Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches of Corsica

No need to cross the globe to see sandy beaches with turquoise water . France is full of heavenly beaches , especially in Corsica and we prove it with this classification:

Top 10 most beautiful beaches of Corsica

1- Arone Beach

Wild Corsica via Compfight cc

2- Barcaggio Beach

RS … via Compfight cc

3- Bodri Beach

© Co1nCo1n via Flickr

4- Campomoro Beach

Vince Arno (Absent – On the way!) Via Compfight cc

5- Ostriconi Beach

© Jean François Bonachera via Flickr

6- Palombaggia Beach

Porto-Vecchio South Corsica via Compfight cc

7- Roccapina Cove

LucaBertolotti via Compfight cc

8- Ruppione Beach

SkwR via Compfight cc

9- Saleccia Beach

Riccardo Marchi via Compfight cc

10- Santa Giulia Beach

Solea20 via Compfight cc

The beauty island bears his name wonderfully, cannot you find?

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