1 Day in Locorotondo: Ultimate Itinerary with Map

1 Day Locorotondo Itinerary (With Map)

If you want to know what to do in Locorotondo, you must first of all keep in mind that it is none other than one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Here white and flowery alleys are the dominant motifs, the light-colored pavement and the olive trees that line the main streets will make your visit truly pleasant, but you will soon notice that some houses have a decidedly particular style for the area.

The sloping roof in line with the facade (strictly white), is more reminiscent of the buildings of Northern Europe or Scandinavia, which you certainly would not expect to find in a small village in Puglia!

Are you curious to find out more and discover this Locorotondo itinerary?

So let’s get to work!

1 Day Itinerary in Locorotondo

Before starting this short guide on Locorotondo, I want to tell you that there aren’t many things to see.

Consider that the itinerary that you will soon find will occupy you more or less for an hour (walking at your leisure).

And let’s be clear: this is not necessarily a bad thing! Thanks to the enclosed historic center you will be able to enjoy the flowery alleys that make it up to the fullest and breathe the atmosphere that surrounds it in the evening, when the lights are turned on and people meet in front of good food and wine.

PS Don’t worry now, you will find the map to open and use comfortably on your smartphone at the end of the article.

Since you can visit this village calmly, would you rather rely on a local guide? Then know that with this really cheap 2-hour tour, you can enrich your experience (also including the tasting of some typical products).

1 – The Commerse: a thing to see in Locorotondo

So close to Alberobello yet so different: here the typical houses are the Cummerse (but in the adjacent countryside there is certainly no shortage of trulli).

The sloping roof aligned with the walls of the facades is not too vaguely reminiscent of the buildings of northern Europe, if it weren’t for the materials used.

Although less famous than the trulli, it is worth strolling through the historic center admiring the conformation of these buildings and, for a truly authentic experience, staying in one of them.

Locorotondo itinerary

PS: the widespread hotel ” Sotto le Cummerse ” is the most suitable place if you want to try the experience of staying overnight in these typical stone buildings of Locorotondo.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for accommodation with discounted prices for your dates, you can start your search from this offers page.

2 – Church of Our Lady of Sorrows

Starting your itinerary from Corso XX Settembre, one of the first buildings you will notice will be the Church of the Addolorata.

To better understand the history of Locorotondo, you need to know that this building stands where a castle once stood.

The building was then demolished to forget the horrors that occurred in the underground prisons during the period in which Locorotondo was subjected to Martina Franca (a village in the Itria Valley not far away).

It is worth crossing the entrance door to admire the wooden statues present, dating back to around 1800.


3 – Villa Comunale and panoramic point

The Villa Comunale is a very pleasant green area, where you can admire one of the most beautiful views over the Valle d’Itria, where the fields as far as the eye can see are interrupted only by the characteristic trulli and olive tree plantations.

There are also benches here where you can sit and contemplate the landscape in front of you.


4 – Civic Tower of Locorotondo

Once you have crossed Porta Napoli, you will be in the very historic center of Locorotondo.

Entering the streets, you will immediately begin to notice the white houses with sloping roofs, and to see the domes and bell towers of the churches in the centre.

Shortly after you will find yourself in front of the Palazzo Comunale with the adjacent Civic Tower, dating back to the 18th century, with bells on the top and a clock on the main facade.


5 – Palazzo Morelli: one thing to see in Locorotondo

Palazzo Morelli is definitely a must see in Locorotondo, as it is not one of those places that will go unnoticed before your eyes.

The Baroque architecture clearly visible at the entrance and the decorations on the windows seem almost “out of tune” with the white and simplicity of the other buildings in the historic centre.

The building was the noble residence of the Morelli family, whose coat of arms is still clearly visible at the entrance.

1 day in Locorotondo

6 – Mother Church of the Parish of San Giorgio

Walking through the streets of the historic center of Locorotondo, you will arrive in front of a not too large square, where the Parish of San Giorgio stands.

The building was built on top of two smaller churches (of one of the two it is now possible to see the remains of the foundations).

It is worth entering to admire the canvases kept inside, dating back to the end of the 1600s.


7 – Madonna della Greca rectory church

Outside the city walls, there is the Church of the Madonna della Greca.

There is no certain information about the period of its construction, but it is assumed to be the oldest church in Locorotondo.

The exterior is characterized by a central rose window, while the interiors are simple, but contain Renaissance sculptures and medieval statues, including that of San Giorgio (patron saint of Locorotondo).


8 – Via Nardelli: panoramic walk

In all probability, walking through the historic center of Locorotondo, you will not have been able to understand the meaning of its name, but reaching via Nardelli, a circular road that runs along the walls, you will soon understand it (“place-round”).

However, Via Nardelli is above all famous for giving visitors panoramic views of the Valle d’Itria.

Remember that you can also treat yourself to a rural aperitif among the vineyards with this panorama, at the Bufano Sìrose farm ( here the official site ) or in one of the bars that line the road.


9 – Panoramic point on Locorotondo: something to see

Near the area of ​​the “centrini di Locorotondo”, on the road that leads to Martina Franca ( here the directions ) you will be able to enjoy one of the most beautiful views of this village.

Surrounded by nature, the white of the buildings shines on sunny days and shows Locorotondo, perched on the hill, in all its splendour.


Would you like to discover the surroundings as well? Then you certainly can’t miss the guide on what to do in Alberobello, reachable in just 10 minutes by car, and what to do in Ostuni, the white city par excellence in the Valle d’Itria.

10 – Trullo Marziolla: The oldest trullo

In the surroundings of Locorotondo one of the things to see is the oldest known trullo in the Valle d’Itria.

It is the Trullo Marziolla whose construction dates back to 1559.

Inside there are niches probably used as support bases by the farmers of the surrounding vineyards and a manger.

Unfortunately, at the time of my trip, the trullo could not be visited.

© Trullo Marziolla Facebook page

Accommodation in Locorotondo

By now you know it: a visit to Locorotondo doesn’t take much time, but if you’re on vacation my advice is to spend at least one night here , to be able to enjoy this village with due calm and breathe the relaxed air that hovers over the long days spring and summer.

Here are some properties where you should check availability for your dates:

  • Sotto le Cummerse (from €89) : For an authentic and local experience, you should stay at this scattered hotel. In this way you will be able to admire the typical buildings of Locorotondo, staying in the heart of the historic centre;
  • La Cummersa del Gatto (from € 95) : a holiday home in the historic center with a balcony for exclusive use that offers beautiful views of the historic centre;
  • Il Fiore nel Borgo (from €145) : a two-bedroom holiday home particularly suitable for families.
    The property has a fully equipped kitchen and a patio with a view.

With this article I really hope I have been able to give you the information you need to visit this beautiful village in the Valle d’Itria, a short distance from Alberobello.

If you have any doubts or questions, or would like to share useful information to other readers, leave your comment below.

Instead, take a look at this itinerary if you want to find out top things to do in the Itria Valley.

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