Mons, European Capital of Culture 2018

Best places to visit Mons

Since 1985, the European Union has chosen one or more cities each year to represent culture . In 2015, the cities of Pilsen in the Czech Republic and Mons in Belgium were named ”  European Capitals of Culture  ” Check out the best places to visit Mons.

The opportunity for us to make you discover the beautiful city of Mons , located 60 kilometers southwest of Brussels.

Source: Flickr (by Ana)

The essentials of Mons

Possessing a remarkable historical and cultural heritage, the city of Mons is one of those cities that appeal to all travelers. Museums, historical monuments, markets, gardens are among the attractions available to visitors.

If the whole city has a charm that is pleasant to discover while strolling in the streets, some sites are simply unavoidable during a stay in Mons …

Mundaneum, Source: Flickr (By fdecomite)
Collegiate Ste Waudru, Source: Flickr (by grotevriendelijkereus)
Grand Place, Source: Flickr (by Renaat)
Mons Belfry, Source: Flickr by Tales of a Wanderer

The Ducasse of Mons

Impossible to talk about Mons without mentioning his famous Ducasse! Organized every year for the weekend of the Trinity, the Ducasse de Mons or Doudou is an ancestral festival recognized masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO. Dating back to the Middle Ages, this festival celebrates the patron saint of the city of Mons for several days following the events: descent of the “Hunt of Ste Waudru”, folk procession, “Game of St. George fighting a dragon”, sold out , popular games , etc.

Source: Flickr (by Elio Di Rupo)
Source: Flickr (by Elio Di Rupo)
Source: Flickr (by Elio Di Rupo)

The best restaurants in town

The Walloon country is famous for its beers with incomparable flavors (Chouffe, Orval, Chimay, etc.) but also for its authentic gastronomy and its quality products such as chocolate, cheese and its delicious Ardennes butter.

Source: Flickr (by Don LaVange)

Enjoy your stay in Mons to discover this warm and flavourful cuisine in one of the best restaurants in the city :

Or sleep ?

Discover the legendary Belgian hospitality by choosing one of the best hotels in Mons or its surroundings. Our selection :

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