14-15 Days in Bali: Ultimate 2 Weeks Bali Itinerary

2 Weeks Bali Itinerary

You have finally taken your ticket to Bali and you are now wondering which cities to visit?

That’s good, I have prepared a 14-15 day Bali itinerary for you that will allow you to visit a good part of the island of the gods without rushing too much.

This trip is recommended for a 2 weeks Bali itinerary, but if you are traveling longer or shorter, you can adapt your circuit accordingly.

An itinerary also depends on what one has come to look for in Bali. So don’t hesitate to skip a step if it doesn’t seem to suit your needs.

I also put them on a map so that you can visualize where its cities are located on the island.

Practical Information for 2 Weeks Bali Itinerary

Arrive in Bali: plane and transport
From Bangkok, it is very easy to get to Bali, it is an undeniable advantage to be able to discover Asia.

From Bangkok Don Muang airport, we took tickets with Air Asia, it is a company with a very good reputation and since we live in Bangkok we have taken it many times and everything is going well always perfectly fine.

To get to Denpasar in Bali we paid €350 round trip per person (quite high price but booking 5 days before departure).

Among the best Bangkok-Bali offers, there are flights at 150€ A/R.

Buying a SIM card in Bali
The points of sale for SIM cards at Denpasar airport are open even at 1:30 am!

The money changers too and it’s very practical. We took a SIM card valid for 1 month 8GB for 150k Rp (9.50€) per person at XL center, one of the biggest telecom operators in Bali.

You also have the company Telksomsel which is recommended. Having a SIM card gives you the possibility of having access to Google Maps to find your way around, to be able to check the address of your accommodation, call your hotel, or even order a taxi with Grab (in certain regions only).

Formalities for Bali itinerary

  • Visa: 1 month for visa exemption (compulsory return ticket), for stays longer than 30 days a tourist visa is compulsory, inquire in advance
  • Passport: must be valid for more than 6 months on the arrival date
  • Vaccines: Hepatitis A systematically, refer to any international vaccination center
  • Time difference: + 6h in summer / + 7h in winter
  • Driving: scooter rental possible at low cost, strongly advised against renting a car (opt for a taxi)
  • Currency: Indonesian rupiah (€1 = Rp 15,599.87 in August 2019). In my article when I write 15k Rp it means 15,000 Indonesian rupiah)
  • Security: Bali is a safe island, be careful with your personal belongings. Be careful all the same with ATM withdrawals, our bank card was hacked, duplicated with the PIN code, with the loss of €1,000, fortunately the sum was reimbursed in 4 days by our bank).
  • Police: If you need to give a report to the police, it must be done at the exact location where the problem took place (if you are in Ubud and you report a problem to Legian, nothing can be done). Be aware that you have to pay (you are taken to a small room away and you are asked for money – around 50,000 Rp / 3.20€ -, even just for a paper attesting to the theft for your insurance) .
  • Health insurance: never to be neglected. When you travel abroad it is up to you to pay for your health costs. It is essential to be covered for treatment, hospitalization or repatriation.
  • Monkeys: watch out for monkey bites or scratches! This topic is constantly being discussed on travel forums. Monkeys are sometimes aggressive. Immediately consult a doctor on site, injections against rabies are sometimes necessary.
  • Best season to go to Bali: May to October is the best period (dry season), November to April is the wettest season. In August the weather was good, with temperatures between 28 and 30°.

Nusa Lembongan Bali - 15 Days Bali ItineraryNusa Lembongan Bali

Day 1-3: Ubud, the Spiritual Heart of Bali

Ubud, a must for a stay in Bali which appears in all itineraries, and above all a central place to shine in the surroundings.

Many restaurants and cafes, shops, markets, the center of Ubud teems with life. But also tourists and traffic is heavy.

14 days Bali itinerary

The Center of Ubud in Bali

For our first day in the 2-week Bali itinerary we went to visit the Ubud Palace, the Lotus Café, the Ubud market, have a drink and have dinner in the evening in one of the many restaurants in town.

Also, the Monkey Forest is located 1km from the center of Ubud.

