7 Days in Puglia: Ultimate Puglia Itinerary for a Week

7-Day Itinerary in Puglia: Tour from Bari (and Matera)

This 7-day itinerary in Puglia is the right one for you if you want to take a leap into Salento, visit the most beautiful villages in the Itria Valley, discover the Apulian capital and cross the regional border to reach Matera, the beautiful City of Sassi .

To follow this tour on the road, 7 days is the minimum time I recommend.

If you have more, don’t worry: distribute them in the best possible way within the stages that you will find below and you can even treat yourself to a few days of complete relaxation in the “Maldives of Salento”.

Well, what do you think?

If you’ve already felt like organizing down to the smallest detail, go to the next paragraph to see the map of the complete itinerary (which you can of course customize)!

7-day itinerary in Puglia: steps and map

I want to be clear with you right away: this trip is not suitable for those looking for a holiday where they can lounge around and spend most of their time in “lizard in the sun” mode.

This is a trip suitable for those who want to savor Puglia, allowing themselves to be overwhelmed by the trulli of Alberobello, the Baroque of Lecce, the caves and beaches of Salento, without missing out on a visit to Bari and Matera, just across the regional border.

Take a look at the itinerary (indicative) below of about 570 km to get an idea if this trip is right for you or not.

Day 1: Polignano a Mare

Once landed at Bari airport, begin this 7-day itinerary in Puglia by heading to Polignano a Mare. Once you have parked your car, head to the undisputed stop of the city: Lama Monachile.

Consider taking a dip here or moving a little further north towards Cala Paura or Porto Cavallo beach (in this case, rock shoes are recommended).

After a little relaxation, gently enter the atmosphere of its historic center by entering from Arco Marchesale and passing through Piazza Vittorio Emanuele.

Stroll admiring the beauty of the panoramic points that the seafront offers, such as Largo Ardito or the terrace viewpoint Santo Stefano and spend the evening here.

During the first night of this trip to Polignano a Mare, stay at the Malù Bed&Breakfast with a breathtaking view or at the cheaper Romi’ guest house in the alleys of the centre.

7 Days in Puglia itinerary

Get the day 1 itinerary on Google Maps.

Day 2: Alberobello and Ostuni

Leave in the morning in the direction of Alberobello and let yourself be enchanted by the landscape of the Valle d’Itria.

The dry stone walls that line the roadway, the trulli that emerge from the meadows and the fruit trees. The discovery of the city begins from the monumental area, where more than 1400 trulli create a truly surreal and fairy-tale atmosphere.

Start the discovery with a guided tour of an hour and a half to learn more about its (really curious) history.

In the afternoon then go to Ostuni, the white city par excellence and spend the evening in its (needless to say) very white historical centre.

Treat yourself to an aperitif at the Borgo Antico Bistrot with typical products and a breathtaking sunset view.

On this second night of the itinerary, you cannot fail to stay in a trullo or a masseria. Take a look at PiGreco Trullo di Charme or at Masseria Cervarolo.

1 week Puglia Itinerary

Ostuni-7 Days Puglia itinerary

Learn more in the articles dedicated to what to see in Alberobello and Ostuni.
Get the day 2 itinerary on Google Maps.

Day 3: Lecce

On this third day of the 7-day itinerary in Puglia you will officially enter Salento. And what better way to be welcomed than in the capital of Salento?

Visit Lecce and admire the Baroque that makes up its historic center and the Roman remains that emerged from the underground of the theater and amphitheater.

Choose whether to be accompanied by a local guide to discover the city or to visit it independently (if you opt for the second option, I suggest you take a look at this guide dedicated to what to see in Lecce to save the itinerary inside).

Don’t miss the Cathedral and the square of the same name, the beautiful basilica of Santa Croce and the ancient entrance gates to the city.

Then spend the night in Lecce, but in a convenient position to park the car. I suggest Amatè Suite or the cheaper, even if more distant, Casa Namastè.

7 Days Puglia

Get the day 3 itinerary on Google Maps.

Day 4: Coast to Otranto

It’s time to give a pinch of adventure spirit to this tour in Puglia!

Depart Lecce in the morning and head towards the east coast. Here are the Marine di Melendugno, where you can spend the day between San Foca, the Archaeological Area of ​​Roca Vecchia, the Grotta della Poesia, Torre dell’Orso and the stacks of Sant’Andrea and the two Sisters.

Choose between spending your time in the water and on the beach or trekking along the coast.

Before sunset, get back in the car and move to Otranto, where it will be a pleasure to spend the evening in its historic center full of life.

Stay in Otranto choosing between the B&B Palazzo De Mori in the historic center or the B&B Lungomare.

Marine di Melendugno - a week in Puglia itinerary

Otranto - Puglia itinerary - things to do

Get the day 4 itinerary on Google Maps.

Day 5: Maldives of Salento, Gallipoli and Porto Cesareo

New day, new coast: start this fifth day of the 7-day itinerary in Puglia by heading towards the beach of Pescoluse, where the so-called “Maldives of Salento” are located.

However, remember that the west coast is very different from the east coast. Here the beaches are long stretches of fine sand, also suitable for those traveling with children and those seeking relaxation on the beach. 

Then spend the day at the beach, considering a stop in Gallipoli in the afternoon and Porto Cesareo, where you will spend the evening.

Then stay in Porto Cesareo at the B&B l’Isola, or at the Palazzo Greco B&B.

Maldives of Salento - Puglia things to do

Tramonto - 7 days Puglia - what to do

Get the day 5 itinerary on Google Maps.

Day 6: Matera

Leave early enough in the morning to travel the 146 km that divide you from Matera, the beautiful City of Sassi.

However, to fully understand this place it is essential to know its history: for this reason I suggest you reserve your place for a guided tour of only 2.30 hours which you can join upon your arrival.

Then continue the discovery on your own: don’t miss the most beautiful panoramic points overlooking the Sassi, the rock churches, the cave houses and consider spending a night inside the stones for a complete experience.

In this regard, I point out the Sextantio rooms , even if the prices can be considerable in high season, or a room in the cheaper Stone Rooms.


Read more in the article dedicated to what to see in Matera in 1 day
Get the day 6 itinerary on Google Maps.

Day 7: Bari

The last stop on this 7-day itinerary in Puglia is the Apulian capital. In all likelihood you will be kidnapped (metaphorically, of course) by the atmosphere you breathe in Bari Vecchia.

Admire the women who work the pasta in “via delle orecchiette”, the fishermen who unload the fish of the day in “N’ dèrr’a la lanze”, the Basilica of San Nicola and the alleys of the historic centre.

Take a look at this guide dedicated to what to see in Bari in one day.

Then spend the last night in Puglia at the B&B Bella Bari in the heart of the old city or at the Hotel Boston.

Bari - top things to do in Bari

Bari - things to do in Puglia

Get the itinerary for day 7 on Google Maps.

Travel tips (quick)

I’ll be very quick, I promise, but it’s important that I give you some pointers on the fly:

  • You can land at either Bari or Brindisi airport to ensure you find the best deals on cheap flights for your dates (after which you just need to rearrange your stops);
  • You can get around by train or bus, or by car (recommended). In the first case it will be useful to save the official website of the Ferrovie del Sud Est.
  • Are you still looking for inspiration? Then take a look at all the articles from Puglia.

I hope this 7 days itinerary in Puglia has inspired you to plan your trip.

Obviously take this tour only as a starting point and customize it according to the time available to you and your travel tastes.

If you have any doubts or questions, leave a comment below the article and I will reply as soon as possible.

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