Top 10 of the Most Beautiful Beaches in Mauritius

The most beautiful beaches in Mauritius: the complete guide

Are you planning a stay in Mauritius and want to know where to find the most beautiful beaches?

You are in the right place!

If you have chosen to visit Mauritius for its heavenly beaches with white sand, coconut trees and crystal clear water, you will not be disappointed!

The beauty of the Mauritian beaches is indeed the reputation of the island throughout the world.

And you will quickly see it: whether in the North, South, East or West, they are all more sublime than the other!

To help you plan your vacation and not miss any of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius, I have concocted this comprehensive guide.

I have classified them into 2 categories: the most beautiful beaches in the North of Mauritius, then the top beaches in the South.

At the end of the article, I have also prepared a map for you that lists all the most beautiful places to swim in Mauritius to help you locate them.

So what are the best beaches to see in Mauritius?

Prepare your jersey and let yourself be guided!

The most beautiful beaches in the North of Mauritius

1. Trou aux Biches beach

We start with an essential beach on the north coast of Mauritius: the beach of Trou aux Biches!

It is the archetype of the dream beach with its fine white sand and coconut palms facing the turquoise lagoon.

This long beach worthy of the most beautiful postcards is bordered by several hotels and a nautical club which offers boat trips.

The water is shallow and crystal clear. Ideal for swimming, including with the family!

On the beach of Trou aux Biches you can indulge in various types of water activities:

  • sail
  • water skiing
  • glass bottom boat trip
  • stand-up paddle
  • pedalo

Where to park at Trou aux Biches beach?

At the entrance to the public beach, a small dirt car park allows you to leave your car.

In front, you will find several trailers that offer fruit and snacks to enjoy facing the sea.

Once on the beach, do not hesitate to head to the right and walk to the level of the hotels to find more tranquility.

Accommodation near Trou aux Biches beach

If you want to stay as close as possible to the magnificent beach of Trou aux Biches, you can book a room at the Trou aux Biches Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa, a sublime hotel located right on the beach!

You will stay in a superb suite with a lounge area and a modern bathroom. The hotel also has 6 restaurants offering various cuisines from around the world, a wellness center where you can get a massage, a gym, several swimming pools, a children’s club and a large tropical garden..

Count around 300€ per night for a double room, breakfast included.

To book your stay at this superb hotel, just click here!

Among the establishments near Trou aux Biches beach, I also recommend:

  • Easy Stay Residence : welcoming and cozy establishment, directly on the beach, offering several spacious, comfortable and nicely decorated double rooms, from €70 per night, breakfast included.
  • Voile Bleu Boutique Hotel : pretty comfortable hotel located on the seafront 5 minutes from Trou aux Biches beach. From €85 per night for a studio with double bed, kitchenette, bathroom, balcony and sea view (breakfast included).
  • Sakoa Boutik Hotel : magnificent hotel on a human scale located on the beach along the coast of Trou aux Biches. Stay in small, comfortable individual apartments, for around €270/night for 2 people. The hotel has a Spa, a swimming pool and a restaurant/bar.
Trou aux Biches beach - beautiful beaches Mauritius
Trou aux Biches – Mauritius

2. Mont Choisy beach

Another idyllic beach to see in the North of Mauritius: that of Mont Choisy!

This long white sand beach, wilder than the previous one, extends in the continuity of Trou aux Biches, further north .

It has the advantage of being far from the road. You have to cross a small “forest” of casuarina trees before reaching it.

What makes it particularly calm and still well preserved.

The presence of trees very close to the sand makes it easy to settle in the shade.

Mont Choisy beach is very beautiful and not very crowded. This is the ideal beach if you are looking for a peaceful and quiet place to enjoy the lagoon.

beautiful beaches in Mauritius
The beach of Mont Choisy, in the North of Mauritius

Where to park at Mont Choisy beach?

No problem parking at Mont Choisy, you will find a large car park right at the entrance. Then just walk a few meters to reach the beach.

Accommodation near Mont Choisy beach

Do you want to stay in Mont Choisy during your stay in Mauritius? In this case, I recommend the Mystik Life Style hotel , located along the beach and offering a sublime view of the lagoon. Count a minimum of 115€ for a double room with balcony (breakfast included).

