a condensed overview of the region. The start is approximately 9km past the village of Glencoe, up the A82 along the River Coe and past Loch Achtriochtan.
  • Castle Stalker, a picturesque Scottish castle built in 1320 and perched on an island in the middle of Loch Linnhe. It has the particularity of being accessible only by boat (visit by reservation for £20 per person). It is located on the road to Oban, approximately 25 km from Glencoe. It is one of the most photographed castles in Scotland! You do not have to visit it to be able to admire it, a short stop on the beach on the opposite bank allows you to appreciate all the beauty of the place.
  • A road-trip in the Highlands through the valley following the A82.
Scottish Highlands itinerary
The valley of Glen Coe, Scotland

5. The Glenfinann Viaduct

Not far from Glencoe, Glenfinnan is a pretty tourist village very popular with fans of the “Harry Potter” films.

And yes, this is where you can see the Hogwarts Express pass on a superb viaduct!

Well, ok, its real name is the Jacobite Express, an authentic steam train that was used for some scenes in the films of the saga. The train passes over the viaduct every morning around 10.30 am and in the afternoon around 3 pm.

It travels from Fort William to Mallaig via Glenfinann.

If you have time, you can also visit the Museum of Scottish Railway History and the Viaduct.

vantage point behind the museum (Glenfinnan Station Museum) provides an unobstructed view of the bridge.

You can also leave the museum and walk for 1 hour to get close to the viaduct. It’s quite spectacular to see the train go by.

Scottish Highlands itinerary 7 days
Glenfinnan, in Scotland

6. Loch Shiel

We stay in Glenfinann to take the time to admire Loch Shiel, this immense and sublime lake that borders the village.

Loch Shiel also appears in the Harry Potter films. It was notably used in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” for the scenes where the diving test takes place. The castle was digitally added to the hill above it.

In front of the small beach on the lake (where it is very pleasant to picnic in good weather, or simply to rest to enjoy the view), is the Glenfinann Monument and its statue of Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Around Loch Shiel, you can also visit Glenfinnan Church, a charming and mysterious little Gothic church located above the lake at the edge of the village.

There are also several walks starting from the Glenfinnan Visitor Centre.

Highlands itinerary 1 week
Loch Shiel

7. Fort William

On your Highlands itinerary, be sure to pass by Fort William.

It is one of the most important towns in the region. It is located at the foot of Ben Nevis. Quite lively in summer, half a day is more than enough to go around to discover its shops, its cobbled city center and its traditional pubs.

You can also visit the West Highland Museum to learn all about local history.

Apart from visiting the city itself, it is from Fort William that you can start climbing Ben Nevis.

It is also here that you can take the Jacobite Express towards Mallaig.

8. Cascade of Stell

About 20 minutes by car from Fort William, it would be a shame to miss the imposing Steall Waterfall flowing over 120 meters.

These spectacular waterfalls are nestled deep in the beautiful Highland mountains.

The walk leading to it is one of the most beautiful in the Highlands. It will allow you to cross the spectacular landscapes of the Ben Nevis gorges.

It’s beautiful under the sun but even more authentic in the fog and the greyness! Allow half a day for this excursion.

Scottish Highlands itinerary 6 days
Steal Waterfall

9. Eilean Donan Castle

This is one of Scotland’s finest and most famous castles to see on your tour of the Highlands.

The Eilean Donan Castle appears in many films and represents the perfect image that one has of a medieval castle during a Scotland itinerary.

Floating on Loch Duich, it is accessible by a single stone bridge. Located very close to the Skye Bridge, which as its name suggests leads to the Isle of Skye, you can admire and photograph it from the road or even discover the interior.

Information for visiting the castle can be found on  the official website.

Highlands itinerary 1 week
Le château d’Eilean Donan

10. Sandwood Bay Beach

Where to go to the beach in the Highlands?

Sandwood Bay is a beautiful natural bay located in the far north of the Highlands.

From the Blairmore car park, you can start a walk of about 7 km (not counting the return!) to Sandwood Bay Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Scotland.

The trail to the beach is well marked and well maintained. The walk is pleasant and does not require any particular effort, apart from crossing a small shallow stream in two places.

