5 Days in Andalucia: Ultimate 5-Day Itinerary

Visit Andalucia in 5 days: what to do and see?

Have you decided to go to Andalucia for 4 or 5 days for your next vacation?

Perfect! We have prepared an itinerary for you to visit Andalucia in 4-5 days and discover some unmissable cities and places of interest in this province of Spain.

Departing from Seville or Malaga, find our 2 programs with the list of places to visit as well as the best accommodations to stay during your stay.

You will see, organizing your Andalucia itinerary has never been easier!

So, what to do and see in Andalucia in 4 or 5 days? 

4 or 5 day Andalucia Itinerary from Seville

In this first of 4-5 days Andalucia itinerary, I suggest you discover the Andalucian province arriving at Seville airport.

You will be able to visit Seville, Cordoba and Cadiz.

Another possible option is to incorporate Granada into this 5-day Andalucia itinerary, but in this case, I recommend that you settle for visiting only 2 major cities: Seville and Granada. Otherwise, you will waste too much time on the journeys.

Day 1-2: Seville

From Seville airport, take the bus that reaches the city center in just 40 minutes. There are departures every 1/2 hour and the journey costs 4€ per person.

You don’t need to rent a car to visit Seville. Everything is easily done on foot or by public transport.

On the program for this beginning of a 4 or 5 day circuit in Andalucia, I suggest you visit the city.

The first day, we start with the monument not to be missed in Seville: the Cathedral of Our Lady of the See. To avoid queuing, which is often very long, I advise you to book your skip-the-line tickets in advance online.

The 2 most popular ticket types are:

If you do not want to book in advance but find that the waiting time is long before you can return, there is another solution. Meet at the Iglesia Colegial San Salvadore, 10 minutes from the cathedral.

You can buy a combined ticket there to visit the church but also the cathedral. You will just have to walk past everyone and enjoy the sublime interior of the third largest cathedral in the world.

Count between 1h20 to 2 hours of visit.

Tips for your Andalucia itinerary:

Another good plan for your stay:  If you want  to visit the Cathedral of Seville and the Alcazar, all  without queuing, the best thing is to opt for the Seville City Pass.

The tourist bus  (which stops in front of each attraction in the city, very practical!) is also included as well as  audio guides! 

Andalucia itinerary 5 days
Seville Cathedral

On leaving, here is how I suggest you organize the rest of your day:

  • Quick passage through the Archives of the Indies to see the interior of the building. Free admission.
  • Take a walk in the Santa Cruz district where most of the historical monuments are located.
  • Passage through the Plaza del patio de Banderas for its view of the cathedral.
  • Discovery of the Spanish Steps, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful I have seen. You absolutely must go there during your 4-5 day stay in Andalucia!
  • Walk to Maria Luisa Park. The perfect opportunity to enjoy the calm and coolness in the shady alleys and at the edge of the fountains. At the end of the park you will find Plaza America and 2 museums: the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Popular Arts and Customs.
  • Evening in Spanish tasting mode in a tapas bar. Without forgetting the glass of sangria to accompany!
5 days in Andalucia
Spain Square, Seville

The next day, stay in Seville again to finish visiting the city on foot.

You still have to do and see:

  • The Alcazar of Seville. You have probably already seen it yesterday, the entrance is next to the cathedral and here too the queue can quickly get longer. So the same advice: remember to book your tickets for the Alcazar in advance. It’s easy, there’s click here! Note that if you already have your Seville City Pass, the visit is included. A good morning is needed to see the palace and gardens.
  • The Casa de Pilatos is also in the Santa Cruz district. This palace, a mixture of several architectural styles, has a large patio and 2 beautiful gardens.
  • Why not take a trip to your hotel swimming pool to cool off?
  • The Metropol Parasol: to do at sunset to admire one of the best panoramic views of Seville.
  • Attending a flamenco show is a must-do activity on a 4 or 5 day Andalucia itinerary. One of the best known takes place at the Flamenco Museum. Tickets are on sale right here.

Even more details on places to visit in Seville can be found in our article: Top 22 places to see in Seville.

