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The Mauritius , in the Indian Ocean , it is the grace of a piece of land of 1001 colors. There are the infinite blues of the sky and the sea, the deep greens of luxuriant vegetation, the golden reds of the earth, the yellows, ochres and golds of the Hindu temples … and all the gradients with which Nature has adorned the flowers and the birds!

I often hear that there is nothing to do in Mauritius, except for tanning on the beach. But it’s the opposite, follow the guide!

The most beautiful beaches in the world, but not only ..!

So yes, of course, there is the beach. Among the most beautiful beaches in the world, and we enjoy lazing in the shade of a coconut tree between 2 “splash” in turquoise water.

First there is the unmissable Jardin des Pamplemousses with, as its name does not indicate, a pool of giant water lilies breathtaking. A local guide will then take you through the paths to discover a flora of astonishing proportions. It will not fail to count you a few anecdotes between devastating storms and arboreal legends. At the end of the course, he will introduce you to land turtles , some of which are over 50 years old!

Source: Flickr (by Chuckas_McFly)

You will not resist the visit of the tea factory to Bois Chéri. To get there, the road winds through the tea fields. So, before you even get to the warehouse, you’re intoxicated by these spring scents.

Source: Flickr (by yannick974)

After a short film presentation, a rustic visit takes you from the harvesting mats to the leaf dryers to finish the canning of the bags. Then comes the free tasting. A large house built in colonial style welcomes you to the top of a hill and you will have the opportunity to taste, at will, vanilla or lime tea, black tea or vintage in an enchanting setting. 
You can then do some shopping in the shop … or not!

And that’s not all, count with:

=> Earth of 7 colors in Chamarel, or how the undulations of the earth form a new gradient from dark purple to ocher yellow. A site not to be missed! 
=> the Black River Gorges National Park and its hiking on a marked path, from waterfalls to rivers. 
=> the historic district of Port Loui with its narrow streets and market. 
=> the tax free shops of pashmina, cashmere and gold jewelry at Curepipe and Quatre Bornes . 
=> the views of Cap Malheureux and Grand Baie. 
=> the Hindu temple of Grand Bassinadorned with flamboyant colors; from this place emanates an emotion that will affect believers and non-believers.

Source: Flickr (by Chuckas_McFly)

See, idlers, adventurers, fashionistas … all will find happiness in Mauritius … And sportsmen too. They will be spoiled for choice between: hiking or horseback riding, water skiing , kayaking, parasailing, catamaran sailing , big game fishing and of course the essential snorkeling or scuba diving for beginners or advanced. So many thrills that will leave you with memorable memories.

How to travel on the island ?

To do all this, you must of course have a means of transport. 
For the brave, the bike. 
For the curious, the bus. 
For others, I advise to call the service of a taxi. The best is to organize to visit 2/3 places in a day, in which case you can negotiate with him a global rate. Mauritian taxis are an integral part of the visitor reception on the island . More than just drivers, they will give you advice on tours. They will talk with pleasure about their daily life, the history of their island, the tolerance that characterizes all Mauritians since Hindu temples coexist in peace with mosques , synagoguesand Catholic churches on just over 1 865 square kilometers.

In Mauritius, “hospitality”, “kindness”, “solidarity”, are not empty words, they are an art of living.

Camille L.

Passionate about foreign languages, cooking and writing. I wish to share with you the places, the meetings and the gastronomic discoveries which gave relief to my travels.

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