3 Days in La Paz, Mexico: Itinerary with Top 15 Things to Do

Top Things to Do in La Paz

Are you going to La Paz in Bolivia? They all asked me.

No, La Paz, the capital of Baja California Sur in Mexico!

The city is not well known internationally and yet it is a must on a trip to Baja California Sur.

A seaside town that has escaped mass tourism, much less developed than its southern neighbor Los Cabos, it attracts responsible travelers, long-haul travelers, surfers who come to brave the waves of the Pacific and lovers of marine biodiversity. .

In an atmosphere that is both very local and artistic, you can find small affordable addresses and trendy cafes.

In addition to its miles of beaches, it is the starting point for many excursions in the Sea of ​​Cortes, to observe gray whales or swim with whale sharks.

Here is my complete guide to La Paz with all the must-sees and activities to do.

To visit La Paz in 1, 2 or 3 days, I give you all the places of interest not to be missed around La Paz as well as my best recommendations for cafes, restaurants and accommodation for all budgets.

And of course, you will also find my advice and tips for organizing your stay in La Paz.

So what to do and see in La Paz, Mexico?

Visit La Paz in Mexico: the essentials

1. Malecon

The “malecon” or the Paseo Alvaro Obregon is a long promenade of more than 5km facing the Sea of ​​Cortes, between the Marina Cortez and the Coromuel Beach.

It’s the most pleasant place to walk around and take photos as it is lined with sand, rocks and boats, as well as several sculptures and landscaped areas.

There used to be the Whale Museum which was on the Malecon, but unfortunately it closed.

There are several restaurants, cafes and bars, as well as the bus station.

During the day, we come across several joggers and touts offering diving excursions, to the beaches or to Espiritu Santo ; and in the evening, local families strolling, and young people on skateboards or roller skates.

You can also rent a bike for around 100 pesos an hour (up to 3 hours) and take the beautiful and long bike path that borders the malecon.

But don’t miss the sunset over the Malecon.

Personally, I loved seeing it lying on the sand, but also in the marina, with the sailboats in the background.

The view of La Paz from the marina, La Paz itinerary
The view of La Paz from the marina
La Paz itinerary 3 day
The Paseo Alvaro Obregon and its cycle track
The sunset over Marina Cortez in La Paz, La Paz itinerary 3 day
The sunset over Marina Cortez in La Paz. Photo Karla Acosta

2. Discover Street Art

In 2017, La Paz received around twenty artists, as part of the Ciudad Mural project . Thus, 27 new murals have appeared in the center of the city, with elements of local culture…and they are truly magnificent!

La Paz itinerary 3 dayLa Paz itinerary 3 dayLa Paz itinerary 3 day

La Paz itinerary 3 day
The facade of Café Capuchino in La Paz

3. Espiritu Santo

The Sea of ​​Cortés is so rich in biodiversity that it has been declared a Natural World Heritage Site by Unesco. The famous explorer Jacques Cousteau had nicknamed it “the Aquarium of the world”.

The Espiritu Santo archipelago of 100 km2 is one of the most important attractions of Southern Baja California and a must for a stay of 1, 2 or 3 days in La Paz. 

Formed by Isla Espiritu Santo and Isla Partida  together with some promontories, it is a protected natural sanctuary that offers the best beaches and hosts an important ecosystem.

Indeed, there are some 32 species of reptiles, 98 species of birds and several marine mammals.

On the main island, there is even an archaeological site called  Ensenada El Gallo  which dates back 5000 years and testifies to the presence of the Pericu culture!

Here is what to do in Espiritu Santo:

  • Observe the sea lions: here live several colonies of sea lions. It is possible to observe from afar, or while swimming or diving with them. Namely: adults are more suspicious and can be aggressive, but babies are curious and allow themselves to be approached more! The best season is from late October to January.
  • Take the trails: there are a few interpretive trails, which allow you to admire the landscape and (perhaps) come across some endemic species.
  • Camp under the stars (on the beach!)
  • Kayaking

Tips for your La Paz itinerary:
It is mandatory to visit Isla Espiritu Santo with a tour as a permit is required.

The tours include the mask and snorkel for snorkeling (to observe the sea bass and the seabed), as well as lunch on the white sand beach. The price varies according to the type of boat and what is included.

La Paz itinerary 3 day
Island of Espiritu Santo in La Paz. Photo: Constanza S. Mora

4. Gray Whales

At the beginning of the year, the gray whales  embark on a long expedition taking them from the Bering Strait, near Alaska , to the waters of the Sea of ​​Cortés.