Tips for your Andalucia itinerary:

If you don’t want to or can’t walk too long, hop-on hop-off buses allow you to visit the whole city and stop in front of almost all places of interest.

The ticket for the Hop-On Hop Off buses of Seville also includes 3 short guided tours of the Spanish Steps, the Santa Cruz district and the Triana district.

Tickets available here. 

Accommodation in Seville

  • Black Swan Hostel : Youth hostel located 10 minutes walk from the Cathedral and the Alcazar. Bed in a very designer and contemporary dormitory from € 17 per night, breakfast included! Most: calm, very friendly staff, free dinners cooked by volunteers. We highly recommend this establishment if you are looking for a hostel.
  • Hotel Don Paco : Located in the center of Seville, 10 minutes walk from the Cathedral. Spacious room and comfortable bedding from €60 per night, breakfast at €10. Most: excellent breakfast, calm and the swimming pool on the roof. Our favorite for its price/performance ratio.
  • Hotel Fernando III : Located in the historic district of Santa Cruz and therefore close to the Cathedral and the Alcazar. Modern and spacious room from €106 per night, breakfast included. Most: the excellent geographical location, the swimming pool on the roof, the very helpful staff. You are only going to Andalucia for 5 days, so you might as well enjoy the best hotel!
  • EME Catedral Hotel: Located right next to Seville Cathedral and the Giralda. Very modern and designer double room from €180 per night, breakfast at €20. Most: the fabulous location, the design of the hotel, the swimming pool with a view of the cathedral, the varied and quality breakfast. Do not hesitate any longer, it is our recommendation for a luxury stay in Seville! 
alcazar-Seville, Andalucia itinerary
The Alcazar of Seville

Day 3: Cordoba

For the third day of this Andalucia itinerary of 4 or 5 days, I suggest you visit one of the cities, which, along with Seville and Granada, is part of the Top 3 places to visit in Andalucia: Cordoba.

No need to rent a car, Cordoba is easily accessible by train. This is the best because you will only take 40 minutes to get there from Seville and there are several departures a day.

Remember to book your tickets in advance, just to have a place at the time that suits you. Especially if your holidays in Andalucia take place in the middle of the tourist season.

Cordoba train station is only a 15 minute walk from the historic center and the journey is quite pleasant as it crosses a park all the way.

You will arrive in Cordoba through the Almodovar gate, which allows you to enter the Jewish quarter. From there, it will be easy for you to reach the most visited monument of the city: the Mezquita, also called the Mosque-Cathedral. The discovery of the interior, with its red and white arcades is really impressive.

The arches of the Mezquita, in Cordoba

For the lunch break, I advise you to go to one of the 2 main squares where the restaurants are concentrated: the Plaza de las Tendillas or the Plaza de la Corredera. Whether you choose one or the other to sit down at, go and see them both, they are very different.

For the afternoon, I suggest you stroll along the Guadalquivir to the bridge door and the Roman bridge. Cross it to reach the Calahorra tower. To enjoy the view, you can climb to the top.

Finally, return to the other side of the shore for the last visit of this day in Cordoba: the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos. Smaller than that of Seville, its gardens are nevertheless just as beautiful and even better maintained. You can walk in the shaded paths and around the flowerbeds.

Depending on the return time by train that you have chosen, return to the station or continue your walk.

I invite you to read our article on Cordoba to know the other places to see: The Ultimate Guide to visit Cordoba.

Tips for your Andalucia itinerary:

If you want detailed explanations of the 2 must-do visits in Cordoba, namely the Mezquita and the Alacazar, the best thing is to opt for a guided tour.

They must be reserved in advance:

The Alcazar of Cordoba

Day 4: Cadiz

Today to continue your 4-5 day Andalucia itinerary, I also suggest you leave Seville for a day to reach Cadiz.

Less known than Seville or Cordoba, it is nevertheless an excellent choice of destination for an excursion  from Seville.

By car (I give you the explanations for renting a car in Andalucia further down in the article), count 1h20. If you prefer the train or the bus, the 2 take about 1h10 for about fifteen euros.

