How to sleep better on airplane?

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Some tips for sleeping bettor on plane

Little space for your legs, people talking or bothering you to go to the bathroom, the constant noise of the engines, the cries of children, the sunlight that passes through the porthole of another passenger … With all the distractions and the bad comfort present in the plane, it is difficult to find a little sleep . Even tired, we always have trouble sleeping.

If it’s hard for you to turn a blind eye every time you fly, knowing that you’re not the only one. But simple precautions and details to consider can help you sleep better on your next long-haul flight. Read these tips to avoid a sleepless night by plane:

Choose your route intelligently

When a night flight is inevitable, nothing is more important than choosing the right route. Always choose a nonstop flight and, if none are available, choose the route having one of the flights long enough. This will give you more time to nap, and doze off again after making the change. Late evening check-outs are especially helpful unless you plan to work during the trip …

Choose your seat

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Then consider the type of seat and its location. Go to the bathroom before boarding the plane and choose a window seat , you will have more space to lean against the porthole and no one will bother you during the flight to ask you to get up. In addition, you can with the control on the shutter of the porthole. Avoid seats near toilets for noise and odors. Also, avoid the seats at the emergency exits: despite a wider space for the legs, you can not lower the files.

Make yourself comfortable with light clothes

For a long-haul flight, if you can, avoid putting on clothes that hug you too much. First of all, it will save you time in the security check (belt, jacket ..) but above all will prevent you from stomach ache . The ideal is also to remove your shoes to circulate the blood, but your neighbors may not appreciate. When you arrive on the plane, check to see if you have your blanket and cushion, if you do not have one, ask a hostess or a steward immediately.

Prepare your body before boarding

Many people swear by sleeping pills but if it can actually help you fall asleep, ask first the advice of a doctor, you never know. Avoid drinking alcohol before and during the flight because, coupled with the dry air of the cabin, it can dehydrate you and keep you awake. On the day of your flight, eat healthy (no fast food) and drink water. The idea is to reduce your chances of going to the bathroom during the flight … In addition, some regular travelers advise to adapt your sleep before taking the plane: set your alarm up to + or – three hours the day the watch your flight (or even gradually a few days before your flight). If you can not sleep well, you will have already fought a little jet lag .

Finally, needless to say, avoid drinking coffee , smoking (nicotine and caffeine are not your best friends to sleep), and eat all kinds of exciting foods (sugar, tea, …). Drink water, eat light and you will feel good.

Do not carry too much carry-on luggage

If you have too much business to take with you, you may need to put one of your bags at your feet. This would be extremely embarrassing for your comfort. If you can place your things in the compartments above your head, consider taking everything you need during your flight to avoid getting up.

Consider buying a sleep kit

In the plane, you will most likely be provided with a kit with earplugs , a sleep mask , a cushion and an audio headset . However, these items are not really made to sleep well, their quality being basic. If you can, buy your own cushion, take with you an audio headset that reduces noise to the maximum or “real” ear plugs.

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After the flight: recover

A problem that we all encounter after a flight only at night (especially with a departure late at night and an early arrival in the morning) is that we are exhausted. In order to wake up on arrival , the ideal is to take a shower at your hotel or sprinkle the figure of water (at the airport of arrival). The reflex of your body is to calm your heart rate when your head is under water. So you’ll feel calmer and, a cup of coffee later, ready to face the day. Then find something to eat. Some protein and fiber will provide you with much more energy for the rest of the day than swallowing a sweet donut.

And you ? What tricks do you use to sleep better on the plane?

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