  • Ubud Palace: Admission to Ubud Palace is free. Pretty temples, decorated statues, which can be visited quickly.
  • Monkey Forest: This place is very famous because it is a sanctuary for monkeys. We went there very early and so much the better because the monkeys were not very aggressive, eating or having fun kicking stones (which was quite funny, it looks like they were all trying to make a fire!). But when a monkey sees something sticking out of your bag, he wants to grab it and jump on you. Nice visit but I left before the tourists / monkeys storm. Price of entry at 50k Rp (3.20€).
  • Restaurants in Ubud: very good restaurants and bars including Café Wayan, and many others for everyone (vegetarians, etc.). We tested the Babi Guling in Oka (suckling pig, specialty), but nothing more.
  • Massage: Balinese massage is known all over the world, a little softer than Thai massage but with a firm hand, you can do a 1 hour Balinese massage between 100 and 150k Rp.

The Kayon Jungle - 15 Days Bali Itinerary

Day Trip to Ubud

We took a private driver (the hotel owner) who took us to all the main places to visit around Ubud town. It was a day that started at 9 am and ended at 6 pm, a big 9 am day of discoveries.

Price of the day for two: 600k Rp (38€) but if you go there by yourself by scooter or on an organized tour, you can get better prices.

  • Rice Fields of Tegallalang: rice fields yes, but very touristy. To enter, you have to make a donation, to continue the route too. Ideal for those who want Instagram photos, wicker nests, swings, heart, “I love Bali” sign, finally the total :). Otherwise don’t spend too much time there and go to Jatiluwih.
  • Pura Tirta Empul Holy Water Temple: a beautiful temple with basins in which holy water springs flow. The entrance is a few euros with the rental of sarongs. And if you want to purify your soul, for a few extra euros we lend you a sarong to go into the water and a locker to deposit your belongings. It wasn’t very hot but I tried the experience in the pools, plunging my head under the sacred water ♥. Of course it is not a temple for tourists but primarily a temple for believers.
  • Gunung Kawi Temple and Goa Gajah Temple: I really liked the first one which is surrounded by rice fields! It is one of the oldest temples in Bali. At the bottom, a statue shop in which I fell for 2 pretty typical Balinese statues of Sita (Balinese goddess) for 12€.
  • Tegenungan Waterfall: this waterfall is very beautiful and very touristic. Some even bathe!

Climbing the Batur Volcano

From the city of Ubud, it is easy to organize an excursion to climb Mount Batur. It will be from Ubud that you will take the least time to reach the foot of the Batur volcano.

The volcano is active but has not erupted since 2000. It is the second highest volcano on the island of Bali after Mount Agung, which erupted in 2017 and has since been closed to the public.

The ascent of Mount Batur is done at night. Departure from Ubud at 2:30 am, arrival on site at 3:30 am, time for hot tea and banana fritters. And around 4h-4h30 we start the ascent.

It takes approximately between 1h30 and 2h to climb. It is not too difficult for people in physical condition.

Personally, I climbed it quietly in 1h45, without rushing because I was emerging from my few hours of sleep.

The most difficult thing is to climb at night and not see the route. At the top, the other hikers wait for the sunrise trying to warm up with the breakfasts served by the guides (bananas, cereal bars, tea) and even eggs cooked in the volcano’s steam. Sunrise above the clouds: a magical little moment!

Going down is easier than going up, because you can finally see where you are stepping. In 45min we descended with our guide. And after the ascent, you have the possibility to go to the hot springs!

And frankly it’s only happiness to dive into its warm water pools with a view of the lake. You must of course choose this option with your organizer.

Sunrise on Mount Batur - 2 weeks in Bali Itinerary
Bali itinerary – Sunrise on Mount Batur

Accommodation in Ubud in the Center of Bali

After booking 3 nights at Buda Cottage Ubud, we also added an extra night, especially for the ascent of Mount Batur. Night at 30€, and very clean! It’s only 2km from Ubud town but watch out for traffic.

You can have lunch there (but not dinner), for example a mie goreng for 30k (1.90€). Super price (-20€):  Secret Garden Guest House / More chic in Ubud:  11 on Kajeng.