Among the most beautiful establishments to stay near Mont Choisy beach, I also recommend:

  • Residence Flowers of Paradise : a small charming hotel offering spacious and comfortable double rooms with sea view from €178 per night.
  • Hotel Mon Choisy Beach R : complex overlooking the beach, where you can stay in a fully equipped individual studio with direct access to a beautiful garden. The hotel has a large swimming pool and a beautiful terrace where you can have breakfast facing the splendid view. Count less than 100€ per night for a studio with a double bed.

3. Cap Malheureux beach

If you like atypical places with a poetic atmosphere, you will love Cap Malheureux beach!

It is one of the most emblematic places in Mauritius, with its famous church with a bright red roof which contrasts with the blue of the sky and the sea.

Cap Malheureux beach is not really a swimming spot: it is rather a beach where you come to take a breather, take a break and contemplate the sublime view of the lagoon and the offshore islets.

To the right of the church, clusters of black volcanic boulders dot the seashore and are home to small crabs and seashells.

You will be able to move forward in the shallow crystal clear water and walk on the rocks, then turn to the left to move forward on the pier.

Do not hesitate to walk along the arc-of-a-circle part on the left, bordered on one side by superb villas and on the other by small colorful boats.

Cap Malheureux beach does not attract crowds and you will find peace and serenity there .

beach with crazy charm that I particularly like!

With its bright colors and its heavenly setting, the beach of Cap Malheureux is also a place of choice to take magnificent pictures!

You may come across newlyweds on the day of your visit. Many of them choose this spot for their photo shoot.

Cap Malheureux beach - best beaches Mauritius
Cap Malheureux beach, with the Coin de Mire islet offshore

Where to park at Cap Malheureux beach?

When arriving by the coastal road, you can park in the small dirt parking lot next to the small building with a green roof.

There is not much space but, if it is full, you can also park along the wall which borders the road on the left.

Accommodation near Cap Malheureux

For a dream stay in Mauritius near Cap Malheureux, the Coin de Mire Attitude hotel is the place to be.

It is less than 2km from the beach of the Red Church and is located just opposite the Coin de Mire islet .

The spacious and modern double room with terrace is from €120 per night. The hotel has direct access to Bain Boeuf beach, 2 swimming pools, a large tropical garden, a spa and a children’s club.

If you want to stay near Cap Malheureux beach, I also recommend:

  • Cape Point Seafront Suites & Penthouse : small luxurious individual houses on the coast of Cap Malheureux, in the heart of a magnificent residence with a view of the lagoon, swimming pool, large terrace and tropical garden. From €220 for 2 people and €260 for 4 people (house with 3 bedrooms). Breakfast is extra at 14€.

  • Le Cap Joyeux : family guest house less than 1km from the beach of Cap Malheureux. You will be staying in a pretty, comfortable apartment for 3 people, with 2 bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom and an equipped kitchen. From €69 per night.

4. Bellemare beach

I am now taking you to the east coast, where the unmissable Bellemare beach stretches .

About 10km long , it is ranked among the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius but also among the most preserved.

There is still a wild atmosphere there  thanks to the lack of infrastructure (apart from a few discreet villas and hotels).

You won’t have any trouble finding a quiet spot in which to lay your towel, in the shade of the casuarinas or directly on the immaculate white sand.

Bellemare is an appointment not to be missed during your stay in the East of Mauritius, where you can recharge your batteries and enjoy incredibly blue and transparent water.

Remember to take your mask and snorkel! Bellemare beach is ideal for snorkeling.

And if you get closer to the hotels, you can also try out several water activities such as:

  • parasailing _
  • water skiing
  • the towed buoy
  • and many others!
Bellemare Beach - the most beautiful beach in Mauritius
Bellemare Beach, on the east coast of Mauritius

Where to park at Bellemare beach?

Coming by the coastal road, you will find a large car park at the entrance to the beach.

Then you just have to walk a few meters through the casuarinas to reach the sand.