However, it is quite a long walk, so be prepared and make sure you have waterproof clothing in case of a downpour. The reward after this long journey is the discovery of this wide wild beach surrounded by moors, hills and dunes.

The colors are even more spectacular in autumn and winter.

Highlands itinerary 1 week
Sandwood Bay Beach

11. Visit a Distillery

If you have toured the most touristic sites and are wondering what to visit in the Highlands, I advise you to go to a distillery.

With around 47 working distilleries, the Highlands region is the largest whiskey producing area in Scotland. It would therefore be a shame to leave this region without having discovered the secrets of making this emblematic Scottish beverage.

Even if you are not necessarily a fan of this drink, visiting a distillery is always interesting and allows you to soak up a little more of the local culture.

I particularly recommend the Tomatin distillery which has existed since 1897 and which, according to legend, makes its whiskey with water from the surrounding rivers.

During the visit, you will be explained the whole process of making whiskey by taking you through the different rooms before ending the tour with a tasting session.

Highlands itinerary 1 week
Whiskey tasting

12. Applecross

A itinerary in the North West Highlands between Torridon and Applecross is a must on a Scotland itinerary.

Applecross and Torridon are home to some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in Scotland, and this route will allow you to fully appreciate its beauty.

You will need to follow the coast from Torridon towards Applecross (or the other way, depending on where you are coming from). The journey is made on single-track roads, these picturesque one-way roads, in an impressive setting with the silhouette of the Isle of Skye on the horizon.

After stopping at Applecross, a pretty little port village, you can take the road back to Tornapress to continue crossing exceptional landscapes.

Tips for your Highlands itinerary:

To get in or out of Applecross, take the ‘Bealach na Ba’one of the most beautiful roads in Scotland, with many bends winding through the moors.

Highlands itinerary 1 week
AppleCross Road in Torridon

13. Handa Island

While in the Northern Highlands, you can travel to Tarbet to catch a boat that will take you to Handa Island in around 10 minutes.

This excursion of a few hours on this very small protected island will allow you to discover many birds, including the famous Atlantic puffins and their colorful beaks. A nature reserve, Handa Island is home to one of the largest colonies of seabirds in Europe.

Once landed on the island, rangers will be waiting for you to explain the rules to follow so as not to disturb the wildlife.

You can then leave to explore the island on foot following the only possible path. Allow about 3 hours to complete the loop.

The tour and boat trip cost around £15 per person and departures are scheduled Monday to Saturday, 9am to 2pm, returning no later than 5pm.

As the boats can only take about ten people on board at a time, you may have to wait a bit on the way there or back.

Scottish Highlands itinerary 6 days
Ile de Inn

14. Scourie and its Surroundings

Don’t leave the North West Highlands without visiting Scourie, a charming country village by the sea.

There are many activities to do in this area, such as fishing or walking. It is a fairly popular place and it is indeed very picturesqueDon’t miss a trip to Scourie Bay Beach either .

You will find all the information on the official site of the village.

Tips for your Highlands itinerary:

Leaving Scourie, head south along the coast towards KyleskuYou will discover several lochs along the way , including the magnificent Loch Assynt bordered by beautiful landscapes.

Highlands itinerary 1 week
Loch Assynt in the Northern Highlands

15. Inverewe Gardens

Created in 1862 and restored in 2016, this huge botanical garden is a must-see on a vacation in the Highlands.

Located on the west coast, the Inverewe Garden is a little corner of paradise, to be visited especially in spring, summer and at the very beginning of autumn to be able to enjoy its incredible colors.

The botanical collection is huge, well maintained and clearly explained. Located on the edge of the lake and with the panorama of the Scottish mountains, the walk is really pleasant.

Information for timetables and fares can be found on the official website.

Highlands itinerary 1 week
Inverewe Gardens

16. Traveling on the Jacobite Express

We continue with a rather original activity to do in the Highlands: a train ride, but not just any train!

The Jacobite Express is a vintage steam train, restored and brought back into service notably following the success of the Harry Potter saga. The Jacobite Express indeed looks like two drops of water to the Hogwarts Express and was also used for some images of the films.