They are looking for warm waters to reproduce and then offer a magnificent natural spectacle.

They are real forces of nature that can measure up to 16 m in length and weigh up to 35 tons!

Where to watch whales:

-Bahia Magdalena : 3 hours north of La Paz, this bay contains one of the richest ecosystems in the world. In addition to gray whales, you can come across dolphins, turtles, herons, sea lions. To get there, departures are from Puerto San Carlos and Puerto Adolfo Lopez Mateos, but several excursions are organized directly from La Paz.

-El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve : San Ignacio Lagoon (February-March) where whales come to mate and give birth to their babies, there are even eco -responsible campsites that have been set up. Ojo de Liebre is a set of lakes that represent the natural habitat of different animal species and a mecca for ecotourism.

  • When to observe gray whales:  mid-December to mid-April.
  • Excursion from La Paz:  the tours cost around 2000-2500 pesos per person and include the transfer from La Paz to the port of departure (3h drive) with a stop en route for breakfast, as well as the boat tour of 2h.

5. Whale Sharks

One of the must-do activities in La Paz is watching and swimming with the whale shark.

Its name is intimidating but it is harmless because it feeds on plankton  and small fish under 10cm.

It is still the largest fish in the world – it can reach up to 20 m! – which makes the activity absolutely unforgettable.

La Paz itinerary 3 day
Small boats for excursions in La Paz

6. Kayaking and Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Activities to do in La Paz are kayaking and stand up paddle because they allow you to fully enjoy the crystal clear water.

I recommend that you rent them directly from Harker Board located on the malecon.

You should know that the water level in the area is quite low, so go there in the morning  (they open at 11am) when the tide is higher and avoid getting stuck in the sand!

  • Rental price: double kayak 300$MXN per hour, single kayak 200$MXN per hour, Stand Up Paddle 200$MXN per hour.
La Paz itinerary 3 day
SUP in La Paz. Photo: Harker Board Co. Facebook page.

7. Balandra Beach

Located 23km north (30min) of La Paz, Playa  Balandra is the prettiest beach in the area. It was even declared Mexico’s prettiest beach in 2016!

Indeed, between its fine sand, its crystal clear water and its rocky landscape, it is impressive!

Here we find the hongo de Balandra, a mushroom-shaped rock formation created by wind and sea erosion, which has become the symbol of La Paz.

Playa de Balandra has the advantage of being in a bay: you are therefore  hidden from the wind,  so you can rest quietly in the sun and the water is not choppy.

I was there in January, so in the middle of winter, and the water was too cold for my taste to swim in, but I saw a few people, big and small, doing it.

There are a few paths on site that allow you to see the landscape from above, and it’s worth it!

I especially recommend the one between the parking lot and the road: it’s an incredible point of view to take pictures.

The area surrounding the beach has been declared a protected natural area and has been awarded the Ramsar label .

So I was a little surprised to see people arriving with food and beers (it was the weekend) on site when I thought it was forbidden as a protective measure.

But on site it was clean, so I imagine that there is still surveillance and regular cleaning.

It is true that there is nothing on site, so bring water and snacks if you plan to stay there for a long time.

How to get to Balandra

  • By bus : the ticket costs 100$MXN round trip. Leaving La Paz at 10 a.m., 12 p.m., 1:30 p.m., 3:30 p.m., 5 p.m. Return from Balandra to La Paz at 10:45 a.m., 12:45 p.m., 2:15 p.m., 4:15 p.m., 5:45 p.m.
  • By taxi : a taxi costs 250$MXN one way, I recommend an uber instead  which costs 190$MXN one way (or use my Uber promo code for the 1st ride free:  nmtobx )
La Paz itinerary 3 day
The rocky part of Playa Balandra
La Paz itinerary 3 day
The crystal clear water of Playa Balandra in Baja California Sur
La Paz itinerary 3 day
Le sable end of Balandra Beach
La Paz itinerary 3 day
The inhabitants of Balandra

8. El Tecolote Beach

Located next to Balandra (30 min on foot or 10 min by car), El Tecolote offers a surprising setting!

Do not stop at the pebbles near the entrance because further on is a sandy beach.

Here, unlike Balandra, the beach stretches out in a completely open space and so it was quite windy when I was there.

The landscape is unique: between the mountains, the dunes and a few trailers in the background, I felt transported to a western film, or a good old Tarantino. It is also possible to  camp there for free.

And if you look on the horizon, you will see the Isla Espiritu Santo  which is not very far away.

