Where to Stay in Lofoten Islands: 10 Spectacular Rorbuers

Best Accommodation To Stay In Lofoten Islands

Finding out where to stay in Lofoten will help you enrich your travel experience, sure to reserve your reservation among the 10 most spectacular rorbuers in this corner of Norway that will literally take your breath away.

But what are rorbuers? And why shouldn’t you give up trying this experience at least once in your life?

I want to answer this and other questions that I have been asked after returning from the trip to the Lofoten Islands, enclosing here my best advice on where to sleep.

Ready to discover them?

Great, all I have to do is wish you a good read!

What are rorbuers and why choose them

First I’d like to tell you what rorbuers are and reveal why you should stay in one of them at least once during your trip.

The rorbuer (singular rorbu) are the old fishermen’s houses built on stilts over the sea. These buildings represented the refuge for men returning from fishing.

In short, they weren’t lodgings for families. Fishermen could dock directly in the rorbu and deliver the fish.

The rorbuers, therefore, were not used for living, but only for resting the men of the sea.

These structures, typical of this area of ​​Norway, consisted only of 2 rooms: one which served as a cod storage room, and the other consisting solely of a bed for resting (they had neither electricity nor running water).

The traditional red color that makes up the walls derives from the union of fish oil with ocher pigments: two materials that were once easily available and cheap in this area.

Visiting the Lofoten Islands and sleeping in a rorbu will make your experience more authentic, filling it with charm and tradition.

Waking up in the morning in one of these red houses cradled by the waves of the sea and opening the window with the seagulls wishing you good morning is truly priceless (although, as you will see, these accommodations are not exactly cheap)!

Most of the rorbu where you can stay today in the Lofoten Islands have been modernized and consist of 1 (or more) bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom and a living room, leaving the external structure unchanged.

where to stay in Lofoten Island

consiglio-1 I suggest that you book the nights in the rorbuers well in advance because availability runs out easily. If you’re in a hurry, know that you’ll find the best deals for your dates here.

The 10 Best Rorbuers of the Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten Islands have several villages that deserve to be visited, but what I suggest is to develop your itinerary according to the accommodations where you will stay.

I advise against staying in one area, but moving around during your trip. Perhaps you could choose an accommodation in the north, one in a central area and a third in the southern tip of the Islands.

Here are the rorbuers I loved during my trips to the Lofoten Islands:

1: Å Rorbuer

This village is very quaint: it is located in Å, in the southernmost village of the Lofoten Islands and is perfectly located and isolated enough to see the northern lights with the naked eye!

It’s right outside this village where I saw my first Northern Lights.

So, well, I could only recommend you to stay in Å Rorbuer. You can reserve your reservation for a one-bedroom rorbu for perfect moments of tranquillity, or rent a 3-bedroom accommodation that can accommodate up to 8 guests. Near the village there is a restaurant and a bar, although the rorbuers have a kitchen.

Check availability for your dates in Å Rorbuer.

A-Rorbuer-Lofoten - stay in Lofoten Island

2: Å-Hamna Rorbuer

Å-Hamna Rorbuer is also located in Å, a short distance from the Å Rorbuer.

What I loved about staying in these small houses in Lofoten were the interiors, welcoming but practical and modern, which made my nights here truly unforgettable.

My rorbu’s kitchen was modern and had all the essentials for perfect dinners (there was even a dishwasher and oven!).

Book your stay at Å-Hamna Rorbuer now (or take a peek at the photos online).


3: Reine Rorbuer

The location of Reine Rorbuer is perfect both in summer and in winter: in summer you will have the possibility to leave directly from your accommodation to reach the top of Reinebringen and, in winter, the practicality of staying in one of the few villages with a café and a service station open every day.

The view of the Reinebringen is spatial, many cottages are equipped with underfloor heating and a kitchenette.

However, if you don’t always feel like cooking, know that the Gammelbua restaurant will surprise you with local specialties!

Don’t miss out on this accommodation and check availability for your dates at the Reine Rorbuer now .

Reine Rorbuer - best accommodation in Lofoten Island

4: Dove Alloggiare alle Lofoten: Sakrisøy Rorbuer

In fairness I have to tell you that Sakrisøy Rorbuer was “my first time” in a rorbuer and an amazing Northern Lights and so yeah, you might think I’m a bit biased.

But I guarantee you that after the initial crush, I can clearly tell you that these rorbuers are truly unique and magical (to begin with, they are not red!).

The village is spread over a single island, connected by two bridges. It is located a short distance from Reine and Hamnøy, probably the most photographed spot in Lofoten. These cottages are perfect for couples, families or groups of friends.

There are rorbuers with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms, perfect for sharing an adventure together! These accommodations are also equipped with a practical parking space and are located in front of the bus stop, convenient if you need to travel by public transport.

The rorbuers overlook the bluest water you’ve probably ever seen, and rowboats can be hired for free in the summer.

Run and have a look at Sakrisøy Rorbuer  and find out prices and availability.

sakrisoy-rorbuer-isole-lofoten - best place to stay in Lofoten Island

5: Rostad Retro Rorbuer

Rostad Retro Rorbuer is located exactly on the opposite side of Sakrisøy Rorbuer, so you will have a beautiful view of Reine and the village of Sakrisøy, which might make you never want to leave!

The Rostad Retro Rorbuer is the perfect solution for those looking for a dream place to stay overnight, but an accommodation in Lofoten where up to 8 guests can stay at the same time.