If you want to treat yourself to an unusual and original trip, you can book a place on this train which travels daily between Fort William and Mallaig, crossing sublime landscapes.

The round trip takes just over 4 hours, including a 2 hour break in Mallaig. Count around £30 per adult in standard class and £55 in first class.

On the other hand, it is necessary to reserve several weeks, even months in advance to have space. You can buy your tickets on the official website.

Tips for your Highlands itinerary:

You can also try it without a reservation. At Mallaig station, a small number of places are set aside to be sold the same day a few minutes before the train departs.

Highlands itinerary 1 week
Take a ride on the Jacobite Express

17. Inverness

Inverness is the capital of the Highlands.

It is located near Loch Ness.

What to visit in Inverness in the Highlands:

  • Inverness Castle where you can stroll along the esplanade and take in the view of the city
  • St. Andrew’s Cathedral
  • City Hall
  • Old High St Stephen’s Church, the oldest of the town’s churches
  • The Inverness Museum and Art Gallery to discover the history of the Highlands (free entrance)
  • Fort George to walk the ramparts and visit the Highlanders Museum
  • Culloden moors where one of Scotland’s most important battles took place.
1 week in Scottish Highlands

18. Isle of Skye

This is the star destination of a Highlands itinerary: the Isle of Skye.

At least 2 days are necessary to be able to really enjoy the island. I really advise you to book this little excursion during your holidays because the Isle of Skye is really splendid.

You will discover spectacular landscapes between green moors, rocky valleys, mountains, steep cliffs and white sand beaches. It is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers.

To get there, you will need to cross the Kyle of Lochalsh Bridge, or take the ferry from Mallaig.

To better prepare your visit to the Isle of Skye, I advise you to read our complete guide: Visit the Isle of Skye. You will find there all the things to do and see, as well as our advice for visiting the island in 2, 3 or 4 days.

7 days in Scottish Highlands
Neist Point

19. Dunrobin Castle

We continue this tourist guide to the Highlands by Dunrobin Castle.

A magnificent castle straight out of a fairy tale to visit north of Inverness.

It is the most imposing residence in the Highlands and is surrounded by superb parkland to walk through with seafront gardens.

Count about 2 hours of visit, for an entrance at the price of 11£ (interior and garden included).

More information on the official website.

Highlands itinerary 1 week
Château Dunrobin

20. Attend the Highlands Games

Visiting the Highlands is also about discovering the local culture and traditions.

Enjoy an experience as picturesque as it is wacky by attending the Highlands Games, these sports competitions which take place every summer in the region.

The Highland Games are contests of strength where kilted participants compete in log, stone or hammer throwing, tug of war and Scottish wrestling. All punctuated by the bagpipes in a joyful and festive atmosphere.

The most prestigious of these competitions takes place every first Saturday of September in Braemar, in the presence of the Queen. But there are also some everywhere in the Highlands in summer so don’t hesitate to go and have a look, it’s very fun to see!

Highlands itinerary 1 week
The Highland Games, Scotland

What to do near the Highlands?

After finishing your Highlands itinerary , if you have time left, you can take the opportunity to visit the surroundings.

Here are some ideas for visits to do in the surroundings of the Highlands:


An archipelago located in the North of Scotland and composed of 70 small islands whose capital is Kirkwall and the largest is called Mainland.

Orkney has its own culture and history and is imbued with a strong identity.

Breathtaking landscapes, very rich fauna and flora, unique archaeological and historical sites, superb beaches, steep cliffs and rocks… this is what awaits you in Orkney, voted among the best destinations in the United Kingdom.

To get there, you can fly from Inverness to Kirkwall (less than 1 hour flight), or take the ferry from John O’Groats (40 minutes crossing).

The Shetland Islands

Even further north than Orkney, Shetland is also one of the most beautiful islands in the country.

This archipelago of more than 100 islands, of which only 15 are inhabited, is very close to Norway. This geographical position gives it a unique heritage and history, resulting from a mixture of Scandinavian and Scottish cultures.

To go to Shetlands, the easiest way is to take a direct flight (less than 2 hours) from Inverness, Aberdeen, EdinburghGlasgow or Kirkwall.