Tips for your La Paz itinerary:
Notice to margarita fans , near the entrance there are a few small local restaurants. I sat on a terrace overlooking the beach, a good margarita ($75 MXN) in my hand. Nothing fancy, but very nice!

How to get to El Tecolote

  • By bus : the ticket costs 100$MXN round trip. Leaving La Paz at 10 a.m., 12 p.m., 1:30 p.m., 3:30 p.m., 5 p.m. Return from Balandra to La Paz at 10:45 a.m., 12:45 p.m., 2:15 p.m., 4:15 p.m., 5:45 p.m.
  • By taxi : a taxi costs 250$MXN one way, I recommend an uber instead  which costs 190$MXN one way (or use Uber promo code for the 1st ride free:  nmtobx )
La Paz itinerary 3 day
El Tecolote Beach. Photo Karla Acosta
La Paz itinerary 3 day
El Tecolote beach
La Paz itinerary 3 day
The transparent water of El Tecolote beach. Photo Karla Acosta
La Paz itinerary 3 day
The mountains in the background at El Tecolote. Photo Karla Acosta

9. Other Beaches of La Paz

One of the great attractions of La Paz and Baja California is its miles of beach and transparent water, which are not invaded by crowds!

In my opinion Balandra and El Tecolote are the friendliest and therefore deserve to be presented separately, but there are several other beaches near La Paz that are worth visiting:

Here they are in order of distance:

The Coromuel

It is the closest beach to La Paz and the busiest throughout the year.

In addition to its sandy beach, you can practice kayaking, stand up paddle and diving. But what sets it apart from other beaches is its much more developed infrastructure. Indeed there is a water park   with slides, so it is the ideal beach if you are traveling with the family!

In addition, there are toilets, premises that sell juice, coffee, crisps, etc.

There are even disabled access ramps  at the main entrances.

How to get to El Coromuel

  • On foot or by bike : it is the beach that marks the end of the malecon so it is easy to access.
  • By Taxi : A taxi costs MXN$100 one way. An  uber costs around MXN$45 one way
La Paz itinerary 3 day
The beach El Coromuel. Photo: Port Administration of Baja California Sur.

The alligator

It is the most beautiful beach near La Paz.

Its name refers to the rock formation found there which resembles a caiman and fortunately not to the presence of the animal in its waters!

The beach is closed and supervised because there is a government building on site, but access remains public.

The water is calm, the sand fine and many come here to go diving or snorkeling.

It is a small, quiet beach  that does not get overrun by crowds, ideal for families with children or those looking for peace and quiet just a stone’s throw from La Paz.

The Treasure

It is a small quiet beach, and transparent blue water, shallow, without waves. Perfect for swimming or snorkeling.

On the beach, a small restaurant also rents stand up paddle boards.

There are restrooms on site ($5MXN)

It is possible to camp for free.


15 minutes from La Paz, Pichilingue is more developed: on site there is a marina, a hotel and condos, a beautiful white sand beach with some good restaurants (at reasonable prices) as well as a diving center.

It is possible to rent jet skis and other equipment.

Tips for your La Paz itinerary:
Go on weekdays when it’s quiet, on weekends and especially on Sundays it can get quite noisy.

10. Culture and Local Life

In addition to its landscapes and biodiversity, there are also other attractions to see in La Paz such as:

The cathedral  : located on the main square, called Jardin Velasco, it was founded by the Jesuits in the 18th century but the current building dates from the middle of the 19th century. Its neoclassical facade is rather simple and the interior houses beautiful Baroque altarpieces from the 18th century.

Museo de Arte : it is in the same square, in the large white building that indicates “Casa de Gobierno”.

La Paz Cultural Center: two blocks from the square is a very pretty building which has been declared a historical monument, and which today houses a cultural center which presents historical and artistic exhibitions, as well as events (music, theatre, cinema).

Museo de Antropología e Historia de Baja California Sur : the museum presents the cultural development of the region through paleontological, archaeological and historical elements. Among other things, there are fossils dating back 60 million years and artifacts testifying to the presence of the first inhabitants 40,000 years ago! Entry 65 pesos

La Paz itinerary 3 day
La Paz Cathedral

What to see around La Paz

There are several things to do and see around La Paz.

It is true that it is much easier to get around with a car in the region, but fortunately several bus connections are made from the malecon.

If you have some time in the area, here are some ideas for a visit:

11. All Saints

This village 1h30 from La Paz has become a new trendy destination.

And indeed, I found that in the village floats a slightly artistic boho-chic atmosphere.

