Top Things to Do in Furong, China

How to visit Furong, China?

Are you planning to visit Furong (芙蓉 in Chinese), in Hunan Province on your next trip to China?

Excellent idea, this small village is simply magnificent.

In order to help you prepare for your stay, I have prepared this complete guide to Furong. What to do, what to see in and around Furong, how long to stay there and how to get there, I’ll tell you everything!

And as a bonus, I also give you the names of the best hotel to stay in Furong to enjoy a sublime view of the village.

So how to visit Furong?

What to do in Furong?

This village located on the edge of a river is well known (in China at least!) for its waterfalls, made famous by the film “Furong Town” (The Town of Hibiscus in French) released in 1986. The town , formerly named Wangcun, was renamed “Furong” after this film.

I’m not going to go there by 4 paths, it’s really a unique sight to see in China, there is no other city like it!

In Furong, the waterfall is of course the main attraction. You can admire it from different points of view and even pass behind it, a passage having been created.

You can stroll through the village, where there are a few shops and many restaurants. Among the flagship (and relatively unusual) souvenirs, you will find:

  • The cigarettes that the protagonists of the film smoke. It’s local production, there are many tobacco fields in the area.
  • Ivory combs (I haven’t figured out the connection yet, but the Chinese love it!)
  • Dried kiwis, the Chinese also love them. They are grown in the region.
  • Carved buffalo horns, unfortunately quite difficult to fit into your suitcase!

If you want to buy souvenirs, go to the shop in front of the superb covered bridge, at the entrance to the city. They are very nice, you can tell them that you come from me.

things to do in Furong
Furong pont

On the main square of the village, a small dance performance takes place every hour.

There are a few people in the village, but the more distant points of view (and the most beautiful in my eyes) on the waterfall are deserted. You will see pavilions from afar, do not hesitate to go there!

As in many old towns in China (I am thinking in particular of Lijiang, in Yunnan ), there is a charge to enter the village: 110 yuan. (about 15€). It may seem a little expensive, I grant you.

But we are not in China every day, so I find it a shame to deprive yourself when you have probably just paid at least 2000€ for your trip!

Travel Tips
To have the best point of view on the cascade, it is necessary to move away a little:

Take the road on the far left of the village (when you are facing the river) which goes up a little, then goes down again towards the pavilions which overhang the river. There is a small public garden without tourists, which offers the best view of the city and the waterfall.

things to do in Furong
The Furong Waterfall, very beautiful at night

Furong’s gastronomic specialty

In Furong, the gastronomic specialty is “Rice Tofu” (米豆腐). It looks like gnocchi or big handmade pasta, you’ll see a lot of them at the entrance to restaurants: you can’t miss them. They make a very good soup, do not hesitate to taste it!

What to do around Furong?

If you have time, there are 2 must-see tourist attractions around Furong.

Zuolong Gorge

The start is a walk is really easy, along the river, then it gets a little tougher to become a mini via ferrata when you enter the Zuolong gorges.

The environment is really superb, it’s very green and humid, you really feel lost in the middle of nowhere.

Walking on bridges and stairs clinging to the rock, then climbing on the rocks along the waterfall while hanging on to a chain, it’s a bit of an adventure right away!

At the end of the walk, you will land in a pretty typical village where you will find a few restaurants run by farmers. Have a bite to eat before returning to Furong, it’s 100% fresh and local.

Excursion time: 1h30-2h

Remember to take good shoes: sneakers or ideally hiking shoes.

You can also do the excursion with a guide, for this you will have to inquire at your hotel in Furong.

The Red Stone Forest National Park

Red Stone Forest National Park (红石林国家地质公园) is a geological curiosity located about 20 minutes from Furong. If you’re lucky enough to have good weather, it’s beautiful! Otherwise it’s a little dull and much less impressive.

To visit, you can go to the “Red Stone Forest Tourist Center” located in the town of Furong.

Admission is as often in China, quite expensive: 250 yuan. The advantage is that there are not many people!

A very nice visit to do in good weather.

things to do in Furong
The Red Stone Forest National Park

How long to visit Furong?

I advise you to stay at least one end of the day + one morning in Furong, to be able to spend the night there.

In the evening, the village lights up and with the waterfalls, it’s really sublime! The sunrise is also worth a look, it is at this time that the light is most beautiful in the village.

The village is small, so the visit itself is short: 1h30 or 2 hours are enough.

If you want to visit the surroundings of Furong, you can spend 2 nights there.

How to get to Furong?

From Zhangjiajie

To get from Zhangjiajie to Furong, take a bus from Zhangjiajie Bus Station. It’s a direct link, you can’t go wrong! The trip takes about 2 hours.

From Fenghuang

From Fenghuang (凤凰), the other old tourist town in the Hunan region, the Fenghuang – Furong trip is done by bus, in 2 stages:

  1. Take the bus from Fenghuang to Jishou (吉首)
  2. Take a 2nd bus from Jishou to Furong.

Accommodation in Furong

For your night in Furong, I recommend that you sleep at the Tuwang Palace hotel (click here)The view of the falls is sublime!

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