Accommodation near Bellemare beach

If you want to wake up in the morning facing the beautiful lagoon of Bellemare, then you can book a room at the prestigious Constance hotel, located directly on the beach.

It extends over 2km of private beach, punctuated with small thatched huts under which to bask. The hotel has 4 swimming pools, a golf course, tropical gardens and several restaurants. Count a minimum of 200€ per night for a spacious and modern double room (breakfast included).

More info and reservations here (click on the link).

For an economical stay in Bellemare, I recommend the Eden Villa which is 5min walk from the beach. You will be accommodated in a comfortable double room for around 70€/night. The hotel has 2 swimming pools and often organizes concerts and shows in the evening. To book your room, just click here!


If you plan to stay near Bellemare or spend time there during your stay in Mauritius, I have prepared a complete article for you on this region: What to do and see in Bellemare?

Bellemare beach - the top beaches in Mauritius
Hotel Constance in Bellemare, Mauritius

5. Ile aux Cerfs beach

If you are wondering where to swim in Mauritius, Ile aux Cerfs must be part of your visit program!

The getaway to Ile aux Cerfs is an activity to do absolutely during a stay in Mauritius.

This paradise islet is less than 1km from the east coast. Boat shuttles go back and forth every day from the beach or the Trou d’Eau Douce landing stage.

Surrounded by white sand and an azure blue lagoon with translucent water, Ile aux Cerfs offers some of the most beautiful beaches to see in Mauritius!

This small island is made up of 2 islets separated by a strip of sand. The shuttles generally dock on the South islet, where there are shops, restaurants and a golf course.

Along the beach, you can rent umbrellas and deckchairs.

To enjoy a more authentic and peaceful corner of the beach , you can walk to the northern part of Ile aux Cerfs, or ask the boat driver to drop you off on the northern islet.

It’s not uncommon not to meet anyone on this side of the island: it’s like being on a paradise desert island!

You will have the fine sand and the turquoise lagoon all to yourself , for a timeless moment to savor.

Ile aux Cerfs Beach - top beach Mauritius
Ile aux Cerfs Beach

How to get to Ile aux Cerfs?

To get to Ile aux Cerfs, 2 options:

  • take a boat shuttle from:
    • Trou d’Eau Douce beach
    • or the landing stage of Trou d’Eau Douce
  • opt for the catamaran cruise which includes lunch and swimming stops in the most beautiful spots of the lagoon

Accommodation near Ile aux Cerfs

To stay closer to Ile aux Cerfs, I recommend the magnificent Shangri-La Le Touessrok hotel .

Located in the bay of Trou d’Eau Douce, just opposite Ile aux Cerfs, this luxurious establishment offers magnificent suites with ocean views.

The hotel has several swimming pools, 5 restaurants, a wellness center and even a private island (the Mangénie island) available to customers.

Guests staying at Shangri-La Le Touessrok also have access to the Ile aux Cerfs golf course.

Click here to book your stay on Ile aux Cerfs!

And if you want an unusual experience on Ile aux Cerfs, I recommend the Bubble Lodge which allows you to sleep in suites in the shape of transparent bubbles.

These comfortable bubbles are installed around the golf course of the islet and offer you the opportunity to enjoy a panoramic view of the starry sky from your cozy bed!

Each bubble can accommodate up to 4 people, from €450 per night, and is equipped with a large double bed, a lounge area and a bathroom.

As a bonus, the price of the stay includes an initiation or a round of golf at the Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club!

To find out more and book your unusual night on Ile aux Cerfs, click here.

The most beautiful beaches in the South of Mauritius

1. Flic-en-Flac beach

We now move on to the most beautiful beaches to see in the South of the island!

And among them, there is one impossible to miss during your holidays in Mauritius: the beach of Flic-en-Flac!

More than 10km long and bordered by casuarina trees, it is the emblematic beach of the West Coast.

It attracts a lot of people, both locals and tourists.

Things to do on Flic-en-Flac beach:

  • Farniente in the shade of casuarina trees
  • Sunbathing on the white sand
  • Tasting of snacks and fruits sold by the many surrounding trailers
  • Snorkeling
  • scuba diving
  • Boat trip

To know everything about things to do in Flic-en-Flac and around, I invite you to read my full article on the subject: What to do in Flic-en-Flac?