Day 4-5: Munduk, Mountains and Waterfalls

Munduk, Bali 2 weeks itinerary

For this day trip between Ubud and Munduk, we opted for a shared vehicle with an Austrian couple.

Already it does not allow not to be 2 + the driver, but to have the car full (Price of the day in transport: 400k Rp).

Starting from Ubud towards Ubud, we decided to make 2 stops: the rice fields of Jatiluwih and the temple of Beratan.

We could also have stopped at a coffee plantation. But we didn’t for 2 reasons: we drink very little coffee, and we are very uncomfortable with Luwak coffee.

Let me explain: Luwak coffee is one of the best in Bali (apparently) and also one of the most expensive in the world, but do you know how it is produced?

These are civets, sorts of large rodents, which consume the cherries of the coffee tree, digest their pulp but not their cores, which are found in the excrement of the animal.

Then the kernels are cleaned, dried, and it makes good coffee! So in terms of animal exploitation we are very average on the Kopi Luwak!

So I skip my turn to encourage this (just like I spent my turn on excursions to Lovina to see dolphins, or swim with manta rays in Nusa Penida). I’m not perfect but I didn’t want to.

  • The rice fields of Jatiluwih: it’s an absolute hit, I loved walking in these rice fields! You can even cycle through them! Price: Rp 40k
  • Beratan Temple: This is a beautiful temple by the water. Price: 50k Rp. If possible add the Bali Botanical Garden which is not far away!
Bali Itinerary 2 weeks
Bali itinerary – The superb rice terraces of Jatiluwih

Munduk in the North

Bali itinerary 2 weeks

Munduk is the best known of Bali’s mountain villages, set in beautiful green hills.

Even if the village is quite small and located on the side of the road, walking around the area, you find yourself in peace, and I liked it.

It’s not very hot, rather chilly in the evening, so the pool (unless it’s heated), isn’t much use. And then if you are too hot, you can always try to swim in a waterfall, there are plenty around Munduk.

The Munduk region is also known for its coffee plantations but also its cultivation of cloves, which mainly end up in cigarettes.

Hike to the 3 Waterfalls

The hike to the 3 waterfalls starts in the center of Munduk at the Taman Ayu Homestay, where you just have to take the small path. And then continue on the main path.

It’s not very well indicated but don’t panic!

We had read that there may be dogs, but we mostly saw hens and their chicks. A beautiful day of walking through the waterfalls (allow 4 hours even more time to return).

1. Melanting Waterfall: a beautiful and high waterfall!
321 steps to go down (and up)
137 steps after to go to waterfall 2.

Melanting Waterfall, Bali itinerary

2. Labuan Kebo Waterfall: a wide waterfall
170 steps to go to Labuan Kebo waterfall
10,000 Rp to pay to access each waterfall

Labuan Kebo Waterfall, 2 weeks in Bali

3. And to finish the Red Coral, and if you still have a little courage, go to the eco café a little further.

Accommodation in Munduk in North Bali

We come to Munduk for the hike, the waterfalls, and the visit of the region (and that’s great!), the town of Munduk is on the other hand a little disappointing and does not look like a small mountain village but is located on the side of the road.

Rather prefer accommodation in the center but with a very beautiful view:  Nadya HomestayAris Homestay and Warung Made

The Island of Nusa Lembongan East of Bali

To get to Nusa Lembongan: taxi from Munduk to Sanur town (2h30 trip) for 500k Rp (booked with Munduk hotel), then boat from Sanur to Mushroom Bay beach in Nusa Lembongan for 200k Rp (booked with Lembongan hotel) then the transportation company will take you to your hotel.

The boat trip between Sanur and Nusa Lembongan lasts 45min and we went through the Marlin company. In Lembongan we collect seaweed, which once transformed, becomes an emulsifier to thicken ice cream.

We stayed near the beach of Jungutbatu and the island being small, we covered it a little on foot, and sometimes by taxi to save time.

So we went to the Yellow Bridge which provides access to the tiny island of Nusa Ceningan. Returning to the west on Nusa Lembongan, you will discover the pretty beach of Dream Beach, and next to it the Devil’s Tear where the water bursts on the cliffs.