Arrived in Cadiz, I suggest you follow this route to visit the city on foot:

  • Department of the Plaza de San Juan de Dios
  • Passage through the Roman theater, the entrance to which is free
  • Visit the Cathedral of Cadiz and climb to the top of the bell tower to admire the view
  • Stop at Cadiz market for lunch break
  • Stroll along the campo del Sur which runs along the sea and arrives at the Castle of San Sebastian
  • Passage by the beach of La Caleta, with why not a little swim?
  • Discovery of San Catalina Castle
  • Walk in Genoves Park and Alameda Apodaca Park
  • And we end the loop by the Spanish Square in Cadiz

I give you more information about the places to see in this article: Visit Cadiz in 1 day.

At the end of the day, you can choose to return to spend a last night in Seville or stay in Cadiz to enjoy the city a little more.

To help you find accommodation, I have prepared a small selection of hotels for you.

Accommodation in Cadiz

  • Cadiz Inn Backpackers : Youth hostel located 10 minutes walk from the Cathedral. Bed in dormitory from 14€ per night. The pluses: its furnished roof terrace and the hospitality of the staff.
  • Hotel La Catedral : As its name suggests, it is located right next to the Cathedral. Modern and elegant room from €60 per night, breakfast included. The pluses: we really fell in love with the roof terrace with outdoor swimming pool and breathtaking view of the cathedral. It is our favorite for its price performance ratio!
  • Parador de Cadiz : Located in front of the ocean and 5 minutes walk from the beach of La Caleta. Very nice, modern and bright room from €138 per night, breakfast included. The pluses: outdoor swimming pool with a lovely view, quality of service, well-equipped rooms, original and modern architecture. To have a little fun or if you have a substantial travel budget.
Andalucia 5 days itinerary
San Sebastian Castle in Cadiz

Day 5: Seville / Return flight

You have arrived at the fifth day of this 5-day Andalucia itinerary.

If you slept in Cadiz, return to Seville to catch your return flight. If you are already in Seville, take advantage of the last moments in the city.

Depending on the time of your plane, you can take a last tour in the Triana district for example and towards the gold tower.

Now you know what to do and see in Andalucia in 4 or 5 days when arriving in Seville!

Tips for your Andalucia itinerary:

If your stay in Andalucia only lasts 4 days, delete either the Córdoba stage or the Cadiz stage.

The Tower of Gold in Seville, 4 days Andalucia itinerary
The Tower of Gold in Seville, on the banks of the Guadalquivir

4 or 5 day Andalucia itinerary from Malaga

For this second idea of ​​a 4 or 5 days Andalucia itinerary, you will arrive at the international airport of Malaga.

I then suggest you visit Malaga and its surroundings, as well as Granada.

Day 1-2: Malaga

Here is my program for your first day in the capital of the Costa del Sol:

  • Go up (by bus) to Gibralfaro Castle which is the ideal place to get a first idea of ​​the city with its panorama over all of Malaga
  • Then go back down to the Alcazaba, the second must-see monument. This palace-fortress has splendid gardens with patios and decorated with fountains.
  • Pass by the Roman Theater. It doesn’t cost you anything, it’s free to enter and it’s right next to the Alcazaba exit.
  • Lunch break

In the afternoon, I suggest you take advantage of being in Andalucia’s cultural capital to visit one of the city’s 30 museums. 

I let you choose according to your interests between:

For most, this is convenient because you can already purchase your admission tickets in advance. Just click on the link on the name of the museum.

Depending on the location of the museum you have chosen, be sure to pass (before or after) by the Cathedral of the Incarnation. Its unique 87 meter high bell tower makes it one of the highest in Andalucia. You can climb to the top to admire the view.

And for the late afternoon, head for the nearest beach: La Malagueta. 


The next day, to continue this itinerary of 4 or 5 days in Andalucia, it’s up to you to choose your program, according to several possibilities.

First option, finish discovering Malaga on foot:

  • Visit another museum
  • Pass by Atarazanas Market
  • Have lunch in a tapas bar
  • Stroll through the Soho district, renowned for its street art
  • Finish with the botanical garden of Conception, considered one of the largest in Spain and Europe. To get there, take bus no. 2 to the terminus and walk another 15 minutes to the entrance.

Do not hesitate to read our article on Malaga for activity ideas: What to do in Malaga?