Flic en Flac beach

Where to park at Flic-en-Flac beach?

Access is very easy. The beach has several car parks distributed all along.

Accommodation in Flic-en-Flac

For a top-of-the-range stay in Flic-en-Fla c, you can book a room at the La Pirogue hotel , located on the white sand beach.

This sublime hotel characterized by its suites with thatched roofs allows you to enjoy a luxurious setting between the sea and green gardens.

The rooms are spacious, bright and very nicely decorated.

Count around €380 per night for a bungalow with a king-size bed (breakfast included).

More info and reservations right here.

If you are looking for a more economical establishment in Flic-en-Flac, I recommend the L’Oiseau de l’Océan residence .

You will find comfortable double rooms with bathroom and kitchenette from €55 per night, in a pleasant residence with swimming pool, jacuzzi, gym and large terrace. Flic-en-Flac beach is only 1.5km away.

2. Pointe d’Esny beach

During your visit to Mahébourg in the South-East of Mauritius, do not miss the beach of Pointe d’Esny.

It is one of my favorites in Mauritius, especially for its incredibly translucent water. I have rarely seen such a clear sea!

Snorkeling fans will find what they are looking for here, as the visibility is perfect and there are so many small fish.

Still little known and therefore well preserved, this small beach hidden behind the villas allows you to enjoy a soothing and calm setting.

The water is shallow for several meters and therefore ideal for swimming, despite some waves and a slight current.

On the other hand, here only sand and no trees to protect yourself from the sun so think of the parasol, or at least the sunscreen!

Pointe d’Esny beach

Where to park to go to Pointe d’Esny beach?

The beach is not clearly marked from the road. To find it, reach the small village of Pointe d’Esny and follow the coastal road (Coastal Road).

Look out for the “Pedestrian Access to the Beach” sign, which will be on your right if you are coming from Mahébourg.

Not far from the sign you can park on the side of the road, along the walls of the houses.

Then join the sign on foot to find the access to the beach, a small sandy path that is between 2 high walls of villas.

The famous sign indicating access to Pointe d’Esny beach

Accommodation near Pointe d’Esny beach

To wake up in front of the sublime beach of Pointe d’Esny during your stay in Mauritius, I recommend the Sablexotique cottage.

Ideal for holidays in Mauritius with family or friends, this apartment with sea view has 3 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 8 people.

It is spacious, very comfortable, well decorated and also includes a swimming pool, a garden and a terrace. All from €215 per day.

To find out more and book, it’s here!

I also had the opportunity to stay for a weekend at La Case Mama, a charming little guest house located right on the beach at Pointe d’Esny. I slept there in a small “hut” with a thatched roof, minimalist and cozy!

It was really cool! I recommend it for an authentic homestay. Go to their official website to book.

3. Le Morne beach

The majestic beach of Le Morne awaits you in the South West of Mauritius.

Overlooked by the Morne Brabant mountain , it offers a wide strip of fine white sand lined with casuarina trees and coconut palms, facing a crystal clear sea.

This beach has the particularity of being on a peninsula,  just at the foot of the mountain.

You will immediately understand why it is ranked among the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius!

Despite its great beauty, it is much less crowded than the beaches of the North or Flic-en-Flac for example. Which adds to its authentic charm!

Le Morne beach offers a dream setting that you can enjoy before or after climbing Le Morne Brabant, to recharge your batteries!

This magnificent guided hike is one of the most beautiful to do during a stay in Mauritius. Book your guide here.

Le Morne Beach - best beaches in Mauritius
Le Morne Beach

Where to park at Le Morne beach?

No problem parking at Le Morne beach. You will find a large dirt parking lot just at the entrance, along the road.

Accommodation near Le Morne beach

Do you want to stay near Le Morne mountain and its sublime beach during your holidays in Mauritius?

