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Often nicknamed the “city museum”, Rome has nothing boring for children. Between fascinating monuments, fun museums, relaxing gardens and 100% kids friendly gastronomy, the Italian capital is an ideal destination for a family holiday.

Do you still doubt it? Discover our 10 ideas to occupy your little darlings during your trip to Rome!

1. The zoo of Villa Borghese

Located north of Rome’s city center, the Villa Borghese Park is one of the most extensive in the Italian capital. Quiet and shady, this is the perfect place for a walk or a picnic with the family. You can climb aboard the small train, rent bikes or go around the lake.

And if you want to give even more pleasure to your little blond heads, take them to Bioparco, the biological park located inside the Villa Borghese, where they can discover many animals in a very pleasant setting.

Source: Flickr (by Herb Neufeld)

Practical information: 16 € per adult, 13 € per child (free for less than 1 meter). Open every day from 9.30am to 6pm (5pm in winter).

2. Explora, the museum of the child

Located halfway between Villa Borghese and Piazza del Popolo, this museum is about learning through play . Extending over 8000m2, this highly entertaining place will allow your children to discover  the human body, the problem of the preservation of the environment, telecommunication and many other social issues, without getting bored!

Source: Flickr (by Gabriella Paolini)

Practical information: € 8 for adults and children over 3 years, € 5 from 1 year and free for children under 1 year. Open from 10h to 12h and from 15h to 17h (approximately 1h45 of visit).

3. The Colosseum

This is not necessarily a kid-specific activity, but they usually love to visit this incredible building, especially if you tell them the gladiator stories and other fights that took place there …

Outside, you can also enjoy to immortalize your little ones in the company of the “fake” gladiators armor shiny but do not forget to leave them a little something (about 5 €).

Source: Flickr (by Josep Enric)

Practical information : € 12 for adults, free for under 18s. Open every day from 8.30am to 7pm (5pm in winter).

4. Time Elevator

Embark on an exciting journey through the history of Rome with the Time Elevator, a 5D cinema that offers viewers a scenic journey with sensory effects for a real – life effect. Available in French and 5 other languages, the experience will surely please the whole family!

[Youtube] [/ youtube]

Practical information:  12 € per adult and 9 € per child.

5. The ruins of Ostia Antica

Old port city, the city of Ostia Antica is located about 35km from Rome. It is one of the best preserved Roman cities in the country and allows you to discover taverns, temples and other buildings that animated the lives of the inhabitants of this important  shopping center and port.

In addition to the attraction of its remains, it allows you to get out of Rome and take the train for a different day!

Source: Flickr (by UncleBucko)

Practical information:  € 8 per adult, free for children under 18. Open from 8.30 am to 7 pm (4.30 pm in winter).

6. The Trevi Fountain

A must for a stay in Rome, the beautiful Trevi fountain often impresses children! On site, do not forget to tell them the famous legend and let them throw a coin . Indeed, it is said that those who throw a coin back to the fountain will return to Rome one day!

Source: Flickr (by Nico Cavallotto)

7. The catacombs of Saint-Calixte

Located on Via Appia Antica, the catacombs of St. Calixte are among the most important in Rome. They contain the sepultures of dozens of martyrs, popes and other Christians and were declared  the official cemetery of the Church of Rome at the beginning of the third century. The visit is rather reserved for the “big” children who will like to be afraid in the crypts and other dark galleries …  

Source: Flickr (by Jim Forest)

Practical information: € 8 per adult, € 5 per child, free for children under 6 years old. Open from 9h to 12h and from 14h to 19h.

8. The Rainbow Magicland

If you feel like your children are getting bored in museums and historical monuments, take them to Rainbow Magicland, Rome’s largest theme park ! Based on the theme of magic, the park is composed of 6 thematic zones (the world of plants and the enchanted forest, the world of fire and the land of witches, the world of air and the city of fairies, the world rocks and the magical castle, the village of Santa Claus and the lost world) where attractions and shows  will occupy them for the whole day!

Source: flickr (by Riccardo Cuppini)

Practical information: 31 € per adult and 26 € per child.  Open from 10h to 18h (nocturnal some evenings in summer).

9. The tourist bus

If your children are still young, they will get tired quickly in the streets of the Italian capital. A good way to continue to discover the city without exhausting yourself is the tourist bus which proposes to discover the main sights of the city thanks to an audioguide. The complete tour without getting off the bus takes about 1h30 but you can choose to stop where you want among the 8 stops offered. The normal ticket is valid for one day but you can also opt for the 2 day ticket in order to have more time to visit.

Source: Flickr (by Martin Addison)

Practical information: 22h per adult and 11 € per child for the 24h ticket. Accessible from 9h to 19h30.

10. The trattorias

Rome is an ideal culinary destination for children who can indulge in pasta , pizzas and tasty “gelato”. Restaurants do not usually have a children’s menu, but you will always find something that will appeal to the younger ones. If you wish you can ask for half portions or opt for “pizza al taglio” or pizza to share.

Take them to the Trastevere district and let your nose guide you!

Source: Flickr (by SpirosK photography)

Questions about Rome or the family trip? Do not hesitate to ask us in the comments!

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