The Isle of Lewis and Harris

A few kilometers north of Skye, the Isle of Lewis and Harris is the largest British island (apart from Great Britain and Ireland).

This wild island with magical landscapes is home to many historical remains, including impressive prehistoric menhirs dating back several millennia.

The island, which has a very strong Gaelic culture, is particularly popular for its sublime white sand beaches with turquoise waters that are reminiscent of Caribbean beaches (don’t miss the magnificent Luskentyre beach ).

To reach the island, you can take a ferry from Ullapol or from Uig. You can also fly there from Edinburgh, Inverness, Glasgow or Aberdeen.

This is one of the best places to see around the Highlands.

Highlands itinerary 1 week
Ile Lewis et Harris

How long to visit the Highlands

The Highlands are probably the most beautiful region of Scotland and are therefore worth stopping at least 4 or 5 days to see the most emblematic places.

If you can spend 1-2 weeks there, even better and it will allow you to explore in depth.

The Highlands can be visited very well during a car tour, that’s really what I recommend. You will spend a lot of time on the roads but it is an integral part of the trip and it is one of the best ways to discover the beauty of the landscapes.

Many areas are deserted in the Highlands and only the car really makes it easy to get around.

To help you prepare your itinerary, here is a suggested itinerary for 4-5 days, 1 week and 2 weeks in the Highlands. 

 4 to 5 Days Highlands Itinerary

Leaving 4 to 5 days in the Highlands is the minimum duration to soak up the atmosphere of the region and take the time to enjoy without rushing.

Here is the program of visits that I propose to you:

  • Day 1: discovery of Loch Ness between Fort Augustus (where you can treat yourself to a cruise on the loch), Drumnadrochit (where I strongly recommend a visit to Urquhart Castle), Inverness and the small village of Dores.
  • Day 2: hike in the valley of Glen Coe. This valley is literally beautiful and in my opinion it is one of the top destinations to see during your stay in the Highlands. I recommend the Lost Valley hike lasting around 3.5 hours round trip and/or the Pap of Glencoe hike (4 hours), which you can complete with a road trip through the valley following the A82.
  • Day 3 – Glenfinann and Mallaig : Spend half a day in Glenfinann to walk to the famous viaduct and see the Jacobite Express pass by, stroll along Loch Shiel and discover all the places of interest in the village. Then drive to Mallaig for lunch and then take the ferry to Armadale on the Isle of Skye.
  • Day 4 and 5: The last two days of your journey in the Highlands will be devoted to the Isle of Skye, just to end the trip in style. Need an itinerary idea to visit the Isle of Skye for 2 days? Click here!
Highlands itinerary 1 week
Visit the Isle of Skye

1 Week Highlands Itinerary

If you have planned a 1-week Highlands itinerary, I suggest you take the previous route and add the following stages:

  • Day 6: Return to Mallaig from Armadale then travel to Fort William. Spend the rest of the day strolling near Steall Waterfall and then spend the evening in Fort William where you can dine and/or have a drink in a typical pub.
  • Day 7: Fort William is at the foot of Ben Nevis, the more athletic can therefore devote their last day in the Highlands to climbing the highest point in Great Britain (7h walk). You can also choose to walk in the massif without necessarily climbing all the way to the top, for example by spending the day in the Nevis Range for more leisurely walks and enjoying superb panoramic views of the surroundings.

2 Week Highland Itinerary

To visit the Highlands in 14-15 days, I suggest you devote the first week to exploring the North Coast by car.

I recommend that you follow the North Coast 500, a recent route that allows you to travel 500 miles (about 800 km) along the Scottish coast with breathtaking landscapes.

Here is the circuit that I recommend for the first 7 days:

  • Depart from Inverness and head up the east coast towards Wick  (stopping at Dunrobin Castle on the way) and, further on, John O’Groat.
  • You will then follow the north coast to the sublime bay of Sandwood, then descend towards Scourie. You can also go for a walk on the island of Handa, by taking the ferry to Tarbet (just before Scourie).
  • After visiting Scourie and its surroundings, you will then descend to Drumbeg and then push on to Stoer (where you can see the Old Man of Stoer, an impressive 60 meter high vertical rock standing facing the sea).
  • Then continue the road to Inverewe Gardens, then take the Bealach Na Ba road to arrive at Applecross.
  • After touring around Applecross, leave the northern Highlands with a stop to see Eilean Donan Castle, an hour’s drive south of Applecross.

