Where to Stay in Tromsø: Advice on the Best Areas

Best accommodations in Tromsø:

If you are about to visit the Arctic capital and you are wondering where to stay in Tromsø, consciously choosing which area is best for you and your needs, you really have nothing to worry about.

I’m here today to give you all the information you need to understand if you should stay in a hotel in the center of Tromsø, in a campsite on the mainland or, why not, in a room in the ice hotel open in the winter months.

Curious to know more now, aren’t you?

Well you have my full understanding. Read on and discover the best accommodations to stay in Tromsø!

Where to stay in Tromsø: best area and tips

Before venturing out to specifically discover the areas that make up this town in Northern Norway, I must make you a small premise: as you well know, this Scandinavian country is famous for the strips of land that emerge from the cold waters of the sea, connected to the mainland by bridges and tunnel.

Tromsø is no exception: the city center is located on the island of Tromsøya connected to the mainland by two bridges and an underwater tunnel.

If you are looking for cheaper accommodation, you will have to opt for accommodation in Tromsdalen, also in Tromsø but on the mainland, or choose accommodation on the islands around the Arctic capital according to your personal preferences and tastes.

If you have already found the information you needed by reading this introduction, connect to Check this deals page and find accommodations with discounted rates for your dates.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to go deeper, skip to the next paragraphs to find the best area to stay in Tromsø.

1: Sleeping in the center of Tromsø: the island of Tromsøya

The island of Tromsøya is where the city center develops. Right here there is the highest concentration of top things to do and see in Tromsø and it is therefore perfect if you want to discover the city and participate in organized day trips and tours.

In fact, you must know that all the main tours include places in the city center as a starting point or pick-up.

I could never call Tromsø a chaotic city, but the streets branching off from the city center are uphill and often covered in snow (in winter).

If you have a car with you, my advice is to find accommodation with parking included, or simply opt for accommodation in Tromsdalen (outside the historic center and on the mainland).

Places to stay in central Tromsø:

  • Tromso Activities Hostel (from € 87) : we can define this hostel as one of the cheapest accommodations you can find in the city and it’s perfect both for making new acquaintances and for staying in a structure at a more than advantageous price for this area of ​​Norway.
    Here you will be able to choose not only dormitory accommodation, but also private rooms that will keep you on a budget.
  • Comfort Hotel Xpress Tromsø (from € 123) : if what you are looking for is a hotel to stay in Tromsø, I suggest you do not waste time and take advantage of the excellent value for money at the Comfort Hotel Xpress.
    Unlike the hotels that you can find near the port (of famous hotel chains with not exactly cheap prices), by staying here you will be able to benefit from all the advantages of a hotel, but without necessarily having to shell out a capital.
    The property is located in a very central location, just one minute from Storgata street, the main street of Tromsø.
  • BraMy Apartments (from € 202) : This property offers accommodation with free private parking and is perfect for those who have a car with them.
    Staying here you can choose between studio apartments perfect for couples, or more spacious accommodations, perfect for families and groups of friends.
    All properties are equipped with kitchen and kitchenette. The location is also convenient for reaching the city center on foot in just over 10 minutes.

central Tromsø - where to stay in Tromsø

Scroll to the bottom of the article to discover the best hotels to stay in Tromsø.

2: Staying on the mainland: Tromsdalen

Tromsdalen is home to the white-washed Arctic Cathedral and the Fjellheisen cable car, from which you can enjoy panoramic views of Tromsøya at any time of year: during the long arctic nights when the sky lights up with the brilliant green of the northern lights or in the summer months, when the midnight sun reigns supreme.

This area is quieter than the city centre, which can still be reached in a few minutes by car or in about 15 minutes on foot (depending on where you choose to stay).

To do this, you can cross the Tromsøbrua bridge that connects the two areas of the city in complete safety, even on foot.

Why choose this neighborhood to stay in Tromsø?

Because here it is calmer and you will be able to better see the habits of the locals.

In addition, accommodation includes apartments, campsites and entire Scandinavian villas suitable for the whole family or group of friends, at a better price than in the city center itself.

Where to stay in Tromsø on the mainland:

  • Tromsø Lodge & Camping (from € 77) : the beauty but above all the practicality of this place is that it offers accommodation of all types and for all types of budgets.
    You can choose a pitch to leave your camper, a classic or spacious cottage for the whole family, or a more modern “cabin explorer” to be lucky enough to see the northern lights even from your bed (it happened to me!).
    It is also located just 5 minutes by car from the city center, or 15 minutes on foot through the pedestrian street that crosses the town.
  • City Apartments (from €108) : This apartment is located just across the bridge and just a two-minute walk from the Arctic Cathedral. Equipped with all comforts, this is the perfect accommodation to feel at home and enjoy excellent value for money. Parking is free.
  • Arctic Villa (from €205) : the exteriors and interiors of this property are typically Nordic in style. Wood is the dominant material and the structure is located in a residential context. Here you can choose between the one or three bedroom apartment, which can accommodate up to 6 adults, is also perfect for families.