Be careful, don’t be like the Chinese tourists who risk their lives for the perfect selfie.

Nusa Lembongan
Bali itinerary – Dream Beach in Nusa Lembongan

Accommodation in the island of Nusa Lembongan

Small island located east of Bali, we stayed in a very beautiful cottage at Darsan Lembongan Boutique Cottage  (30€ per night at the last minute!), we like the outdoor bathroom, and the small path that takes us at the beach and at the “Deck” a place where there are plenty of very good restaurants!


Less than 10km from the airport, you have access to very large fine sandy beaches. Here we come to rest, surf, party, chill in the pool, and do a whole bunch of water activities.

At the end of your stay, it’s a perfect place before flying back (especially when you have an early flight like us). Avoid Kuta beach which does not always have a good reputation and is rather a big party spot, well, of course, it all depends on what you are looking for!

We tested the beach bars in Seminyak with the photo below with the poufs and the little red parasols, where you can caress the sand with your toes, drink a cocktail and admire the sunset at the same time.

And I can tell you that to end our stay in 2 weeks Bali itinerary, it was perfect! A good restaurant near our hotel that we tested: Mozzarella.

Legian - Bali best things to do

Some approximate prices for your stay in Bali itinerary

  • A bottle of water: between 10 and 12k Rp (or rather 15k Rp in a hotel)
  • A good breakfast: 50-60k Rp
  • A meal of Nasi Goreng (fried rice with chicken or seafood): 50k Rp
  • A Bintang beer in a bar: 30-50k Rp
  • One hotel night on average: 600k Rp (40€)

Accommodation in Legian in Bali

On the Legian and Seminyak side, there are plenty of accommodations! We were at the Sol House Bali Legian, with a trendy and festive side (50€ per night – the most expensive of all our accommodations).

For those who want more calm (and a price of 20€ per night): Adys Inn or being by the sea (beautiful hotel): Rama Residence Padma.

If you have more time you can go further north to Canggu.

Day 6-7: Sidemen, Rice Fields and Hikes

Sidemen - 2 weeks in Bali Itinerary

Sidemen is a beautiful village located in a valley covered with rice terraces. The atmosphere is really calm and rural, a real haven of peace.

In addition to walking around the village of Sidemen, you can explore the surroundings and go to the temple of Besakih for example.

Accommodation in Sidemen

Sidemen Valley has some of the most incredible bamboo houses in Bali and if you’re looking for an Instagrammable treehouse, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Remote and romantic, they’re the perfect place for couples. If you book a stay at one of these, you’ll never want to leave. And I don’t blame you!

With views for days, a jungle setting, and a private pool, Villa Veluvana is one of the most luxurious places to stay in Sidemen.

Day 8-9: Amed, Beaches, Diving and View of the Agung Volcano

Amed is an increasingly popular destination in Bali.

This city is located on the eastern end of the island and there are superb beaches (yellow and black sand) and excellent diving spots.

Lipah Beach in Amed - 2 weeks in Bali Itinerary
Bali itinerary – Lipah Beach in Amed

As a bonus, you will have a breathtaking view of the Agung volcano which is the highest mountain in Bali.

Accommodation in Amed

Villa Di Amed: This is where we stayed in Amed, and overall we really liked it. The room was comfortable and clean, they provided free breakfast, happy hour, and welcome drinks, and there was a small pool.

The staff were incredibly kind, but dare I say almost too attentive?!

Solaluna Beach Homestay: With a beachfront location and a staff that makes you feel completely at home, this is a popular option with those who are looking for a budget stay and a more authentic experience. While the rooms are clean, they are quite basic. But after reading reviews, it’s clear most guests can’t find much (if anything) to complain about here!

De Adema Homestay: If you’re not bothered with basic facilities, this might be a great stay, as the rave reviews of the family who own this place speak for themselves. They can help organize local experiences, like joining a fisherman on his morning fishing trip.

Day 10-12: Canggu, Hippie Atmosphere and Beach Clubs


After these getaways in the middle of nature, we come back a little to civilization with a stay in Canggu. It’s a bit like the “Bohemian” region of Bali. There are many foreigners who have taken up residence there.