You will stop according to your desires to admire the many beaches, visit a few distilleries on the way, discover small picturesque villages and go hiking. This road-trip should take you about 1 week.

For the rest of your stay in the Highlands, you can:

  • Spend 2 days on the Isle of Skye. From Applecross, cross the Skye Bridge to arrive on the island. Our tips for getting around the island can be found in our article: Visiting the Isle of Skye.
  • From Armadale (Isle of Skye) take the ferry to Mallaig.
  • Visit Glenfinnan and Loch Shiel in one day
  • Join Fort William and spend 2 days there to discover the Glencoe Valley and Ben Nevis
  • Travel back to Inverness, stopping to cruise Loch Ness and visit Urquhart Castle
  • End of your two week stay in the Highlands!

Where to Stay in the Highlands

You will have no trouble finding accessible and suitable hotels, guesthouses or B&Bs. The key is to plan your Highlands itinerary well so that you can book your nights in advance and make sure you have room.

In summer, accommodation is often full and it is very risky to go there without booking.

So really try to do it well in advance to organize your trip to the Highlands.

Here is a list of the best places to stay in the Highlands depending on the area you are in.

Accommodation in Fort William

  • Fort William Backpackers: Located in downtown Fort William. Bed in dormitory from 22€. Most: the warm atmosphere, the welcome, the location.
  • Ben Nevis Hotel & Leisure Club: Located 1.5 km from Fort William. Double room in pure traditional Scottish style from €100 per night, breakfast included. The pluses: the heated indoor swimming pool, the free parking, the full breakfast.
  • Nevis Bank Inn: Located on the banks of the River Nevis, 10 minutes from the center of Fort William. Spacious and welcoming double room from €190 per night, breakfast included. Most: the friendly staff, the cleanliness, the good restaurant of the hotel.
  • Inverlochy Castle Hotel: 5 star hotel located 6 km from Fort William. The establishment is in fact a small castle which offers double rooms with a view of the gardens and the summit of Glen Nevis from €550, breakfast included. Most: the sumptuous and extraordinary setting, the very hearty breakfast, the attentive staff. This is our recommendation for a luxury stay in the Highlands.
Highlands itinerary 1 week
Inverlochy Castle Hotel

Accommodation in Inverness

  • Inverness Student Hotel: Hostel located 10 minutes walk from the city centre. Bed in dormitory from 20€, breakfast at 5€. Most: the homemade scones, the warm atmosphere, the location, the price.
  • The King’s Highway Wetherspoon: Located just 5 minutes walk from the castle. Spacious and comfortable double room from €80 per night, breakfast included. Most: the central location, the comfort.
  • Glen Mhor Hotel: Located on the banks of the river, 5 minutes from the town centre. Cozy and warm double room with a view of the cathedral from €145, breakfast at €14. Most: the welcome, the location, the view, the good breakfast. It is our favorite for its performance / price ratio. 
  • Jurys Inn Inverness: Located close to the city of Inverness. Modern and bright double room from €190 per night, breakfast included. Most: the indoor swimming pool, the sauna, the jacuzzi, the free parking.
  • Bunchrew House Hotel: Located near Inverness, this charming hotel welcomes you in a magnificent 17th century building in the middle of 8 hectares of gardens. Comfortable and elegant double room from 400€ per night, breakfast included. Most: the setting, the excellent and refined meals and breakfast, the calm, the friendliness of the staff. This is our recommendation for a luxury stay in Inverness. 

Accommodation in Scourie

  • Scourie Guesthouse: Located in Scourie. Super comfortable, well equipped and modern double room with sea view from 130€ per night, breakfast included. Most: the warm welcome, the great breakfast with delicious homemade muffins, the view.