I did the round trip in one day from La Paz, but I highly recommend staying there for at least one night. 

Here is what to do in Todos Santos :

-Visit the Hotel California which would have inspired the famous song of the Eagles.

-Get lost in its charming streets (with several shops, cafes, restaurants)

-Go to Tequila’s Sunrise Bar & Grill where Tequila Sunrise was invented (but the mango margarita  is delicious!).

-Surfing at Playa Cerritos in El Pescadero village, perfect for spending the day and having a beer in the sun. There are a few surf schools that give lessons and rent boards.

Tips for your La Paz itinerary:
30 min walk from the center I discovered a beach (see its position here ) which nobody talks about but which is magnificent with its rock formations!

You can’t swim or surf there because of the rocks and the current, but it’s worth it just to sit and admire the panorama. I felt like a child climbing the rocks: hell of a trip!

  • To get from La Paz to Todos Santos (1h20), the bus costs 175$MXN one way (150$MXN the return and special prices at 125$MXN at 12pm, 4pm, 11pm), a taxi costs 1000$MXN One way, an Uber costs 775$MXN (or use my Uber promo code :  nmtobx ).
La Paz itinerary 3 day
The choppy and gorgeous blue water of Todos Santos Beach. Photo Karla Acosta
La Paz itinerary 3 day
The Plage All Saints. Photo Karla Acosta
La Paz itinerary 3 day
The rock formations of Todos Santos Beach are easy to climb and offer a great view. Photo Karla Acosta

12. The Triumph

It is a small colonial village 45km from La Paz which once made its fortune with the gold and silver mines.

The great attractions of El Triunfo are its 2 giant chimneys for its mines: the Ramona designed by none other than Gustave Eiffel and La Julia.

You can also go to the museum dedicated to its mining history.

Also, the Museo de la Música (or Vieja Casona) presents the history of El Triunfo with furniture, objects and musical instruments dating from the 17th, 18th and 19th century.

I especially recommend the Cactus Sanctuary (free) where you take a path to discover more than 50 species of cactus and learn more about the subject thanks to 2 informative rooms.

La Paz itinerary 3 day
The El Triunfo Cactus Sanctuary in Baja California Sur

13. The Window

44km (40min) from La Paz, it is a small fishing village located in a bay with a very pretty beach which offers a magnificent view of the Sea of ​​Cortes.

The big draw here is kitesurfing  and windsurfing, especially from November to March when it’s windier. You can rent everything on site and it is even possible to camp under the stars. In the village, there is a market and several restaurants, it’s practical!

  • How to get to La Ventana from La Paz : it takes 40 minutes by car, a taxi will cost you 800 pesos one way and an Uber rather 600 pesos. There is also a bus that leaves every day at 2 p.m. (80 pesos) here in front of the pharmacy.
La Paz itinerary 3 day
La Ventana in Baja California Sur

14. The Barrels

120km from La Paz , it is an important destination for sport fishing enthusiasts (mainly merlin, but also sailfish, goldfish, masca ploughman).

You can also go scuba diving while there are many colorful fish, algae and corals, as well as kayakingwindsurfing and kitesurfing.

15. Los Cabos

Los Cabos is located on the southern tip of the peninsula and is not part of La Paz,  unlike the other destinations I mentioned.

But since it is the most developed region of Baja California Sur and one of the most important tourist destinations in Mexico,  it is difficult not to mention it!

Its capital is San José del Cabo  and the most important city is Cabo San Lucas.

We go there for the beaches (ex: Playa MédanoPlaya del Amor ), the nautical activities, the fiesta with its open-air bars and its clubs.

One of its best-known attractions is El Arco, a natural arch-shaped formation between the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean .

If you are in good shape, I really recommend this kayaking activity which will allow you to go to the arch via Playa de los Amantes (Lover’s Beach). The tour includes hotel pick-up, snorkeling equipment and drinks.

  • How to get to Cabo San Lucas from La Paz: 2h by car, 2000 pesos by taxi or 1550 by uber, bus 340 pesos one way.
La Paz itinerary 3 day
Cabo San Lucas Arch

Accommodation in La Paz

I was surprised to see that hotels in La Paz Mexico were still quite expensive, like the standard of living in general.