Second more sporty option , and ideal for lovers of hiking and thrills: the Caminito del Rey.

This path was considered the most dangerous in the world for a long time before being completely redeveloped and brought up to safety standards. It allows you to walk along the sides of cliffs almost 100 meters high! And it is better not to be dizzy during the hike because it is impossible to turn around, it is one-way.

The best, if you are a little scared, is to be accompanied by a guide, who in addition to reassuring you, shares lots of anecdotes about the history of the place. These tours are in high demand and must be booked in advance. You can do it right here!

You can choose to get to the Caminito del Rey by renting a car (see the section on ‘Renting a car in Andalucia’ in this guide) or by taking a day trip from Malaga. Transport is included as well as the presence of the guide.

Book here!

The Caminito del Rey, in Andalousie

Finally, third and last option, go visit Ronda, one of the most touristic villages in Andalucia.

The name may not mean anything to you, but you must have already seen photos of its emblematic bridge. Ultra photogenic, it is one of the emblems of the province. 

To take the perfect photo, go to Plaza Maria Auxiliadora and then walk down the path on the right.

stroll through the alleys of Ronda is also very pleasant. You can go see the watchtower offering a splendid view of the entire valley below and visit several buildings such as the bullring, the Mondragon palace or the palace of the Moorish King.

To go to Ronda from Malaga, count 1h20. You can rent a car or choose a day trip from Malaga. 

The price includes transport as well as a guided tour of Ronda and the bullring + a tasting in a wine cellar.

For reservations, it’s right here!

And for details on how to visit Ronda in 1 day, it’s here: The Complete Guide to Ronda.

Spend one last night in Malaga.

Tips for your Andalucia itinerary:

To visit Malaga, I recommend the Malaga Experience Card.

It includes a hop-on hop-off bus tour , free admission to most museums, a one-hour cruise and a flamenco show.

Book right here!

Accommodation in Málaga

  • The Lights Hostel: Youth hostel located 400 meters from the cathedral. Bed in dormitory from 20.50€, breakfast at 1.50€. Most: cleanliness, roof terrace, super friendly staff.
  • Ibis Malaga Centro Ciudad: Located next to the cathedral and 5 minutes from the Picasso Museum. Modern double room typical of the hotel chain from €65, breakfast at €7.95. Most: the location in the center to visit Malaga on foot, the varied breakfast, the welcoming staff. It is our favorite for its performance / price ratio!
  • Barceló Malaga: Located 10 minutes walk from the historic center and 600 meters from the center of contemporary art. Design and comfortable room from 135€ per night, breakfast at 18€. Most: the swimming pool on the roof, the geographical location, the comfort of the beds. This is an excellent hotel to stay in Malaga. 
  • Gran Hotel Miramar: This 5-star hotel is located 10 meters from La Malagueta beach. It offers very elegant and neatly decorated rooms, from €250 per night, breakfast at €25. Most: the decoration of the hotel and the rooms is really magnificent, the swimming pool, the Spa, the delicious breakfast. This is our recommendation for a luxury stay in Malaga!
The white village of Ronda

Day 3-4: Granada

For the second leg of your 5-day Andalucia itinerary, leave Malaga to reach Granada.

Between the 2, plan about 1h30 journey. You can rent a car to get there or take the train (1h35 for 12€).

Arrived in Granada, here is an idea to organize your first day:

  • Discover the interior of the Basilica of San Juan de Dios
  • Visit the Cathedral and the Royal Chapel
  • Have lunch on the Bib-Rambla square
  • Shopping in the adjacent shopping streets
  • Stroll through Alcaiceria Market
  • Pass by the ancient Arab baths
  • Climb to the San Cristobal or San Miguel viewpoint at sunset.

Spend the night in Granada.

The next day, it’s time to visit the Alhambra, a must on your 4 or 5 day vacation in Andalucia!

It is the most visited site in Spain, just that! And that means thousands of visitors per day.

To regulate all this little world, visit quotas have been put in place. It is therefore imperative to book your entrance tickets in advance on the internet. And this weeks or even months before! Otherwise, it’s simple, impossible to visit.