Here are the establishments in the area that I recommend:

  • LUX* Le Morne Resort : this is the unmissable top-of-the-range hotel in this region. Located on Le Morne beach, it offers luxurious suites for 2 people from €540 per night, in a truly magnificent and prestigious setting. The hotel includes 5 swimming pools, a spa and several restaurants. The best choice for a luxury stay in the South of Mauritius!
  • Paradis Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa : an establishment that lives up to its name of “paradise”! Sleep on the Le Morne peninsula in a welcoming and comfortable double room with a view of the ocean, from €290 per night (breakfast included).
  • Tam Studio : located in the village of La Gaulette about 5km from Le Morne beach, this establishment offers studios for rent for 2 people, from just €45 per day. Clean and comfortable, the studios are well equipped and have a balcony with mountain and garden views. The staff is very nice and caring!

To find out more about all the things to do and see in the Le Morne region, you can read my dedicated article: What to do in Le Morne?

4. La Prairie

About 10min from Le Morne beach, La Prairie is another splendid beach to see in Mauritius.

You will find it along the coastal road between Le Morne and the village of Baie du Cap.

This large wild beach includes a large area covered with grass, hence its name.

From this beach you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Le Morne mountain and the lagoon.

La Prairie is also the starting point for seaplane tours that allow you to discover the entire southwest region of the island from the sky!

La Prairie Beach - beaches in Mauritius
La Prairie Beach

Where to park at La Prairie beach?

La Prairie is a wild beach where you won’t come across a lot of people and you won’t have any trouble finding a place to leave the car. There is a large space for easy parking right in front of the sea.

Accommodation near La Prairie beach

As accommodation closest to this beach, I recommend the Residence Au Bout du Morne.

For an economical stay 1km from the beach of La Prairie and 10min from that of Le Morne, this pretty residence welcomes you in an authentic and comfortable setting. Accommodation for 2 people with bedroom, lounge area, bathroom and terrace with sea view is from €74 per night, breakfast included.

5. Gris Gris Beach

We end this guide to the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius with a beach that is different from the others: that of Gris Gris, which is located in the very south of the country near the village of Souillac.

Gris Gris is not a beach to swim in Mauritius, but rather a beach to contemplate.

It offers a spectacular landscape, very different from what we usually see on the Mauritian coast.

In this area, there is no reef, which gives a raging sea and waves that come crashing down onto the sand and at the foot of the cliffs!

Gris Gris beach is fascinating and brings to mind the landscapes of Brittany. You can admire it from above, then go down the stairs to reach the sand and dip your feet in the water.

Be careful, swimming is dangerous and the waves can surprise you!

Continuing towards the east by the cliff, you can reach the famous “Roche qui Pleure”.

It is a piece of cliff that juts out into the sea and on which the waves crash continuously. Because of this, the rock is constantly streaming, as if she were shedding tears!

Gris Gris beach is a magnificent atypical place in Mauritius, and unquestionably one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

most beautiful Beach Mauritius
Aerial view of the Gris-Gris and Roche qui Pleure cliffs

Where to park at Gris Gris beach?

Once in Souillac, take the street that turns left towards the sea, opposite the Dreamprice supermarket.

Continue straight until you reach the car park overlooking the beach.

Accommodation near Gris Gris beach

If you are looking for accommodation very close to Gris-Gris beach, I recommend the Affa Tourist residence. The decor is typical and the apartment well equipped, clean and comfortable. You will be only 1.2km from the beach.

Other than that, there aren’t that many hotels in this part of the island. If you want to stay in the South of Mauritius, you can go a little further to sleep towards Mahébourg, which is about 40min from Gris Gris.

Rent a boat in Mauritius

Do you want to rent a boat during your stay in Mauritius, and thus explore the lagoon in the best conditions?

Great idea!

To rent your boat in Mauritius, I advise you to go through Samboat! They offer a wide choice of boats (motor boats, sailboats, catamarans, etc.) in different regions of the island, at attractive prices and with impeccable service.

To discover the boat rental offers in Mauritius, just click here.

Map of the best beaches in Mauritius

To help you  locate all these magnificent beaches, I have prepared this map of the best places to swim in Mauritius. You can display the map legend by clicking on the top left button with a small arrow.

And for you, what is the most beautiful beach in Mauritius?

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