Another strong point of this structure is the position facing west, which will allow you to enjoy breathtaking sunsets!

Book your stay at the Rostad Retro Rorbuer now  with free cancellation.

Rostad-Retro-Rorbuer-Lofoten - best accommodation in Lofoten Island

6: Eliassen Rorbuer

It is one of the most photographed villages of the Lofoten Islands, so much so that the photo that portrays it appears everywhere by writing “Lofoten Islands” on Google.

Even Lonely Planet chose it as the cover of the Norway guide, so there must be a reason! Staying in this village during your trip to Lofoten could mean feeling like you’re on a movie set.

But don’t forget the privileged position of this corner of paradise to take some sensational photos of the Northern Lights show.

Check that there is still availability for your dates at the Eliassen Rorbuer.

Eliassen Rorbuer - best place to stay in Lofoten Islands

7: Nusfjord Arctic Resort

The Nusfjord Arctic Resort is in a quite isolated area compared to the main attractions of the Lofoten Islands, but I recommend you to stay here if you are looking for modern accommodation (although not cheap!), nestled in an old fishing village (Nusfjord) , equipped with a lot of SPA.

Inside the rorbuer complex there are a restaurant and a bakery, which will make your dinners real dives into the flavors of the sea.

Book your stay at Nusfjord Arctic Resort now (or take a peek at the beautiful photos).

Nusfjord Arctic Resort - where to sleep in Lofoten Islands

8: Where to Stay in the Lofoten Islands: Hattvika Lodge

Hattvika Lodge is the perfect accommodation for those who want to indulge in the luxury of watching the northern lights dance in the sky from the warmth of their own wooden cabin (although as you will see from the photo below, of typical rorbu it has very stilted structure, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing!).

The large windows of the accommodations allow you to see the northern lights, therefore, if you are going to book your accommodation in the Lofoten Islands in winter, you should definitely reserve your reservation for a few days at Hattvika Lodge, located in Ballstad.

Check prices and availability on the property page.

Hattvika Lodge - top place to stay in Lofoten Isalands

9: Svinøya Rorbuer

If you are looking for a rorbu to stay in Svolvær, I recommend you take a look that there is still availability at Svinøya Rorbuer.

This accommodation is perfect both for being able to fully enjoy the Norwegian atmosphere and for having all the comforts at your fingertips. Some lodges have a fireplace, a balcony and a private sauna.

Staying here you also get all the excursions and tours, such as the Lofoten Islands 1 day cruise or Northern Lights tour, departing just a short distance from your rorbu!

Reserve your reservation at Svinøya Rorbuer.

Svinøya Rorbuer - best place to stay in Lofoten Islands

10: Anker Brygge

Located on an island just a stone’s throw from the port of Svolvær, it is the perfect solution if you will reach the Lofoten Islands by ferry from the port of the town. Kjøkkenet restaurant serves typical Lofoten dishes, which you can enjoy on the spacious outdoor terrace during the warmer months.

Book your stay at Anker Brygge fast, as accommodation fills up quickly.


11: Sleeping in a hostel in Lofoten

On a trip to the Lofoten Islands you can opt to stay in a hostel.

This will certainly save you on the cost of overnight stays and, most likely, make excellent acquaintances!

You have to know that there aren’t many hostels in Lofoten, but I’m sure these establishments will suit you:


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FAQ: Where to Stay in Lofoten

Where to stay in the Lofoten Islands (best area)?

Where to stay in the Lofoten Islands is something very subjective and must be perfectly tailored to your travel itinerary.

My advice is to choose accommodation in Svolvær, the main town of Lofoten and concentrate on the tours and excursions you want to do these days because most of these start right from there.

Instead, spend the remaining days in a nice rorbu in a quiet area further south than Svolvær and relax in the peace of Lofoten.

How much does it cost to stay in a rorbu?

The more correct answer, even if it will be the one you hate to hear, is: it depends. It depends on the period, the type of rorbu, the number of rooms, etc.

In December I happened to stay in a rorbuer and pay only 110 € per night (per couple), but you can easily find rorbuers that cost 400€ per night. You should know that in the summer the cost of housing skyrockets, decreasing in the winter season.

What I suggest you do is go to Booking, choose the accommodation you prefer among those I have just listed and look for the rate for your dates.

How to stay in Lofoten and save money?

Staying in a rorbu is something you absolutely must try on a trip to the Lofoten Islands, even at the cost of eating bread and onions for a consecutive month (so to speak of course…).

My advice for staying in Lofoten and saving money is to treat yourself to part of the trip in a rorbu and the rest in a hostel or guest house.

This will help you a lot to keep costs down, but to have an authentic experience!

What are the best rorbuers in Lofoten?

The three best rorbuers I’ve stayed in Lofoten are:

Sakrisøy Rorbuer (my top pick, also considering their fantastic restaurant and location for seeing the northern lights!), Eliassen Rorbuer in Hamnøy (the most famous and most photographed) and Å-Hamna Rorbue, to breathe the peace of Å, the southernmost village of Lofoten.

Do you have any doubts or questions that I haven’t answered in this article?

Or would you like to add some rorbuers that I haven’t mentioned to stay in Lofoten, where you found yourself divinely? Leave your comment below 🙂

Start with the article dedicated to organizing a DIY trip to Lofoten to start planning. Thank you for relying on the advice and having read up to here. See you soon!

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