Accommodation in Ullapool

  • Millview Bed & Breakfast: This B&B offers spacious and very clean double rooms from €60 per night, breakfast included. Most: the great welcome, the good breakfast.
  • Croft 17 B&B: Warm and comfortable double room with sea view from 80€ per night, breakfast included. Most: the place, the situation, the very friendly welcome.
  • Harbor House:  Hotel located on the waters edge, 10 minutes from the center of Ullapool. Double room from €100 per night, breakfast included. Most: the view of the bay, the location, the staff.
  • The Arch Inn: Located towards the end of Ullapool Seawall. Comfortable and well-equipped double room with sea view from €115 per night, breakfast included. Most: the location with a view, the attentive staff, the calm, the hotel restaurant.
Highlands itinerary 1 week
Visit the Highlands

Accommodation in Plockton

  • Keiran’s Hoose: Located in Plockton. Comfortable and clean double room from €125 per night, breakfast included. Most: the friendly host, the good geographical location, the calm.

Accommodation on the Isle of Skye

  • Portree Youth Hostel: Youth hostel located in Portree town centre. Bed in dormitory from 23€. Most: the ideal location, cleanliness, staff.
  • Sky Lodges: Located 2.9km from Portree. You will stay in small, well-equipped and tastefully decorated wooden chalets from €130 per night. The pluses: the ecological concept, the modern fittings, the cleanliness.
  • Cuillin Hills Hotel: Set in 6 acres of grounds facing Portree Bay. Double room with traditional and warm decoration from €210 per night, breakfast included. Most: the magnificent view, the delicious meals, the charming staff. It’s our favorite for its location on the Isle of Skye. 
  • Skeabost House Hotel: Located on the edge of Loch Snizort, Portree. Very cozy double room with a view of the park or the Loch from €270, breakfast included. Most: the superb view, the comfort of the rooms, the very warm atmosphere, the golf course. This is our recommendation for a romantic getaway to the Isle of Skye. 

How to get to the Highlands

To get to the Highlands, you will first need to fly to Edinburgh or Glasgow.

The prices of flights to Scotland vary enormously, it is a good idea to compare them as soon as possible. For this, you can use our flight comparator, in partnership with Skyscanner. It’s the guarantee of getting the best price.

Once on the results page, do not hesitate to compare several sites, in order to make sure that no costs are added to the final prices.

When to visit the Highlands

The period from April to September is ideal for visiting the Highlands without getting too cold.

May and September are generally the sunniest months and they also have the advantage of being off-season, which avoids tourists and therefore full hotels.

From June to September, however, is the season for midges, those very voracious little mosquitoes that can easily ruin a stay. So, if you want to avoid them, it is better to go to the Highlands at the beginning of spring, at the end of summer or even in autumn to enjoy the colors of the landscapes.

Highlands Tourist Map

To help you visualize the island a little better, I made you a  tourist map of the Highlands listing the places to visit that I talk about in this top 20 things to do in and around the Highlands. You can display the map legend by clicking on the top left button with a small arrow.

And you, what are you planning to do and see in the Highlands? What places of interest do you want to visit?

Packing for the Highlands

To visit the Highlands in the best conditions, you will need warm and waterproof clothing, even in summer because the temperatures drop quickly, especially at height.

In winter, it is necessary to provide double or even triple layers and enough to protect yourself effectively from the cold. Finally, do not leave without good comfortable and waterproof shoes to be able to walk at ease and withstand the humidity.

If you plan to explore the Highlands in summer, take a few precautions to protect yourself from the midges which can be very aggressive.

In summary, here are the essentials to pack for the Highlands:

  • A waterproof coat
  • A pair of good waterproof hiking shoes
  • A pair of gloves
  • Several pairs of warm socks
  • Several sweaters
  • One or 2 thermal t-shirts
  • One or two poles
  • Comfortable pants for walking
  • Waterproof overtrousers if you plan to do a lot of hiking
  • Thermal tights or underpants
  • An umbrella
  • Mosquito repellent lotion
  • A hat and a scarf (for winter)
  • Twins
  • A camera or a good smartphone
  • What to protect against midges (for the summer)
  • An adapter to charge your phone
  • A backpack for hiking

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