The Alhambra consists of 3 places to see:

  • The Nasrid Palaces
  • The Generalife
  • The Alcazaba

Check especially that your ticket includes the 3. It’s not always the case!

To  visit the Alhambra with a guide  and without queuing at the entrance,  the ticket can be purchased directly by clicking here.

The Alhambra of Grenade

After this visit, which will have taken you a good morning, take a lunch break and then head to Sacromonte.

This is the old gypsy quarter. We come here to discover its curious troglodyte dwellings: the cuevas. They are now used to host flamenco shows.

For all the explanations on the history of the district, I advise you to visit the museum “Cuevas del Sacromonte” whose entrance tickets are to be taken here.

The Sacromonte adjoins Granada’s other historic district: the Albaicin . The opportunity to stroll through the authentic and picturesque streets to discover the small shops, organized like a souk. It’s time to stock up on spices and dried fruits!

Several monuments are to be seen in the Albayzin:

  • The Church of San Nicolas
  • Dar-al-Horra Palace
  • Corral del Carbon
  • the new square
  • The Church of Santa Ana
  • The gates of the Walls
Albaicin district, in Granada

At the end of the day, a little before sunset, I suggest you go to the San Nicolas viewpoint to admire the view of the Alhambra.

Then, if you want to spend a typical Andalucian evening, do not hesitate to go see a flamenco show. As I told you, some are given in the cuevas, the most famous of which is the Cueva los Tarantos.

The Jardines de Zoraya are also very well known in Granada.

Spend a second night in Granada.

You can find even more information about Granada in our article: Top 15 places to visit in Granada.

Tips for your Andalucia itinerary:

To visit Granada, I recommend that you buy the Granada Card.

It includes the majority of the places of interest of which I speak to you like the Alhambra, the cathedral and the royal chapel. Valid for 3 days, it also includes public transport.

This is the best pass in town!

Accommodation in Granada

  • Granada Inn Backpackers: Hostel located 10 minutes from the cathedral and 20 from the Alhambra. Dormitory bed from €16 per night, breakfast included. Most: the beautiful patio, the location, the really nice staff.
  • Hotel Universal: Located 400 meters from the Cathedral and 700 meters from the Albayzin district. Comfortable and clean double room from 65€ per night, breakfast included. Most: the friendly staff, the location in the city center, the proximity of shops and restaurants. Excellent value for money for this hotel in Granada!
  • Granada Five Senses Rooms & Suites: Located on Gran Via Avenue, 200 meters from the Cathedral. Design and modern room from 100€ per night, breakfast included. Most: the swimming pool on the roof, the design of the rooms, the hearty breakfast.
  • Alhambra Palace: This 5-star hotel is located 10 minutes walk from the Alhambra or the Albaicin, next to the Carmen de los Martires garden. Spacious and warm room from €200, breakfast at €19. The pluses: the hotel’s Moorish-inspired decoration, the superb view of the Alhambra from the terrace, the comfort. This is our choice for a romantic stay in Granada.
  • Parador de Granada: This luxurious hotel is located within the very walls of the Alhambra! Rooms have a mix of modern and old features, from €420, breakfast €21. The pluses: the exceptional location, the setting, the availability of the staff, the restaurant with a view of the Generalife. This is our recommendation for a luxury stay in Granada!
View of the Alhambra from the viewpoint

Day 5: Return to Malaga

Today, you are on the fifth day of this 5-day Andalucia itinerary.

We will have to return to Malaga to reach the airport.

Depending on the time of your return flight, take the opportunity to take a last tour of the city or sunbathe on the beach.

Now you know what to do and see in Andalucia in 5 days from Malaga!

Tips for your Andalucia itinerary:

If your stay in Andalucia lasts 4 days , delete a day in Malaga.

Going to Andalucia: flight prices

The prices of flights to Andalucia vary enormously, it is a good idea to compare them as soon as possible. For this, you can use our flight comparator, in partnership with Skyscanner. It’s the guarantee of getting the best price.

Once on the results page, do not hesitate to compare several sites, in order to make sure that no costs are added to the final prices.

If you have any questions about our 4-5 day Andalucia itinerary, do not hesitate to ask us in the comments.

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