It is therefore necessary to take the time to compare because there are still some pearls. Here are my  accommodation suggestions for different budgets :

  • Casa Esterito : This is the best place to sleep cheap in La Paz,  an oasis of peace just two blocks from the malecon. The breakfast is prepared with love, the toilets are very clean, the rooms are large and even the beds in the dorms are comfortable. I only spent one night there but I would have stayed there with pleasure! From only €22 in a dormitory or €45 in a private room
  • Seven Crown La Paz Malecon : for more comfort, here is a hotel on the malecon facing the sea, modern, rooms with air conditioning, underground parking. King bed from just 130 euros per night!
  • Hotel Casa al Mar:  Hotel with a contemporary atmosphere, ideal for a relaxing weekend. Excellent location and beautiful view of the Malecon. Breakfast included, from €180 per night.
  • Orchid House Baja: an adults-only hotel, ideal for a romantic getaway in La Paz. Intimate atmosphere, with bar and swimming pool. Continental breakfast included, from €450 per night.

Can we camp on the beaches?

It is only possible to camp for free at El Tecolote and El Tesoro, as they are public. The others are private properties.

Where to eat and drink in La Paz

In 1 week in La Paz, I had the opportunity to taste several addresses. Here are my top restaurant recommendations in La Paz  :

Eat seafood

  • Claros Fish Jr.:  the best restaurant in La Paz! Very local, laid back, inexpensive, extensive seafood menu with some meat options. Try the tostada de pulpo (octopus) with cheese 68$MXN, tacos de camaron a la coco (shrimps with coconut) 48$MXN and that of pescado a la plancha (grilled fish) 35$MXN. Address: Nicolas Bravo 33, La Paz.
  • Mack Fisher : a little in the same genre as Claros Fish, less good value for money, but a nicer atmosphere (even if much more touristy). To taste: molote de pulpo con queso (octopus empanada and cheese) 45$MXN and taco de pulpo al ajillo 45$MXN. The margarita is good and well loaded! Address: José María Morelos y Pavón 965, La Paz.
  • Anzuelo : the best restaurant in Marina CortezFriendly service, pretty with its covered terrace, delicious almejas chocolatas (a Baja California specialty) presented with cream, onions and grated cheese. Address: General Manuel Márquez de León 2415, El Manglito, La Paz. Facebook page
  • Bismarkcito : to avoid! It’s expensive, of poor quality, everything was either cold, dry or tasteless. A real tourist trap with its terrace on the Malecon…
La Paz itinerary 3 day
Claro’s Fish Jr octopus, coconut shrimp and fish: delicious!
La Paz itinerary 3 day
The chocolate clams of the restaurant Anzuelo in La Paz

Eat vegetarian and vegan

  • Capuchino : a slightly bohemian café-restaurant with a terrace that offers vegetarian and vegan options. I recommend the plate to share, Sampler Capuchino ($180MXN): black bean burger , blue corn empanadas stuffed with spinach, mushroom, corn and cheese, tacos al pastor with falafel, guacamole. Address: Mutualismo #314, La Paz, Facebook Page
  • Nomada Organics & Gourmet : everything is homemade, with love, but we still waited over 45 minutes to eat, so get ready! The menu is varied, with vegetarian and vegan options. I liked the mango lassi, and the 94$MXN Entomatadas plate with organic tomato sauce, nixtamal tortillas with local cheese, onions, goat cheese, cream and avocado. Address: Calle Francisco I. Madero 1235, La Paz. Facebook page
La Paz itinerary 3 day
The Capuchino coffee dish to share
La Paz itinerary 3 day
Nomada organic restaurant in La Paz

have a beer

There’s no shortage of bars in La Paz, especially on the malecon but by far I recommend Harker Board Co. 

In reality, there are 2 premises, the old and the new, which are next to each other. Both offer the local craft Mexican beer (Baja Brewery) on tap, among other things, as well as a rooftop terrace.

The new place is my favorite, with its relaxed atmosphere with sofa and surf shop. Moreover, you can also rent kayaks and stand up paddle boards .

For my part, I tasted the Peyote Pale Ale (7%) and the Pelirroja Ale Ambar (6%). Do not hesitate to take the “tasting” to taste several. 65 pesos for 16 oz, 25 pesos for 5 oz.

  • Address:  Paseo Alvaro Obregon 299, La Paz, Baja California Sur. PageFacebook
La Paz itinerary 3 day
The new premises of Harker Board in La Paz

Drink a coffee 

  • Doce Cuarenta : service is friendly and the rear terrace is really pleasant. Very good (and huge!) cinnamon roll, craft beers ($85 MXN), cocktails with coffee, sandwiches. On site there are free tourist maps. Address: Calle Francisco I. Madero 1240, La Paz. Facebook page
  • Big Sur Café Organico: smaller, warmer with its busy decor, people come and sit there with pleasure. The homemade pies are really good and not too sweet (apple, berries). Address: Ignacio Zaragoza 40, La Paz. Facebook page
La Paz itinerary 3 day
Cinnamon roll and carajillo at Café Doce Cuarenta
La Paz itinerary 3 day
Baja Brewing’s IPA, au café Doce Cuarenta
La Paz itinerary 3 day
The facade of Big Sur Coffee in La Paz

Is La Paz safe?