If you like surfing, you can enjoy it on Echo beach. The height of the waves is ideal if you are a beginner.

You will also find many super cool cafes and restaurants in Canggu with cute interior decorations. The kitchen is also great!

The other advantage of Canggu is its proximity to Seminyak where there are many beach clubs. If you like to party, you’ll love it! Do not miss the Finns or the Potato Head in particular.

You will find all my good addresses in this article on Canggu .

Accommodation in Canggu

Less a traditional hotel and more a surf, bike and yoga retreat, The Chillhouse is a good place to stay in Canggu for those who are looking for a cool place to stay without having to drop too much dollar or sacrifice their comfort.

Wiras Village is a relatively new kid on the block. More a B&B than a full service hotel, the rooms are spacious, nicely designed and offer excellent value for money.

It also boasts the benefit of a quiet location that’s minutes away from the beach and a short hop (or scoot) away from Canggu’s livelier spots around Batu Bolong.

Finns Beach Club Canggu- 2 weeks in Bali Itinerary

Day 13: Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida - 2 weeks in Bali Itinerary

Nusa Penida is a neighboring island to Bali and you can go there by boat from Sanur (30 minutes trip). You will see heavenly beaches there, including Kelingking Beach, which you can see in the photo above.

A good day should be enough for you to visit most places of interest on the island, but do not hesitate to spend the night there if you do not want to rush.

You will find all my advice on Nusa Penida here.

Accommodation in Nusa Penida

Ananta Bungalow – Value: The Ananta Bungalow is an awesome location right next to Crystal Bay, which is the best sunset beach on Nusa Penida and where the Manta Ray and snorkel trips launch off from. Basing yourself where you want to spend every sunset is a great idea. The beautiful bungalows have a thatched roof, terrace and combine the island life with modern facilities. The bungalows how WiFi and air conditioning. These are iconic looking bungalows and for less than $25 a night they really are the best value place to stay on Nusa Penida.

Semabu Hills Resort – Luxury: Semabu Hills is definitely the best pick of the luxury options. It has an epic infinity pool that looks out over the ocean, which is an amazing spot to relax after adventuring around the island. With breakfast included each morning and luxury rooms, this is the kind of place you treat yourself to as a family or a couple.

Hostel Nusa Penida Economic: There’s always a good hostel when backpacking in Indonesia and on Nusa Penida, this is your pick. Hostel Nusa Penida has free WiFi, is in a good central location, which is close to most of the main attractions, beaches, and hikes. It’s clean, modern and the staff are legends.

Day 14-15: Uluwatu, Temple and Beaches

Temple Uluwatu Bali - 2 weeks in Bali Itinerary - top things to do

For the last part of our 2 weeks Bali itinerary, we now go to the southern part of the island of Bali with the visit of Uluwatu.

There is the superb temple of Uluwatu where the traditional Kecak fire dance ceremony is celebrated at sunset.

The South of Bali is also the area of ​​the island where we find the most beautiful beaches.


Bali Itinerary – Bonus Destinations

Lovina Bali Voyage - 2 weeks in Bali Itinerary - top things to do
Bali itinerary – Lovina Beach

Accommodation in Uluwatu in the South of Bali

We originally booked 1 night at Uluwatu Breeze Village which we extended with an extra night. Favorite for this accommodation: pretty bungalows, superb breakfast (see below!), proximity to the beaches, and very quiet. Many restaurants and bars nearby. Price around 50€.

In the same style and a little higher you have the Bingin Welcome Guest House. A little more expensive: the Uluwatu Cottages with an additional sea view.

If you are staying longer in Bali or visiting the island for the second time, there are still other unique places worth visiting. You can for example go to the seaside resort of Lovina which is located in the North of Bali.

You can also go to other nearby islands such as the Gili Islands or Nusa Lembongan .

How do you like our 2 weeks Bali itinerary?

If you have any questions, send them to me in the comments below. In general, I answer you in less than two days.

Camille L.

Passionate about foreign languages, cooking and writing. I wish to share with you the places, the meetings and the gastronomic discoveries which gave relief to my travels.

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