8 Days Itinerary in Palawan, Philippines (With Map)

8 Days Palawan Itinerary with Map

If you have decided to spend about a week in the Philippines and you are looking for an 8-day itinerary in Palawan, know that this itinerary is right for you.

However, a premise is obligatory: 8 days available for a trip to the Philippines are very few.

Considering the cost of airfare and the time zone, it will be challenging.

However, it is also true that it could be a good way to spend the Christmas and New Year holidays in the heat (and visit one of the countries with the most transparent water in the world).

In short, if you had more days it would be better, but if you can’t do otherwise, I suggest you focus solely on Palawan.

You will see that there will be many things to see and do every day!

8 Days Palawan Itinerary

After landing at Manila International Airport, to follow this itinerary you will need to take a domestic flight to Palawan, bound for Puerto Pincesa, El Nido or Busuanga.

Once here you can organize the transfers in this way to reach the other stages of the journey:

  • From Puerto Princesa you can take a cheap transfer like this and reach El Nido;
  • From El Nido you can embark towards Coron with the Montenegro Lines company (here the official website);
  • Shorter trips, such as to and from the airport, can be organized on site with Philippine tricycles.

Day 1: Arrive in Manila

After landing at Manila International Airport and completing the endless queue for the (free) entry visa, the journey will finally begin.

Ok, but try not to get too excited because you have some practical things to do: withdraw some cash and buy a local SIM.

Unfortunately in the Philippines, including a city like Manila, electronic payments are poorly accepted: just take a look at the establishments where you will be staying on Booking to see how well this is reported.

Withdrawal fees are quite high and are around €5 per transaction.

Upon exiting the terminal, it is highly probable that you will be literally surrounded by taxi drivers, but also guards, who will ask you where you need to go.

Don’t be fooled by the uniform, their intent is not to help you, but to lead you to “the taxi driver friend”.

If you have booked a hotel in the city to spend the night in, I suggest you arrange transport to the hotel directly with them.

Recommended accommodation for the night: Alicia Apartment only 1 km from Manila airport.

It offers a free airport shuttle service, while the second transport is available at a cost of PHP 150.

Palawan itinerary 8 days
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Day 2: Flight to El Nido

Book your flight to El Nido (here the best fares) for the morning of the second day.

Once you arrive at the airport there will be many tricycles that for a few pesos (usually 50 PHP, about €1), can take you to the center of El Nido.

You can also opt to make a stop at Lio Beach first: a beach very close to the airport, from which you can see the planes landing on the beach and then, go back to the airport to take the tricycle to El Nido (about 20-30 minutes of travel).

Tell your driver the stop: El Nido Beach.

Once in El Nido center, I suggest you go to the structure that will host you for the night and dedicate yourself to pure relaxation.

In the afternoon you then take a tour of El Nido.

Recommended accommodation: Garden Bay Beach Resort reachable only on foot or the more central Bluemango Rooms & Villas.

Palawan 8 days itinerary


Day 3 and 4: excursion to Linapacan

Continue your 8 days Philippines travel itinerary by booking the 2 days 1 night excursion with Lagum Adventure in Linapacan.

This excursion will take you by boat on a pre-arranged itinerary between some of the 52 paradisiacal and mostly deserted islands located between El Nido and Coron that make up the Linapacan archipelago.

You will spend most of your time on small islands with fine sand and crystal clear water, have lunch on board the boat, go snorkelling and spend the night on Iloc Island, one of these islands where there is a fishing village.

Know that if you have more days you can also book the 3 day and 2 night tour (you can find all the info and prices on the Lagum Adventure website).

Overnight stay third day: On Iloc Island, in a fishing village, included in the price of the excursion.

Return to El Nido for the late afternoon of the fourth day and accommodation again at the Garden Bay Beach Resort or at the Bluemango Rooms & Villas.

Linapacan-Island - things to do in Palawan


Day 5: Tour A, B, C or D in El Nido

A classic excursion to El Nido is scheduled for today .

You can choose between tour A, B, C or D, which is what everyone does here.

You can therefore choose to opt for a private excursion or a classic one with other travelers at a cost of around 1200 PHP (about €21).

Once on board you will sail to pristine beaches and wonderful lagoons.

Check out what individual tours include and choose which one you’d like to join on your trip to Palawan on the El Nido Paradise website .

Lodging for tonight at Garden Bay Beach Resort or at Bluemango Rooms & Villas.

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Day 6: Coron

It’s time to leave El Nido and head to Coron.

Consult the ferry timetable on the company’s website which will take you to your destination in about 4:30 h.

However, I have some premises to make you: the indicated time could increase if the sea conditions are not good (it took me more than 5).

Besides that it was the worst trip of my life: besides the indescribably rough sea, the temperature inside was almost similar to that of a cold room.

In short, dress appropriately and bring the warmest clothes you have, and if you suffer from seasickness, opt for a domestic flight from El Nido to Busuanga.

Once in Coron, take one of the many tricycles that will attack you outside the port, and be taken to your new accommodation: The Ridge Coron.

A quite nice structure, far from the chaos of Coron and with a relaxation area overlooking the sea (albeit in the distance).

Bear in mind that it is located at the top of a hill and it might be useful not to have too heavy luggage to get there.

I advise you to leave your luggage in the room, rent a motorbike directly at the hotel and spend a nice afternoon discovering the villages outside the town of Coron.

The landscape will be full of rice fields and lots of smiles, guaranteed.


Day 7: Boat excursion to Coron

New destination, new tour.

In Coron I suggest you take part in this boat excursion that will take you to see the most beautiful places in this area, including: Twin lagoon, Kayangan lake, CYC Beach and snorkeling in the Skeleton Wreck area.

Lunch will be served on the boat and this beautiful tour will keep you busy for the whole day.

Then spend the second night at The Ridge Coron.


Day 8: visit of Coron

Morning dedicated to the discovery of the town of Coron, among local and souvenir shops.

In the afternoon, it’s time to say goodbye to Palawan and head to Coron airport to catch the flight to Manila: arrange the shuttle transfer with the hotel.



With this article I hope I have managed to give you the right inspiration to plan your itinerary in Palawan, Philippines.

If you have any doubts or questions, leave a comment below the article and I will answer you with pleasure.

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