Tromsdalen - accommodation in Tromsø

3: Kvaløya: The island of whales

Crossing the bridge, but on the opposite side from Tromsdalen, you will reach Kvaløya the so-called whale island, in just 10 minutes by car.

This area is perfect for longer stays whose sole purpose is not just to visit Tromsø. Nature lovers will find here the perfect place to connect with Mother Nature, enjoy summer treks or winter sports.

As if that weren’t enough, Kvaløya is also the best area to see the Northern Lights around Tromsø and you’ll find typical accommodation here that is very authentic indeed.

Places to stay in Kvaløya to see the aurora:

  • MelisHome: Aurora Observatory (from €49) : This guest house is one of the cheapest accommodations on the island of whales. It offers simple rooms with free parking included, in one of the best locations to view the Northern Lights.
  • 100 Years Old Norwegian Log House (from € 180) : the name attributed to this structure is not only identifying, but a real fact. Choosing to stay within the dark wooden walls with cozy furnishings will give your stay in Tromsø that extra bit of magic: this house is perfect for families and groups of friends as it can accommodate up to 5 adults. Free private parking is available on site .
  • Kræmarvika Lodge (from €284) : this lodge to stay in Tromsø will let you breathe the atmosphere of Norwegian homes, while enjoying all the services at your disposal. Warm up in the sauna after a day out in the cold or relax in the outdoor hot tub. This chalet is spacious and can accommodate up to 10 adults.

Kvaløya - best place to stay in Tromsø

4: Lyngen Alps: where to stay to enjoy the alpine arctic landscape

To enjoy the arctic and alpine scenery, you’ll need to drive about an hour and a half from the center of Tromsø, but if you’re looking for a breathtaking place where you can enjoy mountain peaks plunging into the sea, where you can go trekking (even on the ice), enjoy nature hikes by bike or stay in scenic spots, including a glass structure to see the Northern Lights, you couldn’t do better.

Accommodations to stay near Tromsø in Lyngen Alps:

  • Koppangen Brygger (from € 182) : in this structure you can choose between different accommodations suitable for the needs of all travellers: rooms, apartments, cottages or entire houses. If you don’t always feel like cooking, you will also find a restaurant here.
  • XLyngen (from €225) : These traditional cottages are completely surrounded by the Alps and equipped with everything you need to make you feel right at home. Furthermore, the structure offers a sauna and a whirlpool tub in which to relax.
  • Aurora Fjord Cabins (from €234) : enjoy the beauty of these modern cabins overlooking the sea with large windows, which will give you the opportunity to admire the northern lights while you are comfortably in the warmth of your wooden house.

best area to stay in Tromsø

5: Sommarøy: the island where to stay in Tromsø in the summer

If you are visiting Tromsø in the summer and you are wondering what is the best area to stay in the surrounding area, I suggest you take a look at the accommodation in Sommarøy.

It’s about an hour’s drive from the city center, but here you can breathe the authentic atmosphere of a fishing village nestled in an aesthetically breathtaking setting.

I don’t recommend spending a lot of time here, but if you want to extend your stay for a few days, you could stay at the Sommarøy Arctic Hotel.

Sommarøy - best place to stay in Tromso

The best Hotels in Tromso (and vicinity)

Choosing where to stay in Tromsø also requires a certain level of awareness regarding the budget: if you don’t have particular needs, the area where you can find the best hotels is that of the port (practically near the centre).

Here are the most famous hotel chains to stay, which will show you the beauty of the city and breathtaking views of the shore of the Cathedral of the Arctic.

Here are the most beautiful hotels to stay in Tromsø:

best Hotels in Tromso

Nearby Ice Hotels: the Tromsø Ice Domes

95 km from the city there is a structure that is definitely worth a visit.

The Tromsø Ice Domes is a hotel, bar, restaurant and even cinema… made of ice!

If you are looking for a very particular accommodation to stay in Tromsø, I am more than sure that this will satisfy you. But remember: being an ice structure, the opening is limited in the months from the beginning of December to the end of March.

Check prices and opening hours on the Tromsø Ice Domes dedicated page, or organize at least one day trip to see it.


Having reached the end of this guide on where to stay in Tromsø, I hope you have the information you need to consciously choose which accommodation is, but above all the best area for you to stay in the arctic capital or its surroundings.

If you still have any doubts or questions, or if you haven’t found the perfect accommodation for you, leave your comment below and I will answer you with pleasure.

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