The 10 most beautiful zoos in France

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To please the children and take care of the family for a day, nothing like a visit to the zoo … The 10 zoos we have selected for you are all the more interesting as they have made real efforts to improve the living conditions of animals and get as close as possible to their natural environment.

Here is our selection of the 10 most beautiful zoos in France!

The Sigean African Reserve

The Sigean African Reserve is home to nearly 3800 animals in semi-freedom in a natural area of ​​300 hectares. Offering the opportunity to wander by car or on foot, this park is the closest thing to a safari, while staying in France.

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Beauval Zoo

In the heart of the Chateaux de la Loire region, the Beauval Zoo is considered one of the most beautiful zoos in the world and the largest zoo in France. The 22 hectares of the park is home to beautiful animal species and a maternity that has an average of 450 births per year!

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The Zoo de la Flèche

In the heart of the Sarthe, more than 120 animal species live together in this zoo with lush vegetation. The Palmyre Zoo also offers sea lion and bird shows during the summer.

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The Amnéville Zoo

Located between Metz and Thionville, the Amnéville Zoo is home to 2,000 animals in a beautiful natural park of 17 hectares. Its banana and bamboo forests make it one of the most beautiful wildlife parks in France.

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The Zoo de la Palmyre

Located in a beautiful pine forest, the Zoo de la Palmyre is one of the most popular places in Charente-Maritime. The Great Apes Area, home to gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans, is also one of the park’s favorite!

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Bioparc Zoo Doué-La-Fontaine

Nestled in a superb troglodyte site a few kilometers from Saumur, the Bioparc Doué-La-Fontaine brings together 800 animals, some of which are threatened with extinction.

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The zoological park of Montpellier

From the Mediterranean scrubland to the Amazon rainforest, there is only one step! Montpellier Zoological Park is home to 500 animals and the largest Amazonian greenhouse in France. An extraordinary trip just minutes from downtown Montpellier.

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The Feline Park of Lumigny-Nesles-Ormeaux

In Lumigny-Nesles-Ormeaux in Seine et Marne, the Parc des Félins stretches over 60 hectares of wilderness where visitors can observe the behavior of 140 felines. Because of park efforts to get as close as possible to the natural environment of animals, it is advisable to bring binoculars if you want to see them properly.

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The Wild Planet in Port-Saint-Père

Located in the Loire Atlantique, this game reserve is home to nearly 1000 animals of 250 different species. You can discover it on foot or on a 4 × 4 safari and visit the reconstitution of the bush village to complete the experience.

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Source: Flickr (by Erwan David)

The CERZA zoo at Lisieux

Opened in 1986, Augeron Center for Study and Reproduction of Zoology is home to more than 1000 animals, some of which are threatened with extinction. Located in the heart of Calvados, the CERZA has several hiking trails and a safari train to discover its 60 hectares of nature.

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And you, what is your favorite zoo in France? Tell us your experience in the comments! 

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