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One of the best things to do if you are in Italy is to visit Lake Como. Why ? Because it is very close to the city of Milan which, besides being a destination very well served, is one of the cities with the greatest number of low cost flights. This makes it one of the favorite cities for travelers who want a few days of vacation by seeking an economic destination that mixes rest, nature and culture. Here are some tips for how to get there, when is the best time to visit, and things to do in Lake Como.

Want to plan a complete getaway? Discover all that Lake Como can offer you? Pack your suitcases and practice your Italian because our next destination is North Milan! Have a nice trip!

Where is Lake Como?

If you already know a little Italy or if you know how to locate it geographically, we are certain that you know the region of Lombardy, located in the north of the country, almost bordering with the Swiss border and 50km north of Milan. In the Transalpine country, the largest lakes are Lake Maggiore and Lake Garda. Lake Como is the third largest lake in the country and one of the most touristic thanks to its surrounding nature. Its main attraction, in addition to its wonderful nature, are the charming little villages scattered all around the lake. There, you can enjoy a quiet getaway and discover the local gastronomy.

Lake Como can be reached by car or train; if you opt for the latter, you can take it from Milan. Go to Cardona station and after a few hours, get off at Como Nord Lago. The price of the trip is 5 € and the view from the train is spectacular. If you are traveling with young children as a family, it will be more comfortable to travel by car (personal or rented). Until Lake Como, you will find some narrow and zigzagging roads but where you can enjoy beautiful landscapes.

What to see in Lake Como?

Lake Como has a very peculiar shape, in Y reversed and at its ends are the nearest towns: Como (in the western part), Leco (in the east) and Colico in the north. You will also find other villages bathed by its waters where you can access by touring the lake or by taking ferries that sail on the lake. Do you want to discover these villages? So we are going to tell you that to see in Lake Como the time for a getaway:

Como The town that gives its name to the lake has its origins in Rome almost 2200 years ago. There, you can take very nice pictures of the city bathed by the lake and all its landscape surrounding the houses. One of the main attractions is to take the funicular to Brunate to observe the beautiful view of the lake and the city from the heights.

Leco How can we recognize Leco? This village is located in the easternmost part of the lake. From a distance we can already see the tower that stands out on the roofs of small houses with a big mountain at the bottom. We encourage you to travel as much day or night, where it is completely illuminated and its lights reflected on the calm waters of the Lake.

Colico If you go around the lake to the north, you will come to Colico, a city where visitors can enjoy a natural freshwater beach. Its houses are less picturesque than those of the two previous villages but Colico, you can do plenty of activities such as wind surfing, paragliding …

Bellagio If the lake has an inverted Y shape, the municipality of Bellagio is at the top, between its two branches, in the central zone. Just like the other cities (Varenna, Tremezzo y Menaggio), it can be visited by taking the ferry. The location of Bellagio is enviable, with impressive views; it is one of the most visited villages in the area. Bellagio is made of narrow and steep streets and offers incredible views of the lake.

Varenna Another village that will leave you speechless is Varenna, located in the center of the lake, facing the coast of Bellagio and at the foot of the mountains. Its origin is also Roman and the most picturesque route to achieve are the bridges on the water, as well as the many stairs that go down to the lake.

Tremezzo If you take a ferry from Varenna, you can go to Tremezzo as this village is on the other side of the lake. It is one of the most touristic since Villa Carlota is located there, a splendid villa that was built for Carlota of Prussia as a wedding present around the middle of the 19th century. It can be visited to see how the rooms were and also enjoy its beautiful gardens.

Menaggio Finally, one of the places where we can enjoy the best view of Lake Como and the different villages that surround it is Menaggio. Strolling through the streets is like taking a trip back in time to the Middle Ages as you can also discover the ruins of the old village castle.

In addition to being one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy, Lake Como is a destination where you can travel in a very short time the many picturesque villages full of history that surround it. If you are traveling to Milan and want to extend your trip, visiting the lake and its small riverside villages is a perfect plan to complete your visit to Lombardy. So start packing your suitcases and your camera because at Lake Como, you’ll take a thousand pictures!

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