Where to Stay in Lecce: Advice on the Best Accommodation

Where to Stay in Lecce: Best Accommodation Advice

Best place to stay in Lecce

If you are planning a trip here, finding out which is the best area to stay in Lecce will make your work much easier. I trust you that finding the most suitable accommodation for you will not be difficult at all, but if you want to visit the center it is important not to go too far out of the way (even if the cheap prices could tempt you). Find out which is the area with the best value for money taking into consideration the proximity to the center, immerse yourself in the heart of the Lecce Baroque by staying in the alleys of the old city or find accommodations that best suit the type of visit you have plans to do. What do you say, shall we begin?

Tips on where to stay in Lecce

Generally speaking, the best area to stay to visit Lecce is the heart of the historic center. But like any self-respecting city center, it has its drawbacks: first of all the difficulty of finding a car park and the need to move only on foot (considering that the area is mainly pedestrian). The accommodations are of superior quality, as are the prices. A good compromise could be to look for a structure in the Mazzini district, which develops around the homonymous square. Here you will find cheaper accommodations and the historic center remains within walking distance. If you’re in a hurry and want to find the cheapest accommodation for your dates, check out the accommodations on this page, selecting “All offers” from the filters and remembering to check that the location is not too far from the attractions of the center. If you want to receive other advice on the best area to stay in Lecce, read on!

1: Historic center of Lecce: stay in the heart of the city

Lecce’s historic center is a beautiful succession of Baroque palaces and Roman remains just below street level. But not only! The papier-mâché shops, the taralli bakeries, the typical trattorias and the spectacular honey-colored buildings adorn it. The center develops within the historic city walls, of which today it is possible to see a very small part and the 3 ancient entrance gates (Porta Napoli, Rudiae and San Biagio). Here are the Cathedral of Lecce, the Basilica of Santa Croce, the Amphitheater and the Roman Theater. Staying here means immersing yourself in the atmosphere of the Leccese Baroque, but it will be difficult to find a parking space if you travel by car (the center is mostly pedestrian). The structures are often housed in picturesque Baroque palaces and the prices are not exactly cheap, but the area is simply perfect for discovering the city.

Recommended accommodation in the center of Lecce:

  • And So (from €62) : located in the heart of the city and just 500 meters from the Duomo, this bed and breakfast offers simple accommodation, but equipped with everything you need. One of the things that guests appreciate most, however, is the possibility of having breakfast on the top floor terrace which offers a panoramic view of the city. Well, with a nice Leccese pasticciotto in your hands, you will hardly be able to enjoy a sweeter awakening than this!
  • Dimora San Giuseppe (from € 143) : the location of the Dimora San Giuseppe has obtained an astonishing score of 9.9 out of 10. If this alone could be enough to make you decide, know that the structure is furnished in a classic style and that accommodations range from classic double rooms to suites with whirlpool tubs or spas.
  • Pollicastro Boutique Hotel (from €175) : unlike the two previous proposals, this is a hotel, or rather, a boutique hotel. Although located in the centre, the property offers guests a private parking space and offers both double and larger family accommodations.

Basilica di Santa Croce - Best accommodation in Lecce

2: Mazzini district: staying in Lecce a stone’s throw from the center (but cheaper)

The proximity to the main attractions, the possibility of finding cheaper accommodation and even parking in the area (even if the structure does not have one), is what drives many visitors who want to stay in Lecce while saving money, to choose this district.

Accommodation in Lecce and saving money (but in a good location):

  • Casa Namasté (from € 48) : the location of this apartment is good for visiting the city centre, which can be reached in 10 minutes on foot after a pleasant walk through the public gardens of Giuseppe Garibaldi. Here you can stay in a private room in Silvia’s house (very kind owner) and let yourself be spoiled by the Lecce specialties served in the morning for breakfast. Parking is available just below the house.
  • NovantaNove B&B (from €59) : located just 200 meters from Piazza Mazzini, this b&b offers excellent value for money. The accommodations are simple but well-kept and you won’t struggle to feel at home. If you have the car with you, just ask for information to access the private parking (since you can then move around comfortably on foot).
  • B&B Gianmarti Suite (from € 79) : located just outside the centre, but in an excellent position to reach both Piazza Mazzini and Piazza del Duomo, this b&b also boasts a restaurant and a garden and a shared kitchen. The rooms satisfy both the requests of those traveling as a couple, families or groups of friends.

Giardini-Pubblici-Giuseppe-Garibaldi- - Best places to stay in Lecce
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3: Railway/Casermette: stay near the station

If you are looking for accommodation to stay in Lecce near the railway station to avoid dragging your suitcases for kilometers and kilometres, know that these structures are located on the road that connects the station with the centre.

Recommended accommodation near the station:

  • Kalurya (from €58) : located just outside the station, from here the Cathedral of Lecce can be reached in 10 minutes on foot. The property boasts spacious triple and quadruple rooms, with excellent value for money.
  • Aedes B&B Il Giardino dei Sogni (from € 62) : only 300 meters from the train station and 700 from the Cathedral of Lecce, this B&B also boasts a large garden where you can relax. Breakfast is included in the price.
  • Corte del Pascià (from € 86) : if what you are looking for is yes a structure near the station, but also an accommodation where you can spend a romantic or relaxing weekend, be sure to take a look at the Corte del Pascià and select the room double with whirlpool tub.

Cosa-vedere-a-Lecce-il-Duomo - Best accommodation in Lecce
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With this brief guide I hope I have been able to help you find not only the area, but also and above all the best place to stay in Lecce. If, having reached this point of reading, you still have some doubts, leave your comment below the article and I will answer you with pleasure!

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