It’s a completely legitimate question and it’s the first one I asked my Airbnb host.

She explained to me that there was a moment of instability with the elections, but now it’s quiet and you can walk around the center without any problem.

After several years in Latin America, I got used to being very cautious and even suspicious, but I must say that in 1 week in La Paz I felt safe at all times.

Tips for your La Paz itinerary:
If you walk at night, you will see that La Paz is very quiet after dark. As a precaution, I recommend that you stay as much as possible on the malecon, or on a busy avenue.

How to move?

By car

Many travelers decide to rent a car to visit Baja California Sur. And indeed the advantages are numerous! Freedom, speed, flexibility of routes and schedules…

By public transport

If you haven’t rented a car, buses are quite convenient. This is how I did all my visits, whether to the beaches or other towns in the area.

The La Paz bus station is located on the malecon. It is quite small, but departures to several destinations in Baja California take place every day on regular schedules.

Normally, it is possible to book online on their website, but for me it did not work and I had to buy the tickets on the spot. It’s not really a problem because there are quite a few outings.

Good to know : buses are not always punctual, so take this into account when planning your visits.

  • Address : Alvaro Obregon, 125, La Paz (malecon)
  • Website

La Paz itinerary 3 day

How to get to La Paz?

By plane

 Manuel Márquez de León Airport receives several domestic flights from the airlines AeroMexicoCalafia AirlinesViva Aerobus and Volaris.

From the airport to the center of La Paz, a taxi costs around 300$mxn.

Tips for your La Paz itinerary:
To get to your hotel from La Paz airport in a comfortable and safe way, you can book this transfer service (click here!).

La Paz itinerary 3 day
La Paz Airport in Baja California

And ferry

The ferry is quite expensive and long, but if you want to experience another form of transport while enjoying the scenery and maybe even seeing sea turtles and dolphins, this may be an option to consider.

It is possible to arrive by ferry to La Paz (Pichilingue Terminal) from 2 cities in the state of Sinaloa :

  • Mazatlan: journey time 13h, from 1460$MXN one way. Departures Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (8 p.m. to 8 a.m.) with Baja Ferries  or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (at 5 p.m.) with Ferry TMC.
  • Topolobampo : journey time 7 hours, from $1290 MXN one way. Departure Monday (at midnight) with Baja Ferries  or every day except Saturday (at 11 p.m.) with Ferry TMC.

In addition to the basic ticket, there are different cabin options (at additional cost). Children under 3 years old travel for free, but it is mandatory to reserve their ticket.

The TMC Ferry ticket includes breakfast and dinner, and the Baja Ferries ticket includes dessert and a soft drink.

Important: you must arrive 3 hours in advance!

And bus

As La Paz is located in the very south of Baja California Sur, you have to understand that the distances are very long to get there!

If you have a tight itinerary in Mexico I do not recommend taking the bus as you will waste a lot of time.

There are direct buses to La Paz from several destinations on the peninsula such as  Tijuana (11 p.m.), Mexicali (12:30 p.m.), Tecate (10 p.m.),  Loreto (6 a.m.), Santa Rosalia (9 a.m.).

If you want to take a trip to Baja California  along the peninsula to La Paz, I suggest you first fly to Tijuana by plane, then take the bus  ( ABC or Autotransportes Aguila ) or rent a car to go down quietly.

When to go?

The weather is nice all year round in La Paz.

From November to February , whale sharks can be observed and from January to the end of March , gray whales can be observed . It’s a must!

On the other hand, from December to June, the water is quite cold and from November to March, there is more wind.

During my trip to La Paz at the beginning of January, I therefore enjoyed the beach quite little (between the cold water and the wind which was blowing in several places). No worries about excursions though, as we were provided with a wetsuit.

So the best season to visit La Paz is January-February considering that the great wealth of the region are whale sharks and gray whales.

But if you want to enjoy the beaches and the sun more , go there in the summer.

Tourist Map of La Paz Mexico

To help you better locate yourself, here is a handy map of La Paz and its surroundings in Baja California Sur.

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